BSJA results 5-6 July ’03

BARTON EC Bilsborrow, Lancs, 5-6 July

Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers/1m jnr1, Bella Star (A Derbyshire); 2, Blueberry Whirl (T Armstrong); 3, Super Spark (S Clark). BEIB Jnr British Novice 2nd round1, Woodside Entertainer (K Chevin); 2, Hillcrest Nightingale (L Cormack); 3, Rising Star (K Rhodes). Credit & Business jnr 1.15m1, Foxmill Montana (W Whitaker); 2, Applejax Mr Ed (D Smith); 3, A Touch Of Rust (W Whitaker). jnr open1 & 2, Foxmill Montana & A Touch Of Rust; 3, Germanie (C Smith). Scope Jnr Novice1, Just Trio (J Ainsworth); 2, Rushtons Lad (J Garside); 3, Riverdance Rose (E Woodburn). Scope Jnr Progressive1, Simply Charlie (P Mallender); 2, Highly Flammable (F Tague); 3, Woodside Entertainer. jnr adventure1, 4 tied. 6 Jul: Reigill CEC Sml Pony Derby1, Powtan (R Connor); 2, Sunny’s Mate (T Redfern); 3, Cassie Blue Lady (W Whitaker). jnr novice Derby1, Rotherleigh Tuppence (K Cubley); 2, Franky Gold (S Andrews); 3, Oceans Midnight Mint (A Cooper). Smith 1m Jnr Derby1, Lynwood Gem (A Derbyshire); 2, Rotherleigh Tuppence; 3, Street Angel (J Kirk). Albion Garage Jnr Derby1, She’s Elastic (J Kirk); 2, Blue Icicle (J Stephens); 3, Simple Ben (C Garvey). jnr speed Derby1, Rainbow Times (W Whitaker); 2, Bilko Lad (A Derbyshire); 3, Foxmill Montana.

BSJA AREA 19-20 Brynrefail. Caernarfon, 5-6 July

Charles Owen British Novice 1, Coppermines (J Garnett); 2, Diamond Deever (J Dale-Frost); 3, Cymran Menai (C Carnall). DMS Novice 1, Slice Of Heaven (V Thornley); 2, Tonic (N Pritchard); 3, Irish Times (J Gough-Roberts). DMS Adventurer 1, Slice Of Heaven; 2, Merllyn Raphaela (A Carpenter); 3, Silvie (J Matthews). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Celtic It’s Mischief (J Gough-Roberts);2, Bally Pukka (T Pritchard); 3, Birthday Girl (J Gough-Roberts). Smarter Builders 1.15m 1, Cashiered (J Matthews); 2, In So Far (T Pritchard); 3, Camddwr Flight (D Carpenter). IT Business Systems 1.25m 1, Camddwr Flight; 2, Bally Pukka; 3, Cymran Lights (C Carnall). New Recruits 1, Over There (L Pritchard); 2, Candy Floss (V Benson-Roberts); 3, Wickdale Wizard (A Roberts). BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, Cape Clearaway (H Peters); 2, Celtic Storm (D Hughes); 3, Northern Dancer (N Jude). Scope Novice 1, Taidis Lad (D Hughes); 2, Mrs Midas (N Tidswell); 3, Celtic Storm. Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Brynteg Caramel Cream (K Chambers); 2, Capel Clear Casey (H Peters); 3, Lara Croft (N Jude). Charles Owen British Novice 1, Midnight Lady (K Williams); 2, Smokey Joe Morgan (A Morgan); 3, Diamond Deever. novice 1, Merllyn May Time (A Carpenter); 2, Dukestown High Flyer (J Jones); 3, Merllyn Tonic Gun (D Carpenter). DMS Adventurer 1, Snowdon Splash (L Griffiths); 2, Prince Of Diamonds (C Chapman); 3, St Pedrog (A Williams). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Juliette Silvo (J Matthews); 2, Birthday Girl; 3, Prince Of Diamonds. Scope 1.15m 1, In So Far; 2, Ready Steady Go (C Roberts); 3, Simpson Too (J Gough-Roberts). IT Business 1.25m 1, Cashiered; 2, In So Far; 3, Into The Fire (C Matthews). new recruits 1, Wickdale Wizard; 2, My Fin McCoul (A Haycock); 3, Candy Floss. BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, Lara Croft; 2, Celtic Storm; 3, Star Of The Night (K Chambers). Scope Novice 1, Star of the Night; 2, Celtic Storm; 3, Mr Lovable (N Tidswell). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers/Scope Progressive 1, Wigdale Wizard; 2, Andersons Grey Delight (C Roberts); 3, Just Annie (S Bream). 1.10m/DMS Adventurer 1, Brynteg Caramel Cream; 2, Killmullen Ffion (C Roberts); 3, Anjulie (C Morris).

