Shropshire and West Midland County Show 26-27 June ’04

  • SHROPSHIRE & WEST MIDLAND COUNTY Shrewsbury, 26-27 June

    HOYS ridden hunters (L Cory, M Gibson) l’wt 1, R Simmonite’s Tout Terrain; 2, JK Smith’s Beach Baby; 3, SJ Branch’s Bally Brennan. m’wt 1 & ch, Lord & Lady Dulverton’s Spirited Saint; 2, D Heath’s Lowry; 3, J Day’s Rhyan. h’wt 1 & res, A Newell’s Otter Point; 2, W Gibson’s Diamond White; 3, JK Smith’s B Tough. sml 1, R Walker’s Blue Chip Kinkade; 2, E Humpston’s Seamus IV; 3, D Heath’s Michelangelo. 4-y-o 1, Messrs A & A & N Lywood, Mear & Swallow’s Grasslands Harry; 2, D Harries’s Millennium Lad. local 1, W Adam’s Arkan Brook; 2, J Cross’s Moreton Wood Sernando; 3, M Bostock’s That’s So Just William. HOYS WH exc 148cm 1 & ch, K Lyons’s Barry Bug; 2 & res S Hooper’s Classic Gold II; 3, D Williams’s The Gamekeeper II. nov WH 1, JK Smith’s Beach Baby; 2, F Stubbs’s Two Swallows; 3, C Thornton’s Irish Ivor. ladies (J Cooper) 1, Lord & Lady Dulverton’s Spirited Saint; 2, E Humpston’s Seamus IV; 3, W Gibson’s Diamond White. hunter breeding (J Cooper) mare 1, J Vardon’s Crown Florentine; 2, R Haggerty’s Pencarder Pearl; 3, G Webb’s Clarissa. foal 1, R Haggerty’s Pencarder Ronald; 2, G Webb’s Foal of Clarissa; 3, JE Vardon’s Foal of Crown Florentine. y’ling 1, I Shervington’s Sweet Chariot; 2, JE Vardon’s Crown Extravaganza; 3, N Bull’s Play the Piccolo. 2-y-o 1, D Dagge’s Iris’s Legacy; 2, G Sandford’s Minswood; 3, G Webb’s Calico. 3-y-o 1, G Buckingham-Bawden’s Clinton; 2, A Merrill’s Agdene Lucky Gem. HOYS ridden cobs (F Atkinson) l’wt 1 & ch, C Lauren’s Crown Court; 2, J Wormall’s Heathercombe Kangaroo Court; 3, L Pitt’s Dapper Dan. h’wt 1 & res, Y Knight’s Wash ‘N’ Go; 2, A Leaver’s Jeremy Fisher; 3, L Davey’s No Joke. open working cob 1, E Watson’s The Sportsman; 2, L Davey’s No Joke; 3, N Curbishley’s Double Take. Arab in-hand (C Randell) anglo & part-bred 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, G Neve’s Styalways’s Amadeus; 2 & res RG Davies’s Litton Twilight Rose. pure bred 4-y-o & over 1, L Breeze’s Zinjadi; 2, L McFayden’s Yehudi. stallion 1, L McFayden’s Madryn Tsuleem; 2, N Loveridge’s Golden Oberon. ridden pure-bred 1, L Breeze’s Zinjadi; 2, L Barrett’s African Emir. part bred/anglo 1, P Parmenter’s Court Wood Royal Preview; 2, J Ansell-Goddard’s Forest Lodge Spring Flight. in-hand potential sport horses (J Keen) y’ling 1 & ch, JE Vardon’s Crown Extravaganza; 2, N Bull’s Play the Piccolo; 3, M Blackham’s Foxbarn Composer. 2-y-o 1, G Webb’s Calico; 2, G Sandford’s Minswood; 3, C Price’s Delphys Skylark. 