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  • SW WPCS FOAL SHOW Newhall EC, Nr Exeter. 2 November

    Mr Richard Miller (Heniarth): Section A: colt or gelding foal 1 & res, Mr & Mrs S Franklin’s Springbourne Envoy; 2, Mrs A Cooper’s Crossmoor Patron. do filly 1 & ch & res foal & res supreme, Mr & Mrs S Franklin’s Sarum Rose Marie; 2, Mrs J Johns’ Trehelig Margharita; 3, Mrs A Cooper’s Crossmoor Hy Hope. Yling 1 & res, Mrs H Halpin’s Finglebridge Five Star; 2, Mrs P Block’s Little Park Lavender; 3, Mrs J Johns’ Trehelig Georgette. 2 & 3 yr old 1 & ch, Mrs J Wilson’s Putwell Crystal Ball; 2, Mrs M Alford’s Swinford Paper Lady; 3, Mrs C Block’s Crossmoor Hy Commander. Section B: Colt or gelding foal 1 & ch & ch foal & sup ch, Mrs Gay& Mrs Sleeman’s Lemonshill Topnote; 2 & res, Ms A Searle’s Jananda My Valentine; 3, Mrs J Hawkins’ Stockham Nickolai. Filly1,Mrs P Block’s Little Park Roxanna; 2, Mrs K Walters’ Holnest Little Madam; 3, Mrs T Kostyrka’s Eyford Pink Pearl.Yling 1, Mr & Mrs F Kellow’s Chywoon Scrumpy Jack; 2, Ms J Roberts’ Blackberry Pie. 2 & 3 yr old 1, Mrs J Pring’s Singmore Slipstream; 2, Mrs E Webber’s Millcroft Lafayette. Section C: Colt or gelding Foal 1 & res, Mrs D Collinson’s Stradana Storm Prince; 2, Mrs P Cox’s Tardebigge Lancer Man. Filly Foal 1 & ch, Mrs D Collinson’s Stradana Tamara. Section D: Filly Foal 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs D Pearse’s Heolyrhedyn Rosyn-y-Mynydd; 2 & res, Saith Stud’s Saith Magical Charm; 3, Miss R Folland’s Rosecombe Symphony’s Madonna. Yling 1 & ch, Ms J Westlake’s Copperhalt Hooray Henry; 2, Saith Stud’s Saith Magical Sapphire; 3, Mrs M McGuire’s Haniel Phoenix. 2 & 3 yr old 1 & res, Mrs P Cox’s TardebiggePrince William; 2, Mrs M-A McCrow’s Penstacan Mishak; 3, Mrs M McGuire’s Copperhalt Elouise. Welsh PB: Foal 1, Ms T Chapman’s Jubilee’s Golden Lady; 2, Mrs M-A McCrow’s Barrowhill Druidar; 3, Miss A Pattison’s Devon Prince. Yling 1, Ms J Joseph’s Zelahmoon Tarka; 2, Miss T Chapman’s Misty Morning Star; 3, Ms J Joseph’s Zelahlalonquera. 2 & 3 yr old 1, Mrs H Halpin’s Wellstan Aladdin; 2, Mrs S Costigan’s Copperhalt Starlight Attraction; 3, Mrs E Webber’s Dolau Mabon. M&M foal 1, Mrs K Walters’ Holnest Ceannabhan; 2, Ms T Morgan’s Sharptor Crofter; 3, Messrs Gunther & Hastie’s Roseasher Zephyr. RP/SHP foal 1, Ms C Howarth’s Barum Black Ice; 2, Mrs K Walters’ Holnest Ceannobhain. Riding Horse/Sports Horse/Hunter Foal 1, Ms T Chapman’s Jubilee’s Golden Lady; 2, Miss A Pattison’s Devon Prince.


