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  • NCPA OPEN SUMMER Somerford Park, Cheshire, 12 May

    UPMINSTER RIDING CLUB Orsett Shgrnd 12 May

    NCPA OPEN SUMMER Somerford Park, Cheshire, 12 May

    M&M y’ling 1, K Baxter’s Marley Denes Golden Harrier. mare 1 & res, D Key’s Breeze; 2, M Walker’s McIverdene; 3, J McLeod’s Vernons Regent. colt/stallion 1 & sup, Kebroyd Stud’s Kebroyd Tobage; 2, L Ennet’s Whinberry Twilight; 3, J Crane’s Sleddale Jeffrey. NCPA M&M 1/3-y-o 1, K Gibson’s Swalesdale Anwen; 2, Marley Denes Golden Harrier; 3, Wilson Family’s Tiverton Peppermint. mare 1, Breeze; 2, K Baxter’s Wayland Lion Heart; 3, K Bennet’s Hisley Dragoon. colt/stallion 1 & res sup, R James’s Dartdale Peter Boy; 2 & res, J Crane’s Govenor Of Whitelaw; 3, S Lassey’s Dukeshill Mcho Man. Shetland y’ling 1, J William’s Gorsehill Jenga; 2, E Pickup’s Mojo Marasol. 2/3-y-o 1, A Ryder’s Shelcroft Manolia; 2, S Lyon’s Crank Carousel; 3, L Wild’s Wildways Priceless. mare 1 & res, L Wild’s Wildways Praise; 2, A Ryder’s Knock Pollyanna. colt/stallion 1 & ch, R Gwillim’s Southfieldgate Valient; 2, J Walker’s Headdyke Perception; 3, J Martlew’s Penmorfafarm Mascot. miniature 1, J Martlew’s Penmorfarm Mascot; 2, J Martlew’s Marion Of Martinmere; 3, G Martlew’s Barflat Sophie. light horse y’lng 1 & res, M Carswell’s Sandby Excalla; 2, A Garrigan’s Rafiq; 3, G Neve’s Lemor Exige. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Catwalk Little Star; 2, W Lloyd’s Marshbrook Sir George; 3, J Marsden’s Maraday Topflight. mare 1, D Lee’s Maraday Matahari; 2, J Brew’s Knightwick Sea Song; 3, V Barnett’s Maraday Somer Symphony. Arab 1/3-y-o 1 & res, B Marsh’s Appassionata; 2, N Armstrong’s NPA Hazan; 3, J Walker’s LA Exdream. mare 1 & ch, A Davies’s Amento Tamara; 2, A Hill’s Ffrivolity; 3, C Cliffe’s Ocean Eilat. colt/stallion 1, K Child’s Samari. part-bred Arab y’ling 1, GNeve’s Styalways Amadeus; 2, M Selby’s Chasecroft Dimple; 3, T Carswell’s Sandby Excella. do 2/3-y-o 1 & res, W Lloyd’s Marshbrook Lobellia; 2, J Marsden’s Maraday Top Flight; 3, M Beeston’s Stychlands Galahad. mare 1 & ch, D Lee’s Maraday Matahari; 2 & res sup, D William’s Vlacq Serni; 3, L Murphy’s Spellsbury Supernova. colt/stallion 1, A Robert’s Royalview Last Symphony; 2, G Berisford’s Stychlands Royal Secret. part-bred Welsh y’ling 1, B Kersey’s Little BriarsTold You So; 2, A Robert’s Royalview Toy Boy. 2/3-y-o 1 & sup, G Berrisford’s Deanhills Fairy Story; 2, M McDonnell’s Pride; 3,C Creeney’s Sycamore Mardi Gras. mare 1 & res, A Mahan’s Nantcol Alouetta; 2, C Scrimgeour’s Chasecroft Ladybird. young handler 7-11 yrs 1, E Weir’s Mountain Gwennol; 2, G Booth’s Doran Butterfly; 3, D Wilde’s Courmile Minstrel. 