Showing results 11 May ’03

CARMARTHENSHIRE United Counties Showground, Carmarthen, 11 May

riding pony breeding y’ling 128cm 1, P Tsoflias’s Bryncadoc Explorer; 2, D & S Griffith’s Trefriw Firefly; 3, D McKenzie-Tolhurst’sMenedh Catkin. 148cm 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Sulwyn-Jones’s Broteifi Vivacious; 2, T & M Jones’s Blaenllain Doodleda; 3, Mr & Mrs True’s Covenham Cameo. 2/3-y-o 128cm 1, M Bowen’s Highlawn Penny Black; 2, D Randerson’s Redvale Sea Quest; 3, Mr & Mrs True’s Barkway Tom Boy. do 148cm 1, Robinson, Withers & Modplan’s Hollyvale Serahlee; 2, Mr & Mrs Sulwyn-Jones’ Broteifi Standing Ovation; 3, Mr & Mrs Gough’s Waxwing Little Hawk. stallion/colt 148cm 1, ch & res sup, Mr & MrsRees’s Sml-land Maytino; 2, W Gwilliam’s Perrington Statesman; 3, J & C Hackley’s Talacharn Morning Glory. Welsh sec A yearling colt 1 & y’stk ch, T & N Jones’s Nicton Carreg; 2, K Hughes’s Brynodyn Safari; 3, P Harper & S Downing’s Joiners Smirnoff Ice. y’ling filly 1 & sup y’ling ch, R Miller & M Davies’s Heniarth Yum Yum; 2, K & J Sheil’s Dukes Hill Chilli Bean; 3, C Mahoney’s Mynydtarren Hermia. 2/3-y-o colt 1, T & N Jones’s Plasderw Llewellyn; 2, L Giboney’s Bryngarn Silver Coyn; 3, E Morris’s Menai Llew Coch. 2/3-y-o filly 1 & res y’stk ch, C Mahoney’s Mynyddtarren Habanera; 2, R Miller & M Davies’s Heniarth Quilt; 3, Mr & Mrs Harries’s Castlemead Unique. gelding under 3yr 1, V Hassell’s Monksfield Odessy; 2, H Myers’s Rosmarche Holly Oak; 3, R Buchanan’s Hengwys Madog ap Brenin. barren mare/gelding 1 & sup ch gelding, S, J & L Abrahall’s Flydon Rhew; 2, W Olding’s Finglebridge Flo-Jo; 3, J Oliver’s Cwmllynfell Olwen. stallion 1, ch & sup ch, K & J Sheil’s Dukes Hill Magnum; 2 & res, B Andrews & R Osborn’s Glenwood Lancelot; 3, D Morgan’s Winscombe Robbie. Welsh pony y’ling colt 1, C Tamplin’s Graishall Monarch; 2, E Charlton’s Kiltinane Sunrise. y’ling filly 1, y’stk ch & ch, E Prosser’s Cottrell Natasha; 2, W Gwilliam’s Perrington Amethyst; 3, Mr & Mrs Griffiths’s Trefriw Mary Kate. 2/3-y-o colt 1, C Tamplin’s Graishall Valentino; 2, Robinson, Withers & Modplan’s Hollyvale Kadet; 3, Mr & Mrs Bethell’s Cross Foxes Berwynfa. 2/3-y-o filly 1, E Charlton’s Kiltinane Doreen; 2, F Livermore’s Doylan Honey Bunch; 3, H Brockbank’s Thamesbourne Purple Heiress. gelding under 3yr 1 & res y’stk ch, J hall’s Kiltinane Florin; 2,Waxwing Little Hawk; 3, D Blackburn’s Trefriw Troy. barren mare/gelding1 & res, I & S Davies’s Yrenfys Petita; 2, I & S Davies’s Brianne Little Gem; 3, A Davies’s Springers Bold As Brass. stallion 1, W Harris & H Wilcox’s Cadlan ValleyDrum Major; 2, Mr & Mrs Bethell’s Polaris Elmer; 3, K Perrott’s Badshot Eclipse. sec C y’ling colt 1 res y’stk & res sup y’ling, Nebo Stud’s Nebo Taran; 2, R Jordan’s TyrEos Kristian; 3, H Edwards’s Iouar Dazzler. do