Showing results 3-9 November ’03

  • SWPCA Winter Devon LC, Fishcross 8 November

    nov M&M WHP (Mrs E Claxton, Mrs MC Nimmo) 122cm 1, ch & res sup, J Cousens’ Lippens Mascot; 2, K Millar’s Colne Firefly; 3, J Rainy Brown’s Pitlands Native Charmer. 138cm 1, J Somervail’s Tredeane Cavalier; 2, A Meikle’s Landswood Jack of Diamonds; 3, C & R Munro’s Lodor Seriol. exc 138cm 1, E & A McKay’s Noent Sun Maid; 2 & res, G Dale’s Scole Rhian; 3, M Brown’s Silver Nutmeg. open Horselode M&M WHP 122cm 1 & res, J Cousens’ Lippens Mascot; 2, H Larson’s Silver Silhouette. 133cm 1, M Nicoll’s Rosevale Silver Sonnet; 2, V Morley’s Fauldshope Rhodri; 3, A Meikle’s Landswood Jack Of Diamonds. exc 133cm 1, ch & sup, M Smith’s Llansantffraed Charmer; 2, E & A McKay’s Noent Sun Maid; 3, M Brown’s Silver Nutmeg. dressage (Mrs P Jardine Paterson) prelim 18 1, L Cochrane’s Daichristu Mystic Quest; 2, V Morley’s Fauldshope Rhodri; 3, M Smith’s Llansantffraed Charmer. nov 21 1, V Morley’s Fauldshope Rhodri; 2, M Smith’s Llansantffraed Charmer; 3, R Darling’s Moss-side Campsie Glen. combined training nov 1, A Mulhearn’s Raggithill Autumn Shades; 2, C & R Munro’s Lodor Seriol; 3, G Dale’s Scole Rhion. open 1, V Morley’s Fauldshope Rhodri; 2, M Smith’s Llansantffraed Charmer. Welsh in-hand (Ms P Aitken) foals sec A 1, L & K Moy’s Cromagtir Cliodhna; 2, J Borthwick’s Glenbrae Vico Daniel; 3, L Shaw’s Rushiefauld Halo. sec B 1, L Goudie’s Rowanlea Maricopa; 2, R Duncan’s Rosedust March Mist; 3, A Bogie’s Cottrell Sara. sec C 1 & ch, Thomsons’ Neuaddparc Lady In Red; 2, H Galbraith’s Lewis. part-bred 1 & res, S Williamson’s Eskside Aquamarine; 2, Mrs Baird’s Valleyfield Spot On. y’ling sec A 1, R & E Mowatt’s Friars Chaileag Bhana; 2, L & K Moy’s Cromagtir Don; 3, K Miller’s Pinina Glitzy Mitzy. sec B 1, R Duncan’s Bannut Cherished Light; 2, A Thomson’s Landswood Stargazer. sec C 1, ch & y’stk ch, L Cormack’s Kirkhill Salsa. sec D 1, Mr & Mrs Dunlop’s Searigg Morning Star. part-bred 1, res & part-bred ch, R Kelbie’s Lyndrose Catwalk. 2/3-y-o sec A 1, M Stewart’s Inchtalla Chance. sec C 1, ch & y’stk res, Thomsons’ Neuaddparc Tiny Tears. sec D 1 & res, L Cormack’s Coldwell Model II; 2, M Foran’s Lidgett Flying Spark; 3, A Lyon’s Coldwell Princess. part-bred 1, S Hoggans’ Cairnfield Little Fox; 2, A Hunt’s Gleannmhor Melody. 4yr & over sec A 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs P Millar’s Pinina Firedrake; 2, G Ralston’s Ceannaiteach Sultan; 3, V Paisley’s Little Chief. sec B 1, G Whitaker’s Cargen Quaver; 2, A Normand’s Araglen Flying Fox. sec C 1 & res, Mair & Reid’s Parc-Y-Bedw Gwendolen. sec D 1, Thomsons’ Cledlyn Merlin; 2, S Tait’s Powysvalley Black Pearl; 3, L McNab’s Taffswells Royal Megan. members in-hand Welsh sec A/B/C/D or part-bred (A McNinch) foal 1, L Goudie’s Rowanlea Maricopa; 2, A Bogle’s Cottrell Sara; 3, J Borthwick’s Glenbrae Vico Daniel. 