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  • BSPS SCOTTISH, Kilmarnock, 9 June

    WESSEX ARAB SUMMER Newbury sgd, Berks, 9 June

    BSPS SCOTTISH, Kilmarnock, 9 June

    RIHS home-produced (Mrs C Nelson) LR 1, Mrs J McCluskey’s Rowden Ellouise; 2, Mrs K Beebee’s Spinningdale Royal Salute; 3, Miss M Mackay’s Bridgehill Pollyanna. do FR 1, Mrs K Slight’s Moluccas Nutmeg; 2, W Downie’s Drumphin Tiddleywink. HOYS ridden SP (Mrs C Nelson) 148cm 1 & res,Mrs D Morton’s Stanley Grange Puppeteer; 2, Mrs G twitchett’s Hollyhill Mystique; 3, F Twiston-Davies’ Whalton High Light. 138cm 1 & ch, Mrs J Horsfall’s Deaconwood Goldprint; 2, Mrs E McNinch’s Grindles Figaro; 3, Mrs N Gill’s Rhyllandell Amber Dawn. 128cm 1, Rosettes Direct’s Moorhall Cats Whiskers; 2, Mrs S Schofield’s Charn Kingfisher; 3, Mrs Rowe’s Riseway Mooncharm. BSPS LR of HT(Mrs J Griffin) 1, Mrs K Slight’s Cnapaton Georgie Girl; 2, Mrs S O’Neil’s Pringles Toy Soldier; 3, Mrs E Peet’s Coombehill Costa Rica. HOYS SHP (Mrs J Griffin) SHT 122cm 1 & mini ch, Mrs L Stevens’ Starlyte Orinoco; 2, Mrs C White’s Plush Heiress; 3, Mrs G Simpson’s Wortley Celebration. 133cm 1, Mrs Papiez’s Radway Midnight Magic; 2, J Templeton’s Parkhill Cantona; 3, Mrs N Gill’s Yealand Finale. 143cm 1, F Twiston-Davies’ Aston High Time Of Warleigh; 2, Mrs J Knipe’s Fair Daniel; 3, Mrs S Smith’s Chiddock Spot On. 153cm 1 & ch, K McCall’s Double Dutch III; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs R Binks’ Trewolla Denzil. Scottish SHP ch 1 & ch, Dr V Morrison’s Duntarvie Catalan; 2 & res, K McCall’s Double Dutch III. Scottish pony ch 1 & ch, Mrs E McNinch’s Grindles Figaro; 2 & res, Mrs M Nicoll’s BraconPied Piper. show hunters (Mrs L Young) HOYS sml 1 & ch, Mrs K Talbot’s Maybe Forever; 2, Miss C Ruchardson’s Lough Crew; 3, Mrs J Helliwell’s Blue Watch. l’wt 1 & res, A Brewster’s Clifton Arizona. riding horse (Mrs M Hamilton) 15.2hh 1 & ch, Mrs S Mitchell’s Bouncing Boy; 2 & res, Miss V Campbell’s Foreign Exchange; 3, Mrs A Donn’s Lowland Special Edition. BSPS Heritage M&M ridden (Miss S Lawson) lge 1 & ch, Mrs J Somervail’s Bellindene Rock Legend; 2 & res, R Deptford’s Thorneyside The Toff; 3, Mrs E McColl’s Tunstall Princess II. Welsh sec B & C 1, Mr & Mrs P Ahern’s Holyoaks Genevieve; 2, Mrs V Harvie’s Gryngallt Pageant. Heritage LR & FR (Miss S Lawson) LR 1 & ch, Mrs J Cousens’ Cosford Charmelle; 2, D Hibberd’s Abbeybells Sister Agnes. FR 1 & res, Mrs M Nicoll’s Maxwelltown Malibu; 2, Mrs M Crichton’s Bigstone Romantic Piccolo. HOYS LR & FR (Mrs E Tate) LR 1 & mini res, J Templeton’s Colne Heiress; 2, Mr & Mrs N Willis’s Cosford Charmaine; 3, Mrs J Rosebury’s Roselle Rebecca. FR 1, J Templeton’s Chinook Chanelle; 2, Mrs S Schofield’s Heighend Georgie Girl; 3, Tomorrow’s Office’s Cnapaton Tamberine. first year first ridden 1, Mrs P Finlay’s Crawel Rosanna; 2, M Thompson’s Rowfantini Starturn; 3, Mrs E Peet’s Coombehill Costa Rica. nov SHP ( B Lears) SHT 153cm 1, Mrs A Boswell’s Mr Jinks; 2, Mrs D Green’s Fernhill Reflection. 