• PYECOMBE Pyecombe, West Sussex

    British novice 1, Billy Angelo (I Bonev); 2, Brookpark Ferrero (P Lear); 3, Don Othello (K Tate). discovery 1, Madge (P Lear); 2, Velin (K Willard); 3, The Quiet Man III (L Long). 1m 1, Prince Charming (Ma Lovett); 2, Utopie II (S Davidson); 3, Nyah (LThirlwell). newcomers 1, Dreamaway (L Stoner); 2, Billy Butterfly (A Saether); 3, Ufour Z (M Sampson). 1.10m 1, Kelly De La Roche (J Whibley); 2 & 3, Platoon & Kidam Du Hequet (J Annett). Foxhunter 1, Mirage III (M Sampson); 2, Patilla (C Platt); 3, Sunny Boy L (C Ellis). 1.20m 1, Norolientje (A Saether); 2, Rustic Gold (A Stevenson); 3, Arkas (M Lovett). 22 Mar: discovery 1, Hugo The Bold (P Lear); 2, Shannondale Shindig (B Lear); 3, Ultimo III (J Martin). 1m 1, Concordedor (K Willard); 2, Barragama Fox (L Gaukroger); 3, Packman (J Piper-Dadswell). newcomers 1, Classic Gold (S Wooler); 2, Mallards Treat (P Lear); 3, Constant Surprise (W Funnell). 1.10m 1, Cantilever (L Long); 2, Monaghan Rex (P Bursby); 3, Sunflower P (C Platt). Foxhunter 1, Billy Can (A Saether); 2, Ubertus (C Ellis); 3, Crme Van’t Steentje (G Talbot). 1.20m 1, Arkas (M Lovett); 2, Cantilever; 3, Tosselli Van De Zuuthoeve (S Barker). 1.30m 1, Royal Concorde (S Breen); 2, Cevin Z (W Funnell); 3, Vaillant De Ma Campagne (A Saether).

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