filly 1, G & S Williams’s Cilmaengwyn Seren y Bryn; 2, Everitts’ Dyrfal Jubilee Rose. 2/3-y-o colt 1, y’stk & res, J Hadley’s Laurtom Glyndwr; 2, R French’s Annod St Bert. 2/3-y-o filly 1, J & T Wilson’s Raci Bobbisox; 2, E Rapps’s Perrygrove Sunrise; 3, D Newman’s Starcrest Hollywood Girl. gelding under 3yr 1, Everitts’ Dyrfal Mabon. barren mare/gelding 1, A Fletcher 7 C Stein’s Maenan CJ; 2, Rodley Welsh Ponies’ Popsters Kerry Gold; 3, V Todman’s Bradeney Lynette. stallion 1& ch, Jones Bros’ Fronarth Showman; 2, T Newman’s Starcrest Sovereign; 3, J & T Wilson’s Neauddparc Cymro. sec D y’ling colt 1, Z & D Buckley’s Haniel Nemisis; 2, H Davies & Sons’ Panteryrod Royal Emblem; 3, Mr & Mrs D Thomas’s Cruglwyd Cymro Du. y’ling filly 1 & res y’stk, D Evans’s Trehewyd Catrin Mai; 2, Nebo Stud’s Derocks Lady Morgaine; 3, P Harper & S Downong’s Pencalow Princess. 2/3-y-o colt 1, y’stk ch & res, Mr & Mrs D Thomas’s Cruglwyd Calon Lan; 2, C Robinson’sWillowcourt Tiger. 2/3-y-o filly 1, D & Z Buckley’s Haniel Mallory Knox; 2, Z & D Buckley’s Cascob Valient Lady; 3, A Davies’s Cwmduad Sarah’s Lady. gelding under 3yr 1, E powell’s Cefndu Brenin Du. barren mare/gelding 1, D & Z Buckley’s Thorneyside Flyers Charm; 2, A Lewis’s Alltwalis Magical Lady; 3, P & H Page’s Winton Ffion. stallion 1 & ch, Tymor Stud’s Tymor The Tramp; 2, J Dykes’ Traethglas Tomos; 3, H Davies & son’s Tyrpentre Royal Mascot. Welsh part-bred y’ling up to 14.2hh 1, Covenham Cameo; 2, Bryncadoc Explorer; 3, Blaenllain Doodleba. do over 14.2hh 1, Halls’ Penstrumbly Poptastic. 2/3-y-o, 14.2hh 1, y’stk ch & res, Crafton Madam Butterfly; 2, Barkway Tom Boy; 3, Talacharn Morning Glory. do over 14.2hh 1 & res y’stk, D & J Stokes’s Blaencariad Indiana; 2, S Mardell’s Pennbretti Orange Pipin. snr, 14.2hh 1 & ch, Sml-land Maytino; 2, K Missmise’s Bryncadoc Lucky Charm; 3, J Edwards’s Sarnau Golden Sunbeam. do over 14.2hh 1, T & A Jones’s Blaenllain Doodleberry; 2 & 3, J Jones’s Penlanganol Flyte & Penlanganol Mister Troy. M&M excl Welsh sml 1 & ch, C Bennett’s Seva Captain Marcel. lge 1 & res, V Todman’s Velvet Moon. palomino jnr 1 & res, Blaencanaid Indiana; 2, P Howell’s Kingsettle Thrysma; 3, C Bennett’s Cwmllynfell Amazon. snr 1 & ch, Sarnau Golden Sunbeam; 2, D Jones’s Fairywood Flashdance. owners/breeders pair 1, Heniarth Yum Yum & Heniarth Quilt; 2, Yrenfys Petita & Brianne Little Gem; 3, P Mundy’s Hillmead Jem & Fayre Miranda. young handler, under 12yr 1 & res, R Turner; 2, C & K Parry. 