Three Counties show 13-25 June ’03

THREE COUNTIES Malvern, Worcs, 13-15 June

y’lng Anglo, p/b1 & res, Miss Harvey’s Language Prime Time; 2, J Grace’s Marshbrook Spring Encounter; 3, H Hoy’s Universal Senator. 2/3-y-o 147.3cm1, C Sandison’s & A Eccles’s Bankswood Camellia. over 147.3cm1 & ch, Mrs Alexandroff’s Regardez Moi; 2, M Bedford & S Harding’s Stemar Imaginaire; 3, C Sandison & A Eccles’s Bankswood Scandal. appaloosa 4 & over1, Mrs Quick’s Cochice II; 2, Mrs Chard’s EBA Free Spirit; 3, Mrs Quick’s Sunny Boy. 3 & under1 & res, L Thomas’s Tresaison Sahiba; 2 & 3, H Gough-Stinton’s Bailey’s & Pirate. p/b Appaloosa1, Mrs Quick’s Rowberton Demelza; 2, Miss Heath’s Lets Dance On; 3, Mrs V Jones’ Dreamcatcher. ridden1 & ch, S Dix’s Rowberton Chrysos; 2, Mrs Chard’s EBA Free Spirit; 3, L Webster’s Chapalowe Bee A Star. RP b’mare, 128cm1 & res, Mr & Mrs Smith’s Fenwick Violetta; 2, C Constable’s Bracon Titania; 3, J Mckenzie-Tolhurst’s Deehaven Fairy Tale. foal1, J Mckenzie-Tolhurst; 2, Fenwick Violetta; 3, C Constable. 138cm b’mare1, Mr & Mrs Smith’s Fenwick Lucy Clitters; 2, J Buckley’s Shirina Bouquet. foal1, J Buckley’s Waltza Perfect Time; 2, Mr & Mrs Smith. 148cmb’mare1 & ch Mr & Mrs Rennocks & Ms Ferguson’s Kingvean Gypsy Star; 2, Mr & Mrs Moss’s Stychlands Sweet Charity. 121cm y’ling1, M Scott’s Fidra Double ‘O’ Seven; 2, Mrs Smith’s Rotherwood Pennyless; 3, Mrs C R Trodd’s Romany River Optomist. 131cm1, Mrs & Miss Newell’s Woodvean Wonderland; 2, Mr & Mrs Lewis’s Carreglas April Rose; 3, A Mahan’s Highbent Tamsin. 141cm1, A Mahan’s Rotherwood Rainbow; 2, Mr & Mrs T Gethin’s Grafton Honeymoon. 2/3-y-o1 & y’stock ch.P Byrd & Mrs Hobbs’ Comberton Charisma; 2 & res, Mrs Kennedy’s Spinningdale Tomasina; 3, M Robertson’s Rotherwood Precocious. British Morgan horse: 2 & under1, C Beddis’s Shermandel Bayard; 2, T Ewings’s Airbournes Aquillo. mare1, T Ewings’s Trebles Entitled; 2, A Scott’s OHM Tilly Trotter; 3, P Mackenzie’s Cariad Courageous Lady. geld1 & res, J Bulmer’s Cariad D‚j… vu; 2, Miss Critchlow’s Chestfield Caracara; 3, J Bulmer’s Monnington Vivaldi. stallion1 & ch, J Bulmer’s Charlestown Supersonic, 2, Miss Critchlow’s MM Unanimous. in-harness/pleasure division1, J Bulmer’s Monnington Regent. hunt seat1, OHM Tilly Trotter; 2, J Smart’s Monnington Tallis; 3, Chestfield Caracara. classic pleasure1, N Green’s Starwood Windsong. road hack1, Starwood Windsong; 2, OHM Tilly Trotter. pleasure division1, Monnington Regent; 2, P Mackenzie’s Cariad Benn Madam; 3, Cariad D‚j… vu. park division1, Charlestown Supersonic; 2, J Bulmer’s Monnington Overture; 3, Monnington Vivaldi. coloured yngstock1 & ch, D Wilkins’s Pintofields Lancaster Maine; 2, C Morrall’s The Magic Minstrel; 3, C Winter’s Ardenwood Hopi Princess. 