BSJA results 3 September ’03


    12 Years & Under =1, Kelcot Blue Ginger (S Harper); =1, Gunwrap Tom Boy (L Evans). 128/138 Handicap 1, Carrbrook Special Edition (K Evans); 2, Pitlands Woodside Velvet (K Evans). 85cms Open 1, Oakhurst Shooting Star (E Davies); 2, Pitlands Woodside Velvet. British Novice 1, Red Lightning (A O’neil-China); 2, Ravens Quest (K Evans). 95cms Open 1, Carrbrook Special Edition; 2, My Destinee (C Ann Chapman). Newcomers 1, Caramel Twist (C Ransby); 2, Irish Pistol Man (C Ann Chapman). Foxhunter 1, Irish Hot Shot (E Windsor-Luck); 2, Snowstorm (T Gosling).

    GOLDEN CROSS EC Golden Cross, E Sx, 3 September

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Vital Oak (B Cogley); 2, Vanilla Sky (G Tattersall); 3, Storm Proof (C Budgen). 1m Open 1, Oriental II (M Gibbs); 2, Just a Rose (C Riley); 3, The Model (M Corner). 1.05m Open 1, Nabucco (E Harrison); 2, Another Quizz (K Steele); 3, Robert H (T Priest). Newcomers/1.10m Open 1, Royal Recruit (G Talbot); 2, Jaap (T Priest); 3, Bouran (S Champney-Warrener). Horse and hound Foxhunter 1, Jeraboam (G Tattersall); 2, Ukinda (J Burgess); 3, Willie Goslar (J Piper).

    PATCHETTS EC Herts, 3 September

    Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Robin VII (J Neal); 2, Landwind (A Bravington); 3, Grand Centaur (P Cornish). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Bandoleon (B Menzies); 2, Udo Van De Rinkerakker (P Miller); 3, Galant (C Hopper). 1.25m 1, Madneretto (R Hill); 2, Corodino K (S Reeve-Young); 3, Oakhill Supreme (P Cornish). 1.35m 1, Hi Society Party (L Fitch); 2, Corodino K; 3, Eliska De River (R Hill). Charles Owen British Novice 1, Ballyell Jo Jo (B Comb); 2, Peter IV (D Wisher); 3, Tullibards Finnegan (G Sayers). Equimax Discovery 1, Mill River (G Sayers); 2, Whisker (P Miller); 3, Vapital (J Davy). 1m 1, Lemar (S Reeve-Young); 2 & 3, Lonora & One Lady R (J Whinnett.

    SPRUCE MEADOWS MASTERS CSIO Calgary, Canada, 3-7 September

    speed, sec 11, Allegiance (L Kraut), US; 2, Tamgo (C Kappler), US; 3, Conquest II (B Madden), US; 7, Limbo V (A Davies), GB. sec 21, Lutopia (M Ashe), US; 2, Parco (L Philippaerts), BEL; 3, Glasgow (N dello Joio), US. jump-off, sec 11, Conquest II; 2, Goldika (M Ward), US; 3, Gandini Bianca D’Amaury (R Pessoa), BRA; 6, Russel (N Skelton), GB; 8, Jerry Maguire (R Smith), GB. sec 21, First De Launay (F Angot), FRA; 2, Quilano De Kalvarie (M Hecart), FRA; 3, Anthem (L Kraut); 6, Laguna (R Davenport), GB; 7, Abrisca (M Whitaker), GB. six-bar1, Superman (J Anderson), CAN; 2, Captain Wellington (A Davis); 3, Carling King (K Babington), IRE. jump-off1, Baloubet Du Rouet (R Pessoa); 2, Goldfever (L Beerbaum), GER; 3, Allegiance; 5, Fleur (M Whitaker); 8, Russel. speed1, Hilton Flight (R Spooner), US; 2, Conoa (L Hough), US; 3, McGuinness (R Fellers), US. Nations Cup1, GER (Diablo Du Parc II/L Beerbaum: 8+12; Lando/O Becker: 0+0; Anka/M Ehning: 4+0; Charlottenhof’s Chandra/S von Ronne: 12+4) team total 16; 2, GB (Abrisca: 4+9; Arko/N Skelton: 4+0; Luc/R Davenport: 4+0; Marius Claudius/R Smith: 9+12) = 21; 3, US (Judgement/B Madden: 8+0; Anthem: 8+8; Hidden Creek’s Perin/M Goldstein-Engle: 0+8; Royal Kaliber/C Kappler: 0+8) = 24; 4, BEL; 5, FRA; 6, CAN; 7, SUI. CN International Masters1, Dobel’s Cento (O Becker); 2, Lutopia; 3, Limbo V; 6, Fleur; 7, Arko; 21, Luc; 31, Marius Claudius.

