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  • BSHC&RHA SPRING Barton EC, Lancs, 20-21 April

    KILMAURS Kilmarnock, 20 April

    LAMPETER WELSH BREEDS Lampeter, Dyfed, 20 April

    NCPA CUMBRIA Greenlands, Carlisle, 21 April

    NORTH OF ENGLAND SPRING Osbaldeston, Lancs, 18-19April

    PONIES (UK) WINTER CHAMPS College EC, Bedford, 19-21April

    SWWPCS SPRING SHOW Aldon, Somerset 21 April


    NORTH OF ENGLAND SPRING Osbaldeston, Lancs, 18-19 April

    ridden Arab 1, X Barker-Wilde’s Binghams Royal Lancer; 2, NWood’s Rotherwood Victor; 3, CWaring’s Grey Gate Misty Morn. amateur hack 1, A Schofield’sKnightsbridge; 2, R Loughlin’s TrueIllusion; 3, C Duckworth’s Palmfields Legacy. RH 1, S Cowley’sTunevalley Technique; 2, JWalker’s Amazing Dream; 3, J Moorhouse’s Dancing Minuet. cob 1, GConnor’s Hamilton; 2, DWelch’s Look At Me; 3, J Darcy’s Captain Cooke. hack sml 1 & ch,Mr & Mrs Parkin’s FindersKeepers; 2 & res, L Kelbie’s The Debutante; 3, L Smith-Crallan’sMininka. lge 1, R Helliwell’sRoyal Dalton; 2, K Hewetson’s Morning Music; 3, K Hinkley-Bellinger’sWarren Hill. nov sml 1, JWalsh’s Saville Row; 2, E Young’s C’Est La Vie; 3, J Hail’s WrenthorpeReminiscence. lge 1, SDonger’s Storm Dancer; 2, A Mickleburgh’s Fairground Attraction; 3, CWaring-Collins’ ChampagneCharlie. cob l’wt 1 & res, P Cooper’s Tellytubbs; 2, Y Renwick’sTom Firr; 3, C Wood’s By Jove.h’wt 1 & ch, G Hayhurst & R Hargreaves’ Frankie; 2, C Hearne’sAwsome; 3, K Ainsworth’s SonnyJim. nov RH 1, I Darcy’s Alpine Diplomat; 2, J Harforth & ACharlesworth’s Gosh; 3, AmazingDream. nov cob 1, Lady Kirkham’s Maximus; 2, L Stanley’sMacavity; 3, Mesdames Peak & Smith’sHot Toddy. nov lge RH 1, RLee’s Classic Court; 2, J Stock’sCarnival Girl; 3, S Roby’s DerryhallReno. open RH sml 1 & ch, Alpine Diplomat; 2, P Oliver’s SpyanflyStormtrooper; 3, R Hargreaves’Movin On Up. lge 1 & res, Massey Group Plc’s Spellbound; 2,Mesdames Green & O’Shea’s MrBrownring; 3, Classic Court. WH nov 1, C Greenwood’s Da Vinci; 2,P Howarth’s Peter Pan; 3, SMudford’s Norton McGonigle. open 1, J Warner & D Bartram’sBeamish; 2, Lady Kirkham’s BallinCounty; 3, J Daniels’ Diamond Dexter. hunter sml 1, S Oakes’Chicago; 2, Da Vinci; 3, CHampsey’s Landcruiser. l’wt 1 & ch, Monserrat Sport Horses RoyalFlush; 2 & res, Beamish; 3, KWek’s Seabourne Scotch On The Rocks. m’wt 1, I Susca’s JamaicaBay; 2,A Hunt’s Trendy Tax; 3,Lady Kirkham’s Earls Quest. h’wt 1, A Grime’s Pacific Time; 2, NJones’ Horstead Aristoc. novhunters 4/5-y-o 1 & ch, J Greenwood’s The Third Carabinier; 2,Trendy Tax; 3, G Smith’s Low MoorBentley. over 6-y-o 1 & res, A Atkinson’s Omega’s Boy; 2, JArmstrong’s Ambassador. amateurl’wt 1 & res, Jamaica Bay; 2, S Cowley’s Hallmark; 3, K Talbot’sMaybe Forever. h’wt 1 & ch,Pacific Time; 2, H Hughes’ Galtree Star; 3, J Lloyd’s The Exhibitionist.