4 & over1 & res, J Thompson’s Sub Zero Thyme; 2,Ms Bartlett’s Milies Midsummer Magic; 3, N Davies’s Aiming To Please. ridden1, Mrs Charnock’s Setters Hill; 2, D Fews’ Direct Contrast; 3, S Warner’s Wallace. SP: 128cm1, Mrs Comerford’s Hamptonne Wild Orchid; 2, Team Jago’s Padrig Honeyman; 3, K Carter’s Sycamore Master Romeo. 138cm1 & res, K Marriott’s Warleigh Wildest Dreams; 2, D Thomas’s Highmead Set Free; 3, J Price’s Eskdale Cherry Sunburst. 148cm1 & ch, G Thompson’s Comberton Lord Of The Dance; 2, Mr & Mrs M Coates’s Whalton High Jinks; 3, C Bond’s Holtness Little Sweet Melody. int SRT1, Mr Harris’ Foxholm Moondance; 2, A Smith’s Wentward Gift Of Fidelity; 3, C Welby & The Gilbert Scotts’ Aston Double Classic Bennochy. FR1 & res, J Harvey’s Barkway Tommy Girl; 2, J Masarella & D Brown’s Rillation Right Royal; 3, Mrs Lovell’s Audene Amariage. LR1 & ch, E Stanleick’s Trevaylor Tiger Lily; 2, R Templeton’s Lilac Park Saskia; 3, J Harvey’s Barkway Tapdance. Connemara in-hand y’stock1 & res & 2, K & J Wainwright’s Kieta & Skellorn Harrison. 4 & over1 & ch, V Compton’s Castle Comet; 2, K & J Wainwright’s Tyan Takara; 3, J Mackay’s Atlantic Bud. Dartmoor b’mare1 & ch, J Jordan’s Moortown Bay Wind; 2, E Newbolt-Young & daughters’ Shilstone Rocks Another Star; 3, Mr & Mrs A Brewington’s Dural Aphrodite. foal1, Mr & Mrs A Brewington’s; 2, Mrs E Newbolt-Young & daughters. 2/3-y-o1, J Jordan’s Moortown Sweetheart; 2, J Green’s DunmereChiff Chaff; 3, E Newbolt-Young & daughters’ Shilstone Rocks Bitter Sweet. y’lng1, Messrs Reid & Parkinson’s Moortown Commander; 2, Mrs Morris’s Moortown Solo; 3, E Newbolt-Young & daughters’ Shilstone Rocks Snowberry. stallion/ colt1 & res, Jordan’s Hisley Craftsman; 2, K Arnold’s Blacknest Prince Hal; 3, Mr & Mrs A Brewington’s Whinberry Black Jack. Exmoor1 & ch, Mr & Mrs D Thomas’s Wotan Borage; 2 & res, Mrs Poulter’s Flying Buttress; 3, Misses Williams & Nash’s Knightoncombe Goldfinch. hack b’mare 1, Miss Morris’s Take A Gamble; 2, D Burgess’ Coogee Bay foal1, D Burgess’s Wallaroo Bay; 2, Miss Morris. y’lng1, Mr & Mrs J Payne’s Whinchat’s Rodney Bay; 2, Miss Morris’ Master Gamble; 3, J Grace’s Marshbrook Spring Encounter. lge1, H Hoy’s Universal Senator; 2, Messrs A Pilgrim’s Devil At Daybreak . 2/3-y-o sml1 & ch, N & J Enterprises’ Coppelia; 2, M Jansons’ Catwalk Little Star; 3, A Macey’s Scandalous Affair. lge1 &res, D Clarke’s Derwent Shadow Play; 2, Regardez Moi. 3, A Gibbons’s Over The Wonder. Haflinger ridden1, Mrs Davies’ Bernhard; 2, R Bailey’s Oxnead Act One; 3, A Mogridge’s Glyn Eryr Katarina. in-hand1, J Critchlow’s Oxnead Anthem; 2, Oxnead Act One; 3, J & J Critchlow’s Oxnead Waterlord. female1, Glyn Eryr Katarina; 2, Mr Walters’ Earendil Elentari. M&M lge in-hand snr1 & ch T Capstick’s Murthwaite Mulan; 2, Sallfield Farms’ Lord Raymond Of Warren; 3, Mr & Mrs Ward’s Nashend Sea Coral. y’stock1 & 2, D Cunningham-Reid’s Balleroy Inca & Balleroy Yoyo; 3, Mr & Mrs Good’s Linnel Songbird. 