HOYS results 12 – 16 October ’05

  • HOYS NEC, Birmingham, 12-16 October

    Hoys National Challenge 1, Mollegaardens Ballerina (L Whitaker); 2, Gitan D’Incoville (M Watson); 3, Otage (R Prater). Norton Heath Newcomers 1, Angelina (W Clarke); 2, Amaryllis (N Pavitt); 3, Silvano (S Buckley). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter 1, Who’s Bob (C Bailey); 2, Funfair (C Kemp); 3, VIP Tixylix (Z Adams). YR ch 1, Henri De Here (E Whitaker); 2, Cassiano Z (O Lazarus); 3, Otage. Royston Products 7-y-o 1, Carisco (C Weier); 2, Roland II (T Stockdale); 3, Rush On M (S Ryan). 13 Oct: easibed Stakes 1, Nureev Du Houssoit (R Whitaker), GB; 2, Fresh Direct Glenwood Springs (T Stockdale), GB; 3, Liefhebber’s Quality (L Thijssen), HOL; 4, Cortaflex Amber Du Montois (W Funnell), GB; 5, Celine (A Davies), GB; 7, AK Locarno (E Whitaker), GB; 8, Pjort (G Luckett), GB; 9, Oleander Van De Herkkant (G Williams), GB; 10, Cassius Clay II (G Billington), GB. HOYS National Challenge 1, Linaro (L Williams); 2, Golisco D’Or (G Lovegrove); 3, Otage. Grandstand Media Cup 1, Lucy May (A Saywell), GB; 2, Anastasia III (B Twomey), IRE; 3, St Honore’s Liquido (J Whitaker), GB; 4, Quidam (G Williams); 7, AK Quinten (E Whitaker); 8, Two Mills Showtime (R Maguire), GB; 9, Bob’s Diamond (D McPherson), GB. Bates Security Systems Classic 1, Al Mandoob (J Patterson-Robinson), AUS; 2, Whinnie Jackson (B Twomey); 3, Fresh Direct Lily (T Stockdale); 4, Wexford (R Bevis); 5, Graf Gold (M Armstrong), GB; 6, Retreats Oakie Doakie (R Maguire); 7, Nicolette II (R Whitaker). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Romanov II (P Spivey); 2, Kanon De Lambarde (R Bevis); 3, Sultano (J Parkinson). 14 Oct: Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Stainsby Style (M Sampson); 2, Irish Lethal Weapon (L Saywell); 3, Irish Storm In A Teacup (L Wingrove). Dick Turpin Stakes 1, Capriola Van De Helle (K Cleeren), BEL; 2, Reatreats Oakie Doakie; 3, Blue Chip Quinton (P Barker), GB; 5, Cortaflex Tibor (W Funnell); 7, Sir Graditz (A Davies); 10, Nureev Du Houssoit. BEIB 6-y-o 1, Senette (S Brash); 2, Sony Banta (P Barker); 3, Cotton Candy (C Edwards). Vinopolis Stakes 1, Orlando LA (L Thijssen); 2, Fresh Direct Glenwood Springs; 3, Last Chance G (J Larocca), ARG; 4, Onyx V (G Williams); 5, AK Quinten; 6, Rex (M Armstrong); 7, Marleen (G Luckett); 8, Temple Guess What (P Barker); 10, Cassabachus (G Billington). Golden Bear Classic 1, Nairobi (L Thijssen); 2, Ublesco (R Whitaker); 3, Animation (G Luckett); 4, Fresh Direct Corlato (T Stockdale); 7, AK Locarno; 8, Bob’s Diamond; 9, Cortaflex Amber Du Montois; 10, Thesaura (M Armstrong). 15 Oct: HOYS 128cm 1, Silver Wonder (P Allen); 2, Get Ready Freddie (R Gunn); 3, Pendini (A Green). Charles Owen 138cm 1, Fountain Ranger (James Smith); 2, More Than Milton (Jessie Smith); 3, Take Your Time (E Stoker). Xerox Special Event Services Cup 1, Marleen; 2, Rex; 3, Cardoso Van De Helle (K Cleeren); 4, Cassius Cay II; 7, Connery (R Bevis). Zinc Management Cup 1, Intermission (B Twomey); 2, Capriola Van De Helle; 3, Quinn Van Het Wauwerhof (D Etter), SUI; 4, Nureev Van Du Houssoit; 6, Quidam; 7, Cortaflex Tibor; 8, AK Quinten; 9, Nike (A Davies). accumulator 1, Andiamo Z (K Cleeren); 2, Lactic Two (J Whitaker); 3, Sir Graditz; 4, Oleander Van Der Herkkant; 7, Blue Chip Quinton ; 9, Cortaflex Machiavelli. HOYS Puissance 1eq, Lactic Two & Exploit Du Roulard (J Whitaker); 3eq, Colorado Z (J Patterson-Robinson), AK Locarno, Fresh Direct Cloudy Night (T Stockdale) & Finbarr V (R Whitaker); 7eq, Andersons Free Spirit & Querido Van Het Costerveld (K Shore), GB, Teddy Bear (D Morton), GB, Here‘s Jack (D Duffin), GB, Eperlaan Du Fouquet (B Maher), GB, Royal Dane (J Billington), GB & Quidam. 16 Oct: Top Tack Grade C 1, Cassius Clay II; 2, Limelight De Breve (L Renwick); 3, Connery. Hoys.co.uk Cup 1, Animation; 2, Verelst Quebec (H Smolders), HOL; 3, Fresh Direct Lily; 4, Pedro VI; 9, Nike II; 7, AK Kanselier; 10, Cortaflex Tibor. Kitt-Kraiburg Jnr Show Jumper of the Year 1 & 2, Indien De Here & Colton Maelstrom (W Whitaker); 3, Frere Jacques (B Gardner). Speed Horse of the Year 1, Intermission; 2, Nureev Du Houssoit; 3, Cortaflex Machiavelli; 5, Marleen; 6, Retreats Oakie Doakie; 9, Onyx V; 10, Blue Chip Kildalton Lad (P Barker). Tack365.com Leading Show Jumper/Grand Prix 1, Two Mills Showtime; 2, AK Locarno; 3, JPC Modesto Equifoam (J-M Nicola), FRA; 4, Bob’s Diamond; 6, Thesaura; 8, Fresh Direct Corlato (T Stockdale); 9, Ublesco.

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