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  • BAKEWELL Bakewell, Derbys, 6-7 August

    WHP (P Johnson) int 1, H Janion’s Peeping Tom; 2, M Canter’s Galley Hill; 3, Oliver J Mallika’s Jazzman. 153cm 1 & ch, S Bonham’s Artemitia; 2, Peeping Tom; 3, Galley Hill. 143cm 1 & res, E Bowling’s Dun Dougal; 2, C Davies’ Twilight Tarragon; 3, S Taylor’s Oscar Charles. nursery 1, S Nicklin’ Ponsbourne Pirate; 2, N Hutsby’s Gerdinen Pollyanna; 3, S Hanson’sTop Priority. cradle 1, S Nicklin’s Victoria Oakes; 2, J Woodhead’s Corn Poppy; 3, R Holton’sPriestwood Oberon. RH, sml (A Mickleburgh) 1 & res, J Rowbotham’s Dom Celine; 2, C Le Moignan’s Alpine Diplomatt; 3, E Young’s Lyndrose Bobby Dazzler. lge 1 & ch, C Blaskey’s I’m Blue Chip Too; 2, C Le Moignan’s Diamond Dealer; 3, P Langrick’s Rufforth Hamish. anglo/part (Mrs A Dixon, Mrs D Macdonald) y’stock 1, J Evans’ Evensdale Hrh; 2, S Armstrong’s Pickmere Jedi; 3, L Smith’s Pewitt Dancing Philadolphia. 4-y-o & over 1, G Johnson’s Pickmere Playboy; 2, K Chilton’s Palmfields Star Traveller; 3, S Brown’s Kathbarr RoyalSecret. pure, 4-y-o & over 1& ch, S Brown’s Ellectron; 2 & res, A & M Davies’ Amento Tamara; 3, H Gough’s Caballero. y’stock 1, A Blythe’s King Caractacus; 2, S Gillott’s Phoenix Bruka; 3, J Wilcockson’s Silver Sarcenet. ridden anglo/part 1, Palmfields Star Traveller; 2, J Foster’s Scottshall Mulberry; 3, Mrs Snelson’s Victoria El Primero. riding pony breeding mare 1 & ch, Mrs Kersey’s Kynnersley Purple Rain. foal 1, Mrs Kersey’s Senateview Senator. 3-y-o 1 & res, R Hulbert’s Senateview Angelica; 2, Mr Kersey’s Littlebriars Fandangoo Kiss; 3, S Armstrong’s Pickmere Jedi. Langsont & Caldene side-saddle adult (Mrs L Graham) 1, E Wright’s Ballonvisto; 2, C Excell-Outram’s Badminton Bertie; 3, L Lane’s Ewmcrychan Meredith. jnr 1, G Street’s Gail Appleton Zircon; 2, J Boardman’s Llannor Katkin. hunter breeding (Mrs B Rich) mare 1, R Bowett’s Robert Dark Aspect. foal 1, R Bowett’s Artemis. y’stk 1, C Blaskey’s Blue Chip Kinkaid; 2, L White’s Molokai Angelus. palomino (Mrs C Rankin) ridden 1 & res, C Hassall’s Asils Satisfaction; 2,S Waterfall’s Drummer Boy; 3, A Williams’ Ballymaginthy Hurricane. y’stk 1, Mr & Mrs P Gribben’s Shulay Gold Fever; 2, C Hassall’s Pewit Dancing Master; 3, F Davies’ Millspring Zada. stallion 1, C Hassall’s Fayrelands Dancing Magic; 2, J Shaw’s Legerview Lucky Star. M&M 1 & chJ Shaw’s Legerview Lucky Star; C Stanton’s Bryngaer Cyntaf. mare 1, C Hassall’s Asils Inspiration. mare/gelding 1, D Webb’s Colebridge Miracle Gold; 2, S Cousins’ Krysto Easter Surprise; 3, G Royston’s Bobby Daz. part arab 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Gribben’s P Shulay Gold