2/3-y-o1, T Capstick’s Murthwaite Meadowsweet; 2, D Cunningham-Reid’s Balleroy Monarch; 3, H Macdonald’s Islay O’ The Glens. hunter y’lng1, G Webb’s Proton; 2, M Skinner’s Mine’s A Double II; 3, C Newton’s Classic Diplomat. filly 2-y-o1, K Jeffery’s Estralita; 2, K Newton’s Chianti Classico; 3, Messrs Pilgrim’s Devil Gone Walkabout. do, colt/geld1, Mr McGirr’s Tyrone Ballyglen; 2, Hon B Campbell’s Pembridge Musician; 3, B Marsland’s Giorgio II. filly 3-y-o1, F Wigley’s Tinahely; 2, Ms Knight’s Dalcotes Perrazzi; 3, W Lewis’s May Time II. do, colt/geld1, A Wolley Dod’s Don Douglas; 2, Mrs Southern’s Enduring Freedom, 3, Mrs Shervington’s Fred Willey. sml b’mare1, ch & sup ch, A Vos’s Mountain Firefly; 2, C Wood & M Boyles’ Agincourt; 3, A Taylor’s Broadstone Dunedin. foal1, A Vos; 2, N Elston; 3,A Nation. l’wt b’mare 1 & res, Messrs Upham & Davey’s Irish Breeze; 2, G List’s Goldmine. foal1, Messrs Upham & Davey; 2, G List. h’wt b’mare1, C Wood & M Boyles’ Amazing Grace V; 2, W Lewis’s Mrs Murphy. foal1, W Lewis; 2, C Wood & M Boyles. y’lng filly1, A Brew’s Glad All Over; 2, D Williams’s Warmington Breeze; 3, Mr Phillips’s Show Me Heaven. ID/ID sport horse b’mare1, R Jennings’ Avanti Racey Gracie; 2, Miss Mathews’ Wickhams Alice. foal1, R Jennings’ Avanti Flirty Gerty. 2/3-y-o1, C Grant-Thomas’s Rambling Rose. do, colt/geld1, Mr Phillips’s Stradbally Ginger; 2, Miss Marshall’s Toux Maybe; 3, L Willmington’s Lawdale Alice. 2/3-y-o1, Mr Phillips’ Randals Town; 2,Ms Knight’s Dalcotes Perrazzi; 3, B Cole’s Prionsa Padraic. ridden1, J Sarafield’s True Blue; 2, F Keeling’s Kelston Madam Butterfly; 3, Mrs Burrows-Wood’s Sky. do, ridden1, S Tutcher’s Skip Over; 2, Miss Hooper’s Classic Gold; 3, S Tutcher’s Skip And Dance. side-saddle WH1, B Cole’s Prince Buster; 2, C Elliott’s Starlight Papillon. M&M LR1, T Whittle & D Hinde’s Denholme Star Attraction; 2, H Turner’s Vean Hobajon; 3, Mr & Mrs Jones’s Menai Silver Sian. sec 21, Mrs Atkinson’s Treowen Rhiannon; 2, M Haddon’s Escley Top Flight; 3, Mrs Bevis’s Colne Tarn. FR1 & ch Vean Hobajon; 2, Mr & Mrs P Rushton’s Pinina Sandpiper; 3, J Mansfield’s Ringcourt Sinatra. sec 21 & res, V Hesford’s Priestwood Mirth; 2, A Dark’s Erwfair Milwr Bach; 3, C Royce’s Hunters Royal Orchid. M&M WHP: 122 cm1 & res, Ms Gould’s Kirred Matinee. 138cm1 & 2, Mrs S Skier’s Ernford Bittersweet & Davdor Alyn; 3, A Staniland’s Pasadena Sovereign. over 138cm1 & ch I Scourfield’s Lliedi Nigel; 2, S Smith’s Countryside Rambling Boy; 3, A Dearden’s Gerrig Usher. in-hand New Forest stallion1 & ch, Messrs Reid & Parkinson’s Furzley Magician. 