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  • GRAMPIAN FOAL Inverurie, Aberdeen, 14 December

    Clydesdales (P Tennent) colt/filly/gelding 2-y-o 1 & res, J Aitken’s Phesdo Michelle; 2, N Christie’s Anguston Katy; 3, G & R Skinner’s Strathorn Heather. do y’ling 1, A & C Drummond’s Pitreuchie Lady Ellie; 2, W Grant’s Phesdo Marjory; 3, V Peterkin’s Phesdo Ben. filly foals 1 & ch, N Christie’s Anguston Amy; 2, R & F Brown’s Broadele Lady Lynsey; 3, P Keron’s Westbank Craigs Megan. do colts 1, I Young’s Arradoul Logan. young handlers 1, M Noble; 2, C Crawford; 3, L Young. Highland ponies (Miss J Allan) colt/filly/geld 2-y-o 1 & ch, J Reid’s Rose O’ The Glens. do y’ling 1, C Craigmile’s Lady Elizabeth Of Aberdeen; 2, Mrs A Barron’s Kincardine Gael; 3, S Knowles’ Endrig Bruars Molly. filly foals 1 & res, H Duncan’s Zara Of Craignetherty; 2, A Clark’s Endrig Bruars May; 3, Mrs A Barron’s Kincardine Hazel. do colts 1, A Clark’s Endrig Bruars Samson; 2, J Munro’s Tiree O’ The Glens. part-bred foal/3-y-o 1, Mrs A Barron’s Gordie Of Melfort; 2, S Knowles’ Overhall Rooster. Shetland ponies (K Scott) young handlers 1 & res R Sayers; 2, S Mitchell; 3, A Halsham. do 1 & ch, K Leslie; 2, S Birch-Jones; 3, M Leith. black colt/filly/geld 2-y-o 1, ch & sup, Mrs C Marshall’s Struie Cindy II; 2, T & F Young’s Cushen Quarter Prince; 3, W Robertson’s Hedderwick Veronica. do y’ling 1, Mrs C Marshall’s Struie Dena; 2, J & B Laing’s Eynhallow Belle; 3, R Wilson’s Kerloch Eva. filly foal 1, J & B Laing’s Eynhallow Sheila; 2, R Wilson’s Riverview Dana; 3, T MacKay’s Night Star Of Nevie. do colt 1, res & o’all foal res, J & B Laing’s Eynhallow Blue Moon; 2, W Robertson’s Hedderwick Romancer; 3 & Grampian foal ch, R Wilson’s Kerloch Request. miniatures (Mrs M Brooker) 2-y-o colt/filly/ geld 1, ch & res sup, M Greaves’ Gretel Of Chapelhill; 2, J Burr’s Hartside Tarragon; 3, NS Wilson’s Merrylees Leading Lady.do y’ling 1 & res, W McLean’s Ballogie Myra; 2, C Forbes’ Cathedral Toots; 3, NS Wilson’s Snelsmore Exquisite. colt foals 1, W McLean’s Redburn Tiny Tornado; 2, W Aitken’s Smithy Croft Dancer; 3, W Aitken’s Smithy Croft Montgomery. do fillies 1, C Forbes’ Lynemore MIsty; 2, N S Wilson’s Snelsmore Finesse; 3, NS Wilson’s Mingulay Buttercup. coloured 2-y-o 1, A Kahanov’s Tonno Of Muness. do y’ling 1, E Smith’s Elle Of Berry; 2, MG Hamilton’s Strandoff Acanthus; 3, A Kahanov’s Saleh Of Muness. colt foal 1, Mrs H Thomson’s Swarthoull Voyager; 2, C Forbes’ Lynemore Sonny Boy. do filly 1, ch & o’all foal ch, M & G Hamilton’s April Of Tyrie; 2 & Grampian foal res, C Forbes’ Lynemore Ceilidh; 3, Northview Stud’s Butterby Kallista. M&M (Mrs J Cousens) sml 2-y-o 1 & ch, Mrs S Scott’s Oddies Eclipse; 2, L Cheyne’s Northview North Crown; 3, B Forbes’ Tallares Tiger Lily. y’ling 1 & res, H Forbes’ Arad Phoenix-Flame; 2, Mr & Mrs P Miller’s Param Charleigh. foal 1, Mrs S Scott’s Oddies El Dorado; 2, Mr & Mrs P Miller’s Param Corrie. lge 2-y-o 1, M McRitchie’s Erwwasted Apollo. y’ling 1 & res, R Nairn’s Deersden Tugela; 2, Retanach Stud’s Retanach Luci Lui. foal 1, ch & sup, Retanach Stud’s Retanach Malachi; 2, Retanach Stud’s Retanach Myrtle. part-bred 1, ch & res sup, M Durno’s Glenlivet Secret Affair; 2, K Homer’s Naderson Rossini; 3, L Cheyne’s Auchmaliddie Limited.

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