    PONIES (UK) WINTER CHAMPS College EC, Bedford, 19-21 April

    Woodhouse Newcomers M&M LR 1 & 2, A Burchell-Small’s BlislandMasterpeice & RowfantinaOrchidacious; 3, T Stratford’s Dargale Amanda. con nov M&M LR Welshsec A 1 & ch, J Osborne’sRonswood Generous; 2, K Szostak’s Perrygrove Arian; 3, L Atkinson’sDryfe Sceptre Song. con novM&M LR sml breeds 1 & res, P Alder’s Wilby Viscount; 2, J King’sRoseoak Amber; 3, L Atkinson’sCosdon Carlos. Colne M&M LR mare 1 & ch, A Overton Ablitt’s ColneTrisca; 2, T Stratford’sDargale Amanda; 3, L Short’s Cammac Silver Dollar. Colne M&M LRgeld 1 & res, BlislandMasterpeice; 2, L Atkinson’s Cosdon Carlos; 3, H Bright’s HisleySaunter. Woodhouse NewcomersM&M FR 1, J Bloor’s Atherstone Bonzobie; 2, M Sheen’s GryngalltProspector; 3, J Staveley’s DarnellAdonis. con nov M&M FR mare 1 & ch, G Simpson’s Wortley TigerLily; 2, S Bowe’s BurnbeckBriony; 3, S Potter’s Windborne Organza. con nov M&M FR geld 1 &res, J Bloor’s AtherstoneBonzobie; 2, M Sheen’s Gryngallt Prospector; 3, Mesdames Grange &Arnold’s Lickfolds Infidel.Waxwing M&M FR mare 1 & ch, A Haynes’s Oldmere Holly; 2 & res,Wortley Tiger Lily; 3, S Potter’sWindborne Organza. Waxwing M&M FR geld 1, Mesdames Grange &Arnold’s Rothiemay BeachBoy; 2, C Welby’s Pentyrch Bubbles; 3, S Love’s Fairmarsh Marabou.Woodhouse Newcomers M&Msml breeds 1 & res, VWatson’s Oakham Ambassador; 2, C Rankin’sHunters Legacy-Of-Love; 3, BSimcox’s Moortown Lord. Woodhouse Newcomers M&M lge breeds 1 &ch, S Avery’s HesketWillow; 2, A Whitehead’s Millfields Traveller; 3, D Chadwick’sSevernvale Hector. WoodhouseNewcomers M&M sec C/D 1, D Barr’s Ffald Morning Star; 2, K Lloyd’sEstel Tempo; 3, P Daniels’sHonisa Brenin Copr. con nov M&M ridden-sml breeds 1, C Rankin’sHunters Legacy-Of-Love; 2, JDawson’s Stockham Rosa; 3, C Cawkwell’s Cnapaton Mr Chips. lgebrds 1 & ch, W Ireland’sKilmannan Jubilee; 2, S Avery’s Hesket Willow; 3, K Chambers’s Earl OfAthlone. sec C/D 1 & res,D Barr’s Ffald Morning Star; 2, K Lloyd’s Estel Tempo; 3, T Hart’sGlynwyn Personality. Llanarth M&Mridden sml brds 1 & res, T Collett’s Glenwood Caradog; 2, FairmarshMarabou; 3, S Roberts’sSpringbourne Camelot. Llanarth M&M Ridden-Welsh B 1, T Collett’sMoelgarnedd Bwrlwm; 2, VWatson’s Oakham Ambassador; 3, D Bright’s Gryngallt Personality.Llanarth M&M riddenHighland/Fell/Dales 1, S Avery’s Hesket Willow; 2, S Ashworth’sRivington Prince Charming; 3, DChadwick’s Severnvale Hector. do Connemara/New Forest 1, P Cox’sGlen Miller; 2, V Webster’sGoosemoor Eros; 3, J Somervail’s Bellindene Rock Legend . do secD 1, S Peters’s Ruxley Daniel2, T Stevens’s Abborfield Mattie; 3, D Matthews’s Carnwallon Bore-Mai.do sec C 1 ch & res sup, DBaker’s Starcrest Discovery; 2, J Kirk-Pickering’s Waxwing Reward; 3, MHoare’s Chicnoir Corn Dolly.con nov M&M y’ling 2/3-y-o 1, C Simmonds’ Tonlyn Rose Shadow; 2,A Abrahall’s SkellornChristopher Robin; 3, K Smith’s Wharley Lexicon. sml breeds 1, JTompsett’s Vean Lionheart; 2, EIreland’s Idyllic Fonteyn; 3, S E Sulsh’s Blanche Minstrel. lgebreeds 1 & ch, H Pearce & M Burke’sWellbrow Hercules; 2 & res, J Maddever’s Croniarth Democrat; 3, LRigby’s Ruska Galahad. KestonM&M in-hand sml breeds y’ling 1 & ch & 2, A Overton Ablitt & EDevenish’s Colne Foxtail & Colne HoneySuckle; 3, A Overton-Ablitt’s Colne Hightop. lrg breeds 1, JMaddever’s Synod Relegance; 2, JKilbey’s Idyllic Amazing Grace. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, M Walker’sLambrigg Solo;2, S Day’s BlethynSelene; 3, A Abrahall’s Skellorn Christopher Robin. sec A 1, SKeswani’s Norash Beauson; 2, EIreland’s Idyllic Fonteyn; 3, S Day’s Blethyn Rhudaur. sml breeds1, J Paterson’s SouthfieldgateMiriam; 2, J Smith’s Barkla Royal Heir; 3, J Chisholm’s MoorbreckCashmere Toby. lge 1 & ch, WIreland’s Kilmannan Jubilee; 2, J Crane’s Sleddale Jeffrey; 3, WellbrowHercules. sec C/D 1, SWood’s Fairgate Nansi; 2, M Newman’s Gellihaf Sovereign; 3, J Maddever’sCroniarth Democrat.Woodhouse newcomers M&M WHP 138cm 1 & ch, A Martin’s NewyddBismark; 2, T Collett’sMoelgarnedd Bwrlwm; 3, A Howard’s Corstan Miranda. exc 138cm 1 &res, Lady Forwood’sMowcastle More Magic; 2, S Underhill’s Wensum Parsley; 3, M Hoare’sFollywood Brenin. 122cm1, A Burchell-Small & Mrs Shemilt’s Rowfantina Simply Sarah; 2, SRoberts’s Springbourne Camelot; 3, KGirdler’s Shilstone Rocks Sea Lord. con nov WHP 138cm 1, KWheway’s Bronheulog Honey-Bee;2 & res, M Hoare’s Chicnoir Corn Dolly; 3, W Watherston’s KiltinaneRufus. exc 138cm 1, JCragie’s Smokey Fireman; 2, M Kleyn’s Oaklands Misty Blue; 3, SGreenwell’s Summerpark Bobby.Horselode M&M WHP 122cm 1 & ch, T Collett’sGlenwood Caradog; 2,J Cook’s Stowbrook Snipe;3, Mrs Marston & Tucker’s Moortown Bramble Boy. 138cm 1, SRoberts’s Caroworth Pendant; 2, SGreenwell’s Templebready Finale; 3, Bronheulog Honey-Bee. exc138cm 1 & res, D Baker’s ArthFerdinand; 2, J Norton’s Burnmoor Rhodri; 3, Summerpark Bobby.Woodhouse newcomers SHP122cm 1, R Francis’s Rosedale Moonbeam; 2, J Cook’s FoxtcroftJeepers. 