BSJA AREA 43A Godshill, Isle of Wight, 6 July

Charles OwenBritish Novice 1, Flints Mirror Image (L Vale); 2, Mumbo Jumbo (D Norris); 3, T Savannah (F Hinds). Equimax Discovery 1, Bilbo Baggins VI (J Bircham); 2, Khan II (A Wright); 3, Tyas Little Star (L Vale). 1m 1, My Lady Louise (S Begley); 2, Cool Cullen Colleen (A Eldridge). 1.05m 1, Manhattan (S Begley); 2, Duncaring (A Henderson); 3, Alogo (N Price). NDS Members Cup/Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Lucky Girl II (S Begley); 2, Alogo. 1.25m/Scope B&C 1, Lucky Girl II. BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, Blue Diamond Star (L Tate); 2, Double Trouble Two (R Vaughan); 3, My Mr Mercury (J Burcham). jnr progress 1 & 2, My Best Buddy & Longford Weasel (L Tate); 3, Oakdene Midnight Arrival (J Bircham). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Blue Diamond Star; 2, My Best Buddy; 3, My Mr Mercury.

CONSTANTINE COUNTRY SHOW, Trengilly, Cornwall, 5 July

BEIB jnr British Novice 1, Secret Service (L J Hardy); 2, September Blue (G Button Stephens). 85cm open 1, Fairlands Star (C Mills); 2, Mister Wilf (M Michaelidies); 3, Oh Tequila (J Broadbank). Blue Chip jnr Newcomers 1, Master Wilf; 2, Cuddles Avenue (S Stockdale); 3, September Blue. Squibb & Davies jnr foxhunter 1, Master Wilf; 2, Miss Liddington (C Mills). 1.10 jnr open 1, Fairlands Star; 2, Oh Tequila. 1.15 snr open 1, Diamonds Pride II (A Richards); 2, Kernick (B Facey); 3, Rubick (J Shore). 1.25 open 1, Kermits Lover (B Facey); 2, Follyfoot Mr D (B Facey); 3, Rise HIgh (B Facey). Charles Owen British Novice 1, Paddocks Treglisson (L Kaczmarek); 2, Geordies Boy (C Lindfield); 3, Carrick Roads (J Sincock). Equimax snr discovery 1, Fare Game (C Lindfield); 2, Isle of Sky (C Vinnicombe); 3, Kirthen Infra Red (A Berryman). Members Cup 1, Lucifer III (J Benney); 2, Sholto (C Vinnicombe); 3, Tyrera Bay (C Vinnicombe).

