Showing results 18 May ’03

  • BSPS Area 10 Shropshire & West Midlands Showground, 18 May

    WHP CS1,M Averill’s Twinkletoes; 2, B William’s Llewyn Caramel; 3, S Nicklin’s Netherfield Neopolitan. open M&M MH 1, A Singleton’s Pumlon Marenello; 2, P Collier’s Trewithian Bequine; 3, A Peacey’s Morwyn Bronze Knight. nov mixed height 1, Trewithian Bequine; 2, Pumlon Marinello; 3, E Barnes’s Lord Of The Manor III. nov int WH 1, A Cubitt-Smith’s Rebound; 2, B Lear’s Woodfield Cross; 3, M Bishop’s Benjamin Brown. rest mixed height 1, G Jones’s Aladin II; 2, Lord Of The Manor III; 3, D Green’s Highland Harry. open WH nursery stakes 1, P Keepe’s Gryngallt Playtime; 2, J Schofield’s Laithill Ariel; 3, K Farrer-Fry’s Valepark Holiday. do under 133cm1 & ch, S Nicklin’s Lanson; 2, G Dutton’s Glen Ayre Chaffinch,; 3, J Tare’s Defaelog Rhiannon. do 143cm 1 & res, J Thompson’s Hutton Ambo Gemini; 2, C Davies’s TwilightTaragon; 3, K Farrer-Fry’s Parcside Harper. nov 153cm 1, P Underwood’s Laughton’s Bramble Pie; 2, T Fitton’s Dunmore; 3, L Cadman’s Cherrington Golan Pride. int WH 1 & res int, B Lear’s Woodfield Cross; 2, C Igoe’s Beckett; 3, Rebound. SHP nov mixed height 1, Templeton & Rowland’s Duntarvie Queen Of Cats; 2, A Matthew’s St Patrick; 3, Caughtey Stud’s Warleigh Lasting Impression. 153cm open 1 & ch, F Pass’s Sea Otter; 2, L Miller’s Cosford Royal Review; 3, J Helliwell Lyncombe Blue Print. 143 open 1, K Manning’s Classic Chancellor; 2, M Coate’s Yealand Chapter; 3, S Timperley’s Stanley Grange Timperley. do 133cm 1, G Simpson’s Rhos Eldorado; 2 & members ch, J Hodkinson’s Erasimus Principal Boy;3, K Manning’s Fair Julian. do 122cm 1 & res, Williams & Jones’s Beamish Jimminey; 2, A Lambut’s Oakland Minuetta; 3, Grey & Ainscough’s Wprtley Celebration. LR HT 1 & ch & 2, K Brar’s Boreton Spyman & Linksbury Silver Princess; 3, M Hewitt’s Gynthias Madam Molly. nov int 158cm1, A Gibson’s Carnsdale Cover Girl; 2, K Lyons’s Noble Toldi; 3, V Bertram’s Celtic Gold. do open int 1 & int ch, J Knipe’s Special FX; 2, C Laity’s Forest Gump; 3, Celtic Gold. RH nov 1, W Thorneycroft’s Late Night; 2, L Shavington’s Aphrodite; 3, E Curtis’s Milliemeter. amateur RH 1, H Whiteley’s Midday Phlight; 2, S Payne’s Louven Howe; 3, A Vardin’s Little H. nov show cob 1, C Neame’s Invincible; 2, M Jackson’s Ballydoyle; 3, C Elcock’s Longford. do l’wt 1 & ch, J Peak’s Aquarius; 2, J Goostrey’s The Gingerbread Man; 3, T Winfield’s Faith II. h’wt 1, J Cottam’s Tomboy; 2, J Edward’s Mister Smith. RH sml1 & ch, G Bayley-Machin’s Bowlands Diplomat; 2 & res, Midday Phlight; 3, R Knipe’s Silver Wedding. lge RH 1, Little H; 2, J Mitchell’s Amazing Grace. hack nov 1, C Waring’s Affinity; 2, J Sharock’s Rocalle Moon Dance; 3, A White’s Yealand Armani. hack sml 1 &res, J Keen’s Absolutely; 2, A Seeley’s Rosedale Miss Dior; 3, C Ashby’s Wychnors Dancing Girl. do lge1 & ch, J Keen’s Marquis Of Queensbury; 2, P Harper’s Strinesdale Elegance; 3, J