3-y-o 1 & res, G Buckingham-Bawden’s Clinton; 2, R Hamar’s Mossrose Triumphant; 3, A Merrill’s Agdene Lucky Gem. brood mare 1, M Blackham’s Foxbarn Drayton Lass; 2, H White’s Embla Yarrow; 3, H Pritchard-Jones’s Snowford Tara. ridden sport horse 4-y-o 1 & res, G Sandford’s Min’s Mayday; 2, JK Smith’s B Tough; 3, JK Smith’s Willie B. 5-y-o 1, JK Smith’s Nini B. 6-y-o 1, T Horrock’s White Mischief; 2, J N Hampton’s Rockport. 8-y-o 1 & ch, D Tatlow’s Classic Call. HOYS hack (C Le Moignan) sml 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs J Keen’s Absolutely; 2, S Bate’s Oskar Schindler; 3, A White’s Yealand Armani. do lge 1 & res, Mr & Mrs J Keen’s Marquis Of Queensbury; 2, C Preston’s Shirdington Spellbound. HOYS RH (L Szutowicz) sml 1, L Miller’s Amaretto; 2, R Walker’s Highgrove; 3, A Seely’s Olret. do lge 1 & ch, R Walker’s Broadstone Doulton; 2, T Carey’s Class Act; 3, S Noble’s Kesrah Royal Oliver. nov RH 1 & res, I Shirvington’s Aphrodite; 2, R Walker’s Impact; 3, J Ansell-Goddard’s Forest Tansy. Welsh (L Bigley) sec A y’ling colt 1, H Myer’s Rosmarche Holly-Sprig; 2, R Allen’s Dyfrdwy Seren-y-Dyffryn; 3, S Scott’s Tamevalley Sahara. do filly/geld 1 & res, Prater & Sons’s Synod Sugar Sugar Candy; 2, P Jones’s Frairly Siarudus; 3, R Owen’s Friars Cara Mai. 2/3-y-o filly/geld 1 & ch, L Abrahall’s Flydon Ariun Byw; 2, R Owen’s Friars Lady In Gold; 3, R Hunter’s Escley Tip Top. do colt 1, E Lewis’s Rhydyfelin; 2, E Heywood’s Dyfrdwy Superstar; 3, M Towell’s Harringworth Sodemall. mare 1, B Arcalis’s Aston Moonglow; 2, J Reed’s Haverford Child Of The Mist; 3, D Thomas’s Arad Miss Molley. barren mare 1, L Abrahall’s Flydon Seren Arian; 2, K Goodwin’s Bengad Rosita; 3, K Sheil’s Dukes Hill Passadina. foal 1, K & J Goodhead’s Foal of Friars Lah-di-dah; 2, K Brookes’s Foal of Caerfa Maya; 3, J Harriss’s Drumaddie Kevin. stallion 1, K Sheil’s Dukeshill Magnum; 2, H Zoet’s Vechtzichts Hywel; 3, C Evan’s Crumpwell Lewis. sec B (M Bigley) y’ling colt 1, E Hughes’s Treflan Ioan; 2, J Mitchell’s Wynswood Golden Guinea; 3, R Andrew’s Bronheulog Lord of the Rings. do filly/geld 1, A Lloyd’s Anri Catrin; 2, R Andrew’s Bronheulog Royal Secret; 3, G Sell’s Priestwood Corn Bunting. 2/3-y-o colt 1, D Williams’s Moelgarnedd Calypso; 2, A Butler’s Hanmere Showman; 3, I Lamb’s Boreton White Prince. do filly/geld 1, C Jones’s Bunbury Cotonester; 2, B Butterworth’s Eyarth Almira; 3, P Edwards’s Bronheulog Silver Rose. mare 1 & ch, B Butterworth’s Paddock Peioni; 2, J Mansfield’s Wran Oasis; 3, K Walker’s Merryment Maytime. foal 1, K Walker’s Foal of Merryment Maytime; 2, B Butterworth’s Foal of Paddock Peioni; 3, J Mansfield’s Foal of Wian Oasis. stallion 1 & res, E Duppa’s Birtley Mister Moon; 2, P Edwards’s Wian Mab Spruce. sec C (V Robinson) y’ling colt/filly/geld 1 & res, P Jones’s Menia Lady Cerys. 2-y-o colt/filly/geld 1, V Hamer’s Rhosymeirch Becky; 2, Messrs Nebo’s Nebo Taran; 3, L Palmer’s Blaidd Replay. 4-y-o 1, P Salter’s Merwydd Betsan. 