    sec A (P Wilding-Davies) foal colt 1 ch & res, E French’s Forlan Ember; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs Franklin’s Springbourne Envoy; 3, A Fletcher & C Stein’s Weston Top Hat. filly 1, F French’s Forlan Julianna; 2, Mr & Mrs Franklin’s Sarum Rose Marie; 3, J White & P Hancox’s Auric Passion. y’lng 1 ch & sup, J Collorick’s Oldacres Coram; 2, J White & P Hancox’s Auric Chavez; 3, I Ball’s Vimpenny Sweet Sherrie. 2-y-o 1 & res, R Pinches’ Bushmoor Joe; 2, M Cook’s Littlewern Ivy; 3 S Butler’s Braghty Jasper. 3-y-o 1, E French’s Friars Abigail; 2, A Fletcher & C Stein’s Pendock Bridegroom, 3, C Harris’ Forlan Night Owl. sec B 1, Mr & Mrs Hussey’s Moonbeam. sec C (A Squires) foal colt 1 & res, R Jordan’s Ty’reos Kristian; 2, K Walters’ Pontardawe Bonheddwr; 3, C Morbey’s Cadfach Banerw. filly 1 ch & ch, D Jordan & A Abrahall’s Wyken Ladybird. y’ling 1, R Davies’ Hywi Prince William. 2/3-y-o 1 ch & res sup, R Davies’ Annod Tywysoges; 2, Hawling Lodge’s Carless Fay. sec D (Mrs Squires) foal colt 1 & res, Z & D Buckley’s Haniel Hades. filly 1 & ch, K Walters’ Tyrrlawn Meg; 2, P McCarthy’s Brynsleigh Maiya. y’lng 1 & ch, Z & D Buckley’s Haniel Malory Knox; 2, K Walters’s Haniel Lara Croft; 3, JSaint’s Southcoast Mr Tom. 2-y-o 1 & res, K Walters’s Cascob Valient Lady; 2, K Reynolds’s Hengwm Fantail. 3-y-o 1, T Bosworth’s Martleaves Halley’s Comet. RP (W Squires) foal exc 147cm 1, J Payne’s Windchats Rodney Bay. under 147cm 1 ch & 3, H Horler’s Baybrook Oakey Dokey & Colbeach Cantata; 2, N James’ Thistledown Fairy Lustre. M&M foal 1, Thistledown Fairy Lustre; 2, J Ball’s Pantmanwrs Just So. LR 1, J White & P Hancox’s Auric Druscilla; 2, S Wilkinson & R Froggatt’s Khyber Iliad; W Derrick’s Kirred Rhapsody. FR 1 & 2, Baybrook Oakey Dokey & Colbeach Cantata; 3, J Roberts’ Turandots Lucky Sundance. Welsh part-bred 1/3-y-o 1 & ch, P Hancox’s Ravara Jack Rabbit; 2, H Horler’s Hightops Magic Elf; 3, Mr & Mr Hussey’s Rundles April. M&M 1/3-y-o 1, Hengwm Fantail; 2, Littlewern Ivy; 3,W Derrick’s Gleiniant Sky Blue.

