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  • BSPS AREA 10 Alsager EC, Cheshire, 6 Jan

    SHP nov 122-133cm 1, Z Newsham’s Arenshoeves Firefly; 2, J Taylor’s Isley Limestone; 3, J Booth’s Wharf Ulysses. do 133-143cm 1 & ch, J Knight’s Classic Cinnamon; 2, A Haulker’s Chiddock Chance; 3, V Haulker’s Smalland Cusio. do 143-153cm 1 & res, J Millier’s Regal Dancer; 2, B Berrisford’s Miss Lovewithy. do 148-158cm 1, C Greenwood’s De Vinci; 2, Miss Lovewithy. 1st pony of HT 122cm 1, E Neachill’s Plasdelyn Limelight; 2, S Dent’s Treowen Ranger; 3, L Martin’s Barkway Oberon. LR of SHT 1, S Beaty’s Shulas Theo; 2, Kings’ Kingsrowe Deliliah. special just off lead 1, Plasdelyn Limelight; 2, L Rushton’s Sprinter Of Belmont; 3, D Rushton’sWhiteover Vale. mixed height open SHP 1, Smalland Cusio; 2, J Goodyear’s Marshbrook Limited Edition; 3, A Houlker’s Chinnock Chancery. open int SHT 148-158cm 1, De Vinci; 2, S Meredith’s Sox. do 122cm 1 & ch, Plasdelyn Limelight; 2 & res, Barkway Oberon. M&M ridden P(UK) not exc 122cm 1, Kings’ Roseoak Amber; 2, J Gosmore’s Auric Wild Poppy; 3, O Powell’s Kingsmead Elaine. do 128cm 1, E Collier’s Whitewillows Fanta; 2, J Hodgkinson’s Fosterhouses Star Spangled Banner; 3, M Wilson’s Barkway Matador. do nov 122cm 1 & res, L Rushton’s Pinina Madoc; 2, Fosterhouses Star Spangled Banner; 3, Kingsmead Elaine. do nov 128cm 1 & ch, A Moore’s Measham So Fair; 2, Whitewillows Fanta; 3, Z Newsham’sMarken Matador. P(UK) Llanarth Q open sml breeds 1, J Walker’s Trefaes Serog; 2, M Offen’s Waterside Genesis; 3, D Worthington’s Hulme Signal Boy. do lge 1, G William’s Croftfoot Lincoln; 2, L Dickinson’s Glanllysni Rhodri; 3, A Plummer’s Merrie Millet. Heritage LR 1 & res, Auric Wild Poppy; 2, Roseoak Amber; 3, Kingsmeade Elaine. do FR 1 & ch, Roseisle Something Blue; 2, L Hinton’s Bryndefaid Amos; 3, A Moore’s Measham So Fair. do nov Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, sec A 1, J King’s Rosevale Amber; 2, L Dickinson’s Hinstock Marcus Ricard. do sec B & C 1 & ch, Hulme Signal Boy; 2 & res, C Allin’s Bannut Regal Light; 3, Glanllyfnant Rhodri. do Fell, Highland, Dales, New Forest, Connemara, sec D 1, M Cornsby’s Itesfold Boss Cat; 2, K McTiffin’s Ystraddewi Gladiator; 3, N Crawshaw’s Beachcote Margaret Rose. do mixed breeds open ridden 1, Titesfold Boss Cat; 2, Markham Matador; 3, Beachcote Margaret Rose.

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