1/3-y-o 1 & ch, Neuaddparc Tiny Tears; 2, A Lyon’s Coldwell Princess; 3, S Hoggans’ Cairnfield Little Fox. 4yr & over 1 & res, G Ralston’s Ceannaiteach Sultan; 2, Mr & Mrs P Millar’s Pinina Firedrake; 3, S Tait’s Powysvalley Black Pearl. young handlers (A McNinch) 5-8-y-o 1, C McKnight’s Roseisle Bewildered; 2, J Whiteford’s Blaenpentra April Dancer; 3, R McNab’s Synod Candy Puff. 9/11-y-o 1, A Normand’s Araglen Flying Fox; 2, S Hoggans’ Cairnfield Little Fox; 3, C McNab’s Cosford Wisdom. 12-16-y-o 1, L Cormack’s Tullibardine Autumn Breeze; 2, N Selkirk’s Meikle Calypso; 3, L Whiteford’s Alsswch Arabesque. Ponies (UK) KRO M&M in-hand (S Strang) 1-3-y-o 1 & ch, R Duncan’s Bannut Cherished Light; 2, L Cormack’s Coldwell Model II; 3, J Frazer’s Eastlands Loch Tam. 4yr & over sml 1, L Cormack’s Tullibardine Autumn Breeze; 2, V Paisley’s Little Chief. do lge 1 & res, K Fraser’s Lovat Meadowsweet; 2, Gray & Duncan’s Pipers Black Bryony; 3, E Thomson’s Ravenscairn Demon. do part-bred 1, L Whiteford’s Aldwych Arabesque; 2, K Murdoch’s Dilwys Northern Echo. LR/FR ( Mrs D Staveley) Colne M&M LR 1 & res, K Stewart’s Dukeshill Forever Friend; 2, Mr & Mrs Bertram’s Phildon Bounce; 3, L Robertson’s Tallares Whiskey Mac. Waxwing M&M FR 1 & ch, C McKnight’s Roseisle Bewildered; 2, H Larson’s Silver Silhouette; 3, Tallares Whiskey Mac. part-bred ridden (Mrs J Jack) 1 & part-bred res, M Nicoll’s Naderson Goodwill; 2, L Cochrane’s Daichristu Mystic Quest; 3, S Hoggans’ Bracon Pied Piper. open ridden (Mrs D Staveley) Llanarth M&M sml 1, E Crate’s Blainslie Valentine; 2, M Nicoll’s Rosevale Silver Sonnet; 3, L Keay’s Rosedust Wild Flower. do lge 1, ch & ridden sup, J McKnight’s Ty’reos Sir Ken; 2 & res, R Deptford’s Thorneyside The Toff; 3, S Tait’s Oughtrington Red Rose. M&M nov ridden (Mrs J Jack) sml 1, G Whitaker’s Cargen Quaver; 2, A Normand’s Araglen Flying Fox; 3, C Cumming’s Pantaclydden Dafydd. do lge 1, ch & res ridden sup, J Somervail’s Rockmor Sable; 2 & res, Z Sanders’ Hayselden Thalia; 3, A Jamieson’s Rhillas Copper Coin. members ridden (Mrs J Jack) lge 1 & ch, P Burnie’s Broughton Black Prince; 2, Ty’reos Sir Ken; 3, L Cochrane’s Daichristu Mystic Quest. sml 1, E Crate’s Blainslie Valentine; 2, L Keay’s Rosedust Wild Flower; 3, E McCulloch’s Greenbarrow Grandee. LR 1 & res, Dukeshill Forever Friend; 2, F Stewart’s Brwmstan Cloe; 3, P Simpson’s Lippins Cornet. FR 1, K Stewart’s Bryndefaid Angus; 2, Roseisle Bewildered; 3, A Newry’s Greenpark Benjamin. fancy dress (Mrs Hogg) 1, Mr & Mrs Bertram’s Mistylaw Lady; 2, Blainslie Valentine; 3, E Simpson’s Lippens Cornet.