    GWENT WPCA FOAL & YOUNGSTOCK Monmouthshire, 3 November

    sec A (S Morgan) foal filly 1 ch & res, Mr & Mrs Mills’ Rookery Bo-Peep; 2 & res, K & J Sheil’s Dukeshill Chilibean; 3, G Wright’s Cwmhendy Bella. colt 1, S Crump’s Wernderris Ronaldo; 2, K & J Sheil’s Dukeshill Darcy; 3, K Woodland’s Trecelyn Gismo. 1/2-y-o 1, S Dutton-Smith’s Swingbridge Poppit; 2, J Bowerman’s Forlan Candy; 3, M Coulthard’s Waitwith Little Plum. 3-y-o 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Goggin’s Brynllewellyn Blodwen. sec B (C Morris) foal filly 1 & res, W Gwilliam’s Perrlngton Amethyst; 2, M Evans’s Defaelog Zara. colt 1 ch & res, E Tamplin’s Griashall Monarch. y’lng filly 1, S Radford’s Greenlinks Helisan. colt 1, E Tamplin’s Griashall Valentino; 2, K Bissmire’s Luanshya Tango. 2-y-o 1, Roblnson, Withers & Modplan’s Rhoson Shiraz. 3-y-o 1 ch & res sup, E Tamplin’s Duntarvie Titania. sec C (S Morgan) foal filly 1 res & res, J Merrick’s Brynithon Melody; 2, B & S Leonard’s Coed-Duon Henna; 3, S Williams’ Cilmaengwyn Seren-y-Glyn. colt 1 ch, ch & sup, J Bowerman’s Wynbrook Pacify; 2, B & S McDermott’s Tyrcoedbach Tomos, 3, C Anderson’s Trenewydd Glyndwr. sec D (H Williams) foal filly 1 & ch, J Merrick’s Brynithon Royal Princess; 2 & res, A Thomas’ Caederwen Capriati; 3, Mr & Mrs Mones’ Tycornel Princess. colt 1, A Thomas’ Brombil Trustful. y’ling S Williams’ Rhoslan Deilen Haf. 2-y-o filly 1 ch & sup, Mr & Mrs Vercauteren’s Medrus Lady Tara. colt 1 & res, M Morgan & C Robinson’s Willowcourt Tiger. 3-y-o 1, R Norris’ Tygelli Princess. RP (C Morris) foal 122cm 1 & res, Robinson, Withers & Modplan’s Hollyvale Toy Boy; 2, K Bissmire’s Nerrek’s Chocolate Statesman; 3, A Rees & K Cousin’s Treowen Charita. 147 cm 1, A Pritchard-Simmons’ Cupidhill Charisma. 1/3-y-o 122cm 1 & ch, C Campbell’s Barnsbrook Royal Portrait. 147cm 1, A Pritchard-Simmons’s Cupidhill Grand Marnier; 2, Robinson, Withers & Modplan’s Hollyvale Seralee; 3, Greenlinks Helisan. Welsh part-bred foal 1, Hollyvale Toy Boy; 2, Nerrek’s Chocolate Statesman. 1/3-y-o 1, Barnsbrook Royal Portrait; 2, Hollyvale Seralee.

    NPS WESSEX AREA 24 FOAL & Y’LNGHants, 3 November

