Mother denies pony doping allegations

  • A junior show jumping competition on Jersey was cancelled at the weekend, following allegations that a competitor’s mother, Mrs Kim Baudains, had doped ponies ridden by her son’s rivals. She has denied any misconduct.

    The British Show Jumping Association (BSJA) has now asked police to look into a complaint that Mrs Baudains fed ponies a sedative before the under-16s final in Jersey. This followed reports from other parents that it appeared Mrs Baudains had been seen feeding a number of ponies polo mints before the competition was due to start.

    The event was immediately cancelled over safety concerns, and blood tests have now been taken from the ponies concerned. The results are not yet back, but a tablet suspected of being a form of sedative was found on the ground, and has also been taken for analysis.

    Meanwhile Mrs Baudains’ family have been at pains to refute the allegations, saying they are completely untruthful, and told the Times today (Wednesday) that she has had to be “knocked out” by her doctor because she is under huge stress as a result of the investigation.

    Jackie Knightley of the BSJA said: “The Jersey Police are investigating an incident concerning the alleged coping of ponies at a local event.

    “The Association takes a very dim view of any action taken by a competitor or associate that would endanger the safety of any competitor or the welfare of ponies or horses.

    “If these allegations were proved to be founded the appropriate disciplinary action would be taken. The ultimate performance should be achieved in a drug-free environment, with fair play for all competitors being of paramount importance.”

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