143cm 1, Mrs E Edmondson’s Whineray Beachboy; 2, Mrs M Nicoll’s Bracon Pied Piper; 3, Mrs E Pottinger’s Wedderlie Marvel. 133cm 1 & ch, Ms V Gair’s Deacon Blue; 2, Mrs S Hoggans’ Rotherwood Party Popper; 3, Mrs J Hamilton’s Antoinette Catamount. HOYS int SHT (B Lears) 1, Miss K Lyons’ Noble Bing; 2, Mrs J Helliwell’s Blue Watch; 3, Mr & Mrs R Binks’ Montana III. RIHS home-produced SHP (B Lears) 122cm 1, Mrs L Ogilvie’s Oldmere Windchime; 2, Mrs E McCulloch’s Rosedust Aristocrat; 3, K Holt’s Just Dino II. mixed height 1, Mrs S Smith’s Chiddock Spot On; 2, Dr V Morrison’s Duntarvia Catalan; 3, Mrs D Park’s Linksbury Valentino. nov SP ( Mrs R Young) LR 1 & ch, Mrs Beddoe’s Buckover Hocus Pocus; 2 & res, Miss M Mackay’s Bridgehill Pollyanna; 3, Mrs P Finlay’s Crawel Rosanna. FR 1, Miss S Field’s Meglands Dewdrop; 2, Tomorrow’s Office’s Cnapaton Tamberine. RIHS home-produced mixed height SP (Mrs R Young) 1, Mrs N Gill’s Rhyllandell Amber Dawn; 2, Mrs S Schofield’s Colbeach Sentinel; 3, M Pender’s Kelsborrow Chauvinist. 148cm 1 & res, Mr & Mrs J Coltart’s Harlaw Simply The Best; 2, Pattersons’ Horseboxes’ Small-Land Gilt Edge; 3, Mrs M Nicoll’s Bracon Pied Piper. 138cm 1 & ch, Miss S Field’s Wychenlea Accolade; 2, P Coster’s Courtland Carisma; 3, Ms L Govan’s Fofsway Silver Scimitar. HOYS int SRT( Mrs R Young) 153cm 1 & ch, Mrs G Twitchett’s Palmfields Star Time; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs S Harrison’s Royal Silk; 3, Miss N Corris’s Rufforth Olympic Light. 158cm 1, Mr & Mrs R Binks’ Gilt Edge; 2, Mrs J Knipe’s Silver Wedding; 3, K Holt’s Pavanna. HOYS open WHP (Mrs L Brudenell) 133cm 1, Mrs C McCullagh’s Little Storm; 2, Miss S McIlwaine’s Amatol Whos Who; 3, E Bowling’s Lowfold Quids In. 143cm 1& ch, Mrs D Walker’s Gems Ballykissangel; 2, Mrs H MacKay’s Erimus Grenade; 3, Mrs D Meikle’s Kitevale Serendipity. 153cm 1 & res, Miss A Aston’s Beau Baron; 2, Mrs Boswell/D Walker’s Cloud Nine II; 3, Mrs J Worswick’s Silk Cut. HOYS int working hunter ( Mrs L Young) 158cm 1, Mrs T Smith’s Sonic Boom Bang; 2, Miss C Richardson’s Lough Crew; 3, Miss K Lyons’ The Navigator. 153cm 1, R Bowling’s Beinn Bhan; 2, Miss C Richardson’s Lough Crew; 3, Mrs M Crockett’s Ard Grandson.cradle & nursery stakes (Mrs R Goldie) cradle 122cm 1 & res, Mrs E Dun’s Rosslayne Peter Pan; 2, K Holt’s Just Dino II; 3, Mrs S Larson’s Beaujolais Golden Warrior. nursery 133cm 1 & ch, Mrs D Park’s Brockholm Royal Vagabond; 2, Mrs G Jenkinson’s Millcroft Scallywag; 3, Mrs D Sayer’s Spot The Joker. nov WHP (Mrs R Goldie) 133cm 1, Mrs S Hoggans’ Brynoffa Zak. 143cm 1 & ch, Mrs E Edmondson’s Whineray Beachboy; 2 & res, Mrs F Rodman’s Tittlesford Village Maiden; 3, ABrewster’s Forrest Star. BSPS Heritage open WHP (MIss K Lawson) M&M exc 138cm 1, Mrs M Smith’s Llansantffraed Charmer, 138cm 1 & ch, Mrs E McColl’s Tunstall Princess II; 2, A Brewster’s Rosevale Silver Sonnet; 3, Mrs E Edmondson’s Smartie III. 128cm 1 & res, Dr V Morrison’s Lonan Forest Ranger; 2, Mrs S Hoggans’ Brynoffa Zak. Heritage open nursery stakes 1, Dr V Morrison’s Lonan Forest Ranger; 2, Mrs S Hoggans’ Brynoffa Zak.