11-16 yrs 1, J Oates’s Lingymoor Blueboy; 2, J Stone’s Alkerton Pergrine; 3, M McDonnell’s Pride. 16-25 yrs 1, R Wincle’s Ardnaadam Angus; 2, J Roger’s Achnalarig Heather. Welsh sec C 1/3-y-o 1 & res, K Gibson’s Swalesmoor Anwen. mare/stallion 4-y-o & over 1 & res, L Horslen’s Careless Rosemary. Welsh sec D y’ling 1 & ch, P Heatherington’s Tireve Dream Lady. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, P Heatherington’s Alvediston Dandelion. Welsh sec B y’ling 1, G Lowe’s Eyarth Alaw; 2, T Kersey’s Stoail Tomboy; 3, T Kersey’s Paddock Hyperion. 2/3-y-o 1, J Baigent’s Mompessow Tosca. mare 1, Mompessow Party Stopper. colt/stallion 1 & ch, T Kersey’s Stoail Tudor; 2 & res, S Price’s Betton Demetri. Welsh sec A y’ling 1, J Lewis’s Waymere Lottie; 2, S Kersey’s Little Briars Peek-A-Boo. 2/3-y-o 1, H Lowe’s Fouroaks Carmen; 2, Tiverton Peppermint; 3, A Murray’s Friars Edwinda. mare 1 & ch, J Lowe’s Fouroaks Carmela; 2, S Cornwall’s Bluehaven Dianthus; 3, F Barltop’s Churton Croft Aurgia. colt/stallion 1 & res, J Shaw’s Legerview Lucky Star; 2, S Lassey’s Dukeshill Macho Man. RP y’ling not to exc 128cm 1, Royalsview Toy Boy; 2, A Durrant’s Meadowlands Moon Dreamer. do 2/3-y-o 1, Deanhills Fairy Stor. y’ling 128-148cm 1 & ch, M Selby’s Chasecroft Dimple; 2, J Barker’s Kavanaghs American Beauty; 3, J McLeod’s Nefydd Biarritz. do 2/3-y-o 1, K Allen’s Chaseside Contradiction; 2, D Taylor’s Lestarwood Bright Ember; 3, Stychlands Galahad. colt/stallion 1, Stychlands Royal Secret; 2, M Selby’s Telynau Piersporter; 3, L Hall’s Hightopps Marcasite. mare 1, D Williams’s Vlacq Serni; 2, C Creeney’s Sycamore Mardi Gras; 3, A Mahan’s Nantcol Alouetta. NPS Elite RP y’ling under 148 1, Styalways Amadeus; 2, A Robert’s. do 2/3-y-o 1, K Allen’s Chaseside Contradiction; 2, Lestarwood Bright Ember. HP breeding y’ling 1 res, Styalways Amadeus; 2, K Allen’s Little Briars Told You So; 3, Nefydd Biarritz. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, M Beeston’s Stychlands Right Royal; 2, K Allen’s Chaseside Contradiction; 3, A Mahan’s Isley Whalton Turquoise. colt/stallion 1, Stychlands Royal Secret; 2, L Pattinson’s Lynwood William. mare 1, G Neve’s Mereland Mistique. foal 1, G Neve’s Styalways First Symphony. NCPA exc M&M y’ling 1, Styalways Amadaeus; 2, Lemor Exige; 3, Rafiq. 