    NPS AREA 4 FOAL Mill Lane Stables, Brayton, nr Selby, 9 November

    RP foal (Miss H Barton) 122cm 1, C Bolton & A Shardlow’s Waitwith Briar Rose; 2, Mrs Sanderson’s Colandra Pride; 3, Mrs Jarman’s Waitwith Fleur. 128cm 1, Mrs Charlesworth’s Centurion Showtime; 2, D Kersey’s Sanateview Miss Ellie; 3, T Kersey’s Gipsyville Averice. 148cm 1 & ch, Mrs Shirt’s Poppyfields Pirouette; 2, Mrs Grimshaw’s Moluccas Dark Ginger. part-bred/Anglo Arab foal 1, Moluccas Dark Ginger. Light Horse foal 1, D Hinde’s Becca Royal Bounty. HP foal 1, D & S Kersey’s Senateview Senator. PB foal 1, D Kersey’s Senateview Miss Ellie; 2, Centurion Showtime; 3, Gipsyville Averice. Welsh foal (Mr A Anderson) sec D 1, Dearnevalley Gol Bullion; 2, B Davison & A Curley’s Okeden Daffodil. sec C 1, Mrs Plumb’s Tranmoor Tegan; 2, S Holmes’ Tranmoor Royale; 3, Caebryn Fran. sec A colt 1, Mrs Farrow’s Waitwith Tornado; 2, Mrs Callender’s Waitwith Request; 3, S Eddleston’s Babandod Calan Mai. do filly 1, Mrs Heppenstall’s Blackhill Flo; 2, Mrs Farrow’s Waitwith Juliet; 3, Mrs Jarman’s Waitwith Fleur. sec B colt 1, T Kersey’s Laithehill Neptune; 2, Mrs Sanderson’s Colandra Pride. do filly 1, T Kersey’s Gipsyville Tudor Rose; 2, Mrs Lount’s Springers Annabell; 3, D & A Schofield’s Gunthwaite Sugar Plum. M&M foal (Miss S Coles) sml brd 1, D Hinde’s Pumphill Cascart; 2, Mrs Cambage’s Roecliffe Foxes Path. lge brd 1, S Roberts & J Fairclough’s Odhran Of Langley; 2, S Roberts & J Fairclough’s Lottie Of Langley. do not exc 122cm 1, Waitwith Request; 2, S Kersey’s Littlebriars Breeze. nov foal 1, V Goldsborough’s Woodbiew Fiocco. do M & M 1, Waitwith Briar Rose. home-bred 1, Gipsyville Tudor Rose; 2, S Eddleston’s Babandod Calan Mai. foal not bred by exhibitor 1, Waitwith Briar Rose; 2, Mrs Jarman’s Waitwith Fleur; 3, A Shardlow’s Waitwith Peeping Tom. M&M ridden (Miss V Compton) LR 1, Mrs Anderson’s Brockwood Wild Poppy; 2, Mrs Gibson’s Dukeshill Madonna; 3, Roberts & Fairclough’s Mojo Of Mowbray. FR 1, Mr Price’s Hulme Nightshade; 2, Mrs Smith’s Rinnes Playmate; 3, Mrs Genders’ Windbourne Organza. nov sml brd 1, Mrs Neal’s Gigman Sandpiper; 2, Mrs T Parkin’s Hilin Belle; 3, Mrs Gibson’s Rushton Billy. lge brd 1, Mrs Shackleton’s Broughton Dictator; 2, Mrs Wallace’s Chrestamanci. open sml brd 1, Mrs C Thackray’s Rolston Larkspur; 2, Mrs Staveley’s Barnell Adonis; 3, Mrs T Parkin’s Hilin Belle. lge brd 1, Mrs Cockroft’s Bawdsey Elaine; 2, Broughton Dictator; 3, Mrs Froggart’s Penycrug Rhodri.