133cm 1, J Cook’sRotherwood Peterkin; 2, P Wilson’s Greenlaw Little Jimmy. 143cm 1& ch, A Rosenbloom’sEskside Sapphire; 2 & res, L Guyett’s Stambrook Romany Fayre; 3, MGillett’s Classic Chancellor.153cm 1, A Allison’s Winmaur Rock Steady; 2, S Wilde’s TheArtist; 3, M Ludlow’s Miss Monto.158cm 1, The Artist; 2, J Marlow’s The Swagman; 3, Miss Monto.con nov SHP 122cm 1,Foxtcroft Jeepers; 2, S Nicklin’s Netherfield Neaopolitan; 3, H Way’sHeathside Snapdragon.133cm 1, Rotherwood Peterkin; 2, B Smith’s Brave Heart; 3, RFrancis’sPheasant Hill.143cm 1 & res, M Gillett’s Classic Chancellor; 2, C Purkis’sSnowhill Leonardo; 3, StambrookRomany Fayre. 158cm 1 & ch, C Standring’s Majic Max; 2, WinmaurRock Steady; 3, The Artist.Mirage SHP 122cm 1, N Lewis’s Royalswood Pageboy; 2, L Goodyear’sMillay Manoleto; 3, JMoyers’s Morwyn Bronze Heir. 133cms 1 & ch, A Haynes’s MightyFly; 2, Brave Heart; 3, DSunshine’s Basford Jacaranda. 143cm 1, J Cook’s Country Dancer;2, W Lloyd’s MarshbrookLimited Edition; 3, J Thompson’s Conrhenny Domino. 153cm 1 &res, A Webb’s RotherwoodTom-Cat; 2, J Marlow’s Ilph King Cole; 3, Winmaur Rock Steady.158cm 1, Majic Max; 2, The Artist;3, R Theobald’s The Rainbow Hunter. con nov NS 1, J Cooper’sHurstead Jenny Wren; 2, TJackson’s The Hale Frankie; 3, M Stewart’s Gemswood Morning Glory.Hemlock NS 1, AJohnstone’s Twynholm Dark Desire; 2, D Edmundson’s Buresdide SnickersWilliam; 3, A Newsham’sArendshoeves Firefly. Woodhouse newcomers WHP 133cm 1, K Cole’sWynnmere Piccolo.143cm 1 & ch, A Newsham’s Carnsdale Courageous; 2, K Marks’s D JMurphy; 3, S Roberts’sCaroworth Pendant. 158cm 1 & res, L Cloy’s Irish Fayre; 2,Summerpark Bobby;3, S Dobson’s TheJazzmaster. con nov WHP 133cm 1 & res, L Windsor’s Newton DiamondRock; 2, MBanks-Browne’s Walbro Champagne Cracker; 3, A Johnstone’s Twynholm DarkDesire. 143cms1, R Theobald’s Fynnlands Bonjovi; 2 , S Nelson’s Sarnau Flight; 3, NMitchell’s What A Cracker.158cm 1 & ch, J Stokes’s Parks Girlieset; 2, N Graylen’s CosfordHogarth; 3, L Cloy’s Irish Fayre.Downland Smuggler WHP 133cm 1, T Measures’s Dorlyn Calais; 2,Buresdide Snickers William;3, S Berry’s Tadegavwil Magical Moment. 143cm 1 & res, F Castro’sHavenhurst Minim; 2, SNelson’s Sarnau Flight; 3, B Bayes’s Fynnlands Oliver Twist.158cm 1 & ch, The Rainbow Hunter;2, J Stokes’s Astella; 3, Summerpark Bobby. con nov SP LR 1, JHarvey’s Barkway Tapdance; 2, LJackson’s Megland Vision; 3, J King’s Kingsrowe Delilah. FR 1, JHarvey’s Barkway Tapdance; 2, PFrancis’s Kingvean Othello; 3, T Skeet’s Devon Raindance. 138cm 1& res, S Blake’s CusopArtist;2, C Powell’s Chasecroft Tiny Tears; 3, R Bosworth’s Parks LookingGlass. 158cm 1 & ch, SDeary’s Classical Symphony; 2, J Taylor’s Barkway Love Bird; 3, AAllison’s Looking Glass Stormy Lady.part-bred ridden 148cm 1 & ch, A Haynes’s Lemington Cliquot; 2, SNelson’s Sarnau Flight; 3,Looking Glass Stormy Lady. exc 148cm 1 & res, M Glover’sHollyland Pacific; 2, E Hawthorne’sJust U Wait; 3, S Iliffe’s Nutwood Bestseller. con nov RH 158cm 1& ch, C Bond’s Harwent SecretAgent; 2 & res, V Smith’s Marchemanor Red Alert; 3, The Swagman. connov comp horse/pony 1, KBadder’s Corinthian; 2, Rotherwood Tom-Cat; 3, Ilph King Cole. comphorse/pony exc 148cm 1 &ch, Majic Max; 2, Lady Caroline Tyrrell’s The Friar; 3, Corinthian.Calcecote con nov WHP 1, JStokes’s Parks Girlieset. P(UK) handler, 11yr 1, A Ames’s WharleyWillow; 2, V Green’s FaykenSocks. 16yr 1 & ch, J Kirk-Pickering’s Waxwing Reward; 2, LDemarco’s Waitwith Cimarron; 3, KPitcher’s Bejowans Heidi. over 16yr 1 & ch, J Paterson’sSouthfieldgate Miriam; 2, T Neal’sOvington Kelpie; 3, E Payne’s Beachcroft. Allerton equitation,16yr 1, V Hodgett’s StanleygrangeJanella; 2 & res, F Castro’s Havenhurst Minim; 3, A Davies’s Monarch OfThe Glen. over 16yr 1 &ch, The Friar; 2, A Peel’s Talent Scout; 3, B Bailey-Hunt’s KnockbridgeZara. concours d’eleganceLR 1, Mesdames Grange & Arnold’s Speckled Red Pepper; 2, T Neal’sBlaenau Finale; 3, GClaughton’s Seaview Haze. do side-saddle 1, L Ahmet’s DartdaleBobbie; 2, Ilph King Cole; 3, VHodgett’s Stanleygrange Janella. M&M pony 1, C Kilshaw’s NailligTommy’s Surprise; 2, JStaveley’s Aislaby Sapphire; 3, S Ashworth’s Rivington Prince Charming.RH/RP 1, Parks LookingGlass; 2, R Harris’s Nuthurst Aquarius; 3, A Allison’s StambrookCourageous. Maestir sash 1, AOverton Ablitt & E Devenish’s Colne Foxtail; 2, J Kilbey’s IdyllicAmazing Grace.

