Stithians Show 12 July ’04

  • STITHIANS Cornwall, 12 July

    ridden horses (Mrs A Hooley, Mrs H Hillard) local ridden hunter 1 & res, A Benney’s Woodstock II; 2, Mrs N Allen’s Mister Blue; 3, Miss C A Edwards’ Blue Alvin. HOYS sml 1 & ch, Mesdames Harwich & Newbery’s Banjo II; 2, G Warren’s Bonfire; 3, Mrs A Southern’s Rural Dean. open cob 1, Mrs M Laity’s Huntsman III; 2, A Reynolds’ Ballyheigue; 3, G Warren’s Charlie Hummingtop. open riding horse 1, Mrs B Sweet’s Tregew Lace; 2, G Young’s Upton Classic; 3, Miss S Hayward’s Casino Royale. in-hand hunters (Mrs H Hillard) y’ling 1 & res, Dalcotes Stud’s Zinfadel II; 2, A Clemens’ Trevarren Bay; 3, Mrs K Downie’s Moonlight Jazz. 2-y-o 1, Mrs L Whitworth’s Dalcotes Cashmore; 2, Mrs M Stead’s Stella Artois II; 3, D & Mrs Wilson’s Esme Sun. 3-y-o 1 & sup, R Oliver’s Chantry River Dance; 2, F Keast’s Master Lucky; 3, Miss E J Edwards’ Gosford Park. b’mare 1, Dalcotes Stud’s May Moss; 2, P Jones’ Sable Supreme; 3, Mrs A Brewer’s Kiwi IV. foal 1, C Pascoe’s Huston’s Challenger; 2, Mrs E D Thomas; 3, P Jones’ Shalimarne Mistress Simnal. mini SP (Mrs R K P Rees) HOYS BSPS LR 1 & ch, Mrs A Fowler’s Chaseford Charisma; 2 & res, Ms B Moore-Williams’ Lilac Park Saskie; 3, S Davis’ Chinook Critrine. FR 1, Mrs S Goodman’s Audene Amariage; 2, Mrs C Evans’ Caridines Raindew; 3, K Brar’s Linksbury Silver Princess. Mrs A Cole) HOYS BSPS SP 128cm 1, Julie Templeton Show Team Ltd’s Guywood Fanfare; 2, Mrs C Williams’ Romany River Charisma; 3, Mrs D A Brown’s Stainswick First & Foremost. 138cm 1 & res sup, Mrs A Fowler’s Broadgrove Chatterbox; 2 & res, Mrs J E Brookshaw’s Rosemore Supreme Touch; 3, A & Mrs Georgakis’ Haighend Prince Charming. 148cm 1, Mrs A D Jarrom’s Stambrook Courageous; 2, Miss E J Edwards’ Vagabond II; 3, Mrs C Smith’s Westhill Vanity Fair. HOYS BSPS int sml SRT (Mrs A Cole) 1, Mrs L Robertson’s Groveside Bell Boy; 2, Mrs A Fowler’s Crafton King Of Swing; 3, Mrs A L Sanders’ Top Of The Bill. lge 1 & res, L Miller’s Amaretto; 2, Mesdames Nicholls & Andrew’s Lucky Strike; 3, Mrs Twitchett’s Comberton Cavendish. SHP (Mrs R K P Rees) HOYS BSPS open 122cm 1, Mrs C Thackray’s Pumphill Victor; 2, K Brar’s D’Firecracker; 3, D Ward’s Twylnds Paean. 133cm 1, Mrs R Platts’ Cardells Maximillian; 2, Mrs L A David’s Moortown Harvest Moon; 3, Mrs C A Masters’ Bluegate Punchline. 143cm 1 & ch, Mesdames Thomas & Newbery’s Chiddock Over The Limit; 2, Mrs J L Cook’s Tyrdulais Mashal Monty; 3, Mrs R Bosworth’s Jarik Prince Charming. 153cm 1 & res, Mrs K Bott’s Cool Justice. HOYS BSPS open int SHT 1 & ch, C Yates’ Classified; 2, S Peck’s Just Miller; 3, L Miller’s Monet. WHP (Miss A Sheppard) HOYS BSPS 133cm 1 & ch, Miss A Frazier’s Harry Potter; 2, Mrs C Rowcliffe’s Wilmor Mr Bizzie; 3, Messrs Chamberlain & Matravers’ Bradmore Tomkin. 143cm 1 & res, Mrs S A Brook Shanahan’s Murphy Dunnit; 2, Miss B Evans’ Eudene Limbara; 3, Mrs R E Gratton’s Lakeland Quest. 