Top natives at Olympia

  • While last year’s winner, Anne Mitchell’s Dunedin Harris, rests on his laurels, four Highlands are representing the breed in the NPS/Baileys Horse Feeds M&M ridden championship.

    Connemaras and Welsh Cobs have the strongest representation in the 32-strong field, which will be judged by Michael Sharpley and Jackie Beatham.

    The two Dartmoors include Sam Darlington’s HOYS Mountain & Moorland ridden champion, Pantmanrs Jog-On.

    Other Wembley winners include Amanda McHale’s Connemara Bawdsey Blue Murder, Bill Ireland’s home-bred Dales Kilmannan Black Pearl and Jane Wyatt’s Welsh Cob Tybanadl Brenin Siarl.

    Gill Simpson bred two of the Section B finalists – Wortley Wizard and Wortley Wild Jasmin – with the smart stallion Longhalves Sword Of Gold, completing this section’s representation.

    The sole Section A is the Wembley Mountain & Moorland First Ridden victor, Whitsand Warrior.

    The home-bred New Forest ponies, Willoway Bright and Beautiful and Farriers Drummer Boy and the home-bred Welsh Section C, Coedeneirin Morning Flyer are expected to be present.

    The Shetland, Exmoor and Fell breeds all have a single representative in the field.

    For a full report see Horse & Hound issue dated 30 November.

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