    SYKEHOUSE ARENA Doncaster, South Yorks, 3 September

    Charles Owen British Novice1, Guthlac Mist (L Halder); 2, Ixopo (S McNaughton); 3, On The Spot (A James). Equimax Discovery1, Stieval Knievel (A Garner); 2, The Statesman (Z Carver); 3, Barnaby Bear (A Brabbs). 1m1, Reconee (P Lawn); 2, Ballyferris Diamond (R Bennion); 3, Port Dazzler (K Lodge). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m1, Oriental Roulette (G Elliott); 2, Cavallo Z (A Bedford); 3, Waltons Sure Thing (S Taylor). 10 Sep: pair relay1, Dovecote Delight (S Gunn) & Mosstown Teddy (A Valks); 2, West Flight (H McCaie) & Mighty Flyer (A Valks). 128/138cm1, Mighty Flyer; 2, Dreamtime Outlaw (Z Wilson); 3, Mosstown Teddy. sml pony1, Mighty Flyer; 2, Midnight Man (O Hilliard); 3, HR Owen (J Sizer). BEIB Jnr British Novice1, Back Before Dark (L Gee); 2, Dovecote Delight; 3, Ashwood Mizz Dynamite (J Meakin). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers1, Chocolate Supreme (R Hughes-French); 2, Midnight Madam (J Thompson); 3, Dunswell Dynamite (L Hutchinson). 1m jnr1, Loobeen Lady (H Webb); 2, Irish Builder (J Elliott); 3, Diana’s Memory (H Webb).