    KILMAURS Kilmarnock, 20 April

    SP BSPS mixed height int SRT 1, K McColl & M Paterson’sChiddock Rocketman; 2, J Harris’sRadway Golden Pheasant; 3, S Murray’s Craigean Danas. 148cm 1, MPender’s KelsborrowChauvinist; 2, D Wilson’s Moonlight Reflections; 3, L Goudie’s RowanleaBubbling Maiden. 138cm1 & ch, A Robertson’s Anton Cool Cat; 2, D Wilson’s Little RaemoirBennochie; 3, J Jarvis’s Rustinof’sHope. 128cm 1 & res, M Nicoll’s Bracon Toytown; 2, S Hoggans’Moonacre Pipes Of Pan; 3, MBrown’s Southwark Fleurianna. best family pony 1, D Meikle’sKitevale Serendipity. BSPSLR 1 & ch, E Gammie’s Cadlan Valley Fairy Story; 2 & res, S Smith &P Clifford’s Cosford Chime; 3, PFinlay’s Crawel Rosanna. FR 1, P Finlay’s Crawel Rosanna; 2, WDownie’s DrumphinTiddleywink; 3, M Crichton’s Juliette IV. 1/3-y-o 148cm 1 & ch, WLennox-McColl’s WhaltonDelightful; 2 & res, S Wadelik’s Heart Of Gold; 3, J & L Blackley’sBrynoffa Firecracker. do exc148cm 1, L Sheridan’s Lochwell’s Saskia; 2, A Lauchlan’s Cruisette.open RH 1, ABrewster’s Clifton Arizona; 2, H Dick’s MIddleton Niki; 3, K MurrayBarnett’s Georgie Girl V. BSPS novSHP mixed height 1, A Brewster’s Forest Star; 2, D Riddall’s SmartThinking; 3, E Pottinger’sWedderlie Marvel. BSPS int SHT 158cm 1, R Helliwell’s Blue Watch;2, J & J Coltart’s Dr Dolittle; 3,S Murray’s Broadstone Lavender. WH BSPS int 158cm 1, H Forster’sPengelly Sudini; 2, ABoswell’s Swedish Rhapsody; 3, H Johnstone’s Raggithill Rush. WH exc153cm 1, E Brown’sFairn Moss; 2, J Kennedy’s Steel; 3, A Weir’s Valentino Gold. BSPSWHP 153cm 1 & ch, ABoswell’s Swedish Rhapsody; 2, C Conway’s So Debonair; 3, K Larsen’sWho’s Done It. 143cm1, A Brewster’s Garranroe; 2, F Rodman’s Rocky B; 3, D Meikle’s KitevaleSerendipity. 133cm 1 &res, H Gair’s Deacon Blue; 2, A Brewster’s Rosevale Silver Sonnet; 3, JBIshop’s Dorlyn Mayday. BSPSNS 1 & ch, H Meikle’s Fayre Jessica; 2 & res, S Hoggans’ RotherwoodParty Popper. CS 1, HMeikle’s Fayre Jessica; 2, S Weir’s Super Star; 3, J Coffer’s MiltonChilli Pepper. ridden M&M sml1, E Pottinger’s Wedderlie Marmion; 2, Mesdames Aitken & Beattie’sArchlands Oliver Twist; 3, E Crate’sPhildon Brandy. lge 1, S Brook’s Jed Of Ednam House; 2, L McNab’sTaffswells Royal Megan; 3, EMcColl’s Tunstall Princess II. M&M FR 1, K Miller’s RushtonBilly; 2, K Miller’s Waxwing Xcel; 3, MCrichton’s Bigstone Romantic Piccolo. LR 1 & ch, Rushton Billy;2 & res, J Cousens’ CosfordCharmelle; 3, F Stewart’s Brwystane Chloe. BSPS LR of HT 1,KSlight’s Cnapaton Georgie Girl; 2,S Larson’s Beaujolais Golden Warrior; 3, A O’Neil’s Pringles ToySoldier. SHT 153cm 1, SMurray’s Craigean Danas; 2, J Frew’s Lady Of The Isles; 3, J & JColtart’s Dr Dolittle. 143cm 1 & ch,N Orr’s Rangehill Musician; 2 & res, V Harvie’s Merriment Evans; 3, EJackson’s Soft Touch.133cm 1, M Brown’s Brookfold Lucky Charm; 2, J Hill’sHaynevalley Pippet; 3, Rotherwood PartyPopper. 122cm 1, S Larson’s Beaujolais Golden Warrior; 2, JCoffer’s Milton Chilli Pepper; 3, MMitchell’s Rosslyn Enchantment.

