The BSJA has updated its list of performance stallions, on which horses are graded according to their show record.

Elite (gold) stallions: Cabri D’Elle; Calvaro FCS; Conquest FCS; Handel II; Senator Caloubet Du Rouet; Stable Express Hello Oscar; Steps Helsinki; Vechta; Virtual Village Randi.

Silver stallions: Amber Glen; Audacity; Broadstone Lady’s Man; Casimir; Chairman II; Cobretti; Corretto; Dauntless Prince; Desmond OfHeathlyn; Dexter IV; Disco; Dutch Classic; Dutch Falco; Edenside Rikki; Exander; Fakir De La Lande; Fundus; Ganton Rufus; Hamilton III; Handley Barns Grandee; It’s The Business; Jalisco II; Jance; JSJ Gallant Grey; JP Liberty; Kenzo; Lars Irco G; Leonardo; Livius II; Loheky Helios De Bornival; Ludwig H; Luidam; Malacoff; Maxmillion; Millbrook; Millbrook Esquire; New Mexico; No Complaints; Ontario; Pauldary’s Romeo; Pauldary’s Top Tiger; Play Back Van De Helle; Priamos; QBE Insurance Beach Boy II; Secret Rumour; Silber Bird; Stable Express Sunorra’s Son; Squire Tregarrion; The Aviator II; Tornedo FCS; TL’s Favourite; Usaidit; Utopian Opposition; What A Business; What Ever You Want; Wurzel; Zarlequin; Zandor II.

Silver pony stallions: A Step In Time; Georgeo II; Little Bobby; Ousbek; Special Appointment III; Tudor Twinkling Star.

All other stallions will be identified by white bridle discs at shows.