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  • THAME & OXFORDSHIRE Thame, Oxon, 18 September

    hunter in-hand (N Allen) b’mare, small 1, N Trinder’s Lomond Lassie; 2, N Elstow’s Elm Close Clover. foal 1 & res, N Trinder’s Plane Destiny; 2, N Elstow’s Double Act. mare, l’wt 1, S Proctor’s Sense Of Freedom; 2, L Cassidy’s Red Silhouette. foal 1, S Proctor’s Freedom Fighter; 2, L Cassidy’s Shakira. mare, h’wt 1 & ch, M Maryan & A Sturges’ Seabourne Redpath Ruby; 2 & res, J Mason’s Duch Cottage; 3, H Kitchener’s Vargee. foal 1 & ch, H Kitchener’s Suqekee; 2, M Maryan & A Sturges’ Red Sea Cruise. y’ling 1, A Taylor’s Diamond Lights; 2, J Dunlop’s Bronwen; 3, J Dunlop’s Steal A March. 2-y-o 1 & res, P McGirr’s Tyrone Ballyglen; 2, M Todd’s Trenawin Luganis; 3, H Kitchener’s Mud Max. 3-y-o 1 & ch, I Finch & F Hall’s Appleton Halt; 2, J Mason’s Burlyns Dot Com; 3, J Dunlop’s Golden Virginia. ridden (J Trice-Rolph, Mrs J Harrington) l’wt 1, J Dunlop’s Bushmills; 2, F Well’s Class Performance; 3, S Prior’s Hazewind. mw’t 1 & ch, J Dunlop’s Pencader Owen Glendower; 2, J Cope’s Red Squirrel; 3, S Soskin’s Oisin. h’wt 1 & res, J Dunlop’s Man At Arms; 2, A Hutton’s True Granite. local 1, E Humpston’s Seamus; 2, Hazewind; 3, A Bury’s Water King. small 1 & amateur ch, Seamus; 2 & amateur res, S Tutcher’s Skipover; 3, E Edwards’ Sun Dance Kid. 4-y-o 1, N Moon’s Beckett; 2, R Lock’s Mollebjergs Maya; 3, E Humpston’s Burberry. ladies (Mrs J Phillips) 1, J Cope’s Rollot; 2, C Rowles-Nicholson’s Just Harry; 3, A Blaker’s Mr Flashman. cob, l’wt 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Watson’s The Sportsman; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Callisto; 3, Lady C Tyrell’s The Friar. h’wt 2 & ch, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Equator; 2, Mannanan Stud’s Black Jack; 3, M Knight & J Thomsett’s Hortons Mighty Mayo. novice 1 & ch, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Equator; 2, S Channer’s Lockwood; 3, J Lugsden’s Mr McGregor. working (D Ringer) 1, Mr & Mrs Watson’s The Sportsman; 2, S Edmonds’ Donald. riding horse, small 1 & res, A Lance’s Coolrpy Caspian; 2, V Hodge’s Grand Option; 3, J Hallett’s Grey Lady Of Alderbourne. lge 1 & ch, C Blaskey’s I’m Blue Chip Too; 2, E Edwards’ Coppelia; 3e, E Peel’s Dear John. working hunter (A Webber, Mrs A Hawkins) 1, S Edmonds’ William; 2, A Routledge’s Master Brave; 3, K Parsons’ My McKinley. WHP (Mrs A Hawkins) 1, S Skier’s Ernford Bittersweet; 2, Mr & Mrs Hope’s Baileys Flight; 3, S Icke’s Choc Drop. SHP 1, Ernford Bitter sweet; 2, C Watson’s Wharley Polonaise; 3, A Doyle’s Harlaw Summertime. LR 1, A Bury’s Felix; 2, J Guy’s Leamvalley Pride Classique; 3, L Whitby’s Idyllic Aristocrat. trade turnouts (P Barnes) light 1, Mr & Mrs M Edminds’ Parkton Unique; 2, C Fountain’s Regency Rocky Boy; 3, R Sherfield’s Whitethornes Prince William. heavy 1, Fullers Brewery; 2, R Blake; 3, L Blain. agricultural 1, J Hepburn & A Aylward. M&M (Mrs D Williams) small breeds 1 & res, S Skier’s Davdor Alyn; 2, S Sloman’s Appleacre Baldrick; 3, D Harper-Adams’ Shelly Melody. lge brd 1 & ch, Nashend Stud’s Nashend Sea Willow; 2, L Brooks’ Wolds Storm Petrel; 3, T North’s Gevaudan. small brd male 1, T Johnson’s Ruchetts Highlander; 2, A Hessey’s Abbotsfrod Picard; 3, B Gammond & J Mayo’s Gamon Amadeus. mares 1, N Raynham’s Hackamore Heaven Sent; 2, J Paterson’s Southfieldgate Miriam; 3, B Gammond & J Mayo’s Gamon Cherrub. Welsh sec A/B, male 1 & res, J Beasley’s Sunrising Bomber Boy; 2, M Plummer’s Fairstoke Hocus Pocus; 3, J Wilson’s Kingsdown Will O The Wisp. mares 1, J Wilson’s Ovington Whisper; 2, F Castle’s Graishall Fantasia; 3, Mr & Mrs D Clarke’s Moorcroft Golden Cherub. lge brd, male 1, C Bryson’s Kilmiston Shooting Star; 2, T North’s Gevaudan; 3, C Bryson’s Kilmiston Phoenix. mares 1, Nashend Sea Willow; 2, E Hartley’s Scots Way Honeyrmoon; 3, L Brooks’ Wolds Storm Petrel. sec C/D, male 1, Saith Stud’s Saith Johnnie Bach; 2, D Ribden’s Cefngarn Carwyn; 3, E Gregory’s Cyfyng Danny Boy. mares 1 & ch, R Hunt’s Penn Beauty; 2, Mr & Mrs J Morrish’s Brambridge Madonna; 3, Saith Stud’s Saith Magical Amber. small brd, b’mare 1, J Beasley’s Ruthley Wild Champagne; 2, J Evans’ Maidensgrove Emma. foal 1, J Beasley; 2, J Evans. lge brd, b’mare 1, R Hunt’s Penn Dainty; 2, A Bain’s Bryncarreg Lucie; 3, A Bain’s Heath Giner. foal 1, R Hunt’s Penn Fleur; 2, MKleyn’s Ardnlys Dancing Dymphna; 3, A Bain’s Vignoles Gambler. coloured (A Illsley, Mrs R Jarvis) in-hand, 153cm 1, G Lowe’s Winslows Mayflower; 2, A |Eldridge’s Greenhills Folly; 3, P & N Saarson’s Mapkin Abigail. exc 153cm 1, P Richardson’s Rags To Riches; 2, V Glynn’s Time for Crime; 3, H Moppett’s Morning glory. y’stock 1, M Soar’s Badgers Luna; 2, V Redbart’s Red Volanta; 3, Pferde Stud’s He’s The One. ridden, 153cm 1, E Hartley’s Wise Acre Tip; 2, J Morgan’s Heidi Boo La; 3, C Gale’s Obie Kanobie. exc 153cm 1, G Fry’s Ardlae Billie Wizard; 2, Pferde Stud’s Jazzwan; 3, V Glynn’s Time For Crime.

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