    SWCPA FOAL Somerset, 9 November

    M&M foal n/exc 148cm (Mr J V Helme) 1 & res, H Horler’s Fofsway Kingfisher; 2, Mrs Pollett’s Polborne Raindance. M&M in-hand (Foals) Sml Brds (exc Welsh) 1, K Hodge’s Sharptor Dubonney; 2, N Coll’s Collstone Capricious; 3, J Drinkwater’s Jenson Of Jopa. Welsh sec A 1, J Padfield’s Dukeshill Delia; 2, J Hawkins’s Rosark Samara; 3, M Cook’s Pendre Leading Lady. sec B 1, A Allen’s Welltrek Rolo. sec D 1 & ch & sup, Saith Stud’s Saith Black Storm; 2, J Vosper’s Riverlands Independence; 3, T Dibble’s Rymal Edric George. owner-bred foal M&M 1, Welltrek Rolo; 2, Jenson Of Jopa. foal to make LR (A James) 1, H Horler’s Baybrook Toyboy; 2, Polborne Raindance; 3, Rosark Samara. col foal1, Polborne Raindance; 2, S Nash’s Sam; 3, Halstock/Stepley Stud’s Halstock Marksman. hunter foal 1, S Wilkinson’s Drenrow Special Request; 2, V Woodland’s Candlewood Connection. comp H/P foal 1, Drenrow Special Request; 2, V Woodland’s Candlewood Connection. Arab pure/Anglo foal 1, Fofsway Kingfisher; 2, P Hannay’s Aziza; 3, N Pearson-Bish’s Powys All That Jazz. SP/RP 1, ch & res sup, Fofsway Kingfisher; 2, Baybrook Toyboy; 3, Powys All That Jazz. SHP foal 1, Chanlee Showman. owner-bred foal (non M&M) 1 & res ch, Baybrook Toyboy; 2, Polborn Raindance; 3, Drenrow Special Request. nov LR 1, Thomas Family’s Jackets Star Turn; 2, B Fields’s Rowfantina Peek-A-Boo; 3, S Woha’s Treowan Rhian. beg FR 1, Mr & Mrs Hill’s Rosedale Elixir; 2, M Charles Torbants Jessica Rabbit; 3, Mrs Clinnick/Skelley’s Cottrell Camelia. PUK Conf Nov SP LR 1, T Gibson’s Milford Mayflower; 2, Mr Goodman’s Lechlade Mint; 3, L Wilson’s Perryditch Cornelius. do FR 1, L Stewart’s Bracken Rigg Blenheim Mae; 2, Cottrell Camelia; 3, K Elbourn’s Rosedale Esquire. SHP LR 1 & res, C Mills’s Gigman Leonardo; 2, S Colwill’s Cwmidern Lyric; 3, S Colwill’s Ardenall Samsara. SHP FR 1, K Always’s Bradmore Raindance; 2, L Stewart’s Bracken Rigg Blenheim Mae; 3, Perryditch Cornelius. jnr open ridden n/exc 138cm 1, Rosedale Esquire; 2, J Joules’s Cusop Borderman; 3, Mrs Little’s Warleigh Buretta. exc 138cm 1 & ch, J Joules’s Blaircourt Fleur De Nuit; 2, J Averis’s Greenacres Blue Peter; 3, P Hannay’s Tyler. PUK jnr ridden M&M sml brds 1 & res ch, E Webber’s Tricula Morning Wren; 2, A Rickerby’s Lemonshill Peter Piper; 3, M Whitlock’s Greycott Inspiration. lge brds 1, H Pearce’s Wyebrook Càriad; 2, J Taylor’s Greenholne Kite; 3, K Williams’s Sydenham Gooseberry. M&M Ridden (S Linden) Shet/Dart/Ex 1 & res ch, J Lonsdale/S Grange’s Waterside Genisis; 2, Cozens/Hodge’s Stepley Tiffanney. Welsh sec A&B 1, Lemonshill Peter Piper; 2, K Elbourn’s Cadlanvalley Showman; 3, Tricula Morning Wren. Connemara/NF/Sec C 1, J Pound’s Moorcorner Minstrel III; 2, H Twine’s Mainline Royal Star. Dales/Fell/Highland/Sec D 1 & ch, C Pearse’s Blaengwen Sion Aled; 2, T Good’s Severnvale Sophie; 3, M Jeffery’s Ollerset