2/3-y-o 1, Deanhill’s Fairy Story. mare 1, Sycamore Mardis Gras; 2, K Walsh’s Beckside Super Trouper; 3, J Brew’s Knightwick Sea Song. colt/stallion 1 & ch, Stychlands Royal Secret; 2, Hightopps Marcasite. coloured in-hand under 148 1, J Barker’s Kavanagh’s American Beauty; 2, J Martlew’s Penmorfarm Mascot; 3, J Martlew’s Marion Of Martinmere. do over 148cm 1, E Slky’s A Million Dollars. Ridden under 148 1 & ch, H Prescot’s Splash Of Light; 2, A Robinson’s Wattlemead Norman; 3, G Brobyn’s Alandale Aair Cameo. do over 148 1 & res, Endon Riding School’s Trendsetter; 2, C Booth’s Tonto Warrior; 3, J Rands The Ringmaster. ridden Arab pure-bred 1 & ch, C Bennett’s Storm Gold; 2, P Rushton’s Shariq; 3, M Walker’s Muzereon. Anglo/Part-bred under 148cm 1, V Leech’s Wellcroft Accolade; 2, A Mitton’s Hursthead Quince; 3, J Wolverson’s Marchmanor Major. do over 148cm 1 & res, King Family’s Lydden Bewitched; 2, L Brown’s Poseurs Samsara; 3, L Murphy’s Wrenthorpe Ballerina. ridden hack: nov 1, Poseurs Samsara; 2, L Reynoild’s Etherow Mardi Gras; 3, S Carey’s Centre Line. open 1, Wrenthorpe Ballerina; 2, Knightwick Sea Song; 3, R Townley’s Yealand Quote. RH: nov 1 & res, J Walker’s Amazing Dream; 2, J Mooney’s Diamond Dancer; 3, D Christie’s Wynmere Shades Of Blue. Open 1 & sup, G Campion’s Bowland Diplomat; 2, Z White’s Pencefn Trident; 3, S Payne’s Louven Howe. cob: open 1, M Hitchen’s Henry VIII; 2, D Welch’s Look At Me; 3, T Forrester’s Starlight Dancer. NCPA Ridden exc M&M not exc 143cm 1 & res, K Milroy’s Strinesdale Prima Donna; 2, K Walsh’s Becside Super Trooper; 3, E Weir’s Mountain Gwennol. do 143-153cm 1 & ch, Louven Howe; 2, N Leech’s Arabella Dominic; 3, H Mather’s Paradelles Silhouette. SHP 148-158cm 1, E Dale’s Ring Charlie Boy 2, A Simmon’s Refelction; 3, J Crossley’s Sophie’s Pride. do 143-153cm 1, J Curbishley’s Anastasia; 2, D Dutton’s Enrikeas Promise; 3, R Portal Royal Command. do 122-133cm 1 & ch, P Collier’s Warleigh Hot Gossip; 2, A Moynihan’s Thornsett Kristy; 3, D Williams Greenacres Lustre. pony of SHT 122cm 1, J Dean’s Millay Senorettta; 2, Doran Butterfly; 3, Mountain Gwennol. do LR 1 & res, J Curbishley’s Pringles Ladybird; 2, M Proudlove’s Tuscan Challenge; 3, S Cannon’s Smalland Checkmate. do nov 143-153cm1, M Boundy’s Bobby Sparrow; 2, Anastasia; 3, Strinesdale Solitaire. do 133-143cm 1, Wellcroft Accolade; 2, L Pattinson’s Lynwood William; 3, C Cope’s Bleechgreen Dominic. do 122-133cm 1, Warleigh Hot Gossip; 2, Islay Whalton Limestone; 3, S Murphy’s Basford Arisocrat. do under 122cm 1, Doran Butterfly. SP LR 1 & ch, J Gosmore’s Nantcol Lady Penelope; 2, J Clarke’s Courtway Patience; 3, A Monihan’s Barkway Miss Money Penny. do FR 1, R Leavesley’s Blithbury Be Fair; 2, Barkway Enigma; 3, Courmile Minstrel. do nov under 128cm 1 & res, Beckside Super Trouper; 2, Greensides Glitter. do 