Walsh’s Saville Row. family produced MH SP1, A Barr’s Radway Flashdance; 2, C Molyneaux’s Kellsborrow Creditor; 3, S Martin’s Rollswood Dancer. LR 1, Daisy Dream Along; 2, Seasons Honour; 3, H Cragg’s Rowden Sml Talk. FR1, C Hollinshead’s Hunters Satin Moon. open RIHS lge int SRT1, J Williamson’s Fernhill Park; 2, L Brookshaw’s Comberton Cheiftain; 3, C Cannon’s The Tempest. do sml 1, J Williamson’s Tarantella; 2, J Mitchell’s Crystal Phantasy; 3, N Wood’s Rotherwood Victor. FR 1, L Jackson’s Megland Vision; 2, P Eager’s Wrigley Titania; 3, A Grierson’s Barkway Bridesmaid. LR1 & ch, K Brar’s Linksley Silver Princess; 2 & res, L Curbishley’s Seasons Honour; 3, Daisy Dream Along. open SP 148cm1, R Bosworth’s Jarik Prince Charming; 2, A Grierson’s Bengad Splendour; 3, M Coates’s Whalton High Jinks. 138cm 1, King & Bland’s Wychways Escapade; 2, L Minchin’s Eskside Sapphire; 3, Haighend Prince Charming. 128cm 1 & ch, Welby & Gilbert Scott’s Bennochy Royal Sensation; 2 & res, A Schofield’s Charn Kingfisher; 3, M Jackson’s Colbeach Sensation. BSPS open M&M LR 1 & res sup, Team Hollings’s Dykes Rosie Mead; 2 & res, J Cookson’s Foxtrot Gemma; 3, M William’s Abigails Phillomena. FR 1, M Cartledge’s Langfield Night Cap; 2, Gray & Ainscough’s Priestwood Mirth; 3, B Dafen’s Thistledown Zenon. do sml 1, J Trevatt’s Shilstones Euro. do Welsh 1 & sup ch, A Peacey’s Morwyn Bronze Knight; 2, M King’s Woodhill Just William; 3, C Preece’s Smoketree Caesar. lge 1 & res, N Hall’s Ystraddewi Gladiator; 2, Challinor & Peacey’s Cymllwyd Gorgie Porgie. nov MH1, M Pitt’s Jackets Sunbird; 2, A Rosenbloom’s Valentine Minuet; 3, Kellsborrow Creditor. family produced SHP 122-153cm1, K Mitten’s Hursthead Quince; 2, A Vine’s Taramelyn Showtime; 3, F Ludlow’s Miss Monro. do 122cm 1, M Lewenden’s Combehill Othena; 2, C hollinshead’s Trewolla Gemina. BSPS LR1 & ch, H Cragg’s Rowden Sml Talk; 2 & res, J Patch’s Cosford Chardonay. do under 128cm 1, A Smith’s Sycamore Temptation; 2, S Field’s Wychenlea Accolade. do 138cm 1 & ch, Larner & Georgakis’s Haighend Prince Charming; 2, Eskside Sapphire; 3, L Stubb’s Brilliant Blue. do 148cm 1, TeamHollings’ Hollyhill Mystique; 2, V Bowden’s Colbeach Sabre; 3, S Fern’s Kellsborrow Candida. do MH int SRT1, M Thelfall’s Treveglos Makebelieve; 2, M Neachell’s Basford Tarzanite; 3, S Cannon’s The Tempest. BSPS LR HTP1, Linkbury Silver Princess; 2, M Flavell’s Stoak Grace; 3, S Austin’s Barkway Oberon. SHP 122cm 1, S Nicklin’s Netherfield Neopolitan; 2, M Lewenden’s Combehill Othena; 3, M Flavell’s Stoak Grange. do 153cm 1, M Armstrong-Hall’s Munoon Mallow Haze; 2, C Minchin’s Courtland Blue Peter; 3, F Pass’s Sea Otter. do 143cm 1, G George’s Clanmills Mister Fudge; 2, Hursthead Quince; 3, A Malling’s Sconton Corner Stone. do 133cm 1 & members ch, Erasmus Principal Boy; 2, P Collier’s WarleighHot Gossip; 3, Fair Julian. open int SH 1 & ch, S Harris’s Matisse; 2 & res, A Gibson’s Carnsdale Cover Girl.


