Showing results 8-12 September ’03

CHERIF CH’SHIPS Addington, Bucks, 10 September

ridden (conformation K McTiffin, ride J Woodward) 148cm 1 & ch stallion, L Sims’s Harroway Mr Harlequin; 2, P King’s Oakley Spring Funtastic; 3, Team Thomas’ Sedgelands Riverdance. 153cm (ride R King) 1 & sup, P Gula-Walker’s Apres Nous; 2 & highest first-cross, A Miller’s Ashlyngs Kristela May; 3, A Seely’s Rosedale Miss Dior. 158cm 1 & res sup, J Payne’s Whinchats Flight Of Fancy; 2, H Lang’s Royal Dalton; 3, A Lucas’s Litton Magical Minstral. over 158cm 1, A Seely’s Rosedale Distinction; 2, R Dear’s Ottoman; 3, C Johnson’s Almost Perfick. concours d’elegance (N Tipping) jnr 1 & res, Oakley Spring Funtastic; 2, best jnr & side-saddle ch, H Church’s Bankswood Paprika; 3, Colbeach Sabre. do snr 1 & ch, D Froggat’s Thorneybank Katriana; 2 & side-saddle res, L Smart’s Fernedge Debonair; 3, J Whitelock’s Finkley Will O The Wisp. amateur points 1 & ch, R Dear’s Ottoman. Oakley Blowing Bubbles amateur 1 & ch, T Wallace’s Ninfield Lady Mink; 2 & res, Sedgelands Riverdance. dressage prelim 18 1, Harroway Mr Harlequin; 2, P Bowles’s Chancton Treble Chance; 3, H Orr’s Saxen Master Bruno. novice 29 1, Harroway Mr Harlequin; 2, M Burr’s Toy Story; 3, J Davies’s Chiddock Prankster.

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