ridden (Mrs K Oldroyd) best turned-out 1, M Wakefield-Brand’s St Narreth Dari. nov ridden 6yr & under 1, J Hossack’s Fariesh; 2, C Newbould’s Omran; 3, S Wadelik’s Shannie’s Girl. do 7yr & over 1 & best nov ridden, J Bond’s Salazeer; 2, M Wakefield-Brand’s St Narreth Dari; 3, K Scotland’s Roxtar. Anglo/part-bred Arab nov ridden 1, S Laird’s Lorrivale Dun Piper; 2, J MacLean’s Arctic Gold; 3, L Conolon’s Arctic Fire. HOYS pure-bred mare 1, F Campbell’s Aureida; 2, I Gray’s Zanaya; 3, E Frame’s Zolar. do geld 1, ch & overall ch, C Bennett’s Storm Gold; 2 & res, L Crookall’s Zelek; 3, R Low & V Mylius’s Flaxman’s Sid. do stallion 1, K Stephens’ Monarque; 2, S Whittington-Davis’s So-Black Alarebi; 3, L Mitchell’s Eisor Nikkodemus. Cherif Anglo/part-bred 153cm 1, ch & overall res, F Scott’s Fidra Verona; 2 & res, A Vallance’s Lindenhall Debutante; 3, A Mulhearn’s RaggithillAutumn Shades. do exc 153cm 1, C Paton’s Keiloch; 2, K MacAlpine’s Daktari; 3, V Mylius’s Apres Moi. veteran pure/Anglo/part-bred 1, L Ferguson’s Folkin Cappuccino; 2, M Wakefield-Brand’s St Narreth Dari. young riders’ class mare/gelding 1, A Vallance’s Lindenhall Debutante. in-hand (Mrs S Plant) Anglo/part-bred y’ling 1 & jnr res, J Brand’s Downies Kings Secret; 2, N Gray’s Kappachino. 2/3-y-o filly 1, jnr ch & overall ch, S Wadelik’s Heart Of Gold; 2, L Sheridan’s Allbrite; 3, S Welland’s Leyla Dark As Night. do colt 1, A Girdwood & K Pledger’s TP Starbuck; 2, A Girdwood’s Whispering Chinook. mare 1, snr ch & overall res, L Tait’s Downies Leading Lady; 2, S Wadelik’s Portrait Of Gold;3, L Scott’s Fair Taffeta. foal 1, L Tait’s Downies Top Of The Class. geld 1 & res, C Newlands’ Arabian Faroh; 2, V Mylius’s Apres Moi; 3, S Church’s Hawthornbank Dandini. pure-bred y’ling 1 & jnr ch & overall ch, E H & I Woodward’s HT Nybraska; 2, C Wallace’s Jumanji; 3, C Newbould’s Zarkhruv. do 2/3-y-o filly 1 & jnr res, L Tait’s Zaffia. do geld 1, J Bingham’s Kwisatz Haderach. young handlers 1, A Vallance’s Lindenhall Debutante. veteran 1, LTait’s Downies Leading Lady. pure-bred mare 1 & res, E J & I Woodward’s HR Obsession; 2, S Wadelik’s Rose Of The Nile; 3, Mr & Mrs S Hamilton’s Rahil Bint Derkisha. do geld 1, P Willox’s Saiyid El Kheil; 2, K Ross’s H T Orpheus; 3, RLow & V Mylius’s Flaxman’s Sid. do stallion 1, ch & overall res, K Stephen’s Monarque; 2, L Mitchell’s Eisor Nikkodemus; 3, Mr & Mrs D Main’s Perseus. RC Arab & show jumping (Ms A Milne) RC pure/Anglo/part-bred 1, S Church’s Hawthornbank Dandini; 2, L Conolon’s Arctic Fire; 3, J Webster’s Vizcaya. nov SJ 1, J MacLean’s Razif; 2, K MacAlpine’s Daktara; 3, J Edge’s Black Bess. int 1, S Whittington-Davis’s African Shu Shu; 2, M Wakefield-Brand’s St Narreth Dari; 3, KMacAlpine’s Daktari. open 1, M Wakefield-Brand’s St Narreth Dari; 2, S Whittington-Davis’s African Shu Shu. dressage (Ms L Lucey) prelim 4 1, L Ferguson’s Folkin Cappuccino; 2, J MacLean’s Arctic Gold; 3, J Webster’s Vizcaya. prelim18 1, L Ferguson’s Folkin Cappuccino; 2, J MacLean’s Arctic Gold; 3, L Langmore’s Downies Red Alert.

