BSJA Results 28 April-4 May ’03

  • NORTON HEATH EC Blackmore,Essex, 29 April

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Lucky Lady Van’t Steinershof (C Moyce); 2, Darwin II (S Hunt); 3, Pennyhill Park (C White). Equimax Discovery 1, Lady Graffe (C Moyce); 2, Joy De Gamet (Z Warren); 3, The Boss (C Purves). 1.05m 1, Lennox Ranger (S Atkins); 2, Anidora (J Slade); 3, Vivaldi Van De Roshoeve (M Gilmour). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Ferndale Chatterbox (D Thompson); 2, Mollee (B Martin); 3, Foxhill Banjo (R Lacey). 1.15m A4 1, Lord Pachat (J Renwick); 2 & 3, Miss Saffy & Lord Artisan (C Moyce). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Carnaval Dance (L Renwick); 2, Born To Boogie (M Gilmour); 3, Mulloughdrin Diamond (S Lane). 1.25m 1, Colorado VI (J Renwick); 2, Noble House III (H Bohringer); 3, Halifax (J Renwick).


    Maiden Stakes 1, Hooch (D Walker); 2, Milldeans Motif (J Ferguson); 3, Nelson (J Reid). British Novice 1, She’s an Uptown Girl (L Huntley); 2, Rockello (R Brady); 3, Milldeans Motif (J Ferguson). Discovery 1, She’s an Uptown Girl (L Huntley); 2, J P Montana (C Fox); 3, I Scream (A Bisset). Newcomer/1.10m Open 1, Porscha (L Bothwell); 2, Midnight Dancer (S Stewart).

    PATCHETTS EC Aldenham, Herts, 30 April

    Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1 & 2, Lanique & Primeur (S Davies); 3, Pele IV (N Fiddes). 1.25m 1, Millbrook (J Renwick); 2, Nouska (S Davies); 3, Ema (NBoulter). 1.35m 1, Colorado (J Renwick); 2, Sky Fly (R Hill); 3, Coeur (J Renwick). Charles Owen British Novice 1, King Of Iran (S Lundh); 2, Rausoa (J Mincher); 3, Pene’s Pride (P Adams). Equimax Discovery 1, Calypso Inspiration (S Lundh); 2, Don’t Be Shy (J Cockerham); 3, Jvins Mars H (E Slater). 1m 1, Little Miss Carnival (J Whinnett); 2 & 3, Lemar & Gaugin De Tarsy (S Reeve-Young). Great Leigh Newcomers 1, Two D Frost (P Adams); 2, First Noel (T Owers);3, Knocknacarry (J Clark).