DERBY DAYS, Northallerton EC, Yafforth 5-6 July

Derby Day One: Pony Derby – small Pony Open Trial 1, Cappagh Misty (H Smallwood); 2, Highling Cola Light (V Roberts); 3, Jim’s Jet (K Walker). Small Pony Open 1, Cappagh Misty (P Allen); 2, West Flight (H McCaie); 3, Double Dominic (J Reveley). novice Pony Derby Trial 1, Knockmartin Boy (K Blackburn); 2, Stainsby Style (J Ward); 3, Sportsfield Sea Fever (S Ward). Novice Pony Derby 1, Knockmartin Boy (K Blackburn); 2, Fedilis Sempre (K Jackson); 3, 3, StainsbyStyle (J Ward). Open Pony Derby Trial 1, Baskin Ilex (S Adams); 2, Moonlight IV (P Aitken); 3, Bowes Peter Pan (V Jones). Open Pony Derby 1, Mr Shorty (H Stevenson); 2, Bowes Peter Pan (V Jones); 3, Riversdale St Emilion (J Ward). Charles Owen British Novice 1st Round 1, Keep Ticking (C Bolam); 2, Quinns Touch (S Pooley); 3, Hadrian Top Tato (B Ramage). Equimax Discovery 1st Round 1, Superior (S Cuthbert); 2, Goulton Exclusive (N Robinson); 3, Libertino (D Mewse). 1.05m Open 1, Westbourne Easy (R Cana); 2, Alpine Marc (D Lillie); 3, Buccanan’s Boy (E Wright). Great Leighs Newcomers 1st Round 1, Mayo Minor (E Boynton); 2, Ringfort Diva (C Dennis); 3, Goulton Exclusive (N Robinson). NDS 1.10m Members Cup 1, Alpine Marc (D Lillie); 2, Athletic (R Ledford); 3, Ferndale Summer (A Wall). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m Open 1, DJS Soft Touch (D Mewse); 2, Nixion (K Leak); 3, Mr Maxi (D Harland). 6 July: Derby Day Two: Horse Derby Novice Horse Derby Trial 1, Colour Scheme (S Cuthbert); 2, Little Cat (L Dodds); 3, Quinns Touch (S Pooley). Novice Horse Derby 1, Glenfields Quest (R Bennison); 2, Easy Make It (A Mills); 3, October Knight (H Stevenson). Grade C Derby Trial 1, Jesse (R Ledford); 2, Athletic (R Ledford); 3, Mr Maxi (D Harland). Grade C Derby 1, Westbourne Easy (R Cana); 2, Magic Roundabout (N Mercer); 3, Gamble On (S Russell). Open Horse Derby Trial 1, Seacroft Lad (D Harland);2, Lingmoor (S Holland); 3, Gibside Sarleen (A Mills). Open Horse Derby 1, Beckett II (C Dennis); 2, Gibside Sarleen (A Mills); 3, Crievestone (J Brannen). Starter Ponies up to 138cm 1, Grey Guy (J Harland); 2, Special (S Wray); 3, Roly (M Reid Stephenson). Small Pony Open 1, Cappagh Misty (P Allen); 2, Rocky (A Hagan); 3, Banana Pop (V Roberts). Junior British Novice 1, Gun Powder (P Aitken); 2, Another Yogi (D Smith); 3, Why I (S Farrell). Junior Newcomers1, Rising Mist (H McCaie); 2, Llanddanny Royal (L Jewitt); 3, Stainsby Irish Mist (H Stevenson). 1.0m Open 1, Bowes Peter Pan (V Jones). Junior Foxhunter/1.10m Combined 1, Riversdale St Emilion (J Ward); 2, Fountains Rangers (O Hilliard); 3, Kings Pyon (M Kent). 1.15m Members Cup 1, Moonlight IV (P Aitken); 2, Darracks Babe (S Ward).

GREENLANDS EC Carlisle, Cumbria, 5 July

novice final 1 & 3, Ardganeen Lad & Von Trapp (M Kendall); 2, Tinkers Boy (N Springer). Equimax Discovery 1, 2, & 3, Blackford Gladiator, Plessey Cavalier & Midtown Million (L Creighton). 1.10m 1 & 2, Plessey Cavalier & Blackford Cavalier (L Creighton); 3, Shady Canadian (M Mason). 1.15m 1, Stoneflight (J Fletcher); 2 & 3, Material Girl & Blexlee (L Creighton). 1.20m 1, Blackford Cavalier; 2, Oscar M (N Springer); 3, Krekor (L Thomlinson). 1.30m 1, Hectique (L McCafferty); 2, Oldlands Calypso (L Creighton); 3, Fraser’s Boy (S Skelton).

