Changes to BSJA stallion ruling

  • The BSJA has compromised with owners of ungraded stallions on the controversial subject of the £1,000 a year registration fee.

    At first, the association stated that any ungraded stallions aged between six and 13 would be liable to the higher registration fee, which would be adjusted if the stallion was graded.

    Now it has announced that ungraded stallions aged six to nine (inclusive) will have to pay the full £1,000, but that “any stallion, graded or ungraded, registered and aged 10 and over, will be able to re-register with the BSJA at the standard rate”.

    The change is in response to complaints about the ruling, which was announced in January 1999 and came into force at the beginning of this year.

    “We received requests from owners who had been registered for some time but whose stallions were at an age where they may not be shown in their best light, or had never been used for stud purposes,” says Jacky Knightley at the BSJA.

    “We decided that the age limit on previously registered stallions exempt from grading would be reduced.”

    Four- and five-year-old ungraded stallions will incur the £500 registration fee, and stallions previously registered with the BSJA but not eligible for full grading may have their fee reduced.

    For full details contact the BSJA (tel: 024 7669 8800)

  • This article was originally published in Horse & Hound (26 February 04)

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