    Welsh sec A (R Russell) foal 1, Miss C Reynold’s Blanche Mandarin; 2, Mr J Jones’s Lapstone Petrina; 3, Miss A Jewel’s Langarron Ebony Sky. y’lng 1, P Jones’s Dryffe Sheer Vanity. sec B foal 1, J Baker’s Oldacres Henrietta;2, J Bartlett & M Matthews’s Linghall Golden Prospect. sec C foal 1 & res sup foal, Mr P Willis’s Blaengwen Beverley Knight; 2, Mrs J Babey’s Brightlands Chardonnay; 3, W Keet’s Keeshan Renegade. y’lng 1, Mrs V Flux’s River Valley Amadeus. sec D foal 1, Mr B White’s Felinmor Distinction; 2, Mrs P Middleton’s Erddreiniog Josephine. y’lng 1, Mr N Snelling’s Cwmafon Taliesin. part-bred M&M foal 1, Mrs S Ripper’s Sharlen Dave The Rave; 2, Miss L James’s Arabesque; 3, Miss D Luck’s Lucksfield Tilly Trotter. y’lng 1, Mr & Mrs R Sampson’s Broadhurst Miss Muffett; 2, J Baker’s Classic Cameo; 3, G Page’s Phiman Foxy Lady. Shetland (W Toomer-Harlow) foal 1, P Nichols & P Slade’s Cheslyn Roscoe; 2 & res member foal, Mrs P Thompson’s Quietcorner Sunrise; 3, Mrs M Taylor’s Minsteed Serendipity. y’lng 1, T Banger’s Marillion Georgeo; 2, Mrs P Thompson’s Quietcorner Daisy Petal. M&M lge foal 1, Mrs C Green’s Priory Hooray Henry. y’lng 1 & sup y’lng, Mrs M Pearce’s Just Briar; 2 & res member y’lng, Miss F Biddle’s Fijal Giselle; 3, Mrs L Sims’s Knightwood Giglo. sml y’lng 1 & ch member y’ling, Mrs J Reeves’s Firsedge Rhapsody; 2, Mrs A Sprake’s Shilstone Captain Correlli. LR/FR y’lng 1, Classic Cameo; 2, Firsedge Rhapsody; 3, Broadhurst Miss Muffett. foal 1 & ch member foal, Mr J Jones’s Lapstone Xtreme; 2, Sharlen Dave The Rave; 3, Quietcorner Sunrise. RP foal 1 & sup foal, Mr & Mrs T Skeet’s Devon Touch Of Class; 2, Arabesque. y’lng 1, Fijal Giselle. Hack/RH y’lng 1, Mrs L Sims’s Honour Mission; 2, Mr A Bennett’s Roundhills Super Model. coloured (A Wareham) y’lng 1, Phiman Foxy Lady; 2, Marillion Georgeo. foal 1, Lucksfield Tilly Trotter. pure-bred/Anglo Arab/part-bred y’lng 1 & res sup y’ling, Hon F Guinness’s Erodium; 2, Roundhills Super Model; 3, Phiman Foxy Lady. foal 1, Devon Touch Of Class; 2, Hon F Guiness’s. HP y’lng 1, Just Briar; 2, Honour Mission; 3, Fijal Giselle. foal 1, Priory Hooray Henry; 2, Arabesque; 3, Lucksfield Tilly Trotter. ridden nov (A Pritchard) 138cms 1, Lady Gilbey’s Beckside Gold Dust; 2, Mrs M Bryant’s Wayland Crescendo; 3, MissT Snelling’s Botleigh Phantom. exc 138cms 1, Mrs M Bryant’s Luckington Lola; 2, Mrs E Holt’s Seawinds Vale Chorus; 3, Miss K Jones’s Huckleberry.