Fever; 2, D Webb’s Colebridge Miracle Gold; 3, S Cousins’Krysto Easter Surprise. private driving (Mrs M Ford) single, 138cm 1,Mr & Mrs R Mills’ Oakvale Rowan; 2, B Le Marquand’s Staines Ap-Pip; 3, M Vyse’s Glenshane Play Boy. exc 138cm 1, Radcliffe & Wray’s The Aristocrat; 2, R Neale’s Ruckham Henry; 3, J Clough’s Gwynfaes Sion. pairs/tandem 1 & ch, G Docking’s Trevarth Avocet & Trevarth Amigo. Concours d’elegance 1, J Clough’s Gwynfaes Sion; 2, B Le Marquand’s Beverley Staines Ap-Pip; 3, G Docking’s Trevarth Avocet & Trevarth Amigo. ridden hunter (D Ingle) small 1, K Bloom’s Lord Theodore; 2, L Miller’s Monet; 3, J Knipe Special FX. l’wt 1 & ch, ; S Noble’s Another Galaxy; 2, S Branch’s Bally Brennan; 3, A Grime’s State Buisness. m’wt 1, Lady Kirkham’s Mighty Cavalier; 2, R Worth’s Castletown Spirit; 3, T Smith’s Anchorman. h’wt 1 & res, S Noble’s The Countryman; 2, M Surtees’ Polar Region; 3, M Chambers’ Ferroch. working 1, A Grime’s Diamond White; 2, E Bowling’s Beinn Bhan; 3, J Shaw’s George. coloured in hand (J Bourne) 1, E Hartley’s Wise Acre Tp; 2, S Eyre’s Park Dubious; 3, S Lowe’s Commanchee. heritage M&M (J Bourne) lge brds ridden 1, J Sonnex’s Glencarrig Bobby; 2, J Sonnex’ss Inglegarth Reveller; 3,K Manning’s Wellbrow Jacko. sml brds 1, M Cartlidge’s Langfield Nightcap; 2, L Pritchard’s Reggae Sunsplash; 3, P Collier’s Penwisg Bella-Donna. ridden coloured 1, R Slinn’s Jenny’s Jigsaw; 2, E Hartley’s Wise Acre Tp; 3, C Excell-Outram’s Badminton Bertie. SP (A Mullaney) 148cm 1 & ch, G Thompson’s Comberton Lord Of The Dance; 2, J Templeton’s Jacketts Maybee; 3, J Downs’ Ockley Fiasco. 138cm 1 & res, L Minchin’s Eskside Sapphire; 2, L Windsor’s Westhill Footloose; 3, E Young’s Duke Of Portland. 128cm 1, G Thompson’s Hopevale Franceschini; 2, V Catton’s Chinook Gem; 3, Emmersons Show Team’s Westhill Panarhe. 1, G Thompson’s Comberton Lord Of The Dance; 2, Mrs L Eskside’s Minchin. int SRT sml 1, J Templeton’s Groveside Bellboy; 2, S Oakes’ Whalton Highlight; 3, J Helliwell’s Lyncombe Blueprint. lge 2, G Thompson’s Gentle Breeze; 2, J King’s The Tempest; 3, Emmersons Show Team’s Tarra. LR (Mrs A Fowler) 1, M Cartlidge’s Trevaylor Tiger Lily; 2, H Hume’s Nantcol Lady Penelope; 3, L Curbishley’s Seasons Honour. FR 1, G Thompson’s Whinfell Fairy Tale; 2, J Blundell’s Abbeyvale Titania; 3, J Clements’ Courtway Autumn Belle. shetland (Mrs V Smith) y’ling/2-y-o 1, P & L Sellars’ Dryknowl Branzil; 2, Mr & Mrs G Wright’s Threapwood Velveretta; 3, Miles Family’s Heathcroft Trisha. 3-y-o 1, M Arden’s Claylands Gorsth Freya; 2, L Wheatley’s Roxanne Of Quimper. 