NORTON HEATH EC Blackmore, Essex, 3 June

Charles Owen British Novice 1, Qluedo (T Davies); 2, Meina Of Bellhouse (S Allen); 3, Lydia III (M Phelps). Equimax Discovery 1, Verdi (L Renwick); 2, Naughty But Nice II (S Burton); 3, Hello Popsie (L Renwick). 1.05m 1, Applepip Jack (M Russell); 2 & 3, Lavender & Claydons Ice (K McVean). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Let’s Dance Nureyev (N Tinworth); 2, Mountain Maid (L Edwards); 3, Verdi. A4 1, Ridgewood Four Square (N Tinworth); 2, Wright Or Wrong (R Hines).Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Noir-Et-Blanc (R Buck); 2, Llertta’s Cher Delight (J Attrell); 3, Carnaval Dance (L Renwick). 1.25m 1, Millbrook (J Renwick); 2, La Borboletta (L Abraham); 3, Diamond Dennis (L Renwick). 10 Jun: Charles Owen British Novice 1, Sincere (D Wise); 2, Instyle (T Wright); 3, Rastello M (J Mincher). Equimax Discovery 1, Hello Popsie; 2, Reflex Diamond Clover (T Englefield); 3, Verdi. 1.05m 1, Temple What A Flash (L Renwick); 2, Duel (J Freeman); 3, Salmon Pink (K McGladdery). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Duel; 2, Super Touch (P Sadler). A4 1, Temple What A Flash; 2, Watussi (J Biddle). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Robin Hood W (L Abraham). 1.25m 1, Zerro II (M Russell).

GADLAS FARM Ellesmere, Shropshire 4 June

Equimax Discovery1, Candross (T Fowles); 2, Treasures Madam Josephine (I Wynne); 3, Smoky (D Quigley). Great Leighs Newcomers1, Surprise Surprise (LBrown); 2, Furrows in Clover (H Price); 3, Vasco (D Quigley). Horse & Hound Foxhunter1, Candys Man (C Edwards); 2, Chatain (L Williams); 3, Fenemere Joshua (S Stokes).1.20 Open1, Corringa Bay (M Marsh); 2, Dun Surprise (T Maguire). B&C/Open1, Ashdale Spirit (D Quigley); 2, Westbrook Diamond (D Quigley); 3, Reesh (C Membury).

SYKEHOUSE ARENA Sykehouse, S Yorks, 4 June

Charles Owen British Novice 1, Mine’s A Murphys (S Buck); 2, Irish Dancer (C Dodson); 3, A Bit Of Focus (A James). Equimax Discovery 1, Tilly Trotter (J Fuller); 2, Hawthorn Zorro (M Gray); 3, Stormy Affair (P Mellor). 1m 1, Cleary’s Town Boy (T Meager); 2, Piccolo (H Bennett); 3, Princeswood Maestro (C Curtis). Great Leighs Newcomers/NDS Members Cup 1, Thornbank Hannah (T Newman); 2, Conrad V (H Bennett); 3, Jezu (T Newman). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1 & 2, Blofeld & Milton Paladin (A Bell); 3, Archers Leigh Queen (L Redfearn).

POPLAR PARK Woodbridge, Suffolk, 5-7 June

British novice 1st round1, Tallulah (S Bell); 2, Miss Gucci (R Hanby); 3, Monfera (A Brannon). discovery 1, Churchside Midnight (D Edmundson); 2, Said Alice (JCarroll); 3, King Of The Road (S Huunable). 1.05m sml open1, Crystal Breeze (J Allinson); 2, Ferndale Cockahoop (J List); 3, True Saying (S Cooper). newcomers1, My Masquerade (C Vale); 2, Lars Coco (J Carroll); 3, Tangible Asset (S Wilson). 1.10m members cup1, Cousin Hendrick (B Skeet); 2, Thomas Curtis (M Milner Moore); 3, Astral Dancer (S Hunnable). Foxhunter 1, Sharp Opinion (D Edmundson); 2, Golden Girl (S Shimmons); 3, Abbey Oaks Otto (S Cooper).

ROYAL CORNWALL Wadebridge, 5-7 June

Baileys Horse Feeds Grade C1, Hastings II (A Austin); 2, Leonardo III (S Hedges); 3, Broadstone Dorcas (P Crago). IT 1, Coeur (J Renwick); 2, Mid Time (R Bevis); 3, Cushty (J Renwick). 1.35m 1, Brookend Fuehrer (J Renwick); 2, It’s Mine (D Morton); 3, Colorado (J Renwick). South West Porta Loos Cornish Open 1, Hosire Des Chaines I (R Bevis); 2, Mid Time; 3, Animation II (J Rosewell). accumulator 1, Brookend Fuehrer; 2, Riviera Reg (C Rushworth); 3, Retreats Oakie Doakie (R Maguire). Peter Roberts Memorial West of England Junior Open 1, Vikings Irish Taggy (J Dunn); 2, Glentimon (L Corney); 3, Master Wilf (M Michaelides). Grace Margaret Henwood Grand Prix 1, Hosire Des Chaines; 2, Libra K (M McCourt); 3, Cushty. 1.30m 1, Lara II (P Crago); 2, Morning Coud II (S Williams); 3, Boadicea’s Revenge (A Ellery).

