Peter Charles reverts back to British

  • Show jumper Peter Charles has decided to revert back to British nationality, according to the Equestrian Federation of Ireland (EFI).

    Charles, 47, changed his nationality to Irish in 1992 and made a significant contribution to Irish show jumping. But he has opted to compete as a British national once again and hopes to represent Britain in international competitions in the future.

    The British Show Jumping Association says it is pleased Peter Charles will be competing under British colours. “The Association is delighted to welcome Peter Charles back as a British rider,” said a BSJA spokesperson. “Peter has attained great accolades under Irish nationality and we wish him the same success on returning to this country.”

    A spokesperson for the EFI said: “Although he has not been prominent on Irish teams in the last few years, he did make a significant contribution to Irish show jumping achievements, particularly through the 1990s and the early part of this decade.”

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