New foal for Peter Charles’ Hickstead Derby winner Corrada

  • Peter Charles’ three-times Derby winner Corrada produced a colt foal on Tuesday (2 August), sired by Peter’s King George winner Murkas Pall Mall.

    Corrada won the Derby in 2001, 2002 and 2003 and was sold to the USA in 2004 by owner Paul Stamp.

    But she returned to Peter’s yard near Alton, Hampshire in 2007, aged 18, and has been a brood mare ever since.

    The 22-year-old mare has been at the New Priory Stud in Chippenham since December and is the 30th and final mare to foal there this season.

    Stud mananger Julie Whibley said: “He’s a lovely foal — instantly friendly and is very bold and Corrada is a very proud devoted mum.

    Judging by the colt’s pedigree — Corrada is by top Holsteiner showjumping sire Corrado — he could be a world-beater, but Peter said: “I just hope he will be successful.”

    The foal is Corrada’s seventh — five by embryo transfer and two natural.

    Corrada’s other natural birth was last year’s foal Nations News, by Last News, who was born on Nations cup day at Hickstead last year.

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