MANCHESTER SHOW Platt Fields, 5-6 July

North Hall Landfill 1.15m1, Domingo (M Marsh); 2, Dun Surprise (T Maguire); 3, Cellway (M Marsh). Scope B&C1, Lakeland Gold Diamond (M Marsh); 2 & 3, Holton W & Caballo (K Shore). IT Business Centre 1.25m1, Princess Jade (K Shore); 2, Waterford Lad (P Barker); 3, Temple Guess What (J Russell). Scope 1.35m1 & 2, Sky News & Pakko (K Shore); 3, Atlantis (P Murphy). Scope B&C1, Grand Classe (J Daly); 2, Holton W; 3, Dun Surprise. Manchester Antique Co 1.25m1, Pagina (B Twomey); 2, Pakko; 3, Waterford Lad. Williams Land Rover of Manchester IT1, Give Me Remus (B Twomey); 2, Pakko; 3, Ashdale Futuro (D Quigley).

ROYAL LEISURE Henfield, West Sussex, 5-6 July

1.20m jnr 1 & 2, Bobby Bracken & New York Spritzer (L Sims); 3eq, Hopala (H Paul) & Okehurst Showman (E-J Moore). Kraiburg Jnr Showjumper of the Year 1, Floating Change (L Wade); 2, Another Dollar (N Pavitt); 3, Landown Three’s Are Wild (J Shackleton). open 1, Bobby Bracken; 2, PJ St Tropez (E-J Moore); 3, Willowpark Riff Raff (E Stoker). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter 2nd round 1, Dooly (H Arnold); 2, Dunwoody LS (L Saywell); 3, Night & Day (L Pheasant). 128cm 1, Skibereen Girl (E Stoker); 2, Proud Flyer (J Whittaker); 3, Flinor Songbird (E Stoker). 138cm 1, It’s Lulu II (L Saywell); 2, My Bugsy Malone(J Whittaker); 3, Mini Madam (H Windsor). 128/138cm 1, Colour Code (C Mowbray); 2, Marskyfe Jake (E Snape); 3, Highling Greenacres (J Loader). 138cm 2nd round 1, Strawberry Fair III (M Sampson); 2, Mr Polo (J Loader); 3, It’s Lulu II. 128cm 2nd round 1, Proud Flyer; 2 & 3, Flinor Songbird & Skibereen Girl. 12 & under 1, Rowfantina Heartthrob (C Rees); 2, Coco Can (A Massarella); 3, Starzone (C Evans). sml pony 1 & 2, Forever Katie & Another Spider (M Sampson); 3, Nantcol Pervain (B Mantel). Golden Bear Tiny Tots 1eq, Wedgewood & HR Maverick (R Offord). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers/Scope Jnr Progressive 1, Ottoway (B Gregory); 2, Mountain High (L Bunn); 3, Irish Hotshot (E Windsor-Luck). 1m jnr 1, Mini Madam; 2, For A Few Dollars More (H Berryman). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter/Scope Jnr Adventurer/1.10m jnr 1, Diego Flow (E Palmer); 2, Showmasters Champagne Charlie (C Pullen); 3, Willoway Dreamer (S Frost). Scope 1.15m jnr 1, Short Step (H Arnold); 2 & 3, Vuitton & Ooh La La (S Parsons). 1.15m jnr 1, Bagheera Flashman (T Wratten); 2, Midland Boy (E Davies); 3, Lucky Lady Jane (L Saywell). August Silk Jnr Restricted 1, Custom Cruiser (L Mantel); 2,Midland Boy; 3, Micklow Madness (D Nielson). 128/138cm 1, Forever Katie; 2, Polly Flinders (B Mantel); 3, Charlie Beau (P Salter). Paul Fabrications 138cm Debut 1, Fizz Pop Bang (C Hanson); 2, Dawn Flame (Z Adams); 3, Mini Madam. do,128cm 1, PJ Scooby Doo (K-M Randall); 2, Mr Magnetic (J Emblen); 3, Secret Spectacle (C Ede). BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, Hip Hop Tommy (A Palmer); 2, Jolly Lolly (G Farrington); 3, Bridge Farm Bobby (M Crawley-Moore). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers/jnr progressive 1, Night & Day; 2, Showmasters Champagne Charlie; 3, Truemount Gold (R Parks). 1m jnr 1, Just Juice (V Jones). Squibb & Davies Foxhunter/jnr adventurer/1m jnr 1, Radient Kismet (A Morris); 2, Diego Flow; 3, Ashby Surprise (C Pullen).