WALES & BORDER COS Pencoed, Glamorgan, 7 June

sec A (M Northam): y’ling1 & ch, P Harper & S Downing’s Joiners Smirnoff Ice; 2, L Perrott’s Waitwith Charity; 3, Dr W Davies’s Fairstoke Spring Solo. 2/3-y-o1 & res, D Davies’s Pentyrch Tom Sawyer; 2, L & J Bowerman’s Gydros Fairy Queen; 3, L Perrott’s Bengad Moth Mullen. stallion1, T Davies’s Bryn Starlight. sec B y’ling1, Robinson, Withers & Modplan’s Hollyvale Ovation; 2, L Evans’s Locksley Follow Me. 2/3-y-o1 & res, E Tamplin’s Griashall Valentino; 2, Robinson, Withers & Modplan’s Rhoson Shiraz; 3, M Thomas’s Farchynys Tirion. stallion1, ch & res overall Welsh, L & L Partridge’s Rosedale Oberon. sec C y’ling1, S & L Palmer’s Blaidd Replay; 2, K Padfield’s Tycwm Sebastian. 2/3-y-o1, J Woodland’s Gellihaf Harvey; 2, C Howell’s Porchin Belle. stallion1 & ch, A Rees’s Hardys Lincoln; 2 & res, T Davies’s Estoro Red Flash. sec D y’ling1, P Harper & S Downing’s Cefngelli Picasso; 2, A & V Hickman’s Graigyfforest Rose; 3, J Bugler & J Claes’s Davids Rosina. 2/3-y-o1, ch, overall Welsh & sup, M Morgan & C Robinson’s Willowcourt Tiger; 2, J Roome’s Goitrecoed Arthur. stallion1 & res, H Williams’s Llwynhywel Victor; 2, N Powell’s Blaencanaid Diplomat. RP y’ling1 & ch, Robinson, Withers & Modplan’s Hollyvale Toyboy; 2, K Jenkins’s Cot Black Pearl; 3, A Rees & K Cousins’s Treowen Chanita. 2/3-y-o1, C Selwood’s Hollyvale Eloise. coloured1, W Edwards’s Patea Flight; 2, T Bertorelli’s Monarch of the Glen; 3, D Davies’s Preseli Blue Sky. ridden hunter (M Lawrence): sml1, S Pembridge’s Rough Judgement; 2, R Thomas’s Royal Secret; 3, C Hollingworth’s Sweet Pea. open1, C Thomas’s Warlord; 2, W Bowdler & J Atkins’s Mr McGuire; 3, R Jones’s Oakhurst Drumbeat. cob 1 & 3, A Williams’s Shaskeen & Rosie O’Grady; 2, T Bertorelli’s Joshua. coloured1 & ch, K Pritchard & R Maynard’s Brynteg Llwynau Rhosyn; 2, M Davies’s Chaseford Dylan; 3, T Nash’s Southern Cherokee. RH1, C Prosser’s Romany River Court Jester; 2, K Stanworth’s Master Gunner; 3, T Bertorelli’s Bally Showstopper. Arab/pb1 & res, J Williams’s Highland Reel; 2, Romany River Court Jester; 3, K Bissmire’s Bryndock Lucky Charm. ridden M&M (M Northam): LR1 & mini ch, A Rees & K Cousins’s Patternosta Folly; 2, L Morris’s Menai Mountbatten; 3, A Edwards’s Putwell Peach. FR1 & res, B Bevan’s Larapinta Teal; 2, S Jones’s Cefngelli Amber; 3, C Howell’s Saltmarsh Cadet. sml1, A Jones’s Treowen Rhys; 2, Larapinta Teal; 3, L Sprackman’s Bristol Ricky. lge1, ch & res sup, E Lewis’s Swchyrhafod Samswn; 2 & res, M & J Wilson’s Cathael Bay Girl; 3, G Price’s Trevallion Princess Jade. SP (D North): LR1& mini res, J Bowden’s Fairywood Star Attraction; 2, C Simmonds’s Abaddon Bronze Sally; 3, A Edwards’s Gelliganol Awelog. FR1 & mini ch, L Green’s Mountain Gamecock; 2, L Jones’s Barnsbrook Royal Secret; 3, L Davies’s Brianne Merry Maid. open1, A Green’s Wingland Royal Secret; 2, K Jenkins’s Cot Spring Rose; 3, C Crumpton’s Barnsbrook Royal Portrait. SHP: LR1, K Bissmire’s Beechfieldpark Prince Charming; 2, Abaddon Bronze Sally; 3, M Evans’s Pentyrch Tomosina. 122cm1, S Cuthbert’s Hercules; 2, Brianne Merry Maid; 3, Barnsbrook Royal Secret. 133cm1, J Prichard’s Lanswell Peppercorn; 2, C Watkins’s Crawel Golden Guinea; 3, Wingland Royal Secret. 143cm1 & ch, A Green’s Stanbrook Pavarotti; 2, S Church’s Sannan Valley Jester; 3, C Davies’s Pennyhill Pincher. 153cm1 & res, Romany River Court Jester; 2, Southern Cherokee; 3, G Hale’s Millenium Sunset. WHP (R Crane): cradle1 & mini ch, C Howell’s My Little Cracker; 2 & mini res, C Crumpton’s Brynoffa Sophie; 3, L Williams’s Maggie May. nursery1, My Little Cracker; 2, Brynoffa Sophie; 3, N Griffin’s Butleigh Robin. 133cm1 & ch, T Browning’s Moorcliffe Maestro; 2, A Green’s Springdale Sensation. 143cm1, N Griffin’s Perky Perkins; 2, Sannan Valley Jester; 3, S John’s Balview Sapphire. 153cm1 & res, J Tudor’s Riversdale Chinpin. nov1, Perky Perkins; 2, Balview Sapphire; 3, Moorcliffe Maestro. WH1, Royal Secret; 2, P Parker’s Dryscoed Dominator; 3, T Pesci-Griffiths’s Sunnybank Firestone. nov1 & ch, N Dove’s Take Two; 2 & res, Sunnybank Firestone; 3, R Corbett’s Local Gossip. M&M WHP (M Lawrence):128cm1 & res, E Williams’s Mountpleasant Lullaby. 138cm1 & ch, S Gooding’s Stockham Secret Agent; 2, J Price’s Glebedale Lenny’s Last; 3, P Lewis’s Blaidd Firecracker. over 138cm1, J Allen’s Ashow Brenin; 2, Swchyrhafod Samswn; 3, G Butler’s Lodor Hwylus.