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ANGUS Brechin Castle, 28-29 June

heavy horse (P Drummond): geld1, Cargill & McPherson’s The Maverick; 2, A Govan’s Glenskenno Bill; 3, B Cameron. yeld mare1, ch & sup, D Greenhill’s Fordelhill Lady Margaret; 2, A Greenhill’s Tulloes Mary Ann; 3, T Gillies’ Heatherwick Lady Luck. b’mare1, D Greenhill’s Fordelhill Spring Flower; 2, D Dargie’s Durie-Meg; 3, C Jamieson’s Powburn Guinevere. foal1, D Greenhill’s Fordelhill Baby Belinda; 2, C Jamieson’s Powburn Arthur; 3, D Dargie’s Durie-Jake. y’ling filly1, A Greenhill’s Tulloes Flora. 2-y-o1 & res, A & C Drummond’s Pitreuchie Lady Ellie; 2, I McIntosh’s Grayburn Lady Pamela. 1/2-y-o geld/colt1, K Cargill’s Black Prince; 2, A Myles; 3, D & E Proctor’s Cameron Of Fordelhill. M&M (C Storey): sml b’mare1, Mr & Mrs P Millar’s Greyoaks Carol; 2, S Scott’s Tullibardine My Fare Lady; 3, L Cameron’s Bureside Saphire. foal1, Mr & Mrs P Millar’s Param Commander; 2, L Cameron’s Goldwood Sapphira; 3, S Scott’s Oddies Lady Louellen. yeld mare/geld1, S Scott’s Criccieth Evana; 2, G & S Bruce’s Tullibardine Shayla; 3, E Hill’s Tullibardine Autumn Tints. 2/3-y-o filly/geld1, D McCaul’s Boston Bright Eyes; 2, S Scott’s Oddies Eclipse; 3, Mr & Mrs P Millar’s Param Holly. y’ling1, S Scott’s Oddoes El Dorado; 2, G & S Bruce’s Incheoch Georgie Girl; 3, Mr & Mrs P Millar’s Param Cloud. lge: 1/2-y-o filly/geld1, R Manson’s Marchell Excalabur.mare/geld1 & res, C Lindsay’s Valleyfield Willow. ridden sml1 & res, D Skinner’s Roseisle Consort; 2, R Hill & A Anderson’s Tullibardine Autumn Tints; 3, D Skinner’s Roseisle Mary Mouse. lge1, ch & res sup, C Lindsay’s Valleyfield Willow; 2, M Thomson’s Tegoz First Lady; 3, L Santer’s Capricho Hi Mac. stallion1, ch & res sup, Mr & Mrs P Millar’s Pinina Firedrake; 2, Crainnaig Stud’s Fronarth Lennox; 3, Mr & Mrs P Millar’s Abergavenny Marcus. Shetland (J Wilson): b’mare1, R Wilson’s Merrylees Dawn; 2, D & E Ramsay’s North Wells Morning Glory; 3, W Robertson’s Clashandorran Review. foal1, R Wilson’s Riverview Dazzle; 2, W Robertson’s Hedderwick Romeo; 3, J Murray’s Mawcarse Elsa. y’ling1, K& A Scott’s Kerryston Rosety; 2, R Wilson’s Riverview Dana; 3, M Warren’s Mirkwood Rainsong. 2/3-y-o1, ch & res sup, R Provan’s Waulkmill Good Gracious; 2, C Marshall’s Struie Dena; 3, R Provan’s Waulkmill Forget-Me-Not. yeld mare1 & res, C Marshall’s Struie Danika; 2, K & A Scott’s Kerryston Rowan; 3, J Murray’s Cassochie Rhanana. stallion1, K & A Scott’s Kerryston Tristar; 2, D & E Ramsay’s Firth Jalopy. exhibitor-bred pair1, C Marshall; 2, K & A Scott; 3, W Robertson. non-black 4 & over1, M Warren’s Riccalton Flint. 3 & under1, D & E Ramsay’s Rampark Bright Morning. mini1, J Barr’s Swells Barron; 2, E Bruce’s Barflat Ace of Trumps; 3, D & E Ramsay’s Firth Jalopy. yng handler1, R Scott. Highland (M Turnbull): b’mare1 & res, K & W Taylor’s Selina of Caenlochan. foal1, K & W Taylor. yeld mare1, R Stewart’s West Lodge Amy; 2, A Barron’s Kincardine Biddy; 3, K Lawson & W Sinclair’s Lochlands Mandolin. 