Prince. hack in-hand (D Collinson) 1, A Pitman’s Foxhill Tereman, 2, A Hosegood’s Whitegates Sunley View. RH 1, A Hosegood’s Whitegates Thingy’s Role, 2; C&D Ratcliffe’s Dunnicks DoDah, 3; A Hosegood’s Whitegates Simley View. hunter 1, K Hawking’s Diamond Blush; 2, L Robin’s Wildlake Tigerlily; 3, Dunnicks DoDah. M&M y’stck 1, J Padfield’s Glebedale Zarina; 2, S Taylor’s Amber; M&M 4-y-o+ 1, K Poole’s Mystic Merchered Billy Boy. Arab & Anglo y’stk 1, Glebedale Zerina; 2, P Mainwright’s Harry Potter; 3, C Fowler’s Destiny’s Diamond. 4-y-o+ 1, Blaircourt Fleur De Nuit; 2, S Tyne’s Russian Lace; 3, C Jones’s Bandozaro. veteran 1, K Hussey’s Bonnie; 2, Mrs B Bourns’s Whalton Seventh Heaven. col y’stk 1, Kelly’s Riverford Love Song; 2, L Robins’s Widlake Tigerlily; 3, L Robin’s Widlake Waterlily. col 4-y-o+ 1, J Wood’s Ardlea A Valentine; 2, D Kersey’s Bashful Bobby Dazzler; 3, B Field’s Just My Colour. comp horse 1 & ch, Whitegates Thingy’s Role; 2, A Pitman’s Foxhill Termon; 3, K Rollitt’s Diptford Distant Dreams; comp pony 1, Riverford Love Song; 2, M Brown’s Sprattsdown Indiana; 3, J Mills’s Jessica. SP y’stk 1, C Baker’s Bronycoed Discovery; 2, S Halford’s My Boy. SP 4-y-o+ 1, Ardenhall Samsara; 2, K Williams Romany River Charisma. HP y’stk 1, Kelly’s Canworthy Copper Reflection; 2, J Woodland Harri Parri; 3, S Halford’s My Boy.HP 4-y-o+ 1 Ardlea A Valentine; 2, J Burn’s Tilly; 3, B J Bartlett’s Millies Midsummer Magic. owner-bred y’stk 1 & res, Riverford Love Song; 2, Widlake Tigerlily; 3, Widlake Waterlily. M&M sml y’ling 1, P Cox’s Hawkwell By Design; 2, L Rose’s Bunbury Plato. sml 2-3-y-o 1, M Cook’s Littlewern Ivy; 2, N Coll’s Stourton Bellisomo; 3, C J Black’s Gellincoe Armani lge 2-3-y-o 1 & ch, J Woodland’s Gelli-Haf Harvey; 2, J Pring’s Penstacan Amos; 3, Saith Stud Saith Magical Amber. sml 4-y-o+ 1, J Jones Swinford Paper Lady; 2, Cozens Family Stepley Oscar; 3, T Hook’s Pistyll Pauline. lge do 1 & res ch, P Cox’s Popsters Sayparee; 2, T Good’s Underwood Icarus; 3, J Pound’s Cocum Fairytail. SWPA Saith/Stepley Breeders Challenge (owner-bred) M&M 4-y-o+ 1, Stepley Oscar. PUK Colne M&M LR 1, Celtic Stud’s Birchenoak Tornado; 2, T Gibson’s Milford Mayflower; 3, D Plumb’s Templedruid Hywel. PUK Waxwing M&M FR 1 & ch, B Moore’s Rubilin Rambo; 2 Waterside Genisis; 3, Mrs Goodman’s Brierdene Golden Nuggett. SWPA Young Handlers 4-7-y-o 1, T Hook’s William; 2, S Hawken’s Pantycoed Aladdin; 3, Cwmiderw Lyric. PUK Young Handlers 7-14-y-o 1, T Hodges’s Jobanker Merry Mink; 2, L Langdon’s Copsmead Mojo; 3,Mystic Merchered Billy Boy. 14-y-o+ 1, J Pring’s Penstacan Amos; 2, Bronycoed Discovery; 3, Gellincoe Armani. nov ridden SP (exc M&M) n/exc 148cm (E Newman) 1, B Field’s Sam. nov SP n/exc 153cm 1, C Mills’s Diamond Keara; 2, B Field’s Penny; 3, N Frost’s Rosslayne Andy Pandy. nov rid int 1 & ch, A Fowler’s Crafton King Of Swing. nov ridden hack/RH 1, Crafton King