    WALES & THE WEST Crick, Monmouthshire, 2-5 May

    2 May: jnr warm-up 1, Walmore Diamond Quest; 2, PJ St Tropez (E-J Moore); 3, Gold Harvest (L Whitehouse). 1m warm-up 1, JR Black Magic (C Morris); 2, Ow Be Doin (E Winter); 3, Downtown James (K Grimster). 1.20m warm-up 1, Ballinteskin Timahoe (E Eynon); 2, Luciano (M Edgar); 3, Huckleberry Diamond (B Talbot). 148cm 1.20m/1.25m 1, Okehurst Showman (E-J Moore); 2, Belfly (G Plumley); 3, Applejax Red Stripe (D Smith). jnr 1.10/1.15m 1, Ocean Colour Scene (D Smith); 2, New York Spritzer (L Sims); 3, Garlands Cashman (L Whitehouse). Charles Owen British Novice 1, Breinton Bezique (M Edwards); 2, Bubble Up (H Howse); 3, Anstral Invader (C Grossmith). Equimax Discovery 1, Megan V (H Rees); 2, Adare Gamble (J Whinnett); 3, Olympic (A Davies). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Uber de Carmel (D Quigley); 2, Camio D (H Rees); 3, CB Rhapsody (D Quigley). Dodson & Horrell 1m 1, Lonora (J Whinnett); 2, Downtown James; 3, Rodeo Star. NAF 1.05m 1, Downtown James; 2, Little Miss Carnival (J Whinnett); 3, Spring Showers (J Price). Jump for Joy 1.15m 1, Myrddin (M Edwards); 2, Kantara VH (H Tredwell); 3, Hawthorn Breeze (N Sheard). under-16 1.20m 1, Vetiver De Gamet (M Beaumont); 2, Call My Bluff; 3, Sensation (M Beaumont). under-18 1, My Lego Man; 2, Galan de Rhetorie; 3, Clare Morris (A Turner). Sportsman 1.25m 1, Laughton James; 2, Xplode; 3, Celine (A Davies). 1.30m ch.-1, Britney; 2, Chain Reaction; 3, Gamble (A Davies). 12 & under 1, 12 tied. Cushionbed Jnr 1.05m 1, Cottage Celeste (A Cole); 2, Got To Be Cash (LWingrove); 3, Knockmurry Cloud (E Nuttall). 128/138cm 1, Grey Palace (J Whittaker); 2, My Little Tinker (D Plumley); 3, Mr Blue. 128cm 1 & 2, Proud Flyer & Tom The Bomb (J Whittaker); 3, Just Talk Atlanta (D Whitaker). 138cm 1, Grey Palace; 2, Fortridge Napoleon; 3, Dawn Flame. Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Cottage Celeste (A Cole); 2, Drumkilly Sparrow (M Goddard); 3, Irish Squibbs Dream (C Graham). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter 1, Cottage Celeste; 2, Triple Echo (J Wingrove). 4 May: Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Camio D (H Rees); 2, Olympic; 3, CB Rhapsody. Dodson & Horrell 1m 1, Lonora; 2, Dibberford Cognac (J Gregory); 3, The Faer Deal (R White). NAF 1.05m 1, Spirit Of Tralee (J Greally); 2, Downtown James; 3, Little Miss Carnival. Jump for Joy 1.15m 1, Myrddin; 2, Kantara VH (H Tredwell); 3, Cherry Imp (L Daniels). under-18 1, Vetivet De Gamet; 2, Mr Go (T Yate); 3, Gift Wrapped (S Bowen). 12 & under 1, CB Sam (S Gunn); 2, Roseview Little Love (C Golledge); 3, Tremenyn Tommy Red (H Thomas). Jump for Joy Training 1, 13 tied. Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Cottage Celeste; 2, Irish Squibb’s Dream; 3, Ruckham Megan (H Webb). 128/138cm 1, Tremenyn Flyaway (H Thomas); 2, Grey Palace; 3, Dawn Flame. 128cm 1, Just Talk Atlanta; 2, Proud Flyer; 3, My Little Pumpkin (E Scholes). 138cm 1, Grey Palace; 2, Mr Blue; 3, Ashbrook Lad (Z Adams). pony grand prix 1, New York Skyline (L Pavitt); 2, Garlands Cashman; 3, Kerrymount (S Broome). 1.30m ch 1, Cashback; 2, Laughton James; 3, Hopes Are High (M Broome). Charles Owen British Novice 1, Astral Invader; 2, Westminster Keiko (P Scandrett); 3, Steinberg (M Broome). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter 1, The Triple Echo; 2, Bulcann Eddie (E Davies); 3, Snatch (A Mizon). Cushionbed Jnr 1.05m 1, Riverside Dream; 2, Miss China Black (K James); 3, Bombay Mix (M Grose). Equimax Discovery 1, Lost Oak Fairytale (J Gregory); 2, Xantara (S Bowen); 3, Vasco (D Quigley). under-16 1.20m 1, Clare Morris; 2, Call My Bluff. 5 May: pony classic 1, New York Spritzer; 2, Derwen Red Lion (S Frost); 3, PJ St Tropez (E-J Moore). Jump 4 Joy 1.15m 1, Scarlet O’Hara (N Sheard); 2, Downtown James; 3, Kiss & Tell (H Tredwell). Dodson & Horrell 1m 1, Little Miss Carnival; 2, Hawthorn Sierra (N Sheard); 3, Lonora. Sportsman 1.25m 1, Skerne Skytality; 2, Orlando (M Edgar); 3, Cappagh Flight (J Bowman). jnr 1.25/1.20m 1, CJ’s Kemosabi (A Mizon); 2, Master Bill (L Hutt); 3, Indien De Here (N Sewell). Horseware 1.35m Grand Prix 1, Hopes Are High; 2, Continue B (G Plumley); 3, Candle Queen (S Quigley). under-16 1 & 2, Sanne van d’Helle & Call My Bluff; 3, Cappagh Flight. NAF 1.05m 1, Spring Showers (J Price); 2, It’s Fred The Red (J Blackburn); 3, Bluebell Wood (E Giunnult). Equimax Discovery 1, Xantara (S Bowen); 2 & 3,Westminster Keiko & Roman VDL (P Scandrett). 12 & under 1, 15 tied. Jump4Joy Training 1, 9 tied. Charles Owen British Novice 1, Westminster Keiko; 2, Eastwood (E Eynon); 3, Bubble Up (H Howse). 128/138cm 1, Forever Penny (R Gunn); 2, Ashbrook Lad; 3, Grey Palace. under-18 1, O’Belle (C Neath); 2, Galan De Rhetorie; 3, Ballinteskin Hello (J Bailey). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Chakotay (E Eynon); 2, Camio D (H Rees); 3, Uber De Carmel. Cushionbed 1.05m 1, Cottage Celeste; 2, Got To Be Cash; 3, Riverside Dream. Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers 1, Old Mill Star (H Nuttall); 2, Cosmic Cusstown (C Dell’Overs); 3, Shelby (K Haines). 128cm 1, Proud Flyer; 2, My Little Tinker; 3, Micklow Rapidash (M Brierley-Barton). 138cm 1, Dawn Flame; 2, Tremenyn Flyaway; 3, Mini Madam (H Windsor). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter 1, The Triple Echo; 2, Irish Squibb’s Dream; 3, Fortridge Napoleon.