138cm 1 & ch, A Rosenbloom’s Eskside Sapphire. do exc 138cm 1, K Milroy’s Strinesdale Prima Donna; 2, Fleetcroft Temptation. do 128-138cm 1 & res, L Minchin’s Aberbrwynen Royal Cristina; 2, Moreglen Minstrel; 3, J Stone’s Alkerton Peregrine. do over 138cm 1 & ch, P Borell’s Chancely William Tell; 2, J Wolverston’s Marchmoanor Major; 3, Strinesdale Prima Donna. MH int SRT 146-158cm 1, L Minchin’s Maradasy Maverick; 2, The Paradelle’s Silhouette; 3, C Holderness Rosslayne Manhattan. British RP not exc 128cm 1, Aberynwyn Royal Christina; 2, Hursthead Quince; 3, Alkerton Peregrine. do riders under 14yrs 1, Rowlands & Chapman’s Westhill Gay Sovereign; 2, L Rafferty’s Kellis Blue Ronne; 3,Strinedale Prima Donna. WHP NS 1, P Collier’s Trewithian; 2, Alkerton Hyde. under 133cm 1 & res, S Davies’sWhatcroft Excalibur; 2, Alandale Royal Blue. 133-143cm 1 & ch, S Taylor’s Oscar Charles; 2, B Sheldon’s Bright Little Monarch. 143-153cm 1, A Aston’s Beau Baron. nov 1, A Bebbington’s Rushmore Sunrise; 2, A Allen’s Dorlyn Maestro; 3, Alandale Royal Blue. M&M WHP not exc 122cm 1, J Hutchinson’s Shilstone Rocks Daystar; 2, Davies & Woodward’s Dukeshill Desert Wind; 3, C Horsley’s Bradmore Claudia. 122-138cm 1 & res, Trewithian; 2, L Ennett’s Pontywled Countess; 3, Rushmoor Sunrise. exc 138cm 1 & ch, R Rimmer’s Coedllys Deryndu; 2, R Johnson’s Reifals Pentra Bach; 3, A Ward’s Carraroe Pride. nov 1, Shilstone Rocks Daystar; 2, Dukeshill Desert Wind; 3, A Barnes Cliffvilla Barnaby. M&M ridden nov sml 1, J Evan’s Blaengwen Sparrow Hawk; 2, D Holberyy’s Hulme Signal Boy; 3, M Johnston’s Boston Out Of The Blue. do lge 1, E Alsopp’s Burnmoor Tition; 2, C Dickinson’s Lasgrug George; 3, S Bowling’s Innellan Moss. open lge 1 & ch, S Johnson’s Waverhead Rosanna II; 2, S Bowling’s Laochan Of Kingennie; 3, A Cowdray’s Castle Hill Polly III. do sml 1 & res, C Allin’s Karsl Mohican; 2, C Allin’s Waterside Genesis; 3, S Bowling’s Cran Brookpaddocks Cragganmore. NPSridden mares/geld sml 1 & ch, Boston Out Of The Blue; 2, Lingymoor Blueboy; 3, J Barton’s Anri Piccolo. do lge 1 & res, E Alsopp’s Burnmoor Tirion; 2, R Battersby’s Nashend Linkwood; 3, F Tucker’s Grayswood Eclipse. do FR 1 & ch, PRushton’s Whitover Rival; 2 & res, P Collier’s Penswig Belladonna; 3, R Stewart’s Roseisle Tudor Melody. do LR 1, C Allin’s Sernau Serenog; 2, D Barr’s Westfire Appley Dapply; 3, FG Jones’s Roseisle Piccolo. NCPA M&M ridden sml 1 & res sup, P Collier’s Penwisg Balladonna; 2, Cliffvilla Barnaby; 3, Wortley Princess Daisy. do lge 1, A Cowdray’s Castle Hill Polly II; 2, J Wolverson’s Caebryn Susanna; 3, F Tucker’s Grayswood Eclipse.