WALES AND THE WEST Crick, Gwent, 6-8 June

Dodson & Horrell 1m Amateur 1, Rodeo Star (J Peake); 2, Aylwin (R Pearson); 3, Jasmine Society Girl (C Millard). NAF 1.05m Amateur 1, Hometime (R Pearson): 2, Quiz’s Son (J Peake); 3, Porthos (G Heritage). Jump For Joy 1.15m Amateur 1, Galan De Rhetorie (J Rothstein); 2, Delta (K Butchart); 3, Red Firethorn (J Francis). Champion Riding Hats 1.20m Amateur 1, Delta; 2, Convello (J Rothstein); 3, Jimbo Van Het Provahof (J Francis). Equimax Discovery 1, Clantern Clover (M Calder-Matthews); 2, Tiverah (C Metcalfe); 3, Flying Kite (M Edwards). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Xantara (S Bowen); 2, Santana II (L Glendinning); 3, Tudor Romance (V Tuffs). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Mulloughdrin Diamond (S Lane); 2, Canimo D (H Rees); 3, Chakotay (E Eynon). Scope B&C 1, Hello Tosh (J Cassan); 2, Jordy West (A Thomas); 3, Convello. Sportsman 1.25m 1, Who’s Dilemma (M Broome); 2, Rockburren (A Thomas); 3, Sir Graditz (L Glendinning). Dengie 4-y-o Style & Performance 1, Landora (C White); 2, Cour Cheval (B Willmer); 3, Pauldarys Flick Flack (P Filer). Fordyce Curry 5-y-o Style & Performance 1, Ramzes (D Johnson); 2, Master Cruise (R Tillson); 3, Let’sDance (S Lane). 7 Jun: Dodson & Horrell 1m Amateur 1, Hometime; 2, Jasmine Society Girl; 3, Aylwin. NAF 1.05m Amateur 1, Dutch Magic (L Daniels); 2, Spring Showers (J Price); 3, Temple Springer (K Watts). Jump For Joy 1.15m Amateur 1, Royal Elegance (H Rees); 2, O’Belle (C Neath); 3, Downtown James (K Grimster). Champion Hats 1.20m Amateur 1, Cherry Imp (L Daniels); 2, Celtic Joker (A McDonnell); 3, Delta. Equimax Discovery 1, Westminster Keiko (P Scandrett); 2, Sandpiper (A Edwards); 3, Loch Hoy (C White). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Santana II; 2, Sandy Lane (D Skelton); 3, Riley (S Lane). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Canimo D; 2, Dream On (L Edgar); 3, Clyde Cruiser (J Maslin). Scope B&C 1, Myrddin (M Edwards); 2, Keltons Dolly (C Metcalfe); 3, Delta. Sportsman 1.25m 1, Debutante (L Edgar); 2, Rambo III (S Price); 3, Makita II (M Lilley). jnr amateur 75cm 1, Forget Me Not (A Cole); 2 & 3, Penmorfa Farm Lara & 3, Just Chester (L Bettinson). jnr amateur 85cm 1, Button Up (L Dale); 2, Tullibards Bomber (J Emblem); 3, Just Chester. jnr amateur 1m 1 & 2, Campus & Dawn Flame (Z Adams); 3, High Spec (E Akers). jnr amateur 1.10m 1, Zero To Hero (P-A Blosse); 2, LJ’s Virtual Reality (L Dale); 3, Dawn Flame. Cushionbed Jnr 1.05m 1, Cottage Celeste (A Cole); 2, Coconut Creek (J Swambo); 3, Wyrehill Brandy Snap (S Oliver). Jump 4 Joy 90cm Jnr Training 1, Playmate Dancer (J Swambo). Ballan Lad 1.10m Jnr 1, Foxlynch Nice N Easy (S Butchart); 2, MVF Surprise (C Bailey): 3, Maple Syrup (H Wells). 8 Jun: Dodson & Horrell 1m Amateur 1, Rodeo Star; 2, Brookhouse Othello (K Mullins); 3, Pantani (D Wanstall). NAF1.05m Amateur 1, Royal Elegance; 2, No Fear (C Gibbs); 3, Wayside Tiger Lily (K Grimster). Jump 4 Joy 1.15m Amateur 1, Kushty (L Hyett); 2, Delta; 3, Clyde Cruiser. Champion Hats 1.20m Amateur 1, Amoray (B Ford); 2, Kouros Du Pachis (J Rothstein); 3, Cherry Imp. Equimax Discovery 1, Sandpiper II; 2, Vivaldi (S Aston); 3, Knightsford Jester (B Moore). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Steinberg (M Broome); 2, Tudor Romance; 3, Brimleys Night Owl (J Maslin). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Canimo D; 2, Ireland’s Hope (C Metcalfe); 3, Clyde Cruiser. Scope B&C 1, Knightsford Diamond (R Tillson); 2, Keltons Dolly; 3, Celtic Joker. Sportsman 1.25m 1, Debutante; 2, Hello Tosh; 3, KE One More Time (K Bevan). jnr amateur 75cm 1, Penmorfa Farm Lara; 2, Button Up; 3, Tullibards Magic Trick (N Pinchen). jnr amateur 85cm 1, Essay (A Cole); 2, Ballyclough Tess (H Thomas); 3, Jungle Jim (M Edwards). jnr amateur 1m 1, My Little Munchkin (P-A Blosse); 2, Finnegans Fancy Fred (T Page); 3, Dawn Flame. jnr amateur 1.10m 1, Sorcerer’s Apprentice (S Oliver); 2, My Little Munchkin; 3, Dawn Flame. Jump4Joy 90cm Jnr Training 1, Moon Jumper (K Ford) & LJ’s Virtual Reality (L Dale). Ballan Lad 1.10m Jnr 1, Sorcerer’s Apprentice; 2, Finnegans Fancy Fred; 3, Mavericks Chance (H Thomas). Cushionbed Jnr 1.05m 1, Frankie’s Ace & Cottage Celeste (A Cole); 3, Finnegans Fancy Fred.