2/3-y-o1 & res, R Day’s Spratisdown Saylum; 2, Mrs Key’s Kauri Enterprise; 3, S Skier’s Burley Touch Of Frost. side-saddle equitation1, Miss Dawson’s Shadow Of Doubt; 2, Miss Curtis’s Talland April Joker; 3, Mrs Clarke’s Great Expectations III. palomino 3 & under1, Mr & Mrs Lowth’s Pippins Golden Pride; 2, Mr & Mrs P Gribben’s Shulay Gold Fever; 3, P Thornhill’s Zyda Dancing Chardonay. 3 & over1 & ch, Mrs Cousins’ Krysto Easter Surprise; 2, Ms Pritchard’s Solitaria; 3, D Webb’s Colebridge Miracle Gold. stallion1 & res, Mrs Cousins’ Shepley Golden Monarch; 2, C Robins’ Sundancers Legacy Of Asil. ridden1, Solitaria; 2, C Hassall’s Asil’s Satisfaction; 3, K Griffiths’ Baliverne. Arab: b’mare1 & ch, Mr Davies’ Amento Tamara; 2 & res, A Dixon’s Malyssah; 3, J Booton’s Shah Flame. 2/3-y-o filly1, J Scudamore’s Seahara Gem. y’lng colt1, K Whittard’s Mahaala. geld, 4 & over1, S Cook’s AH Azah; 2, A Shaw’s DAS Restless; 3, Z Rowlands’ Faweish. stallion1, Miss Parsons’ Prince Santros. ridden1 & res, Mr & Mrs Stone’s Storm Seeker; 2, King Family’s Crystal Sahara; 3, Dr D Fisher’s Silver Solitude. pb1 & ch, S Lindsey’s Prince Oberow; 2, Mr & Mrs J Payne’s Soroya’s Touch Of Fidelity; 3, Mrs Webb’s Rotherwood Tomcat. cob: l’wt1 & ch, P Cooper’s Tellytubbs; 2 & res, Mrs Bardo’s Sonny Jim II; 3, G List’s Ragtime II. h’wt1, S Norris’ Waterford; 2, Lady Kirkham’s Maximus; 3, L Davey’s No Joke. amateur1, No Joke; 2, Mr Phillips’ Goldburg; 3, M Hitchen’s Henry VIII. sml hack1 & ch, R Walker’s Derwent Mr Wordly Wise; 2, Mr & Mrs J Keen’s Absolutely; 3, Mr & Mrs Spargo’s Whalton Appassionata. lge1 & res, Mrs Bardo’s Catherston Squaredancer; 2, Mr & Mrs J Keen’s Marquis Of Queensbury; 3, A Seely’s Rosedale Distinction. sml1, H Laity’s Forrest Gump; 2, Mrs Andrew’s Don Corleone; 3, Mrs Southern’s Rural Dean. ladies’1, R Walker’s Bournebrook Golden Law; 2, E Jenkin’s Sportsnight II; 3, S Norris’ Snap Judgement. amateur1, Forrest Gump; 2, N Moon’s Sam Brown V; 3, R Dudley’s Moses II. l’wt1&ch, S Chapman’s Take Note; 2, Sportsnight II; 3, Miss J Smith’s Beach Baby. m’wt1, Jethro Enterprises’ Never Will; 2, N Moon’s Otterbourne; 3, P Duncan’s Fred. h’wt1& res, Jethro Enterprises’ The Fieldmaster II; 2, Mrs Day’s Dannys Boy. open1, Jethro Enterprises’ Columbus; 2, Mr & Mrs T Fitchett’s Lawretto; 3, Mrs Day’s Shamrock VIII. nov1, Mrs Day’s Ernie; 2, Mrs Sweet’s King’s Composition; 3, C Wofford’s Atlantic Traveller. M&M sml ridden1 & 2, Misses Williams & Nash’s Blackthorn Sea Pink & Knightoncombe Goldfinch; 3, E Spragg & D Harper Adams’ Shelly Melody. Welsh B &C1, Mr & Mrs Jones’ Menai Lord Charles; 2, N Watton’s Estoro Mandate; 3, Mr Brown’s Wyken Limelight. RH: sml1 & ch, T Smith’s First Class; 2, Mr Harris’ Maid To