    Pure bred in hand Yearling Colt/Gelding 1,Sovereign (J Lowe & C Lowe). Pure bred 2/3 Year colt/gelding1, Kansas (S Frost); 2, El Hadija (M Rimmer). Pure bred Yearling filly 1, Gai Ruba Bint Mazani (P Windle-Baker); 2, Miriam Bey (P Grant). Pure bred 2/3 Year filly 1, FSCinderella (J Lowe & C Lowe); 2, Maradisha (A Atkin); 3, Aya Bhadra (S Green). Ch FS Cinderella. res Kansas. Pure Mares 4-7 yrs 1, Bint-el-Nil (P Grant); 2, Azka-el-Nil (C Spackman); 3, Winttaa (A Cozens). Senior Mares 8 yrs and over 1, Friskea (B Carter-Mouat); 2, Charala (J Lowe & C Lowe); 3, Bai Gazella (P Windle-Baker). Pure Geldings 4 yrs and over 1, Bright Sceptre (S Hare); 2, Prince Elijah Blue (S Richards); 3, Mathar (E Clack). Pure bred Stallions4 yrs and over 1, Jaswan (M Clarke); 2, Symphytum (A Fleming); 3, El Guerrouj (A Whiteway). Pure bred veterans over 17 yrs 1, Bai Gazella (P Windle-Baker); 2, Eastern Spirit (K Earth). Senior pure bred Ch Friskea. Res Bint-el-Nil. Overall Pure bred Champion in hand Friskea. res FS Cinderella. Anglo Part bred yearling colt/filly/gelding Aron Balthazar (Mr & Miss Sheaf). 2/3 yr old colt/filly/gelding 1, Fidra Coco Noir (Miss Fry-Lockier); 2, Gaelic Spirit (M & E Lester); 3, Camalotte Crusade (J Bonfield). Stallion/Mare/Gelding 4 yrs plus not exc 148cms Jeysam Midnight Dancer (Y Gill). Stallion/Mare/Gelding 4 yrs plus exc 148cms 1, Katerseas Olivarno (B Parker-Barret); 2, Faylight (D Herron); 3, Calm Sea (K Norris). Senior Ch Katerseas Olivarno. Res Faylight. Overall Anglo/Pure bred Ch Fidra Coco Noir. res Katerseas Olivarno. Supreme in hand Ch Friskea. res FS Cinderella. Members 1, faylight (D Herron); 2, Weirton Touch of Fun (H Seymour). 3, Melai Midnight Minstral (M D’Agati). Amateur Owned, Produced and Shown 1, Jetsam Midnight Dancer (Y Gill); 2, Aya Bhadra (S Green); 3, Weirton Touch of Fun (H Seymour). Young Handler Tarrissya (J Griggs). Ridden classes: Young rider (15yrs & under) Tarrissya (J Griggs). Pure bred Novice Mare/gelding 4 yrs plus Ku Ribi (R Brooks). Pure bred Mares/geldings – Open 1, Varaina (P Grant); 2, Rosanah Gold (Mr & Mrs T Mattocks); 3, Carnival Star (P Lee). Pure bred stallions 1, Jaswan (M Clarke); 2, Tandaramis (K Gasper). Ch Varaina res Rosanah Gold. Anglo part bred Stallion/mare/gelding not exc 148cms 1, AbbasFiredance (T Nicholls); 2, Jetsam Midnight Dancer (Y Gill). Anglo Part bred stallion/mare/gelding exc 148cms 1, High Society (L Hall); 2, Faylight (D Herron); 3, Aqua Limpida (L Cox). Ch High Society. res Faylight. Overall Supreme Ridden Ch Varaina. res High Society. Best Condition and turnout 1, Jetsam Midnight Dancer (Y Gill); 2, Arabian Light (L Graham).