4-y-o & over 1 & vh, Mr & Mrs G Wright’s Threapwood Black Lady; 2 & res , Miles Family’s Heathcroft Tiffany; 3, S Pearson’s Hekla Of Drakelaw. foal 1, Miles Family’s Heathcroft Viking; 2, M Millington’s Birchen Colour Of Life; 3, S Eames’s Razzle Dazzle. welsh sec A (Mrs C Rankin) mare 1 & ch, S Greenwood’s Pentyrch Charm; 2, H Lowe’s Fouroaks Carmella; 3, Kirk & James’ Tallares Lucy Lace. foal 1, H Lowe’s Fouroaks Coco Chanel; 2, Mr & Mrs T Waddington’s Brackenrigg Pengaleo; 3, J Allen’s Larapinita Takahe. stallion 1, J Allen’s Larapinta Oystercatcher; 2, S Greenwood’s Brierdene Ben Hur; 3, J Shaw’s Legerview Lucky Star. y’stk 1 & res, H Lowe’s Fouroaks Carmen; 2, T Mulcahy’s Brookstones Desert Rose; 3, H Gough’s Thorncliffe Charlotte. sec B (Miss Wheatcroft) mare 1, G Repton’s Meadowlands Sundrop; 2, Walker & Fisher’s Wian Roberta; 3, Mr & Mrs G Baigent’s Mompesson Party Piece. foal 1 & res, Mr & Mrs G Baigent’s Mompesson Wild Party; 2, P Taylor’s Holyoake Tanzanite; 3, Walker & Fisher’s Saltre Tia Maria. y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs G Baigent’s Mompesson Party Thyme; 2, P Holmes’ Holyoake Titania; 3, P Taylor’s Holyoake Fantasa. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Walker & Fisher’s Millcroft Rosa Mundi; 2, C Card’s Desarbre Spring Song; 3, Mr Kersey’s Stoak Model. mixed M&M 4-y-o & over 1, P Bevill’s Rushmoor Golden Lady; 2,D Dale’s Greenholme Paul; 3, P Farley’s Threeshires Storm. stallion 1, L Wilson’s Repton First Lady; 2, J Evans’ Tybanadl Dannsiwr; 3, J Harston’s Deicin Jessica.

    MALVERN HIGHLAND Three Counties Showground, 8 August

    in-hand (A Baird) stallion 1, Mesdames Hart & Clifford’s Achtriochtan Dougal; 2, T Walker’s Josepthdene; 3, R Bell’s Swallowfield Swift. gelding 1 & res sup, R Bell’s Kingsmoor Dalreavoch; 2, A Taylor’s Kincardine Corriechoille; 3, H Broughton’s Drew of Alvie. yeld mare entered in ridden 1 & ch, G McMurray’s Trailtrow Taransay; 2, L Impey’s Oakcroft Connista; 3, A Newbold’s Trailtrow Riach. mare/gelding 4-y-o 1, M Sturgess’s Truim Of Croila; 2, T Riley’s Islay May Of Forglen; 3, Sallifield Farms’ Lord Raymond Of Warren. yeld mare not in ridden 1, the Queen’s Balmoral Jingle; 2, K Parkinson’s Holmedown Maymist; 3, D Allonby’s Katie Of Orangefield. b’mare 1, R & J Alexander’s Fourmerk Rosemaree; 2, A Hart’s Brittleton Caol Ila; 3, Messrs Roberts & Fairclough’s Moonlight of Millfield. foal 1, R & J Alexander’s Fourmerk Rhanna; 2, A Hart’s Brittleton Cardhu; 3, Messrs Roberts & Fairclough’s. do filly/gelding, 3-y-o 1 & sup, S Hurst’s Balmule Corrie Mhor; 2 & res, Lochlands Choir Boy; 3, L Jolly’s Marilladene. 2-y-o 1, R & J Alexander’s Elisedene; 2, W Bridges’ Kirstendene; 3, J Roberts’ Lyncrest Rhianah. y’ling 1, J Clifford’s Brittleton Craggy Isle; 2, F McWillams’ Lucindadene; 3, Laphroaig Of Langley. 