3-y-o colt/stallion 1 & ch, S Langorgen’s Gweunydd Sionyn; 2, J M De Quincy’s Brieryhill Bossman. Welsh sec D y’ling colt/filly/geld 1, D Jones’s Min-y-Fford; 2, J Williams’s Brynfa Brenhines; 3, F Andrew’s Dyffryngwy Harri. 3-y-o filly/geld 1, M Lawrence’s Sweeney Sparkling Georgina; 2, P Hetherington’s Tireve Dream Lady; 3, P Salter’s Dwryddol Megan. 4-y-o 1 & res, Prater & Sons’s Menai Golden Star; 2, A Fawcett’s Pantanamlwg Free Gift; 3, J Evan’s Ebbw Victor Pride. foal 1, A Fawcett’s Foal of Pantanamlwg Free Gift. 3-y-o colt/stallion 1 & ch, F Andrew’s Cascob Braveheart. part bred Welsh (L Bigley) y’ling colt/filly/geld 1, Y Selby’s Crabfield Battler Hook; 2, PG Nott’s Chasecroft Troy Temest; 3, Falconhurst Sweet Sanata. 2-y-o colt/filly/geld 1 & res, PG Nott’s Chasecroft Double Delight. mare 4-y-o 1 & ch, K Walker’s Robenn Royal Honey; 2, Y Selby’s Archwood Creation; 3, SP Stanley’s Kalusta Tiffany. foal 1, SP Stanley’s Foal of Kalusta Tiffany; 2, K Robinson’s Oberland Piu Mosso; 3, C Scrimgeour’s Foal of Chasecroft Ladybird. Shetland ponies (D Tindale) y’ling colt/filly/geld 1, M Arden’s Claylands Princess Isla; 2, A Ryder’s Pollyanna’s Just Molly. 2/3-y-o colt/filly/geld 1, F Wood’s Lathom Jodie; 2, M Arden’s Claylands Emily; 3, L Gregory’s Brewards Penny. 4-y-o 1 & ch, P Sherratt’s Southley Cherry Blossom; 2 & res M Arden’s Claylands Crystal; 3, C Williams’salstock Fairy Curly Wurly. foal 1, P Sherratt’s Foal of Southley Cherry Blossom; 2, J Williams’s Foal of Riccalton Foxtrot. 3-y-o colt/stallion 1, B Joyner’s Birchmoor Mulberry; 2, L Gregory’s Brewards Paladin; 3, P Pearce’s Willonbry Easter Sunday. coloured stallion/mare/geld 1, P Sherratt’s Southley Cherry Blossom; 2, B Joyner’s Birchmoor Mulberry; 3, M Arden’s Claylands Princess Isla. Exmoor/Dartmoor (J Little) 4-y-o & over 1, J Holmes’s Blackthorn Phantom; 2, J McCormack’s Grenadier; 3, C Suthren’s Galaxy Hydra. do Fell/Dales/Highland/Conn/New Forest 1 & ch, J Crane’s Sleddale Jeffrey; 2 & res, J McLeod’s Wanstead Moonlight Serenade; 3, S Pinfield’s Faraday Barney. foal 1, J McLeod’s Wanstead Evening Song. in-hand (J Helme) sec C/D/Conn/New Forest/Highland/Dales 1, D Hughes’s Menlli Danielle; 2, J McLeod’s Wanstead Moonlight Serenade; 3, P Salter’s Merwydd Betstan. 2/3-y-o sec C/D/Conn/New Forest/Highlands/Dales 1, J M De Quincy’s Brieryhill Bossman. 4-y-o & over sec A/B/Dart/Ex/Shet 1, A Smith’s Croniarth Keltic Starlight; 2, A Smith’s Dyfrdwy Seren Danbaid; 3, A Wright’s Mulberry Jade’s Jem. 2/3-y-o sec A/B/Dart/Ex/Shet 1, Yardley & Rowbottom’s Bronycoed Hurricane. M&M ridden LR 1, P Moore’s Brierdene Benjamin; 2, P Jones’s Menai Silver Sian; 3, R De Quincey’s Brockhurst Lad. FR 1, H Turner’s Vean Hobajon; 2, Lady Shrewsbury’s Chetwynd Caspar; 3, J Massey’s Foxtrot Gemma. sml 1, C Williams’s