    RIBBLE VALLEY RC ANNUAL SHOW, Blackburn, Lancs 18 May

    Coloured Open Ridden 1, Romany Girl (L Cox);2, Touch of Class (A Taylor); 3, Jasmin IV (S Robinson). Coloured Youngstock 1, Minnie (E Glendenning). Coloured In-Hand Open 1, Romany Girl (L Cox); 2, Jasmin IV (S Robinson); 3, Lakeview Rocky (C Edwards). Side Saddle Costume-Concours D’Elegance 1, Knowle Excelsior (S Fernside). Langston & Cladene Side Saddle Equitation-Open 1, Bailey (M Harrison); 2, Knowle Excelsior (S Fernside). Best Horse/Pony Ridden Side Saddle 1, Bailey (M Harrison); 2, Knowle Excelsior (S Fernside). Side Saddle Riding Club Horse/Pony 1, Bailey (M Harrison). M & M Large Breeds In-Hand 1, Drybarrows Len (R Swift); 2, Lintaton Ciro (S Burton); 3, Tailtrow Ryyann (A Fildes).M & M Small Breeds In-Hand 1, Greenmeadow Desert (B Barnham); 2, Pengof Prime Time (A Bradley); 3, Linksbury Clebrity (H R Swift). M & M 2 & 3 Year Olds 1, Linavon Moon River (S Burton); 2, Tarnbeck Willow (H Bradley); 3, Magef Easter Surprise (D Shaw). M & M Yearlings 1, Denmar Addiena (D Shaw). Colne Confined Novice M & M Lead Rein 1, Gydros Mr Peeps (S Wilson); 2, Pennwisg Bamdam (A Fitzpartrick); 3, Harwel Marigold (E Riley). Microponie Confined Noivce M& M 1st Ridden 1, Treworen Dorothy (Michael Brogi); 2, Joleon Tosco; 3, Llewellen Primula (A Ingham). Confined Novice Kingsford Ridden M & M 1, Martindale Monty (K Bowling); 2, Rosedale Endeavour (L Struszczaki); 3, Kilkern Finn (D Smith). Lobster Pot M & M Leading Rein 1, Gydross Mr Peeps (S Wilson); 2, Dauphin Confetti (C Walker); 3, Pennwisg Bamdam (A Fitzpatrick). Brineton M & M First Ridden 1, Rosedale Endeavour (K McKean); 2, Treworgan Dorothy (M Brogi); 3, Llewellen Primula (A Ingham). Kingsford Large M & M Dalkeith Junior M & M Ridden 1 &Ch, Townend Hamish (A Houghton); 2, Lacklan of Ringenne (K Bowling); 3, Hetherington Excelsior (H Appleby). M & M Junior Ridden Small Breeds 1 & Res,Deri Julian (O Fitzgerald); 2, Palladio (M Foo); 3, Linksbury Valentino (C Field). Novice Show Pony, Mixed Height 1, Dahyi Dellilah (B Ford); 2, Willow Hall Forget-me-Not (M Foo). 128 cms Show Pony 1 & Ch, Forgeland After Eight (A Weir); 2, Littlecourt Debonair (J Walker). 138cms Show Pony 1, Sudden Thumbprint (F Perry); 2, Parks Spiderman (C Duffy); 3, Dayhi Delilah (B Ford). 