Ludger on song at Olympia

  • The Christmas Stocking Stakes

    Ludger Beerbaum and Figaro’s Boy brought Saturday’s final curtain down in brilliant style, when the pair produced an inspired round to win The Christmas Stocking Stakes from Willi Melliger and Roelof Bril riding Scutt and Kor II respectively.

    Eight had jumped initial clear rounds to contest the jump-off, and tension mounted as second clear rounds became progressively faster.

    Roelof Bril set the standard with an economical second clear in 35.81 riding the eight-year-old Kor II, but Willi Melliger was certainly at the races with Scutt, who reduced the leading time to 34.58.

    Tim Stockdale, who was the only British rider through to the jump off made a spirited challenge with Traxdata Parcival, and they stormed home in 36.14 to take fourth place.

    Last drawn Ludger Beerbaum then produced a confident round from his stable favourite Figaro’s Boy.

    Shaving the wings all the way, the pair galloped on to the final fence to break the beam in 32.91.

    “I love him. Quality-wise, I have never had a better horse,” said Ludger afterwards. “He earns his money every week, and won a class in Frankfurt recently.”

    Results The Christmas Stocking Stakes. 1, Figaro’s Boy (L Beerbaum); 2, Scutt ( W Melliger); 3, Kor II (R Bril); 4, Traxdata Parcival (T Stockdale); 5, Secret Love (J Smit); 6, Landdame (F Sloothaak.

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