Lord Stevens to chair investigation into German Olympic ‘doping’ scandal

  • Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens will chair the International Equestrian Commission’s (FEI) ethics panel to investigate possible horse doping by the German equestrian team at the 2008 Olympic Games.

    The FEI launched the investigation on 4 May after German Olympic show jumper Marco Kutscher told a German news agency that he had used the potentially prohibited substances arnica and lactanase on his horse Cornet Obolensky at the Games in Hong Kong.

    The panel will also include the president of the United States Equestrian Federation eventer David O’Connor, the chairman of the FEI tribunal Ken Lalo and FEI director of jumping John Roche.

    Lord Stevens said: “I am privileged to have been asked to chair the FEI Ethics Panel for what is such a sensitive and important matter and to assist the organisation in its efforts to ensure the integrity of sport and horse welfare.”

    Previous inquiries chaired by Lord Stevens include those into the death of Princess Diana and allegations of corruption in British football.

    Alex Mclin, Secretary General of the International Equestrian Federation, said the panel had been set up “to get to the bottom of the issue as soon as we can”.

    Listen to his full explanation below.

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