    UPMINSTER RIDING CLUB Orsett Shgrnd 12 May

    BSHC&RHA In Hand Riding Horse (D Aylmer-Aylmore) y’ling sml 1, D Blay’s Chase Park Ursa; 2, S Harrison’s Sand Storm; 3, C Campbell’s Miss d Meana. 2/3yo 1, C Hardstone’s Brooks Reef; 2, B Crabb’s Barncroft Boy. lge: 2/3yo 1 & ch, M Steven’s The Charmer; 2 & res, J Johanssen-Massey’s Malway Momento; 3, B Crabb’s Romantic Affair. Riding Horse (S Somers) sml 1 & ch, H Whiteley-John’s Midday Phlight; 2 & res, L Fonnereau’s Swift Curtis; 3, D Crowe’s Litton Magical Mistral. lge 1, C Johnson’s Airs & Graces; 2, C Clarke’s Ace of Base; 3, R Dear’s Ottoman. Ridden Cob (S Somers) l’wt 1 & res L Russell’s Draco; 2 M Gray’s Tina Heely; 3, K Walsh’s Griar Tuck II. h’wt 1 & ch L Russell’s Krypton; 2, W Gilbey’s Black Jack VII; 3, V Macrae’s McAtee. Ridden Arabs (V Thompson) Pure bred 1 & ch, D Crowe’s Tawoos; 2, M Burr’s Hasleem; 3, L Bile’s Heraz. nov. pure/anglo/part bred 1, L Bile’s Heraz; 2, S Browne’s Pheonix Blue Star; 3, W Hurrell-Smith’s Mishikin. Cherif 153cms & under 1, M Pook’s Toy Story; 2, K Moore’s Renmark Master Mason; 3, R Stone’s Sadlings Make Believe. Over 153cms 1 & res J Green’s Easter Mistral; 2, A Taylor’s Rotherwood Dandini; 3, C Clarke’s Ace of Base. Ponies (UK) Sterling Anglo & Part Bred Arab (D Aylmer-Aylmore) yearling 1 & res, J Johanssen-Massey’s Man About Town; 2, R Birch’s Trelawn Gaiety Girl; 3, M Smith’s Malyons Star Solice. 2/3yo 1 & ch, J Johanssen-Massey’s Mayway Momento; 2, A Higgin’s Ziad Blue Solitaire; 3, C Hogan’s Tilleul Saucy Secret. 4yo & over 1, K River’s Maylons Star Flight. Whittakers Lord Open Hunter (Z Pawley) l’wt 1 & ch Baileys Horse Feed’s Baileys Playstation; 2 & res H Pottle’s Daylight Robbery; 3, J O’Brien’s The Last Straw. m’wt 1, L Budd’s Out Of The West; 2, K Warden’s Filou De Bellaing. h’wt 1, W King’s Barleyfields Filmurray; 2, V Edmonds’s Macauly. Fairley Cedarwood Pony (D Holt-Atkinson) 1, J Browne’s Chiddock Wordswork; 2, S Emery’s Master Atlas; 3, E Allum’s Malvernwood Melody. Horse 1, H Pottle’s Daylight Robbery II; 2, G Claughton’s Larchwood Flowing Free; 3, P Moseley’s Roddy Doyle. (J Marchant) Bobby Dazzler (a) 1, J Browne’s Chiddock Wordswork; 2, V Milano’s Simply Sweep; 3, K Warren’s Seftwick Swift. (b) 1, J Davie’s Gorwell Dance Master; 2, S Gardner’s Elmdale Extrovert; 3, J Brown’s Ivy Hill Girl. Sir Lancelot 1, G Claughton’s Larchwood Flowing Free; 2, S Izard’s Ninfield Touch Of Class; 3, J Davie’s Gorwell Dance Master. Pollyanna 1, S Izard’s Ninfield Touch Of Class; 2, A Wood’s Ninwood Team Spirit; 3, K Moore’s Jackets Nightlife. Glyn Greenwood M&M (P Grant) lge 1 & ch S Reed’s Uplands Loretta; 2, V Lloyd-Barlow’s Darrenvale Rebecca; 3, K Fleming’s Mitcheltroy Apollo. sml 1 & res, C Artis’s Brindle Moys; 2, K Davies’s Cruachan Sea Scout; 3, D Hawkins’s Orpons Tango. Kingsford Ridden M&M lge 1,C Collier’s Fort Lisa; 2, E Collins’s Brynargoed Taran; 3, P Percy’s Deland Valkerie. Sml 1, L Sugar’s Tallares Sandpiper; 2, L Sugar’s Collyers Oriel; 3, A Martin’s Steephill Tamsin. Lobster Pot LR J Pigg’s Seaview Haze; 2, A Short’s Camacc Silver Dollar; 3, K Davies’s