Form Notes: Nigel Coupe

  • Born: 19 May, 1971

    Lives: Preston, Lancs

    School: Queen Elizabeth’s, Blackburn

    Strengths: Chatting up women

    Weaknesses: Still not being able to pull any of the above!

    Likes: Any sport

    Dislikes: People who complain

    Hobbies: Going to watch Preston North End football club and to the pub

    Favourite food: Chinese

    Favourite drink: A pint of smooth bitter in the pub

    Favourite horse: Invincible Lad. He put me on the map

    Favourite holiday: Australia

    Favourite music: The Verve

    Favourite clothes: Anything but breeches

    Hero/heroine: The Whitakers, because of their ability to ride different horses, and Hugo Simon for his determination

    Pet hate: Manchester United

    Ambition: To be happy and successful

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