    DORSET SHOWGROUND West Stour, Dorset 5-7 September

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Millenium Madness (R Nuttall); 2, Carnival Panach (J Rosewell); 3, Dibberford Reggie (J Mannin) 1.051, Carnivals Atlanta (J Rosewell); 2, Manetoba (R Sporne); 3, Unforgettable (J Rosewell). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Brimleys Night Owl (J Maslin); 3, Touchstone Pacific (S Coombs); 3, Millenium Madness. Members Cup1, Bentley Rhythm Ace (M Hoskins); 2, Rouget De Lisle (R Moss); 3, Rapps Fair Deal (A Brake). 1.15m 1, Killarney Loch (A Brake); 2, Kickstart II (M Wilkinson); 3, Flash Captain (R Moss). Horse&Hound Foxhunter/Open1, Clyde Cruiser (J Maslin); 2, Bravo Two Zero (L Langlands); 3, Panella (Z Trim). Grade B&C 1, For Fun II (G Urch); 2, Bravo Two Zero; 3, Who’s Dilemma (M Ozazeska). 1.15m 1, Lady Sapphire (A Edwards); 2, Rolled Gold II (L Down); 3, Rosebud (G Wannacott). Horse&Hound Foxhunter/Open 1, Rolled Gold II; 2, Mergatroid (J Webb); 3, Pasja (T Dunn). 1.25m 1, Elleva (J Maslin); 2, Who’s Dilemma; 3, Pasja. 1.30m 1, Animation II (J Rosewell). Jnr BEIB British Novice 1, Ruckham Megan (H Webb); 2, Smalldown Daylight Robber (R Fry); 3, Rissy (E Akers). Jnr Newcomers/open Little Yo Yo (E Akers); 2, Acute Angle (J Chamberlain); 3, Bracon Country Boy (G James). 0.95cm open 1, Parkview Autumn Breeze (G Knee); 2, Acute Angle; 3, Dimond Pint (N Baker). Jnr Open 1, Tomadachi II (H Wells); 2, Kerryon (H Nuttall); 3, Little Yo Yo. Charles Owen British Novice 1, Gaspard Nocturne (H Casey); 2, Ricochet (J Mannon); 3, Castle Tallagh Royale (G Wannacott). Equimax Discovery 1, No Big Deal (J Rimmer); 2, PK (A Barfoot); 3, Romein (C Presley). 1.05m 1, Muserfa (M Marino); 2, Unforgettable; 3, Bare Necess! ity (J R osewell). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Dee Dee (N Merrit); 2, Caravic (G Sporne); 3, Carnaval De Holley (L Faletto). Members Cup 1, Red Fire Thorn (J Francis); 2, Killarney Loch; 3, Just Tommy (S Norman). 1.10 Derby Trial 1, L’Amor (Z Trim); Just Tommy; 3, Cooking With Floyd (C Watts). Horse&Hound Foxhunter/Open 1, Mergatroid; 2, Panella; 3, The Grey Horse (P Baber). 1.30m 1, Pippadora (M Orzazewska; 2, Fabrice (L Oxland).

    KA AREA SHOW Fenwick, Ayrshire, 5-7 September

    KA Area Masters 1, Ludwig H (A Hamilton). 6 Sep: Charles Owen British Novice 1, Lickittysplit (A Lovegreen); 2, Wing Commander (S Walker); 3, Burn Queso (K Holt). Equimax Discovery 1, Cruisings Mickey Finn (H Aird); 2, Colin Flight (C Pearson); 3, Roxie Dancer (R Duffus). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Just Jenny (E galbraith); 2, Colin Flight; 3, Stella (M Larsson). 1,20m 1, Hi Regard (G Hutton); 2, Middlebanks Inquisitive Rose (C Pearson); 3, Jack the Lad X (A White). 1,30m 1, Roscoes Skip On (L Babes); 2, Marco III (G Hutton); 3, Aventurine (S Babes). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Landioso (S Neads); 2, Igor Z (S Babes); 3, Statesman (L Swain). B&C 1 & 2, CB Rapide & Cavalier Angel (S Hutt); 3, Riverstown Queen (M Casey). 7 Sep: 85cm jnr 1, Sobranie Cocktail (R Imrie); 2, Jazy Lady (R Haynes); 3, Cheeky Chester (J Smith). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Hillcrest Nightingale (L Cormack); 2, Silver Thunder (J McCallum); 3, Daydream Believer (E McFarlane). jnr 1m 1, Jazzy Lady; 2, Brackmont Billy (J Spence); 3, Sharp Idea (E Proudfoot). Parklands Country Club Restricted Sml Pony 1, Village Earl (M Stonehouse); 2, Tullavilla Lad (R Stonehouse); 3, Little Logic (S Babes). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter/1,10m jnr 1, Sparkling Special Edition (L Hutt); 2, Beechway Delight (A Johnstone); 3, Irish Freestyler (J Bell). KA Area 128cm ch 1, 2 & 3, Willow the Wisp II, Sligo Lucky & Cheeky Chester (J Smith). KA Area 138cm ch 1, Help Ma Bob (E Proudfoot); 2, Captain Flipper (A Cormack); 3, Beechway Delight. JC/JA 1, Sparkling Special Edition; 2, Stainsby Top That (L Hutt); 3, Honey Honey (S Babes). KA Area Jnr Open 1, Myrah Kilgobben Rebel (J Bell); 2, Stainsby Top That; 3, Wickenstones Classic Touch (H Haig).

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