13-16yr 1, H Young. nov 1 & ch, A Dark; 2, B Watkins; 3, C Watkins. mini ridden LR 1 & ch, J Price’s Briolen Sabrina; 2, C Watkin’s Carnalw Shanco; 3, K Bissmire’s Penllyn Marten. FR 1 & res, J Price’s Wortley Tiger Lily; 2, A Dark’s Erwfair Milwr Bach; 3, L Thomas’s Haverford Tom Thumb. novice ridden LR 1, F Perry’s San Rosemary; 2, J Bisson’s Beechfieldpark Prince Charming; 3, A Davies’s Cadlan Valley Gold Dust. FR 1, C Watkins’s Atherstone Pin Up Boy; 2, J Jones’s Cwmfadog Hannah; 3, Erwfair Milwr Bach. sml 1 & ch, L Phillips’s Perington Panache; 2, C & K Parry’s Leucarum Editor; 3, N Hopkins’s Defaelog Lady Jayne. lge 1 & res, T & A Jones’s Maesmynach Moment; 2, H Jones’s Penlanlas Carys; 3, S Bushen’s Lodor Pedro. open ridden sec D 1, ch & sup ch, Mr & Mrs G baker’s Derwen Quartz; 2, A Wheatcroft & P Holmes’s Sydenham Forget-Me-Not; 3, Z Jeffries’s Pontlasse Stardancer. sec C 1 & res, Mr & Mrs G Baker’s Starcrest Discovery; 2, A Bird & Mr & Mrs J James’s Pantyfid Toy Soldier; 3, J Gwilliam’s Hafodyrynys Viking Warrior. sec B 1, Mr & Mrs G Baker’s Farchynys Penri; 2, L Phillips’s Fontmell Romanov. sec A 1, R Miller & M Davies’s Heniarth Quip; 2, M Birdwood’s Dyfed Casanova; 3, Beechfieldpark Prince Charming. part-bred 1, C Watkins’s Crawel Golden Guinea; 2, L Lindsay’s Bryncadoc Lucky Charm; 3, J Owen’s Delfan June.

NCPA OPEN Somerford Park, Cheshire, 11 May

in-hand M&M (Mrs B Patton) 1, J Steeples’ Kim Of Whitefield; 2, A Street’s Neuadd Parc Bridesmaid; 3, C Robinson’s Kerbeck Night Destiny. 2/3-y-o 1, N Bond’s Locharmoss Symphony; 2, L Bradley’s Tarnbeck Willow; 3, A Farley’s Three Shires Storm. mare 1, P Wheeldon’s Tyreds Adrian; 2, D Key’s Breeze; 3, R Rothwell’s Hobcroft Flora. stallion/colt 1, J Crane’s Sleddale Jeffrey; 2, P Cadwell’s Carrick Hestan. Shetland y’stk 1, R Gwilliam’s Earlswood Joy; 2, J Williams’s Gorsehill Knightsbridge; 3, L Wild’s Wildways Golden Girl. over 4yr 1, R Gwilliam’s Southfield Gate Valiant; 2, J Turner’s Headdyke Perception; 3, J Williams’s Serendipity Of Quimper. NCPA M&M y’stk 1, C Heather’s Memphis Gwawr Cytgan; 2, L Bradley’s Tarnbeck Willow; 3, C Wood’s Pontillys Georgia. over 4yr 1, S Greenwood’s Dene Dusky Maid; 2, P Wheeldon’s Tyreds Adrian; 3, K Bennett’s Mellor Mount Dylan. stallion/colt 1, J Crane’s Nantydwll Pwyll; 2, S Lassey’s Dukeshill Macho Man. hack & light horse breeding (Mrs A Wright) y’ling 1, B Marsland’s Gucci; 2, J Hindley’s Wards Place Carisma; 3, A Ainley’s Diamond Brite. 2/3-y-o 1, B Marsland’s Krystal Clear; 2, Maraday Stud’s Maraday Marcasite. mare 1, M West’s Diptford Sea Eagle; 2, F Cayzer’s Hightime American Jazz; 3, L Stainburn’s Fairlyn First Edition. Arab breeding (Miss J Connolly) y’stk 1, Mr & Mrs Woodward’s HT Ormuz; 2, S Nunn’s Indian Golden Silk; 3, S Brown’s Sulan Snow Queen. mare 1, S Brown’s HT Camaro; 2, N Mellor’s Alite. stallion/colt 1, S Brown’s Ellectron; 2, K Child’s Samari. Anglo/part-bred y’ling 1, A Ainley’s Diamond Brite; 2, G Neve’s Styalways First Symphony; 3, J Hartley’s Chardonney Springtime. 