    LAMPETER WELSH BREEDS Lampeter, Dyfed, 20 April

    sec A colt y’ling 1, G Evans’s Dyfrdwy Superstar; 2, K & JSheil’s Lacy Llew; 3, Mr & MrsWard-Burton’s Llanai Picasso. 2-y-o 1, S Davies’s Suda Quince; 2,J Oliver’s Bryn Tomboy; 3, BCreeze’s Doornzicht Musicman. 3-y-o 1 & res, W Williams & SMackay’s Arvon Trysor; 2, S Jones’sLacy Brigadier; 3, C Evan’s Crumpwell Lewis. filly y’ling 1, KWillimas & G Willimas’s GlebedaleSavannah; 2, J Higgins’s Churchwood Daria; 3, K & J Sheil’s DukeshillDaria. 2-y-o 1, M Davies &R Miller’s Heniarth Yippee-Aye-Yeah; 2, Mr & Mrs Cobley’s Tryfel Dion;3, J Russell’s Gartconnel CaperCaillie. 3-y-o 1, ch & res, Mr & Mrs Ward-Burton’s TiffwylTiffany. stallion 1 & ch, G Evans’sDyfrdwy Seren-Y-Gogledd; 2 & res, J Russell’s Gartconnel Snapdragon; 3,M Davies & R Miller’s HeniarthQuip. sec B colt y’ling 1, E Tamplin’s Griashall Valentino; 2, DWilliams’s Moelgarnedd Calypso; 3,D Evans’s Hilin Trysor. 2-y-o 1, I Anderson’s Rhoson Tamerisk; 2,J Johns-Powell’s CottrellArchimedes; 3, C Morse’s Eyarth Savero. 3-y-o 1, S Jones’s GigmanEl-Cordobes; 2, H Wilcox’sCadlanvalley Drum Major. filly y’ling 1, y’stock ch & ch, Mr &Mrs James’s Sianwood Bayleaf; 2, CMorse’s Pennwood Swynol, 3, S Jones’s Priestwood Firebird. 2-y-o1, D Evans’s Hilin Tesni.3-y-o 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Davies’s Rhoson Anja; 2, C Morse’s RhosonPersaur; 3, J Mitchell’sWynswood Brilliant Gem. stallion 1 & res, E Tamplin’s GriashallKiwi; 2, Robinson, Withers &Modplan’s Rhoson Sam Tan; 3, D Evans’s Eyarth Tayma. sec C colty’ling 1, S Anderson’sThisteldown Rhythm And Blues; 2, Reed Family’s Felinmoor Momentum; 3, VLayton’s Caebryn Cadog.3-y-o 1 & res, E Jones’s Talyllyn Abel; 2, L Davies’s FronarthGinola; 3, A Rees’s Erwwastad Rhys.filly y’ling 1, A Rees’s Erwwastad Rhiannon; 2, M Hughes’sPantymel Blodyn; 3, E Jones’s TallylynMia. 2-y-o 1 & ch, E Roberts & Son’s Swyffryd Sioned; 2, Mr & MrsJones’s Synod Gorgeous Lady; 3,Mr & Mrs Kehoe’s Nye Rachel. 3-y-o 1, E Rapps’s PerrygroveSunbeam; 2, E Kehrein’s ErwwastadCarys; 3, Mr & Mrs Conti’s Rangeview Rhiannon. stallion outsideWales 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Howard’sSynod The Messiah; 2, Mr & Mrs Hussey’s D’Abernon Take That; 3, M Guy’sParvadean Gelert.inWales 1 & res, D & R Jones’s Tremymor Sportsman; 2, C Machin’sTawelfan Red Robin; 3, Mr & MrsPalmer’s D’Abernon Replica. Sec D colt y’ling 1, D Smith’sDanaway Maximus; 2, I james’sHendrewen Asher Express; 3, Jones Family’s Gwarchod Y Meseia.2-y-o 1, L Smith’s DanawayDeniro; 2, J Evans’s Haighmoor Mab Victor; 3, A Davies’s Llechfryniarll. 3-y-o 1, R Fenech’sDanaway The Sting; 2, K Spenser’s Felinmoor Triple Crown; 3, HallFamily’s Penstrumbly Sax Mad Johnny.filly y’ling 1 & res, K Panayiotou’s Fronarth Falmai; 2, MJones’s Minyffordd Maid Megan; 3, ReedFamily’s Tyngwndwn Georgina. 2-y-o 1 ch & res sup, JonesBrothers, Mr & Mrs Jones’s FronarthCardi Lady; 2, M Jones’s Minyffordd Maid Of Wales; 3, Evans Family’sLlwynhywel Martini. 3-y-o 1,Mrs Panayiotou’s Trevallion Viscountess; 2, C Jones’s Llamri Lausanne;3, P & A Jones’s Menai AmazingGrace. sec D stallions outside Wales 1, S Mason’s StepolSuperstition; 2, D & C Pearse’sHeolyrhedyn Victory; 3, Mr & Mrs Bigley’s Llanarth British Lion. inNorth Wales 1 & res, G Jones’sLlechfryn Ffrwydryn; 2, Mr & Mrs Andrew’s Cascob Braveheart; 3, J & HWilliams’s Seiont Gwytheryn. inMid Wales 1, D Davies & Son’s Tyrpentre Royal Mascot; 2, P & AJones’s Menai Sparkling Image; 3, JLloyd & Son’s Geler Dago. in South Wales 1, ch & sup, N & KParry’s Brynmelys Enchamter; 2, AThomas’s Cathedine Flying Express; 3, B Burton’s Avonvalley Dai Foot.