Measure; 3, S Payne’s Bright Bertie. lge1 & res, Miss Edwards’ Coppelia, 2, K Klucznik’s Calth Wait Dark Secret; 3, M Cadman’s Hawtins Santina. Shetland in-hand: mare1 & ch, Mr & Mrs R Turvill’s Highwood Fidelity; 2, Mr & Mrs P Tindale’s Abbeyfield Catrina; 3, F & J Woods’ Lathom Josie. foal1, Mr & Mrs P Tindale’s Abbeyfield Foal. stallion1 & res, C Bennett’s Seva Captain Marvel; 2, B Gammond’s Gamon Amadeus; 3, Mr & Mrs S Cozens’ Stepley Troy. 3 & under1, Mrs Wheeler’s Gamon Choisty; 2, Mr & Mrs P Tindale’s Abbeyfield Bowes-Lyon; 3, Mr & Mrs RTurvill’s Highwood Veracity. SHP: 122cm1, Messrs Evans’ Bronmeulog Charmer; 2, Messrs L Dickinson’s Parkbourne Sweet William; 3, D Coles’ Millay Senoreta. 133cm1 & res, Mrs Manning’s Fair Julian; 2, B Barr’s Finkley Gladiator; 3, Messrs Evans’ Stambrook Pivotol. 143cm1 & ch, D Thomas’ Chiddock Over The Limit; 2, Messrs Dickinson’s Yealand Presberthy; 3, J Hellwell’s Fancy Lady. 153cm1, T Allison’s Cherrington Spotlight; 2, D Thomas’ Chiddock Valentine; 3, Ms Schwarz’s Golden Wonder II. side-saddle concours d’elegance1, Miss Rosser’s Lad Of Oracle; 2, Mrs Clarke’s Great Expectations III; 3, J Thompstone’s Landmark II. spotted ponies: y’stock 147.3 cm1 & 2, A Ward’s Weatheroak Georgina & WeatheroakManor-Rex; 3, Mrs Coleyshaw’s Wetheroak Dezert King. stallion/mare/geld1 & ch & 2 & res, B Taylor’s Broomells Midwinter & Broomells Desert Mirage; 3, J Cullingford’s Halstock Corn. Welsh sec D: mare/geld1, Messrs Peaty & Deabill’s Trefaes Golden Pearl; 2, R Hunt’s Penn Beauty; 3, D Buckley’s Thorneyside Flyers Charm. b’mare1, Nebo & Tyngwndwn Studs’ Nebo Rosemary; 2, K Thompson’s Tardebigge Emrallt. foal1, Nebo & Tyngwndwn Stud; 2, K Thompson. y’lng1, Mr & Mrs J Batt & family’s Abergavenny Sally; 2, Gregory family’s Bookham Lodge Joseph; 3, S Watkins’s Felinmor Custom Maid. 2/3-y-o1, Mr & Mrs B Abrey’s Tardebigge Ebrill Ladi; 2, K Panayiotou’s Fronarth Falmai; 3, Gregory family’s Bookham Lodge Madonna. colt1, Mr Merrick’s Bryn Ithon the Gigalo; 2, K Obrey’s Glantraeth Maximus; 3, L Davis’s Llanarth Masterpiece. stallion1, J Penfold’s Gristhills General Jack; 2, C Willis-Burton’s Pentrefelin Jake; 3, D Buckley’s Thorneyside Predator. ridden Welsh C/D1, Mr & Mrs L Bigley’s Llanarth British Lion; 2, Mesdames Wheatcroft & Holmes’s Sydenham Forget-Me-Not; 3, R Buckman’s Crugmelyn Madam. sec A: nov b’mare1, K & J Sheil’s Dukeshill Passadina; 2, Mr & Mrs Harries’ Castlemead Phoenix; 3, S Greenwood’s Pentyrch Charm. b’mare1, C, J & V Costello’s Blue Haven Dinah; 2, J Higgins’ Tiffwyl Tresawr; 3, Dr Wynne Davies’ Ceulan Mariah. foal1, Dr Wynne Davies’ Ceuln Mena; 2, J Higgins’s Churchwood Foal; 3, Mr & Mrs Harries’ Castlemead Foal. y’lng colt1, Mrs Crump’s Wernderri’s Ronaldo; 2, Ms Fell’s Brynseion