THE COLLEGE EC Keysoe, Beds, 5-6 July

Scope Jnr Novice1, Action Man (D Rutter); 2, Enchanting Carousel (H Bruce); 3, Stephen’s Choice (E Maguire). Scope Jnr Progressive1, Moonlight Celebrity (L Thompson); 2, Glenville Brambles (N Bignell); 3, Ultimate Chaos (C Chamberlain). 1.05m jnr1, Mister Muldoon (R Hawes); 2, Sannan Valley Top Tier (M Townshend). Scope Jnr Adventurer1, Max Factor (A Kapsalis); 2, Jasperoo (N Colclough). Scope Jnr 1.15m1, Byron Ferrari (L White); 2, Sannan Valley Top Tier; 3, Mister Muldoon. Golden Bear Tiny Tots1, 5 tied. Paul Fabrications 128cm Debut1, Pendini ((A Green); 2, Here Comes Hettie (J Reynolds); 3, Nats Lass (N Colclough). Scope Primary1eq, Dolly Maybird (O Wells); Tattletale (J Sizer) & Ivycroft Original (P Street). Paul Fabrications 138cm Debut1 & 2, Milly Unmilly & Spiders Dance (J Sizer). 128cm1, Sisco (K Adams). 138cm1, Tattletale. 6 Jul: 1m1, Fallowfield Mr Plod (R Collins); 2, Flash Biker (R Dearden); 3, Halcyon (B Kilby). Charles Owen British Novice 2nd round1, Divina (T Martin); 2, Retreats Rekdal (Ruth Chatfield); 3, Lucky Lady Van’t Steinershof (N Maxted-Massey). 1.15m1, Finnegans Imp (Z Day); 2, Genuine Jack (E Pears); 3, Reine du Chene (D Rhodes). Charles Owen British Novice1, Upton Hillbilly (S Newman); 2, Diamond Lady (E Kimber); 3, Blancomarone (N Lightfoot). 95cm1, Sam’s Boy (C Instrall); 2, Vager (S Northwood); 3, Jays Mystique (D Perry). Equimax Discovery1, Harper Chance (J Olver); 2, Valentino (J Egmore); 3, Party Line (S Stoker). 1.05m1, Harper Chance; 2, Georgefields Amber Diamond (F Christian); 3, Jays Mystique (D Perry). Great Leighs Newcomers1, Fallowfield Montgomery (R Collins); 2, Future Prospect (A McGlynn); 3, Glendine View (I Dowie). NDS Members Cup1, Fallowfield Mr Plod (R Collins); 2, Georgefields Amber Diamond.