    BSHC&RHA SPRING Barton EC, Lancs, 20-21 April

    RIHS WH lwt 1 & res, K Philipson’s Glendarius; 2, H Hughes’Step-a-Side II; 3, G Sykes’ OldSpringfield Stravinsky. hwt 1 & ch, K Lyons’ The Barsteward;2, BHester’s Notting Hill; 3, CThornton’s Isaac. nov 1, P Howarth’s Peter Pan VIII; 2, G Smith’sLowmoor Bentley; 3, ORobinson’s The Real McCoy. hunter 4-y-o 1 & ch, Mrs I Susca’sKingsthorn; 2, S Dennison’sPicasso. nov 1 & res, A Hunt’s Trendy Tax; 2, Mr J Greenwood’sThe 3rd Carabinier; 3, K Lyon’sMaster O’Neill. RIHS hunter sml 1 & ch, N More’s Baileys OverIce; 2, S Ambler’s Riverdance VI; 3,A Grime’s Luke Smart. lwt 1 & res, D Greenwood’s Knight Time; 2,Mr & Mrs Hall’s Windy Ridge; 3,D Parker’s Sandy Lane. mwt 1, S Gallagher’s Out Of Sight; 2, CHandley’s Early Edition; 3, JArmstong’s Ambassador IV. hwt 1, S Ambler’s Another Quest; 2, AHunt’s Out Of Oranmore II.amateurhack 1 & ch, S Cottle’s Petronella Personified; 2, RLaughlin’s True Illusion; 3, KHewetson’s Somerset Midnight. RH 1 & res, H Carter’s Cover Story;2, J Walker’s Amazing Dream;3, J Moorhouse’s Dancing Minuet. cob 1, DJ Welch’s Look At Me; 2,J Edward’s Irish Dream IV; 3, TWinfield’s Faith II. nov hack sml 1, J Walsh’s Saville Row; 2,Mrs Curzon’s Firth House Master Mat;3, A Schofield’s Knightsbridge. lge 1 & ch, L Kelbie’s RoyalFalcon; 2 & res, Y William’sMa Cherie;3, R Knipe’s Silver Knipe. RH sml 1 & res, D Parker’s FifthAvenue; 2, Cover Story; 3, AmazingDream. lge 1 & ch, Mrs Curzon’s Wickentree Warrior; 2, SACowley’s Tunevalley Technique; 3, JDennison’s Cavana. cob lwt 1 & res, J Carter’s Golden Wonder; 2,L Stanley’s Macavaty; 3, MWard’s Hilview Farm Rosanna. hwt 1 ch & res, AS Mackenzie’sMacmillan; 2, T Ansell’s Jenny’sMoonstone. RIHS hack sml 1 & res, R Cheetam’s Pavarotti; 2, ASchofield’s Knightsbridge; 3, MWest’s Last Princess. lge 1 & ch, J Plummer’s Party Spirit; 2,Lady Benton-Jones’ Daldorn StateMelody; 3, P Atkinson’s Diamonds Are Forever. RH sml 1 ch & sup,J Harforth & A Charlesworth’sGosh; 2 & res, D Parker’s Fifth Avenue; 3, Foxy Blue. lge 1, RLee’s Classic Court; 2, D Parker’sSafari Tiger. cob lwt 1 ch & 2nd res sup, R Walker’s Tom Firr; 2,C Wood’s By Jove; 3, G Peak’sAquarius. hwt 1 & res, C Neame’s Awesome; 2, Mr & Mrs Atkinson’sHighland Paddy; 3, DJWelch’s Look At Me.

    NCPA CUMBRIA Greenlands, Carlisle, 21 April

    M&M in hand (A Morland) G Greenwood lge 1 & res, Mr & MrsRobinson?s Townend Hugh; 2, J M Rawlinson?s Orton Hall Dennis; 3, JThompson?s Cledwyn Merlin. sml 1 & ch, J Thompson?s CromogtirDylan; 2, Mr & Mrs Anderson?s Springwater Happy Day; 3, Moorland MousieTrust?s Kiora. y?stk lge 1, Orton Hall dennis; 2, J Well?sLlanarth Express; 3, R Young?s Brock Baronet. sml 1, Steadfamily?s Waitwith Jim Jam; 2, C Smith?s Outrigg Diva; 3, J Scales?sWaitwith Caroline. non M&M (G Callister) 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, FHutcheson?s Fair Sunrise; 2, M D?Arcy?s City Lights; 3, M Robson?sAinthorpe Georgina. y?stock 1 & res, J Hedley?s Megland ClassicTime; 2, E A Peel?s Beckcroft Page Boy; 3, P Cartmell?s Daisy.spot/coloured 4-y-o City Lights; 2, B & S Wilson?s Capitall Paul.y?stock 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Silltoe?s Capitall Vera;2, B & SWilson. ridden 1 & ch, N Woolley?s Morlands Magpie; 2, S brown?sDrumberry Finola; 2, City Lights. young h?ler (J Ward) 1, Kiora;2, C Ingram?s Anitras Dance; 3, Morlands Magpie. ridden M&M (CMorland) LR 1 & res, C Hasting?s Maxwelltown Firefly; 2 FmcCullock?s Rushfield Riverdance; 3, J Beattie?s Ruthley Wild Secret.FR 1 & ch, A Metcalf?s Boston Buds Of Spring; 2, Stead family?sCamcarrog Bareud; 3, A Wybergh?s Suda Siaradus. Kingsford sml 1,P Watson?s Springwater Douglas; 2, Boston Buds Of Spring; 3, D A Park?sLinksbury Valentino. lge 1, Cledwyn Merlin; 2, S Bowling?sLoachen Of Kingennie; 3, I Gawith?s Kentchurch Calamity. conf lge1, Kentchurch Calamity; 2, S Bowling?s Eenelian Moss; 3, A Barton?sWhitefield Lord Everwood. sml 1, B Butterworth?s Duntarvie Nadia;2, Camarrog Bareud; 3, H Porritt?s Pennwood nadine. Dalkieth sml1, Springwater Douglas; 2, Linksbury Valentino; 3, Kiora. lge 1,Cledwyn Merlin; 2, Laochan Of Kingennie; 3, C hind?s Bellindene BrambleBoy. WHP (E Tate & C Barker) ONS 1, D Sayer?s Figure It Out; 2, DA Park?s Brockholm Royal Vagabond; 3, Stead family?s Blaxeby Allegro.133cm 1 & ch, Figure It Out; 2, BlazebyAllegro; 3, G Storey?sJoey. 143cm 1, Duntarvie Nadia; 2, D Sayer?s Rockchay Robin; 3, EEdmondson?s Smartie III. 153cm 1 & res, J Heelis?s KenilwoodNikolai; 2, V Knowles?s Wordsworth; 3, H Metcalf?s Red October. novNS 1, G Wright?s Brabyns Buck; 2, A Wybergh?s Waitwith Marquis; 3,Linksbury Valentino. 133cm 1, Joey; 2, Blazeby Allegro.143cm 1 & ch, E Edmondson?s Whineray Beach Boy; 2, M Wilson?sBroy; 3, G McMurray?s Nutberry Falcon. 153cm 1 & res, HMetcalf?sTynefield Fair Deal; 2, J Heelis?s Foxglen Dominic; 3, R Heelis?sChelsea Girl. int 1 & ch, Tynefield Fair Deal; 2 & res, CForest?s Clooneagh Star; 3, V Knowles?s The Guv?nor. O int 1,Clooneagh Star; 2, The Guv?nor. M&M 1, Duntarvie Nadia.