2/3-y-o filly1, A Barron’s Kincardine Gael; 2, W Allan’s Melinda of Millfield; 3, Mr & Mrs A Ballentine’s Burnside Pennyghael. y’ling1, ch & sup, K Lawson & W Sinclair’s Lochlands Magic Flute; 2, W Allan’s Mayrose of Millfield; 3, Mr & Mrs A Ballantyne’s Burnside Quintessa. geld1, Mr & Mrs A Ballantyne’s Burnside Kestrel; 2, E Blackie’s Newton Charlie; 3, S Milne’s Strathmore Rowan. ridden1, S Ruxton’s Drambuie of Glenmarkie; 2, West Lodge Amy; 3, F & A McIntosh’s Bhride ofDalbrack. yng handler1, Drambuie of Glenmarkie; 2, S Yeaman’s Glenbanchor Canna; 3, Mr & Mrs F Lawson’s Vaila of Strathmore. hunter in-hand (P Stirling): b’mare1, G Nicol’s Ambersky; 2, S McDonald’s Krackatoa of South Esk; 3, L Mowatt’s Royal Star Magic. foal1, S McDonald’s Mickey of South Esk; 2, G Nicol’s Krystal; 3, L Mowatt’s Magical Dragon. y’ling1, res & res sup, M Reid’s Vicky B; 2, M McKay’s November Rain; 3, K Neilson’s Maybe. 2-y-o1, L Mackay’s Mayday; 2, F Stewart’s Annie Oakley; 3, L Strang’s Bally Noe Midnight. 3-y-o1, sup & light horse res sup, D & J Reid’s Max; 2, G Nicol’s Rebell Castle. ridden sml1 & ch, E Pope’s Cool Knight; 2, J Keillor’s Gainsborough Fox; 3, E Graham’sTaliesan West. lge1 & res, F Ross’s Stoney River; 2, D Webster’s Naseby; 3, H Mackie’s Bally Money. RP in-hand (Mrs Lane): 3 & under1, R Kelbie’s Lyndrose Cat Walk; 2, D McCaul’s Boston Bright Eyes; 3, F Stewart’s Kia. yeld mare/geld1 & res, A Efthymiou’s Harlaw Scarlett Ribbons; 2, E Pope’s Rosemoor Midnight Touch; 3, D McCaul’s Landswood Diamond Trader. SP (P Aitken): LR1 & ch, Prof E Gammie’s Cadlan Valley Fairy Story; 2, J Readhead’s Kirkston Skylark. FR1 & res, M Nicoll’s Bracon Cover Girl; 2, J Niven’s Goldie. 128cm1, ch & sup, M Nicoll’s Bracon Toytown; 2, D Skinner’s Roseisle Mary Mouse; 3, D Skinner’s Roseisle Consort. 138cm1 & res, E Pope’s Rosemoor Midnight Touch; 2, D McRonald’s Camorland Royale Dalmenny. 148cm1, D McRonald’s Aytounhill Midnight Express. turn-out1, J Keillor’s Moorcroft Golden Legend; 2, J Gallier’s Hollytree Garland. WHP (E Steele): nov1 & ch, J Niven’s Steely Blue; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs D Mather’s Rebel. SHP (P Aitken): 122cm1 & ch, M Nicoll’s Naderson Goodwill; 2, T Reppe-Roverselli’s Tonto. 153cm1 & res, L Scott’s Fair Taffeta; 2, L Santer’s Bowdell Beau Geste; 3, R Beharrell’s Latheron Lieutenant. WH (P Stirling): nov1 & ch, F Ross’s Stoney River; 2, J Gray’s Bigwig; 3, M Thomson’s Raisa. Arab (S Fraser): Anglo/PB male1 & sup, V Mylius’s Apres Moi; 2, J Brand’s Downies Kings Secret; 3, Performance Arabians’ Silver Frosted Charisma. female1 & res sup, Harlaw Scarlett Ribbons; 2, L Tait’s Downies Leading Lady; 3, L Scott’s Fair Taffeta. pure-bred male1 & ch, V Mylius’s Flaxman’s Sid; 2, L Miller’s Virgil; 3, S Calder’s Lirico. female1 & res, L Tait’s Zaffia; 2, J Moir’s Salleem; 3, Mr & Mrs A Bruce’s Ringing Eowyn. Anglo/PB ridden1 & res, Fair Taffeta; 2, D McRonald’s Camorland Royale Dalmenny; 3, L Santer’s Bowdell Beau Geste. pure-bred1 & ch, Flaxman’s Sid; 2, M Thomson’s Raisa; 3, S Calder’s Lirico. coloured (K Scott): ridden1 & ch, J Valentine’s Keetje Tipple; 2 & res, W Blain’s Ravensby Braveheart; 3, C Oudney’s Genie. 3 & under1, J Anderson’s Pollyanna; 2, L Mowatt’s Magical Image; 3, F Stewart’s Annie Oakley. RH (J Jack): sml1 & res, T Reppe-Roverselli’s Morrice Cheval; 2, Lirico; 3, E-J Murray’s Be My Guest. lge1 & ch, J Readhead’s Aberandy; 2, M Inglis’s Brenda’s Brian.


