Jos Lansink heads Olympia Horse Show’s international challenge

  • Riders from 15 countries, including reigning World Champion Jos Lansink, will be challenging our home team at the London International Horse Show at Olympia next week.

    The jewel in the Olympia’s crown is the World Cup qualifier. This was won last year by Jessica Kurten, who will be riding Castle Forbes Libertina in a bid to repeat the victory for Ireland. Last year’s Olympia grand prix winner, Dutchman Albert Zoer, will also be competing, although without his great partner Okidoki.

    The international riders face the might of the Whitakers — five of them, John, Michael, Ellen, Robert and William, will be their usual competitive selves. William, particularly, will be trying to match last year’s puissance win.

    The home side is also represented by our Olympic team-members Tim Stockdale and Ben Maher, as well as Tim Gredley, William Funnell, Geoff Luckett, Laura Renwick and Nick Skelton, for whom it will be an emotional event — he will formally retire the great Arko at the London venue.

    Stay in touch with all the news from Olympia next week on Horseandhound.co.uk and read H&H’s full reports in 25 December issue (on sale 23 December) and 1 January issue (on sale 3 January)

    Full list of Olympia entries (in alphabetical order by country)

    • Edwina Alexander (AUS)
    • Rob Raskin (AUT)
    • Jos Lansink (BEL)
    • Philippe Le Jeune (BEL)
    • Thomas Velin (DEN)
    • Rutherford Latham (ESP)
    • Mikael Forsten (FIN)
    • Stephan Lafouge (FRA)
    • Pénélope Leprevost (FRA)
    • Philippe Rozier (FRA)
    • Kevin Staut (FRA)
    • William Funnell (GBR)
    • Tim Gredley (GBR)
    • Geoff Luckett (GBR)
    • Ben Maher (GBR)
    • Laura Renwick (GBR)
    • Nick Skelton (GBR)
    • Tim Stockdale (GBR)
    • Ellen Whitaker (GBR)
    • John Whitaker (GBR)
    • Michael Whitaker (GBR)
    • Robert Whitaker (GBR)
    • William Whitaker (GBR)
    • Toni Hassmann (GER)
    • Max Kuhner (GER)
    • Marco Kutscher (GER)
    • Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst (GER)
    • Jessica Kurten (IRL)
    • Cian O’Connor (IRL)
    • Omar Bonomelli (ITA)
    • Angelique Hoorn (NED)
    • Gerco Schroder (NED)
    • Albert Zoer (NED)
    • Geir Gulliksen (NOR)
    • Steve Guerdat (SUI)
    • Puis Schwizer (SUI)
    • Malin Baryard-Johnsson (SWE)
    • Helena Lundback (SWE)
    • Laura Kraut (USA)


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