    GOLDEN CROSS EC Golden Cross, E.Sx, 3 – 4 May

    Immediate Care 1m Open1, Gemmaire (J Whibley); 2, Vinnie (N Millgrew); 3, Sandalls Mr Mac (E Hinkley). Immediate Care 1.05m Open1, Orka C (J Charlesworth); 2, Concordedor (K Willard); 3, N Fenomeen (P Nisbett). Immediate Care 1.10m Open1, Concordidor (K Willard); 2, Sevilla II (B Dalton); 3, Odessa M (B Penny). Stevensons Jewellers Grade C Q1, Ozatown (L Long); 2, Cavalo (B Lear); 3, Caparetto (S Gosling). EQuest Midway1, Renkum Valentino (H Minderman); 2, Just a Face (F Patty); 3, Braxton Bragg (B Lear). Foxhunter/ 1.20m Open1, Elmdale Extovert (L Fisher); 2, Southern Maestro (N Miller); 3, Summerfield Spritzer (B Dalton). Charles Owen British Novice1, Starbuck V (C Ripley); 2, Polymerick (V Lindfield); 3, Anderida Cosimo (R Keevil). Equimax Discovery1, Highfield Badger (A Porter); 2, Steffle (B Dalton); 3, Willie Goslar (J Piper). Great Leighs Newcomers/1.10m Open1, Oharmata(R Keevil); 2, Sadie Sparks (F Patty); 3, Prince Concorde (M Barratt). 1.10m Open1, Kelly De la Roche (J Whibley); 2, Jetaway (C Lewis); 3, No Problem (L Long). 1.15m Scope Qualifier1, No Problem; 2, Walton Bombodier (L Long); 3, KellyDe la Roche. Stevenson & Gatwick Group Qualifier1, Ozatown (L Long); 2, Star Blazer (C Ripley); 3, Battle Cruiser (F Patty). Horse and Hound Foxhunter / 1.20m Open 1, Just a Face (F Patty); 2, Battle Cruiser (F Patty); 3, Renkum Valentino (H Minderman). 1.25m Open1, Braxton Bragg (B Lear); 2, Frogs Hill (J Piper); 3, Renkum Latitude (J Annette). Novice Scope Qual1, The Tale of Mr Tod (M Smith); 2, On a Par (L Curran); 3, Jacko (A Jaques). Equimax Discovery1, Dancing Queen (F Patty); 2, Special Effects II (S Davidson); 3, Lillacs Classic (A Stevenson). DMS 1.05m Adventurer1, Seafin Rose (K Hughes); 2, Lady Las (S Harland); 3, Quidam Unique (M Barratt); Quidam Unique (M Barratt). Great Leighs Newcomers1, Quidam Unique; 2, Hello Clover (J Annett); 3, Sadie Sparks (F Patty). 1.10m Open1, European Echo (T Robus); 2, Colorado Countdown (J Annett); 3, Lucky Turbina (S Grigg).