    SWWPCS SPRING SHOW Aldon, Somerset 21 April

    Inhand: Sec A (L Hutchins) yrl1, Mrs W Gover’s Nutschullyng Pebbles;2, Mr & Mrs S Franklin’s Sarum Columbine;3, Mr C Taylor’s Forlan Hero.2/3 yrs1, Miss L Hann’s Yarrowfield Moonshine Boy;2, Mr C Taylor’s Forlan Myfanwy;3, Mrs A Pritchard’s Horsehill Hazel.4 yrs & over1, & Ch & Sup, Mr & Mrs Caldwell’s Lippens Nightingale;2, Mrs Y Small’s Fronbach Lethal Weapon;3, Ms J Francis’ Nantdywyll Mary Fach. Sec B yrl1, Mrs S Collishaw’s Demdare Martini.2/3 yrs1 & ch & res sup, C Davies & K Poulter’s Akademe Mimique;2, Mrs D Bell’s Holyoake Shameka;3, Mr & Mrs Hayes’ Hilin Neptune.4 yrs & over1, Mr & Mrs M Vials’ Bounds Adiemus;2, C Davies & K Poulter’s Laithehill Calico;3, Mrs D Bell’s Holyoake Harmony.Sec C (J Hoskins) yrl1 & ch, Mr P Willis’ Blaengwyn Ruby Ann;2, Mr N Snelling’s Popsterssecret Love;3, Mr & Mrs S Franklin’s Sarum Herriet.2/3 yrs1, Mr P Schwarzin’s Lychfield Scrumpy Jack;2, Mrs Pm Alford’s Washingpool Geraint;3, Mr & Mrs G Cooper’s Synod Rufflette.4 yrs & over1 & res, Mrs M Alfords Bryndir De Niro;2, Mrs V Parkinson’s Oldmere Prince’s Pride;3, S Murray-Brown’s Caeuchels Flying Daydream.Section D yrl1, Miss M Thatcher’s Llanfyllin Madonna;2, Mrs L Saint’s Southcoast Mr Tom.2/3 yrs1, H Jeans’ Cricketwood Madison;2, Mrs A Harper’s Martleaves Beacon Beige.4 yrs & over1, Mr R Grout’s Brynaur Tywysog;2, Mrs B Wessely’s Penstacan Pansy;3, Mrs A Ashford’s Cynwyl Gem.Welsh Part Bred: 1,2,3 yrs1 & ch, Mr M Coombes’ Wellstan Alladin;2, Mr & Mrs D Caldwell’s Peaceriver Tristar;3, Mrs S Martin’s Twylands Polly.4 yrs & over1, Mrs K Butler’s Rillaton Ring Leader;2, Mrs M Baker’s Moday Musketeer.Ridden: Part Bred1 & res, Mrs H Jeans’ Magic Spot;2, Mrs K Baker’s Rillaton Ring Leader;3, Mrs Neieboer’s Rowfantina Forever Yours.Dalkeith Jnr M&M (Sec C & D) (Miss E Dean)1 & ch & sup, Miss G Brown Wyken Limelight;2, Mrs M Mccrow’s Griffelyn Of Jopa;3, S Murray Brown’s Caeuchels Flyding Daydream.Dalkeith Jnr M&M (Sec A & B)1, Mrs D Caldwell’s Lippens Moonbeam;2, J Rickerby’s Lemon Shill Peter Piper;3, E Lane’s Lippens Moonbeam.Kingsford (Sec C & D)1, Miss G Brown’s Wyken Limelight;2, Mrs J Wyatt’s Stormydown Black Diamond;3, Mrs M Alford’s Bryndir De Niro.Kingsford (Sec A & B)1, Mr & Mrs G Cooper’s Bounds Reflection;2, Mrs Jeffery’s Penucha Carreras;3, Mrs V Parkinson’s Bryniau Jingo.Section A & B (Mrs E Bruford)1 & res & res sup, Mr & Mrs G Cooper’s Bounds Reflection;2, Mrs V Parkinson’s Bryniau Jingo;3, Mrs S Martin’s Lenworth Sweet Lad.Section C & D1, Miss R Folland’s Glasdale Topper;2, Mrs K Butler’s Ashgrove Rebecka;3, R Webber’s Sarum Heidi.LR1, Mrs A Enticott’s Jananda Belles Bonnie;2, Mrs C Wall’s Moorcock Jambo;3, Mrs S Chesterman’s Cedar Falls.Nov FR1, Mrs J Nieboer’s Rowfantina Forever Yours;2, B Holloway’s Uddens Pera;3, Moorcock Jambo.Open FR1 & Mini Ch, Mrs S Cook’s Cnapaton Tiny Tim;2, G Harrison’s Dukeshill Wizard;3, J Joules’ Swinford Priscilla.Lobster Pot LR (J Cooper)1 & Res Mini, Moorcock Jambo;2, Mrs A Enticott’s Jananda Belle’s Bonnie;3, B Holloway’s Abbeybells Sister Claire.Brineton FR1, Miss H Jeans’ Bengad Stonecrop;2, Mrs S Cook’s Cnapaton Tiny Tim;3, J Joules’ Swinford Priscilla.Nov Sec A & B1, Mrs K Harris’ Gunthwaite Juniper;2, G Cook’s Tharg Peach Schnapps.Nov Sec C & D1, Mrs K Harris’ Maylands Sid;2, Mrs B Wessely’s Penstacan Pansy;3, Mrs A Staniland’s Pasadena Sovereign.WHP nov: not exc 13.2hh (H Field)1, A Jenkins’ Kiltinane Toffee;2, Miss G Brown’s Wyken Limelight;3, C Pollett’s Kiltinane Crispien.exc 13.2 hh1, Mrs I Gilbertson’s BrynsleighMorwena;2, Miss T Doyle’s Penn Sharka;3, Mrs M Schwarz’ Llansantffraed Coed Prince.P(UK) Nov WHP: Not exc 122cm1, Miss S Wadey’s Coeth Carwyn;2, Mrs V Parkinson’s Waxwing Kitty;3, Mrs S Cook’s Cnapaton Tiny Tim.not exc 138cm1, Mrs Jeffery’s Penucha Carreras;2, C Pollett’s Kiltinane Crispien;3, Mrs M Mccrow’s Griffelyn Of Jopa.exc 138cm1, Mrs I Gilbertson’s Brynsleigh Morwena;2, Mrs M Schwarz’s Llansantffraed Coed Prince.P(UK) Shearwater WHP (Mrs E Bruford): Not exc 122cm1, Mrs V Parkinson’s Bryniau Jingo;2, Mrs J Nieboer’s Rowfantina Forever Yours;3, Miss S Wadey’s Coeth Carwyn.not exc 138cm1, Miss G Brown’s Wyken Limelight;2, Mrs Jeffery’s Penucha Carreras;3, Mrs C Gibbs’ Galtres Generous.Driving (G Davies): Pot Driving Pony not exc 13.2hh1, Mr Martin’s Peasedown Eclipse;2, Mrs J Boucher’s Ceulan Symbol;3, Mrs A Ashford’s Cynwal Gem.Novice1, Mr G Docking’s Plains Black Satin;2, Mrs K Panyatiou’s Ty’r Capel Marvel;3, Miss V Neal’s Swyffryd Viking Warrior.Pleasure Driving1, S Murray-Brown’s Caeuchels Flying Daydream;2, Mr & Mrs Smyth’s Murphy;3, Mr C Ambrose’s Semley Sauvignon.Private Driving: Singles exc 13.2hh, Non Hackney type1, J Emery’s Calerux Bonheddwr.Singles not exc 13.2hh, Non Hackney Type1 & Ch, Mrs A Staniland’s Pasadena Sovereign;2, Mrs M Alford’s Moelwyn Bonheddwr;3, Mrs J Wybrew’s Tilston Cardinal.Singles, Hackney or Hackney Type1, Mr G Docking’s Plains Black Satin;2, Mrs P Baker’s Baldwins Dandy Boy.Osborne Refrigerators: Section D1 & res, Mr J Emery’s Calerux Bonheddwr.Sections A,B,C1, A Staniland’s Pasadena Sovereign.Concours D’elegance (A Carslaw)1, J Emery’s Calerux Bonheddwr;2, Mrs J Thomas’ Cledwyn Commissioner;3, J White’s Splash.