148cms Show Pony 1 & Res, Lemington Moon Dance (G Fletcher); 2, Strinsdale Prima Donna (LMilroy); 3, Jackets Blues Singer (C Cassidy). First Ridden Show Pony 1, Arden Hall Miss Moidor (A Gresty); 2, Tamarind Lady Fenella (R Morley); 3, Dancing Tiller Girl. Lead Rein Show Pony 1, Roselle Rebecca (L Rosebury); 2, Tamarind Lady Fenella (R Morley); 3, Andrewe Gaza Teptation (F Walsh). Mixed Intermediate Show Riding Type 1, Longriver Eternity (A Embleton); 2, Walton Robbolino (L Sergeant); 3, Crookland Star (E Greenwood). Delanns Anglo & Part Bred Ridden 1, Champagne Hestarra (V Weir); 2, Sudden Thumbprint (F Perry); 3, Mynach June (G Kirk). Hazledean Rosettes Riding Horse 1, Rumworth Rambling Spirit (Z Whittle); 2, Rapture (N Timson); 3, Rebecca of Ilelo (L Duffy). Kempley Ridden Cob 1, Pandora’s Box (S Pritchard); 2, Anshaw Two-Bob (P Anyon). Pretty Polly Mixed Height Show Hunter Pony 1, Tyn-y-Cae Gold Kite (J Crook); 2, Strinesdale Prima Donn (L Milroy); 3, Champagne Hestarra (V Weir). Open Hunter 1, Dougall (K Phillipson); 2, Korafin (A Houghton); 3, Rebecca of Ilelo (L Duffy). Mixed Height Novice Show Hunter 1, Tim (l Watson); 2, Mynach June (L Walsh); 3, Parks Spiderman (C Duffy). Intermediate Show Hunter Type 1 & Ch, Rapture (N Timson); 2, Crookland Star (E Greenwood); 3, French Connection (C Heywood). 153 cms Show Hunter Pony 1, Bobby Sparrow (A Hougthon); 2, Gruwys Blue Eclipse (L Hancock). 143 cms Show Hunter Pony 1 & Res, Tyn-y-Cae Gold Kite (J Crook); 2 & BSPS Ch, Champagne Hestarra (V Weir); 3, Beamish Nimrod (C Dewhurst). 133 cms Show Hunter Pony 1 & BHS Res, Littlecourt Debonair (J Walker); 2, Mossbrook Carriad (H Lightbown). Lead Rein Pony of Hunter Type 1, Romany River Sweetie (S Wilkinson); 2, Fenbourne Nuthatch (C Ormrod). P(UK) NW Supporters Confined Novice M & M WHP 1, Seveznucle Yedar (D Cadule); 2, Drybarrows Len (R Swift); 3. Kirsch (V Partington). Shearwater M & M WHP Exc. 138 cms 1, McGreggor (S Airey); 2, Sunroyd Prince Regent (L Eyton-Brown); 3, Danesford Simba (G Brown). Shearwater M & M WHP Not Exc. 138 cms 1, Kirsch (V Partington); 2, Cocum Ninane (L Craven); 3, Drybarrows Len (R Swift). Nursery Stakes 1, Shilstone Rocks Super Star (M Atkinson). Novice WHP Not Exc. 153 cms 1, Danescourt Simba (G Brown); 2, Rumworth High Society (L Watson); 3, Parks Spiderman (C Duffy). Novice WHP Not Exc. 133 cms 1, Splash of Light (A Potter). Open WHP Not Exc. 143 cms 1, Cocum Ninane (L Craven); 2, Danescourt Simba (G Brown). Open WHP Not Exc. 153 cms 1 & Ch, Tim (L Watson). Open WHP Exc. 153 cms 1 & Res, Wilmarra (L Donahue); 2, Dougall (K Phillipson); 3, Rebecca of Ilelo (L Duffy). Open WHP- WH Championship Exc. 153 cms 1, Dougall (K Phillipson); 2, Wilmarra (L Donoahue); 3,Truly Unique (B Van Nortwijk). £100 Supreme Champion Tim (L Watson). Reserve Champagne Hestarra (V Weir).

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