Bannat Regal Light; 2, J Pipe’s Karsl Mohican; 3, J Fletcher’s Oakhouse Kittiwall. lge 1, C Williams’s Sydenham Gooseberry; 2, S Pinfield’s Hobcroft Isaac; 3, J Wolverson’s Caebryn Susanna. BSPS SP (K McTiffin) 128cm 1 & ch, D Thomas’s Wyndham Peek a Boo; 2, D O’Neill’s Beckside Touch of Gold; 3, A Parry’s Flinch of Sleap. do 138cm 1, G Morton’s Bexton Flirtation; 2, R Andrew’s Bankswood Call Me Madam; 3, K Carter’s Chasecroft Tiger Tot. do 148cm 1, J Thomas’s Sedgeland Riverdance; 2, L Minchin’s Fenwood Enchantment; 3, N Madeley’s Beechnut Mystique. nov SP 1, L Minchin’s Strinesdale Scenario; 2, A Mill’s Stanley Grange Storm Catcher; 3, C Ward’s Jackets Sing The Blues. BSPS FR 1, E Crew’s Courtway Autumn Belie; 2, L Denson’s Ravensroost Amazing Grace. do LR 1, L Curbishley’s Rhyddlad Princess of Hearts; 2, T Jones’s Mybella Street Cinnamon. HOYS WHP (J Griffin) 153cm 1, P Keepe’s Darton’s Red Robin; 2, J Green’s Highland Harry; 3, J Teare’s Hollies Emperor. do 143cm 1 & ch, E Edmondson’s Whineray Beach Boy; 2 & res, S Nicklin’s Glengoole Boy; 3, K Farrar-Fry’s Parkside Harper. do 133cm 1, A Scott’s Purple Ronnie; 2, T Browning’s Whitemere Christopher Robin; 3, J Teare’s Defaelog Rhiannon. do NS 1, S Nicklin’s Ponsbourne Pirate; 2, R Blount’s Treowen Foxglove; 3, E Barnes’s Lord of the Manor III. do CS 1, E Barnes’s Master Rascal; 2, E Painter’s Cottrell Kingfisher; 3, C Hollinshead’s Pebley Toy Soldier. M&M WHP (S Helps) 122cm 1 & res, Lady Shrewsbury’s Smoke Tree Caesar; 2, P Collier’s Inthtella Copper; 3, S Challinor’s Morwyn Bronze Knight. do 138cm 1, P Collier’s Trewithian Beguine; 2, S Ward’s Bureside Harvest Moon; 3, L Windsor’s Duntarvie Jasmin. exc 138cm 1 & ch, J Evan’s Cwmgwendraeth Magic; 2, J Wormall’s Catheal Bay; 3, J Bailey’s Lockdale Jasmin. HOYS SHP (J Bourne) 122cm 1, S Cornforth’s Meadowlands Sun Kissed; 2, E Crew’s Tetcott Sunshine; 3, J Ashdown’s Bunbury Pinocchio. do 133cm 1, D Coles’s Wynswood Mistral; 2, K Vines’s Parkhill Cantona; 3, K Neachell’s Mighty Fly. do 143cm 1 & ch, S Cuddy’s Old Court Piccalo; 2, J Hoyle’s Bowlands Forest Dandelion; 3, J Wormall’s Rambling Christopher Robin. do 153cm 1 & res, G Twitchett’s Coberton Crusader; 2, N Bradwell’s Valour; 3, S Fern’s Withys Love Song. nov SHP 1, J Shellard’s Rainbow II; 2, R Gough’s Meretown Magic; 3, N Madeley’s Chelsea Girl. coloured in-hand (J Helme) non native exc 153cm 1 & ch, Z Dewhurst’s Ladybird; 2, D Whittard’s Commanche Deuce. do exc 153cm 1 & res, G Owen’s Just Teddy. coloured ridden 153cm 1 & res, J Smith’s Lostock Just William; 2, L Hopkins’s Miss Minnie; 3, Z Dewhurst’s Ladybird. do exc 153cm 1 & ch, G Kapadia’s Partial Eclipse II; 2, D Whittard’s Apache Sky; 3, J Shellard’s Flying Colours IX.

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