2/3-y-o 1, Messrs Roberts & Fairclough’s Grouse Of Langley. y’stk condition & turnout (J Jack) 1, K Barratt’s Lochlands Choir Boy; 2, C Frayne’s Valerock Sweet Sorrell; 3, M Burns’ Brownbread Grouse. ridden (J Jack), 14hh 1 & ch, E & S Dearey’s Lochlands Banjo; 2, Messrs Haliburton & Bright’s McLeod Of Inverdarroch; 3, Trailtrow Taransay. do exc 14hh 1 & res, J McNaught’s Ghillie Of Netherbrae; 2, S & R Turner’s Whitefield Lord Zaire; 3, S Fleetwood’s Mistletoe Of Combebank. do, nov 14hh 1, K Curant’s Holmedown Jade; 2, Messrs Parkinson & Reid’s Stourton Jethro; 3, C Lewis’s Ginty Of Selkirk. exc 14hh 1 & res, A Smith’s Points Green Cameron; 2, A Taylor’s Kincardine Corriechoille; 3, S Hird’s Ballinton Islay Laddie. nursery nov, 4-y-o 1 & ch, A Smith’s Ivor Of Forglen; 2, D Spears’ Birchcroft Jazzman; 3, K Wheway’s Jock Hobcroft. 5yr & over 1, M Harfield’s Lysander Of Dinefwr; 2, C Gilbert’s Oakcroft Dunvegan; 3, L Impey’s Coulmore April. WHP (B Haliburton), nov 1 & res, A Smith’s Points Green Cameron; 2, C Carrington’s Kington Wick Quail; 2, Trailtrow Taransay. open 1 & ch, C McVicar’s Dalwhinnie Of Stanford; 2, V Sidaway’s Ben Of Gargunnock; 3, K Curant’s Holmedown Jade. nursery nov 1, T Walker’s McIverdene; 2, K Wheway’s Hobcroft Jock. style & performance 1, Y Walker’s Traceydene; 2, J Morgan’s Nashend Sea Bass; 3, L Pritchard’s Lornty Glen Scarba. best turned out in-hand (S Shearman) 1, C Gilbert’s Oakcroft Dunvegan; 2, N Hoad’s Kingsmoor Feolin; 3, N Hoad’s Kingsmoor Shona. do ridden 1, L Pritchard’s Lornty Glen Scaba; 2, G Franklin’s Nashend Caperczaillie. part-bred in-hand (S Shearman) 1, M Jones’ Winnai Dungamblin; 2, S Baber’s Nashend Corbiere; 3, J Warner’s Lucy. veteran in-hand 1, J Ives’ Nashend Bergerac; 2 Nashend Corbiere. do ridden (C Nelson) 1, S Shearman’s Staffin Of Orangefield; 2, A Best’s Westmead Emerald; 3, K Lucas’s Ilean Ceilidh of Westlands. nov rider(L Briant) 1, J Forrest; 2, A Moseley; 3, L Pritchard. jnr handler 1, M McGregor; 2, R Winkle; 3, J Forrest. side-saddle (C Nelson) 1eq, D Robinson’s Burnside Holly & L Pritchard’s Lornty Glen Scarba. jnr ridden (L Briant) 1, S & R Turner’s Whitefield Lord Zaire; 2, A Curant’s Holmedown Jade; 3, R Winkle’s Ardnadam Angus. dressage (M Osborn) open 1, D Robinson’s Ilean Ceilidh Of Westlands; 2, Lornty Glen Scarba; 3, R Robbins’ Grant Of Forglen. nursery nov 1, S McGregor’s Fyfedene; 2, M Steady’s Holmedown Christabella; 3, A Winkle’s Ardnadam Angus. do nov 1, Arran Of Forglen; 2, G Bushby’s Lucy Of Langley; 3, M Robbins’ Grant Of Forglen. nov dressage riders 1, G Bushby; 2, M Gilbert; 3, M Freer.

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