Quob Stables EC, 25 October

  • QUOB STABLES EC Southampton, Hants, 25 October

    80cm 1, Buckland Bandit (A Rayner); 2, Sharp Idea (P Strong); 3, Montizuma (S Hill). jnr British Novice 1, Bayfields Pimms (A Poole-Lacey); 2, Welton Freestyle (A Bellamy); 3, Way to the Stars (E Edgar). jnr discovery 1, Welton Freestyle; 2, Indiannapolis (P Rolls), 3, Where There’s A Will (N Evans). jnr 90cms 1, Sunnyside It’s It (P Stronge); 2, Little Girl Blue (I Fitzallen-Howard); 3, Ashbys Surprise (R O’Sullivan). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Hildargo (R O’Sullivan); 2, Where There’s A Will (N Ewins); 3, Everest Du Canon (J Rooke). jnr 1m 1, Western Andy (J Emblem); 2, Tre Partridge Goa Supreme (T Pavey); 3, Frivole Du Haulage (G Donnelly). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter/1.10m 1, Kandla Aquilla (S Walsh); 2, Nota Bene (C Rees). jnr 1.15m 1, 1, Clonkill Blaze (J Emblem); 2, Nota Bene. 31 Oct: Derby House British Novice 1, Cardif II (N Boulter); 2, Pauldarys Limited Edition (K Oliver); 3, Seliana Grey (R Stevens). Equissage Discovery 1 & 2, Charisma III & Cardiff II (N Boulter); 3, Grankissime (N Baker). 1.05m 1, Knight Ley Alloute (N Boulter); 2, Valentino IX (M Hallion); 3, Frankies Secret (Z Hood). Petplan Newcomers 1, Parisienne (K Ewins); 2, Petit Eltoile (L Turner-Stephenson); 3, Knight Ley Allouete (N Boulter). 1.10m 1, Bonfire II (C Graham); 2, Kaline Dumanoir (D Powell); 3, Take Time (A Foxley). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Just Jack III (D Goding); 2, Red Devil (M Hallion); 3, Navardo (S Neads).

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