pure-bred in-hand (S Eberhardt): y’ling filly jnr1 & jnr fem ch, D Smith’s Alilah Ghaaliyah; 2 & res, C Chillingworth’s Naramia; 3, E Jones’s Lianna. snr1, S Lugrin’s Aazaria; 2, L Carter’s Khara; 3, J Lowe’s Zahra bint Sayalan. 2-y-o1, M Gamlin’s MG Saffire; 2, M Hickford’s AJA Santasia; 3, J Lowe’s FS Cinderella. 3-y-o1, Carr & McCormick’s Shifali; 2, M Hickford’s AJA Ceceilia; 3, D Smith’s Movinka. mare with foal1, A Ware’s Meenah; 2, H Gough’s Affinity. foal1, A Ware’s Meenuki; 2, H Gough. barren mare: jnr1 & res snr female, N Arnold’s Satin Lady; 2, J Paget’s Bint Al Jiwan; 3, G Cairn’s BJA Savannah. do, snr1 & res sup, Chillingworth’s Kasharima; 2, N Stephen’s Aloysia; 3, W Carr’s Ewoluta. pure in-hand male (A Hedley): y’ling colt1 & res jun male, Biles, Spencer & Despy’s MG Dubai; 2, W Howell’s Estisha; 3, S Richard’s Lumiere. do, snr1, S George’s SG Baryshnikov; 2, Carr&Rodger’s Psyche’s Boy; 3, L Smith’s Aameer. 2-y-o colt1, Keen & Griffith’s Mykah; 2, S Clyma’s Gladiator; 3, C Chrisholm’s AH Djava Bey. 3-y-o1 & jun male ch, K Gore’s EA Azniah Shaklan; 2, P Bunt’s Eddashaan; 3, L Maryon’s Mazeer ibn Maarouf. jnr geld1 & geld ch, H Hill’s Prestige; 2, C Ward’s Kingslea Kadinski. snr1 & res, W Howell’s Shaylas Attraction; 2, K Gore’s Shada; 3, D Tryhorn’s El Carmelle. jnr stallion1 &s up ch, G Teague’s Ffoenix; 2 & res snr male, A Prothero’s Akhenaten; 3, C Fowler’s RV Heir Apparent. int1, M Parfitt’s Oroyon’s Prince; 2, W Carr’s Om El Shaheen; 3, A Davis’s Applauz. snr1, P Lindsay’s Edeon; 2, Y Jaundrell’s Az Zeem; 3, R Thomas’s Ali Nebal. palomino in-hand (G Colbourne): y’ling1 & ch, P Gribben’s Shulay Gold Rush; 2, P Thornhill’s Zyda Dancing Chardonay; 3, M Norris’s Bordersley Golden Sparkle. 2/3-y-o1, C Hassell’s Pewit Dancing Master; 2, J Duke’s Meillon Golden Mist. 4 & over1, D Webb’s Colebridge Miracle Gold; 2, S Cousin’s Krysto Easter Surprise; 3, M Edwards’s Shulay Silver’n’Gold. yng handler (P Field)1, J Blunt; 2, J O’Grady; 3, C Cartmale. veteran in-hand1, S Cole’s Vlacq Garnet. ridden1, A Boyle’s Brimblemere Valient; 2, Vlacq Garnet. Anglo/pb in-hand (A Angold): 3 & under1, 2 & 3, N Hutton-McKenzie’s Mettlewood Francescas Gem, Mettlewood Jubilee Tribute & Mettlewood Sheer Divine. mare1 & ch fem, R Barton’s Whalton Blues Singer; 2 & res, M Morgan’s Sameon Eternal Elegance; 3, C Mason’s Enrica. geld1 & res male, A Ray’s Wrenthorpe Romeo; 2, R Barton’s Oakhayes Lord of the Dance; 3, D May’s Moonshine Gamble. stallion1 & ch male, A Watkin’s Breinton Royal Pageant. ridden (N Fuller): rest1, M Wragg’s Muzaliah; 2, A Boyle’s HS Azure; 3, R Georgeson’s White China Bay. YR1, Z King; 2, C Dabbs; 3, N Herbert. HOYS pure-bred mare1, C Dabb’s Ramilla; 2, Z King’s Crystal Sahara; 3, C Phillip’s Aurellia. geld1 & res, A Boyle’sMaleikero; 2, S George’s Luzhana’s Stargazer; 3, C Ratcliffe’s Nayinski. stallions1 & ch, R Titterington’s Shadow Blue; 2, E Mann-Wernsten’s Notoriouz; 3, T Aggad’s Nimb. ridden Anglo (K Oldroyd): 153cm1, J Payne’s Sorayas Touch of Fidelity; 2, J King’s Lydden Bewitched; 3, R Hersey’s Elswood Georgian Lace. over 153cm1, S Linndsay’s Prince Oberon; 2, M Waring’s He’s A Diamond. nov1, Oakhayes Lord of the Dance; 2, H Owen’s Millyonair; 3, V Bicham’s Contmporary Times. pure-bred mare1 & ch, M Wragg’s Muzaliah; 2, M Harper’s Christi; 3, R Turner’s Cisowka. geld1, R Edward’s G Lazelot; 2, A Randall’s Zayyani; 3, C Thorne’s Kaaih. stallion1, P Lindsay’s Edeon; 2, E Duggan’s Al Galero; 3, P Crick’s G Absolut.

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