2/3-y-o 1, M Ogden’s Chasecroft Dimple; 2, S Rodenhurst’s Kelsborrow Chatterbox; 3, Maraday Stud’s Maraday Marcasite. mare 1, G Neve’s Mereland Mistique; 2, Hightime American Jazz. stallion/colt 1, Maraday Stud’s Cqyrty Remeldo; 2, A Roberts’ Royalviews Last Symphony. part-bred Welsh (Mr J Bradley) y’lng 1, Styalways First Symphony; 2, D Taylor’s Duntarvie Cat Nap; 3, A Roberts’s Woodview Tallulah. 2/3-y-o 1, A Roberts’s Royalviews Toy Boy; 2, S Grimshaw’s Moluccas Saffron Surprise; 3, K Allen’s Elnsfield Jonathon.mare 1, Mr & Mrs Selby’s Chasecroft Disco Diva; 2, A Garrigan’s Ranee; 3, P Edwards’s Rohey Shadow Lynx. young handler (Miss S Wade) 1, G Brobyn’s Rawside Royal Julia; 2, Y Jaundreu’s Katiah Bint Jayidd. Welsh sec D (Mr B Williams) 2/3-y-o 1, J Steeples’ Ristol Cardi Princess. mare 1, K Harney’s Menai Pride’s Bridesmaid; 2, S Buckley’s Llansantffraed Comrade. sec B (Mr R Parker-Jones) y’ling 1, D Tolliday’s Dymock Ferrari; 2, M Edwards’s Nefydd Siriol. 2/3-y-o 1, D Tolliday’s Dymock Evensong. mare 1, K Walker’s Douthewaite Sign. stallion/colt 1, P Edwards’s Wian Mab Spruce. sec A (Mr B Williams) y’ling 1, D & B Barton’s Greenmeadows Scarlet O’Hara; 2, S Grundy’s Tiverton Tinkerbelle; 3, D & B Barton’s Minsterley Chloe. 2/3-y-o 1, H Lowe’s Fouroaks Carmen; 2, C Williams’s Hapsford Jasmin; 3, C Wood’s Pontllys Georgia. do colt 1, C Williams’s Hapsford Victor. mare 1, H Lowe’s Fouroaks Reanne; 2, H Larkin’s Nerwyn Prince Foxy Box; 3, S Dinsdale’s Afonerw Ela. stallion 1, Nantydwll Pwyll; 2, C Wood’s Mosswood Beauman; 3, Dukeshill Macho Man. riding pony breeding (Mr R Parker-Jones) y’ling 1, A Roberts’s Woodview Tallulah; 2, V Radcliffe’s Kerandi Touch Of Faith; 3, L & R Carruthers’ Velcar Chantilly Lace. 2/3-y-o 1, S Rodenhurst’s Kelsborrow Chatterbox; 2, A Roberts’s Royalviews Toy Boy; 3, M Ogden’s Chasecroft Dimple. mare 1, Chasecroft Disco Diva; 2, Mereland Mistique. hunter pony breeding (Mr J Bradley) y’ling 1, M Beeston’s Stychlands Charlemagne; 2, L & R Carruther’s Velcar Chantilly Lace; 3, D Taylor’s Duntarvie Cat Nap. 2/3-y-o 1, K Allen’s Elnsfield Jonathon; 2, J Walker’s Bunbury Sword Dance; 3, V Radcliffe’s Kerandi First Gold. mare 1, A Baker’s Starlyte Boogie Bopper; 2, Mereland Mistique; 3, Ranee. NCPA reg excl M&M (Mr J Bushell) 2/3-y-o 1, S Rodenhurst’s Kelsborrow Chatterbox. mare 1, Hightime American Jazz; 2, S Jones’s Little Pomroy From Ferryhill. coloured horse/pony (Mr A French) y’stk 1, J O’Williams’s Gorsehill Knightsbridge. over 4yr 1, Little Pomroy From Ferryhill; 2, Serendipity Of Quimper. ridden: coloured (Mr A French)not exc 153cm 1, A Robinson’s Wattlemead Norman; 2, S Wilde’s The Artist; 3, M Pickford’s Star Of Michleane. over 153cm 1, M Baines’s Miss Minny; 2, M Jackson’s Ballydoyle; 3, M Hughes’s Braveheart. Arabs (Mrs P Hollings) pure-bred1, A Dixon’s Silver Lil; 2, C Thorne’s Kaaih; 3, M Barlow’s Kharalisa. Anglo under 148cm 1, Kings’ Kelsborrow Creditor; 