    PATCHETTS EC Aldenham, Herts, 3-4 May

    90cm 1, Streetwise Sienna (A Clarkson); 2, Mrs Murphy’s Way (R Singleton); 3, Melrose (C Nash). 1m 1, The Director (S Lloyd); 2, Waleska (R Weinreich); 3, The Wrightfield Rambler (E Irving). 1.05m 1, Donna Bonita III (L Phillips); 2, Strawberry Fields Forever (J Davy); 3, Meadows Nelson (P Tozer). 1.10m 1, Lemar (S Reeve-Young); 2, Parola (L Phillips); 3, Miss Chievous (A de Bearn). 4 May: Charles Owen British Novice 1, Worthy Dive (J Buntin);2, Bacches (T Vance); 3, Mendeluc (C Simkins). Equimax Discovery 1, Bacches; 2, Moto C (K Howell); 3, Jvins Mars H (E-J Slater). 1.05m 1, Living Colour (B Dove); 2, Fallowfield Mr Plod (R Collings); 3, Kinvara Bay (S Butchart). 1.15m 1, Hi Society Party (L Fitch); 2, Corodino K (S Reeve-Young); 3, Roxsy (L Fitch). 1.25m 1, Hi Society Party; 2, Corodino K; 3, Delta (S Butchart).

    ROWALLAN AC Fenwick, Ayrshire, 3-4 May

    DMS Novice 1, Karaya (V Forrest); 2, Sawadee (I McGeoch); 3, Stella (M Larsson). Charles Owen British Novice 1, Phenomenon (J Lamont); 2, Saxton Touch (A Wilmer); 3, Bonanza (D Ochenden). Equimax Discovery 1, Raymond II (D Duffin); 2, Clyde Coaster (R Chassels); 3eq, Hollywoods Rhapsody (H McGowan) & Redrock Silver Touch (H Rodgers). 1.10m 1, Cavallus (R Fyfe); 2, Sea Lion (S Main); 3, Diamond Deal (S McKie). Scope Blue Riband/Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, 2 & 3, Arkansas II, Ara & Galantus (S Neads). Scope B&C/YR 1, Forest Hills (I Warnock); 2, Marco III (L Babes); 3, Light N Sassy (K Fitzgerald). URL/Stable Express 1.25m 1, Sanbucca Baby (A Craig); 2, Hi Regard (G Hutton); 3, Image Fair Deal (L Brash). 4 May: Equimax Discovery 1, Spring Equinox (E Wright); 2, Overgold (J Brogan); 3, Maghermore Gail Clover (A Craig). DMS Adventurer 1, Corndale Millenium (J Stirling); 2, Redrock Silver Touch (D Shaw); 3, Boxster (V Christie). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Jamaka Tip Top (H Bilsland); 2, Dolly Dee (A Black); 3, Cassabachus (L Babes). Stable Express 1.15m 1, Shelley Beach (M Young); 2, Light N Sassy; 3, Meadowhead Cavalier (J King). Gillespie RHS B&C 1, Roscoes Skip On (L Babes); 2, Burn Flight (N Warwick); 3, Marika II (A Barr). 1.20m members cup 1, Dun Olaff (M Young); 2, Miniature Free Flow (L Morton); 3, Valencia (S Babes). Stable Express 1.35m 1, Westbourne Everytime (R Shields); 2, RoscoesSkip On; 3, Silvano Van Texel Bos (A Hamilton).