Of Swing; 2, Ardlea A Valentìne. nov ridden M&M sml brds 1 & res ch, K Poole’s Brynvayne Cadog; 2, Rowfantina Peek-a-Boo; 3, Thomas Family’s Ronson Samtan. lge brds 1, Underwoods’s Icarus; 2, Ms Broad/Dymott’s Galleyhill Allouette; 3, Mrs Snonshell’s Total Eclipse. PUK Mirage SHP n/exc 122cm (P Linden) 1, Bradmore Raindance; 2, T Symes’s Spirit; 3, K Westaway’s Star. 122-158cm 1, S Jobson’s Chester Springs; 2, E Sayer’s Dinsdale King Of Clubs; 3, B Field’s Royal Colours. PUK Cedarwood Comp H/P n/exc 148cm 1, Jobanker Merry Mink; 2, S Woha’s Blackford Christie; 3, C Cowling’s Farnadol. exc 148cm 1, Chester Springs; 2, C Mills/S Daly’s Wtwddy Solo; 3, W Barke’s Temple Miss. PUK part-bred ridden 1, C Burrow’s Devon Aratzi; 2, Jobanker Merry Mink; 3, Romany River Charisma. ridden pure/part/Anglo-Arab 1, Blaircourt Fleur De Nuit; 2, A Davies Penny Hill Pinscher; 3, J Dixon’s Silver Zahjeyd. ridden RP 1, C Burrows’s Devon Aratzi; 2, J Joules’s Cusop Borderman; 3, P Hosegood’s Charma Swift Dragonfly. ridden RH 1, C Cooper’s Trevarth Starlett; 2, W Barke’s Temple Miss; 3, V Ridge’s Flightline Atlanta. ridden hunter 1 & ch, J Hallt’s Waterloo III. ridden col 1, N Mills’s Creephole Late Arrival; 2, S Elliott’s Flying Colors; 3, T Shields’s Flying Colours. ridden cob 1 & res, J Pring’s Just Timothy. nov WHP (A Dunn) mini n/exc 122cm 1, K Westaway’s Highglen Crammon; 2, Bradmore Raindance. n/exc 133cm 1 & res ch, Blackford Christie; 2, Dinsdale King Of Clubs; 3, A Fellingham’s Howen Frosty. nov M&M WHP 1, M Jeffery’s Ollerset Prince; 2, K Westerway’s Broomells McKenzie; 3, Cocum Fairytail. nov WHP open n/exc 153cm 1 & ch, B White’s Blue Print; 2, C Haynes’s Candy; 3, Farandol. nov WHP open horse exc 148cm 1, C Mills/S Daly’s Wiweldy Solo; 2, S Brown’s The Done Thing. LR WHP M&M 1 & ch, Brierdene Golden Nuggett; 2, S Horton’s Pendock Cactus; 3, D Hayman’s Llangaron Minstrel. WHP open LR 1 & res ch, D Ward’s Twylands Pagean; 2, Gigman Leonardo. mini WHP cradle stakes 1, L Matraver’s Morwyn Bronze Festival; 2, K Always’s Bradmore Sundance; 3, Broomells McKenzie. nursery stakes 1, J Gaukroger’s Peasdown Banquet; 2, C Wall’s Roseisle Maid Of Honour; 3, C Norton’s Porsha’s Charlie Brown. WHP n/exc 133cm 1, Mrs Matravers Bradmore Tomkin; 2, J Fioner’s Brookhill Flowering; 3, Roseisle Maid Of Honour. 133-143cm 1, K Oliver’s Knight Storm Silver Mist; 2, D Stock’s Total Eclipse. 143-153cm 1, K Always’s Cambrian Rashaaqa; 2, E Webber’s Tollerhays Fescue. open WH exc 148cm 1, A Bracoy’s Red Alert. M&M nursery stakes 1, Morwyn Bronze Festival; 2, V Goody’s Nefydd Chanter; 3, K Westaway’s Blaenpentra Showman. M&M WHP n/exc 122cm 1 & res ch, Broomells McKenzie; 2, Morwyn Bronze Festival; 3, S Please’s Northlands Sweet Pea. 122-138cm 1 & Ch, J Gaukroger’s Peasdown Banquet; 2, Cherrytop Stud’s Trewithian Kelpie; 3, Mainline Royal Star.

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