2, Royalviews Last Symphony; 3, A Ainley’s Silver Sonnet Of Lostock. over 148cm 1, R Timson’s Strinesdale Syphony; 2, S Avery’s Readwood Redwing; 3, P Harper’s Strinesdale Elegance. ridden part-bred Welsh (Mr J Bradley) not exc 148cm 1, N Madeley’s Cornmill Bright Spark; 2, J Brandon’s Chinook Nicole; 3, A Baker’s Starlyte Boogie Bopper. over 148cm 1, H Larkin’s Plessington Blazeaway. hack (Miss S Chapman) novice 1, S Avery’s Readwood Redwing; 2, Kings’ The Tempest; 3, G Neve’s Maraday Matahari. hack 1, Strinesdale Elegance; 2, C Duckworth’s Palmfields Legacy; 3, N Holford’s Marston Malibu. riding horse 1, J Smith’s Copper Mill; 2, J Nolan’s Unbelievable; 3, W Hunt’s Mirror Reflection. cob 1, N Curbishley’s Double Take; 2, Y Knight’s Wash & Go; 3, Ballydoyle. ridden NCPA excl M&M (Mrs J Bushell) not exc 148cm 1, K Walsh’s Beckside Super Trooper; 2, J Brandon’s Chinook Nicole; 3, L Fitzgerald’s Fylde Majestic Prince. over 148cm 1, F Pass’s Trou Master; 2, G Johnson’s Trellech Countryman; 3, A Meinhardt’s Hightime Rock’n’Roll Roxy. SHP (Miss s Jull) 158cm 1, P Chantler’s Red Admiral; 2, R Timson’s Rapture; 3, C Mee’s Winter Chimes. 153cm 1, H Roddy’s Lucky Miller; 2, F Pass’s Sea Otter; 3, S Wilde’s The Artist. 143cm 1, K Manning’s Classic Chancellor; 2, K Thompson’s Dark Secret; 3, C Cope’s McCauley. 133cm 1, D Holberry’s Isley Walton Limestone; 2, P Collier’s Warleigh Hot Gossip; 3, C Davies’s Stambrook Pivotol. 122cm 1, Coles & Harrod’s Millay Senoreta; 2, B Williams’s Breamish Jiminey; 3, K Hulme’s Starlyte Orinoco. LR 1, S Albinson’s Litton Dancing Dreamer; 2, Fylde Majestic Prince; 3, M Proudlove’s Tuscan Challenge. mixed ht 1, S Marshall’s Thirkleby Maytime; 2, J Rowland’s Carian; 3, C Cope’s McCauley. show ponies (Mrs J Griffin) 128cm 1, J Patch’s Cosford Chardonay; 2, Hollings & Edsell’s Ardenhall Bel Ami. FR 1, K Hulme’s Starlyte Orinoco; 2, J Curbishley’s Rumworth Gold Spirit; 3, J Carless’s Fairley Swansong. mixed ht (Mrs J Griffin) 1, Kelsborrow Creditor; 2, G Morton’s Bexton Flirtation; 3, S Martin’s Balfour Tia Maria. 128cm 1, K Walsh’s Beckside Super Trooper; 2, A West’s Caithness Roaming Astra; 3, J Curbishley’s Haighend Festival. 138cm 1, F Done’s Queensdale Cameron; 2, G Booth’s Greenacres First Light; 3, S Martin’s Rollswood Dancer. 148cm 1, K Thompson’s Dark Secret; 2, A Kennedy’s Kelsborrow Chenille; 3, A Eardley’s Risinghoe Bright Light. mixed ht int 1, F Pass’s Trou Master; 2, N Holford’s Marston Malibu; 3, W Hunt’s Mirror Reflection. WHP (Ms M Allison) nursery 1, T Brooks’ Soudley Merlyn; 2, S Davies’s Whatcroft Excalibur; 3, C Maddocks’s Bellarose Chance. 133cm 1, P Collier’s Wrigley Puccini; 2, Whatcroft Excalibur; 3, G Brobyn’s Alandale Fair Cameo. 143cm 1, A Lafferty’s Henry. 