New BSJA rulings on FMD

  • The current BSJA rules on running shows while the FMD crisis continues have been relaxed

    The BSJA has made some changes to its rules on shows being run during the current foot-and-mouth epidemic.

    Dogs will now be allowed at events as long as they are kept on a lead. Vehicles other than horseboxes need not be sprayed on arrival, but are required to drive over a disinfectant mat.

    No event should be held on non-agricultural land within 3km of premises on which FMD is suspected or has been confirmed until 42 days after cleansing has taken place.

    Other BSJA rule changes

    Other recent rule changes include riders with long hair having to secure it so it doesnot hang below the collar, and that four starters are required before any class will take place.

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