Sport Horse boost for coloured mares

  • Owners of coloured mares graded by the BSPA are now eligible to undergo SHB (GB) grading

    The British Skewbald and Piebald Association (BSPA) is celebrating the fact that its mare gradings have been recognised by Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain (SHB (GB)).

    This means that any mares graded by the BSPA which meet SHB (GB) requirements will be eligible for the SHB (GB) foundation stud book.

    “This is a real breakthrough,” said BSPA chairman Lynda Lodge. “It follows an inspection by Sue and John Rawding and proves that our mare gradings are of a high standard.

    “This enhances the profile of coloured horses and ponies and the more mares which are graded, the more classes there will be for them. There is no restriction on type – the champion mare at the grading the Rawdings attended was a traditional cob-type pony.”

    Owners of BSPA graded mares who would like to try to achieve SHB (GB) stud book status must present their mares at one of the latter’s gradings in the usual way.

    For more information on BSPA mare gradings, which are open to mares of unknown as well as verified breeding, contact the association (tel: 01354 638226).

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