    Open Showmanship 1,P Chinnery’s Guilder; 2, E French’s DanielReed; 3, E Darwood’s KaryYoky. Youth Pleasure 1, M Surgay-Price’s Duncrahill Dice; 2; EDarwoods’s Kary Yoky. Walk/jogPleasure 1,P Biddulph’s Chelsea; 2, E Darwood’s Kary Yoky; 3, ABlackwell’s Jedi knight. Nov.Rider Pleasure 1,B Ditchfield’s Sierra Sunrise; 2, J Keeley’sConstant Quicksilver; 3, P Biddulph’sChelsea. do Nov. Horse 1,A Brazier’s Dial on Doc; 2, Chelsea; 3,Sierra Sunrise. Nov. Rid.Horsemanship 1& Nov. Hi-Point Ch. J Keeley’sConstant Quicksilver;2,V Edward’s Jessica; 3,Michelle Surguy-Price’s Duncrahill Dice. Nov. Rider Trail1,Duncrahill Dice;2, LianeWarwick-Drake’s Slip Along Workman; 3, A Blackwell’s Jedi Knight. doNov. Horse 1, Dial on Doc;2, Bruce Lawrence’s Sierra Sunrise; 3,R Parkes’s Johnny Rebel. Nov.Rider Western Riding 1,Constant Quicksilver; 2,Jessica. do Nov. Horse 1,Sierra Sunrise;2, Johnny Rebel. Open HorsePleasure 1& Open Hi-Point Ch. D Van Neivelt Price’s Annie Get YourGuns; 2, Sierra Sunrise; 3,Duncrahill Dice. do Trail 1,Annie Get Your Guns; 2, Slip AlongWorkman; 3, Dial on Doc. OpenHorsemanship 1, Annie Get Your Guns; 2, SierraHarmony; 3, Slip Along Workman. Open Western Riding 1, Annie GetYour Guns; 2, Johnny Rebel.Open Reining 1,Duncrahill Dice; 2, Johnny Rebel; 3,Slip Along Workman.

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