153cm 1, Mrs B Yate’s Sannan Valley Hero; 2, Mrs I D Saunders’ Vickies Business; 3, Mrs H Matthews’ St Patrick III. HOYS BSPS int WH 1, Miss B Evans’ Lady’s Iced Ginger; 2, Miss K Marks’ The Navigator II; 3, H Childs’ Carnsdale Quiz Master. HOYS open WH (Mrs A Hooley, Mrs H Hillard) 1, Mrs S Hookham’s Reverie; 2, L Ball’s Mousey Brown; 3, Miss M Hennah’s Le Pointe D’Or. in-hand pony breeding (Miss J Newbery) b’mare 1 & ch, Miss K Saggers’ Pendley Operetta; 2 & res, A Lee’s Bejowans Magical Charisma; 3, Mrs K Berwick’s Meneth Lady Annabella. foal 1, A Lee’s Bochym Royal Cameila; 2, Mrs A S Hill’s Spirit Of Nutmeg; 3, Mrs K Berwick’s Talklands Queen Katalina. open y’ling 1, F C & Mrs Kellow’s Chywoon Shiraz. 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs C Fox’s Fairground Attraction Of Coswarth; 2, Mrs F M Vincent’s Menedh Brigadoon; 3, F C & Mrs Kellow’s Chywoon Scrumpy Jack. M&M in-hand (Mrs A McHale) b’mare 1 & ch, Miss S Rowe’s Trewithian Andante; 2, A Lee’s Sunbridge Karis; 3, C M & K M Allen’s Kalevan Haley. foal 1 & res, A Lee’s Bochym Royal Karrasel; 2, S R & Mrs Bowman’s Park Farm Caramel; 3, Miss S Rowe’s Trewithian Timmy Tiptoes. y’ling 1, Mrs B Jasper’s Gew Soty Falcon; 2, A Lee’s Bochym Royal Romeo; 3, Miss E Turner’s Piran Rosella. 2/3-y-o 1, A Lee’s Bochym Royal Camilla; 2, Chywoon Scrumpy Jack; 3, A Devonshire’s Chyvounder Waterlily. M&M ridden: LR 1 & res, Ms B Moore’s Rubilyn Rambo; 2, Mrs D A Brown’s Bracon Moonlight; 3, A S Lovell’s Niwed Fleur. FR 1, Mrs K Waters’ Bunbury Samuel; 2, M Barbery’s Waitwith Flash Harry; 3, Ms B Moore’s Vardra Sirius. sml breeds 1, Mesdames Frazier & Walter-Symons’ Shilstone Rocks Pinotage; 2, J Stokes’ Rhydspence Welsh Gem; 3, Mrs A M Douglas’ Markoak Taurus. lge breeds 1 & ch, Mrs S Andrew’s Burley Moonlight; 2, Mrs E Waters’ Wyedean Flaxley; 3, Messrs Devonshire & Hall’s Rosmarth Raindrop. open driving (Mr J Moon) 1, D & Mrs Selby’s Brookfield Dark Secret; 2, W J Tucker’s Pitch & Toss; 3, J T F Lemin’s Grant’s Tourchlight. heavy horse (Mr A D Tillier) 1-3-y-o 1 & res, Mrs D James’ Heathfield Harvester; 2, P Tonkin’s Bolenowe April Moonlight; 3, P Tonkin’s Lady J Of The North Country. open 1 & ch, Mrs D James’ Heathfield Redwing; 2, J C Eddy’s Trenuggo Gem. best working/show harness 1, D Udy’s Clyde; 2, W H Treloar’s Millhouse Sophie; 3, D Udy’s Ed. Cornish combinations (Miss J Newbery): LR 1, Mrs G Vincent’s Northbrook Gracious Gift; 2, Miss H L Cook’s Chywoon Star Reflection; 3, Ms S Butler’s Wyedean Aaron. FR 1, Mrs K Waters’ Bunbury Samuel; 2, M Barbery’s Waitwith Flash Harry; 3, Mesdames Simmonds & Wright’s Rhydspence Renown. young rider 12-16-y-o 1 & ch, G & Mrs Semmens’ Lowland Tradeprint; 2, Mrs A Andrew’s Burley Moonlight; 3, J Stokes’ Overdale Vanity Fair. best rider ch M Semmens; res, H Searle. open combination 1 & res, G & Mrs Semmens’ Hope; 2, Miss E Pill’s Treffulock Celtic Quicksilver; 3, Miss S Hayward’s Kevin’s Big Adventure.

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