    WESSEX ARABSUMMER Newbury sgd, Berks, 9 June

    ridden: pure-bred open mare 1, D Ash & J Woodward’s Mi Dhahling; 2, D Whittmore’s Sarafiah; 3, B Rowell’s Kalista. geld 1, K Lake’s Silvern Enchanter; 2, B & V Marsh’s Johara El Kheil; 3, A Boyle’s Maleikero. stallion 1 ch & sup, T McCarthy’s PHA Silvern Risalm; 2 & res, Z Edrees’ Al Mesdam; 3, Mr & Mrs Perez Silva’s Hejaz. nov pure-bred mare 1 & res, S Hopkins & S Fleming’s Portiaa; 2, S Rose’s Kin A Hora; 3, S Wigglesworth’s Nazricia. geld 1, C Edwards’ Pegaz; 2, C Cooper’s Sahir Crusader; 3, M Dinnage’s El Pharoun. stallion 1 ch & res sup, H Budge’s Ikoni; 2, Mr & Mrs Carr’s Ibn Charismma. Anglo/part-bred nov 1, J Peploe’s Ivanidear; 2, E Grange &H Stratton’s Lenmar Shades Of Mink; 3, R Justice’s Twilight Phantasy. open 1, A Burr’s Toy Story; 2, A Lacey’s Princess Feola; 3, Lenmar Shades Of Mink. in-hand pure-bred colt y’lng 1, C Glover’s ESP Can Can De F; 2, C Rundle’s Camelot Khalil. 2-y-o 1 res & res, Mr & Mrs Butt’s Eddashaan; 2, E Jones’ Kaygeebee. 3-y-o 1 ch ch & sup, R Jones’ Ora El Masri; 2, H Bater’s Maraschino Moonbeam. filly y’lng 1, K Snowdon’s Dream Fantasy; 2, S Foreman’s Ffatalia; 3, Lady V Leng’s Kaymouna. 2-y-o 1 & res, C Kilford’s Nazalia; 2, W Carr & R McCormick’s Shifali; 3, S Humphrey’s AJA Dakota Lace. 3-y-o 1 & ch, S Magwick’s Noura; 2, C Spackman’s Kyrashara; 3, D Smith’s Omeria. 3rd generation British-bred 1, E Archer’s Indian Idyll; 2, C Sussex’s Binley Silvern Gem; 3, Marashino Moonbeam. b’mare 1 & res, T Aggad’s PR Midnite Magic; 2, W Carr’s Ewoluta; 3, S George’s Paleogeia. foal 1, T Aggad; 2, W Carr; 3, S George. barren mare 1 ch & res sup, Mr & Mrs McCormick’s Eka; 2, S Richards’ Bint Nariadnaia; 3, B Glover’s Kytigra. stallion jnr 1 & ch, R McCormick’s Narismma. snr 1 & res, T Aggad’s Nimb; 2, B Glover’s Ibn Kysari; 3, J Davidson’s Nzmuddin. geld snr 1 & ch, S Hancock’s Tawoos; 2, A Burr’s Hasleem; 3, B Allen & C Harriss’ Jawhari. jnr 1 & res, S Lissaris’ Charaschal; 2, D Gamlin’s Fferrari; 3, W & P Howell’s Shayla’s Attraction. Anglo/part-bred geld 1 & ch, T Newman & S Griffen’s Classic Birichen; 2, J Vallentin’s Charlwood Artic Storm. stallion 1 & res, L Lidbury’s Negara. mare & ch, S Denton’s Rihanna’s Dark Crystal; 2, B Shiers’ Khassita Midnight Miss Ruby; 3, M Barnett’s Flaming Fire Opal. y’lng 1 & res, J Vallentin’s Towerlanze Diamond Cluster; 2, J Barnett’s Sandpiper Exasha. 2/3-y-o sml 1 & ch, G Ayub’s Sandby Sabrea; 2, J Vallentin’s Towerlanze Crown Jewel. do lge 1, C Evans’ PC Mill On The Floss. Arab cross 1,Negara; 2, Towerlanze Crown Jewel; 3, Towerlanze Diamond Cluster. dressage prelim 4 1, Ivanidear; 2, S Creed-Miles’ Chivalry; 3, S Passat’s HT Mystique. nov 32 1, Toy Story; 2, Mr & Mrs Coombs’ Vivek; 3, C Clydesdale’s Sariah’s Star Of Destiny. nov 21 1, Sariah’s Star Of Destiny; 2, Toy Story; 3, Ivanidear. elem 41 1, Rhianna’s Dark Crystal.

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