Caderyn; 3, J Higgins’s Corson Welsh Magic. filly1, T Prichard’s Castellau Tiptoes; 2, C Bigley’s Llanarth Anastacia; 3, H Hopkinson’s Tollgate Willows-Wish. 2/3-y-o1, Mr & Mrs F Goggin’s Penboeth Dilys; 2, J Osborne & T Wall’s Baledon Hosanna; 3, K Panayiotou’s Tiffwyl Tia. colt1 & ch Mr & Mrs A Tilley’s Tiffwyl Midas; 2, J Osborne & T Wall’s Castellau Crusader; 3, V Pearce’s Windmill Harry. stallion1 & res, C Fell’s Llwynan Llewellyn; 2, I Ball’s Vimpenny Lance; 3, S Greenwood’s Brierdene Ben Hur. sec C: barren mare/geld1, K Curtis’ Windmill Tesog. b’mare1 & res, Mr, Mrs & MissHeppingstall’s Glynwyn Gabriella. foal1, Parvadean; 2, Mr, Mrs & Miss Heppingstall’s Glynwyn For Your Eyes Only. y’lng filly1, Mr & Mrs D Morris’ Neuadd Parc, Lady In Love; 2, K Panayiotou’s Synod Ruby Gem; 3, A Abrahall’s Wyken Ladybird. colt1, Messrs Keet & Shenton’s Keeshen Lightning; 2, Nebo & Tyngwndwn Studs’ Nebo Taran; 3, R Jordan’s Tyreos Kristian. 2/3-y-o1, Mr Merrick’s Bryn Ithon-Destiny; 2, Mr & Mrs J Wilkinson’s Blaencila Actress. stallion1 & ch, Messrs Jones Bros & Gwyn Jones’ Fronwarth Showman; 2, J Giles’ Leyeswick The Poacher; 3, K Panayiotou’s Thorneyside Bay Prince. sec B: barren mare/geld1, Mr & Mrs Cheetham’s Cennen Seraphine; 2, G Repton’s Meadowlands Sundrop; 3, Messrs Holland & James’s Laithehill Garland. b’mare1, F Leadbitter’s Thornberry Love Song; 2, E Prosser’s Mintfield Surprise; 3, S Pollett’s Douthwaite Prarie Dancer. foal1, F Leadbitter; 2, Wotfield Stud’s Wotfield Foal; 3, S Pollett. y’ling colt/geld1, J Sleeman & S Gay’s Lemonshill Top Note; 2, E Prosser’s Mintfield Sandpiper; 3, E Charlton’s Kiltinane Sunrise. filly1, C Jones’ Bunbury Cotonester; 2, J Carter’s Millcroft Dahlia; 3, N Reed’s Llanarth Filigree.2/3-y-o1 & ch, C Jones’ Bunbury Charlotte; 2 & res, G Simpson’s Wortley Lily Of The Valley; 3, J Johnson’s Stoak Tabitha. stallion1, Mr & Mrs Lake’s Paddock Golden Dancer; 2, L Holland & A James’ Laithehill Orsino. ridden Welsh A &B1, A Dark’s Erwfair Milwr Bach; 2, C Corbett’s Tithecroft Toadstool; 3, C Thrower’s Hilin Extravaganza. WHP: nursery1, P Ryder & Mr Phillips’ Harwel Wizard; 2, G Morgan’s Turton Kitty Fisher; 3, Ms Gould’s Millay May Fly. 133cm1, P Nordell’s Whitemere Christopher Robin; 2, Millay May Fly. 143cm1, J Stanley’s Bellevue Inspiration; 2, N Peake’s Let’s Go Mathilda; 3, C Davies’ Ruby Reflection. 153cm1, J Tudor’s Riversdale Chinpin, 2, Mrs Darwent’s Woodland Fella; 3, F Clague’s Irish Mist. nov WH1, Miss Hooper’s Kozee; 2, J Blakeway’s Harry’s Bar, 3, Miss Hooper’s Kinglift. l’wt1 & ch, Classic Gold; 2, Miss Johnson’s Fools Gold II; 3, N Court’s The Hobbitt II. h’wt1 & res, E Ryan’s I’m Thomas Town; 2, N Musthill’s Diamond White.

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