    LOUGH FARM Carlisle, Cumbria, 4 May

    Double Seal Charles Owen British Novice 1, Athletic (R Ledford); 2, Plassy Cavalier (L Creighton); 3, Quayside Cobble Beach (A Cowan). Lloyd Motors Equimax Discovery 1, Ardganeen Lass (M Kendall); 2, Plassy Cavalier; 3, Milholme Diamond Boy (L Lewis). Penrith Body Repairs 1.30m 1, Priamos (T Newman); 2, Stainsby Sponek (J Tanfield); 3, Krekor (N Springer). Carlisle Brass Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Oldlands Calypso (L Creighton); 2, Quayside Castle Natique (J Dixon). Carlisle Brass 1.20m 1, Stainsby Don Eduardo (J Tanfield). Exelby Services/NDS Members Cup 1, Panama Franco (A O’Neill); 2, Diamond Candy (K Bowman); 3, Simply Murphy (L Creighton). Exelby Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Blackford Cavalier (L Creighton); 2, Jovantin (L Alston); 3, Ardganeen Lass. Cartmell Shepherd Shining Star 1, The Jungle Boy (G Smith); 2, Quayside Castle O’Granta (J Dixon); 3, Ramada Touch (M Wilson).

    SYKEHOUSE ARENA Sykehouse, S Yorks 4 May

    BEIB Junior British Novice1, Sandilands Milton Merlin (J Nason); 2, My Boy Rocky (A Monks); 3, Chocolate Supreme (R Hughes-French). Scope 2003 Junior Novice Championship1, 11 tied. Scope 2003 Junior Progressive Championship 1, Golden Bear (R Balyliss); 2, Sandbox Tap (E Dobbin); 3, Solo Artist (S Kemp). Blue Chip Junior Newcomers 1, Diamond Expression (S Jimmison); 2, Gallileo (L Hutchinson); 3, On Red Bull (N Bamford). 1.0M Junior Open 1, Ryans Way (S Jimmison); 2, Bowes Peter Pan (V Jones); 3, Copper Shell (C Alpin). Scope 2003 Junior Adventurer Championship 1, On Red Bull (N Bamford); 2, Gilberts Domain (H Patchett); 3, Little Darco (B Massarella). Squibb & Davies Junior Foxhunter/1.10m Junior Open 1, Bletchendon Fanfare (D Megson); 2, Blue Monday (J Newnam); 3, On Red Bull (N Bamford).

    LEICESTER COUNTY Loughborough, Leics, 4-5 May

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, Star Man Dan (E Burton); 2, Retreats Rekedal (R Chatfield); 3, Mondards Quest (E Spanner). Equimax Discovery 1, Holy Clover (D Fairclough); 2, Orlof Wisbecq (S Crespin); 3, Little Lefane (M Watson). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Finnegans Imp (Z Day); 2, Royalty K (F Turner); 3, Portland Kaprimond (D Hayes). 1.20m members cup 1, Castle Anna (A Thompson);2, Together Time (S Jack); 3, Hollywell Lodge William (G Turner). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, President Utopia (M Lanni); 2, Vinca (J Hogg); 3, Peppermill (S Harvey). 1.25m 1, Croft Little Doll (A Pacheco); 2, Russi Van De Zuuthoeve (T Davies); 3, Magic Darco (A Saywell). David Wilson Homes IT 1, Lucy May (A Saywell); 2, Abbervail Dream (D Lampard); 3, Coeur (J Renwick). power & speed 1, Millbrook (J Renwick); 2, Decoded (M Watson); 3, Baileys Laurens (E Whitaker). 1.25m 1, Abalone Cracker (M Kyle); 2, Elmside Orlando (M Whitaker); 3, Will E Squeak (K Bosworth). Young Show Jumper Award 1, Largus 2 (J Billington); 2, Pauldarys Tigers Flight (C Platt); 3, Casyopaya (J Billington). grand prix 1, Abrisca (M Whitaker); 2, Cushty (J Renwick); 3, Back In Business (M Watson). 1.40m 1, Red Hill Manta (A Pacheco); 2, Alcina (M Whitaker); 3, Carlsson (G Billington).

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