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  • CROCKSTEAD PARK EC Halland, Sussex, 29-30 September

    (Mrs A Blaker) BSPS/P(UK) Lord Frederick NS 1, J Marsh-Smith’s Fairlight Touchwood; 2, R James’s Generous George. BSPS mixed height nov 1, S Roberts’s Caroworth Pendant; 2,B Williams’s Saran Spring Morning; 3, G Furness’s Music Man Of Havenhurst. BSPS open/P(UK) Colne WHP not exc 133cms 1, Generous George; 2, Fairlight Touchwood; 3, A Jones’s Maggie Brown. 133-143cms 1 & ch, L Percy’s Chinook Nemesis; 2, Music Man Of Havenhurst; 3, Mrs Hendriksen’s Barnaby Bay. 143-153cms 1 & res, Mrs Challenger’s Sidney Youngblood. (Mrs J Elston) BSPS open/P(UK) Prestfield Rosettes LR 1, Mrs Jailler & Mrs Powell’s Cadnam Caradoc; 2, D Checkley’s Rosedale Trousseau; 3, S Coward’s Xavius Diamond Life. BSPS/P(UK) Prestfield Rosette Cosford Promise FR 1, Johnson & Phillips’s Jobanker Tommy Tittlemouse; 2, Mr & Mrs Coulstack’s Owlhead Piper; 3, J Moyers’s Cosford Venetia. BSPS mixed height nov SHP 1, C Purkis’s Snowhill Leonardo; 2, Music Man Of Havenhurst; 3, I Furness’s Lucifer. BSPS open pony SHT 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Oates’s Yealand Chapter; 2 & res, F Watherson’s Whalton Cadet; 3, J Swanston-Murphy’s Trelawn Olympic Star. BSPS nov SP 1 & res, Jobanker Tonny Tittlemouse. BSPS nov SP/P(UK) Brineton Engineering ridden SP ch 1 & ch, V Bremner’s Woodstreet Command Performance; 2, S Powell’s Blue Stone Sapphire; 3, Owlhead Piper. M&M (Mrs M Tarran-Jones) Crockstead Nov 1, K James’s Highland Justice; 2, S Roberts’s Rowfantina Sunset; 3, T Strapp’s Waitwith Ruby. Shearwater WHP Ch not exc 122cms 1 & res, Mrs O’Brien’s Gryngallt Playsome; 2, N Barnett’s Shilstone Rocky Rough Mountain; 3, Waitwith Ruby. 122-138cms 1, P Keegan’s Ernford Bellisima; 2, M Hoare’s Stypewood Syherelee. ex 138cms 1 & ch, J Norton’s Burnmoor Rhodri; 2, J Collins’s Coryn Victory; 3, A Vesty’s Kentchurch casanova. Glynn Greenwood Memorial in-hand sml 1, L Buchanan-Jackson’s Ulverscroft Capacino; 2, Hibbert & sargent’s Wharley Sandstorm; 3, M Breach’s Waitwith Sedona. lge 1, J Hobden’s Blaengwen Gazzer. Lobster Pot LR Ch 1 & ch, O Small’s Rowfantina Orchidacious; 2 & 3, Mrs Barr’s Waitwith Julio & Lacey Targed. Brineton FR 1, res & 3, N Barnett’s Springwood Della Robbier & Follywood Fantasy; 2, I Buchanan-Jackson’s Max Rudolph Of Isenhurst. Dalkeith Jnr Ridden Ch sml 1, Mr & Mrs O’Brien’s Wian Angharad; 2, J Dawson’s Stockham Rosa; 3, J Bourne’s Haven Justin. lge 1, Shilstone Rocky Rough Mountain; 2, S Bradford’s Talynau Congressman; 3, K Willoghby’s Starborough Constance. Kingsford RP of the Year Ch sml 1 & res, Mr & Mrs O’Brien’s Wian Playboy; 2, Wian Angaharad; 3, Haven Justin. lge 1 & ch, Shilstone Rocky Rough Mountain; 2, Burnmoor Rhodri; 3, Talynau Congressman.

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