    ORWELL ARENA Ipswich, Suffolk, 3 November

    foal not exc 122cm 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Rodd’s Marons Crystal Charm; 2, M Butters’ Techon Gaynor. not exc 153cm 1, J Hickey’s C’est La Vie; 2, D Cooke’s Bureside Sunbeam. exc 153cm 1, ch & res sup, Mrs Lloyd’s Marshbrook Classic Encounter; 2, A Townsend’s Montique Wizard. foal Welsh sec A 1 & ch, Springlane Prosperity; 2, Idyllic Stud’s Idyllic Elena; 3, J Papworth’s Llafar Maria. M&M sml breeds 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Rodd’s Marons Empress; 2, Techon Gaynor. M&M lge breeds 1, MButters’ Tas Valley Megan; 2, L Jolly’s Gissings Lucy. 3yrs & under sml breeds 1, ch & sup, Mrs Wales’ Springlane Pebbles; 2, J Osbourne’s Orpans Hannah; 3, J Etheridge’s Wheelers Tip Top. lge breeds 1 & res, Mrs Maddever’s Synod Relegance; 2, L Calcutt’s Parvadean Dark Secret; 3, Mrs Rose’s Darrenvale Charles. conf nov M&M 1, Springlane Pebbles; 2, Synod Relegance; 3, Orpans Hannah. 4yrs & over sml breeds 1 & res, F McAllen’s Winneydene Bari; 2, J Etheridge’s Wheelers Spede; 3, D Marven’s Micklehill Akiff. lge breeds 1 & ch, L Jolly’s Achnalarig Iona; 2, J Etheridge’s Kippurel Vicking; 3, Mrs Maddever’s Croniarth Democrat. conf nov M&M 1 & 3, J Etheridge’s Kippure Viking & Wheelers Spede; 2, Croniarth Democrat. SHP LR 1, Mrs Howlett’s Rosedale Moonbeam; 2, Mrs Crisp’s Barkway Soprano; 3, A Riley’s Cnappon Sweet Rosa. P(UK) conf SHP not exc 143cm 1, Mrs Francis’ Pheasant Hill; 2, Mrs Hickman’s Bellamy Burches Wychwood; 3, MrsBanks-Browne’s Walbro Champagne Cracker. not exc 153cms 1 & ch, R & P Thepbald’s Sporting Huzzar; 2, Mrs Cole’s Knowle Victor; 3, Mrs Clarke’s Maguire Esq. Mirage SHP 122cm 1, Mrs Greenwell’s Bengad Wheel Of Fire. not exc 143cm 1 & res, J Cruden’s Wyndyate Destiny; 2, Mrs Mayhew’s Washbrooks Fantasia; 3, Pheasant Hill. exc 143cm not exc 153cm 1, Sporting Huzzar; 2, R Harvey-Jones’ Starz Tikka. P(UK) partbred ridden not exc 148cm 1 & ch, J Cruden’s Wyndyate Destiny; 2, Washbrook Fantasia; 3, J Povey’s Barham Aramis. exc 148cm 1, Sporting Huzzar; 2, Starz Tikka; 3, Mrs Bayes’ Clifton Graffiti. P(UK) comp pony 1, Washbrook Fantasia; 2, M Burchall-Small’s Rowfantina Prize Scamp; 3, J Kirk-Pickering’s Waxwing Reward. horse 1 & res, J Bloss-Parker’s Polly Oliver; 2, J Davie’s Gorwell Dancemaster; 3, Sporting Huzzar. conf nov horse/pony 1, Polly Oliver; 2, Sporting Huzzar; 3, Rowfantina Prize Scamp. conf riding horse 1, P Taylor’s Paschal Lincoln; 2, Gorwell Dancemaster; 3, C Bagnall’s Crown Mint. P(UK) conf nov LR 1, Mrs Debenham’s Deben Doormouse. FR 1, L Howlett’s Rosedale Moonbeam; 2, Mrs Short’s Barkway Paper Moon. conf SP 1 & ch, MaguireEsq; 2 & res, S Cranston’s Dykebeck Wild Bramble; 3, Msd Cowie-Bland & Lee’s Springbank Stormcloud. P(UK) conf nov M&M ridden sml breeds 1 & res, Harrison family’s Shilstone Rocks Snowdon; 2, Rowfantina Prize Scamp; 2, Springbank Stormcloud. lge breeds 1, Mrs Brown’s Hendal Hallmark; 2, Hon Mrs Richardson’s Hungry Hall Biretta. Llanarth M&M ridden sml breeds 1, C Thorpe’s Senruf Galaxy; 2, Springbank stormcloud. lge breeds 1, ch & res sup, Msd Cowie-Bland & Lee’s Macattisterdene; 2, M hare’s Oaklands Cloudburst; 3, Hendall Hallmark. P(UK) conf nov M&M LR 1 & res, Rowfantina Prize Scamp; 2, Springbank Stormcloud; 3, N Wittering’s Wheelers Nomad. FR 1, Mrs Clarke’s Bengad Cocs; 2, M Burchall-Small’s Forlan Krackerjack; 3, Mrs Short’s Ethellmars Amazon. Colne M&M LR 1 ch & sup, Msd Cowie-Bland & Lee’s Haven Justa Jenie; 2, Senruf Galaxy; 3, Barkway Soprano. Waxwing M&M FR 1, Senruf Galaxy; 2, Bengad Cocs; 3, Forlan Krackerjack.


    Ridden1 & ch & sup, Ladybrook Ameretti (S J Grantham);2 & res, Lomonside Emperor (P&E Rennie);3, Rushmoor Golden Lady (P Bevill);4, Vernons Regent (J McLeod);5, Highfox Forever (P&D Hadwen);6, Vernons Tittle Tattle (Z Nutt).In Hand1 & ch & res sup, Highfox Forever (P&D Hadwen);2 & res, Highfox Hosanna (P&D Hadwen);3, Wanstead Tarquin Moon (J McLeod);4, Vernons Regent (J McLeod);5, Ladybrook Ammeretti (S J Grantham);6, Anderwood Payote (I Lillie).Most Versatile Performance PonyLomonside Emperor. Best Junior S J Grantham. rest Z Nutt.Best Forest Bred Rushmoor Golden Lady.

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