AREA 43A Little Kennerley Farm, Godshill 6 July

Seniors: Unaffiliated warm up 1, Bilbo Baggins VI (J Bircham); 2, T Savannah (F Hinds); 3, Harvest Prince (T Pitman). Charles Owen British Novice Championship – First Round 1, Flints Mirror Image (L Vale); 2, Mumbo Jumbo (D Norris); 3, T Savannah (F Hinds). Equimax Equine Discovery Championship – First Round 1, Bilbo Baggins VI (J Bircham); 2, Khan II (A Wright); 3, Tyas Little Star (L Vale). 1.0m Open Competition 1, My Lady Louise (S Begley); 2, Cool Cullen Colleen (A Eldridge). 1.05m Open Competition 1, Manhattan (S Begley); 2, Duncaring (A Henderson); 3, Alogo (N Price). Senior Member’s Cup 1.10m/Great Leighs Senior Newcomers 1, Lucky Girl II (S Begley); 2, Alogo (N Price). National 1.25m Open / Scope B/C Championship Qualifier 1, Lucky Girl II (S Begley). Juniors: B.E.I.B. Junior British Novice Championship – FirstRound 1, Blue Diamond Star (L Tate); 2, Double Trouble Two (R Vaughan); 3, My Mr. Mercury (J Bircham). Junior Progress Stakes 1, My Best Buddy (L Tate); 2, Longford Weasel (L Tate); 3, Oakdene Midnight Arrival (J Bircham). Blue Chip Feed Balancer Junior Newcomers First Round 1, Blue Diamond Star (L Tate); 2, My Best Buddy (L Tate); 3, My Mr. Mercury (J Bircham).

CASTLE ASHBY Horton, Northants, 6 July

Travis Perkins A41 & 2, It’s Mine & Skerne Skytality (D Morton); 3, Roscoe’s Gillany (J Reed-Stephenson). BEIB HOYS Grade C1, Tiran (M Watson); 2, Orion II (S Tobin); 3, Java (J Hogg). Northants Grand Prix1, Cobretti (L van Heyningen); 2, La Clochette (L Abraham); 3, Panama Avoca (G Werth). accumulator with joker1 & 2, It’s Mine & Paladin (D Morton); 3, Cody (N Channing-Williams). sml open1, Etienne Du Chene (L Barton); 2, Just Reward (J Ward); 3, She’s Magic (J Jarvis). 1.20m members cup1, Quasimodo (D Mattock); 2, McCoist (G Barton); 3, Tender Emotion (T Fletcher). open/ladies’1, Prince Termine (A Pacheco); 2, Barrister QC (C Webley); 3, Chain Reaction (D Morton). B&C1, Luciano (M Edgar); 2, Knightsford Diamond (RTillson); 3, Rabbs (A Hardie).

WINDSOR PARK EC Smiths Lawn, Windsor, Berks 6 July

1.15 Metre Open(Incorporating the Stable Express 1.15M Open Qalifier 1, Positively Cavalier (N Charles); 2, Wilster 23 (J Larocca); 3, Prince Henry II (T Arnold). The Horse & Hound Foxhunter – First Round 1, Archers Johnimo (E Edwards); 2, Pauldary’s Magenta (J Kenny); 3, Princely (L Millard). Scope B & C Championship Qualifier 1, Genette Kervec (J Crippen); 2, Clockwork III (N Boulter); 3, Kuraeso de L’Heribus (N Collins). National 1.30 Metre Open 1, Kuraeso de L’Heribus (N Collins); 2, Market Mover (S Ricketts); 3, R H Imagine (L Fogarty). Charles Owen British Novice – First Round 1, Isadora Gold (J Crippen); 2, King of Thieves (C Flemming); 3, Joli Madame Pompadour (R Bennett). Equimax Discovery – First Round 1, Fleetwater Xclusive (J Crippen); 2, High Point Maverick (J Crippen); 3, Granogauant (J Crippen). Great Leighs Senior Newcomers – First Round 1, Snowdonia (K Evans); 2, Market Moment (S Hordern); 3, Two D Frost (P Adams). BEIB Junior British Novice – First Round 1, Drews Comanache Girl (D Govus); 2, On Falcons Wings (C Burleson); 3, Dunleweys Jake (A Haynes). Blue Chip Feed Balancer Junior Newcomers – First Round 1, Northern Lightening Phantom (X Somerville); 2, Liam of Glenbuckle (D Wighton); 3, Trepartridge Goa Supreme (G Wheeler). Squibb & Davies Junior Foxhunter / 1.10 Metre Open 1, Ballyhampton (A Measor); 2, Wayside it’s a Buzz (A Measor); 3, Lilly Linska (A Woodham). Junior 1.15 Metre Open 1, Wayside it’s a Buzz (A Measor).

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