Cruachan Sea Scout. Brineton M & M First Ridden 1, C White’s Langfield Binth; 2, C Mackenzie’s Horselode Horatic; 3, L Sugar’s Colliyers Oriel. Dalkeith Junior M&M lge 1, P Percy’s Deland Valkerie; 2, C Miles’s Vaynor Twts; 3, S Browne’s Coednewydd Angela. sml 1, L Clarke’s Ibornden Comet; 2, Tallares Sandpiper; 3, C Mackenzie’s Horselode Horatio. Kempley Ridden Cob (D Holt-Atkinson) 1, V Macrae’s Macateer; 2, L Benningfield’s Mallen; 3, C Malvern’s Bently Born. Hunters (J Bloss) small 1 & ch F White’s Another Valentine; 2, S Ball’s Grey Cloud; 3, S Burwood’s Roddy Doyle. novice 1 & res H Pottle’s Daylight Robbery II; 2, K Mead’s Florida; 3, S Holdsworth’s Fair Doo’s. open 1, C Hipgrave’s Weggs Thesus; 2, J Shearman’s Elmo; 3, C Tyson’s The Pageboy. Riding Horse (J Bloss) nov sml 1, J Green’s Easter Mistral; 2, J Barnes’sSpring Cracker; 3, G Bullock’s Quatino. lge 1 & res L Burton-Taylor’s Dragonfly; 2, V Julien’s Darken Glory; 3, L Massey’s Takeaway. Open 1 & ch K Payne’s Euphemiss; 2, P Lovell’s Mister Perkins; 3, J Collins’s The Black Prince.WH (D Holt-Atkinson) 1, Baileys Horse Feed’s Baileys Playstation; 2, S Holdsworth’s Fair Doo’s; 3, J Brown’s Ivy Hill Girl. WHP 1, S Parrot’s Ring Of Fire; 2, L Ferrington’s Seftwick Swift; 3, M Batchelor’s Sharwels Remo. In hand (M Hutley) Paints spots etc 1, K Fidgeon’s Mayphillic China Rose; 2, A Shaves’s Dona Pintsata; 3, P Ryder’s Spot Check. Veterans: 15-20yrs 1, D Tobin’s Stambrook Filigree; 2, C Artis’s Brindle Moys; 3, B Lazell Seal Nynd. Over 20yrs 1, S Jones’s Lepwick St George; 2, J Freeman’s Twinwood Mr Toffs; 3, J George’s The Englishman. Ridden (L Spencer) Veterans 15-20yrs 1, V Edmonds’s Macauly; 2, J Lloyd’s Cheeky Charlie; 3, J Payton’s Denizar. Over 20yrs 1, ADennis’s Maple Flyer; 2, B Wainwright’s Gentleman Jasper; 3, J Still’s Fullingmill Last Time. Youngstock (M Hutley) y’ling any breed 1 & res R Birch’s Trelawn Gaiety Girl; 2, D Hawkins’s Orpons Tango; 3, J Johanssen-Massey’s The Man About Town. 2/3yo 1 & ch T Jex’s Terrisc The Govenor; 2 K Fidgeon’s Mayphyllic Chuna Rose; 3, V Caine’s Meridiths Magical Monica. Hunter Yearling 1,S Harrison’s Sand Storm. Pony Ring (T Chalmers) LR 1, K McIntosh’s Firle Squirrel Nutkin; 2, B D’Agati’s Romany River Tittlemouse; 3, S Tonks’s Diamond Lily. Young Handlers 1, L Sugar’s Colliers Oriel; 2, K McIntosh’s Firle Squirrel Nutkin; 3, S Taylor’s Wanderers Melody. Ridden Hunter Pony 1, V Oliver’s Hillin Rosebud; 2, L Holmwood’s Starlyte Royal Court; 3, K Turpin’s Henry. Best Conditioned Pony 1, K McIntosh’s Firle Squirrel Nutkin; 2, L Wilson’s Penclose Llinos; 3, C Mackenzie’s Rhas Velvet Ribbon. First Ridden 1, K McIntosh’s Firle Squirrel Nutkin; 2, K Turpin’s Henry; 3, N Tonks’s Diamond Lily. Novice Riding 1, N Packman’s Holtess Little Sweet Melody; 2, A Lloyd’s Whalton Blue Yonder; 3, K Turpin’s Henry. Lily Memorial K McIntosh’s Firle Squirrel Nutkin. OpenRidden Paints Spots etc. (D Holt-Atkinson) 1, J O’Brien’s Merryfield; 2, A Hipgrave’s Weggs Thesus; 3, P Ryder’s Spot Check. Supreme Ridden Ch F White’s Another Valentine

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