153cm 1, D Bracegirdle’s Royal Alice; 2, Wattlemead Norman; 3, A & F Aston’s Beau Baron. novice 1, Royal Alice; 2, J Heelis’s Foxglen Domino; 3, C Igoe’s Sylvester. M&M WHP (Mr J Nash) 122cm 1, D Holberry’s Valebrook First Symphony; 2, Portland Stud’s Bengad Dutch Iris; 3, B Williams’s Bunbury Czar. 138cm 1, T Bebbington’s Rushmoor Surprise; 2, P Collier’s Trewithian Bequine; 3, L Dickinson’s Glanllyfni Rhodri. over 138cm 1, S Challinor’s Rebel’s Flight; 2, A Evans’s Derwin Turpin; 3, R Johnson’s Riefals Pentra Bach. novice 1, L Dickinson’s Glanllyfni Rhodri; 2, Bunbury Czar; 3, Reifals Pentra Bach. M&M (Mr R Owens) novice 1, H Lonyon’s Deildre Lucky Pirouette; 2, L Wigglesworth’s Hulme Divine Legend; 3, G Hogan’s Llynfivalley Rocky. large 1, M Booth’s Tybanadl Gwilym; 2, L Dickinson’s Tranmoor Vulcan; 3, L Ennett’s Kerbeck Diamond Fire. small 1, A Oliver’s Spartan Golden Lad; 2, L Ennett’s Whinberry Twilight; 3, Wian Mab Spruce. Dalkeith jnr (Mrs J Little) small 1, Mr & Mrs Rushton’s Shilstone Rocks Country Squire; 2, A & G Johnson’s Boston Out Of The Blue; 3, E Barlow’s Old Acres Lace. large 1, M Rowlinson’s Maesyfelin Black Jack; 2, S Avery’s Sydserff Oliver; 3, D Scottney’s Lady Fred. LR 1, G Homfray-Jones’s Roseisle Tudyr Meldody; 2, N Bond’s Pen-Wisg Banjo; 3, Shilstone Rocks Country Squire. FR 1, P Moore’s Briardene Benjamin; 2, A Bevis’s Bengad Rosary Pea; 3, L Walker’s Rookery Souffle. NCPA reg (Mrs J Bushell) small 1, Roseisle Piccolo; 2, Boston Out Of The Blue; 3, K Bennett’s Mellor Mount Dylan. lge 1, K Manning’s Wellbron Jacko; 2, Maesyfelin Black Jack; 3, J Evans’s Aberconwy Dylan

UPMINSTER RIDING CLUB Orsett Showground 11 May

BSHC&RHA Riding Horse (J Lorriston-Clarke) sml 1 & res, J West’s Haddon Hurrican; 2, C Mackness’s Victoria Cross; 3, H Whiteley-John’s Midday Phlight. lge 1 & ch , C Bardo’s Soldier Brave; 2, R Gooden-Dear’s Ottoman; 3, D Bremner’s Shanlaras’s Secret. Ridden Cob (J Lorriston-Clarke) l’wt 1 & ch C Bardo’s Carlingford; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs Heseltine’s Castle Jordan; 3, Mrs Channer’s Rich Champion. h’wt 1 C. Bardo’s His Nibs; 2, M Webbs Lansdowne. Ridden Hunter-(R Mills) l’wt 1 & ch J Jerram & K Moore’s Rosenbrite; 2 & res V Ramm’s Redwood Copperfield; 3, S Holdsworth’s Fair Do’s. m’wt 1, A McCarthy’s Ballynoe Prince; 2, M Keady’s Meridean; 3, M Yiannoullou’s The Graduate VI. wh – l’wt 1 & res, V McCrae’s Rocking Robin, 2, A McCarthy’s Ballynoe Prince; 3, C Baines’s Wunathose Daze. h’wt – 1 & ch, A Duncan’s Teddy Boy II. Arabs – (S Woodhouse) pure bred – mareM 1, P Carr’s Melika Shaharazade; 2, J Johansonn-Massey’s El Kiaora; 3, D Theobold’s Astarafah. Stallion 1, J Marshall’s Bluebells Kharenya. Gelding 1 & res, D Theobold’s Mistic Moon; 2, M Burr’s Majeed; 3, S Page’s Ashlyngs Yazakhan. 1/2/3 y-o 1 C Reeves 2, L Dawes’s Ellans. Anglo/part 2/3y-o 1, R Birch’s Dolphin Superiority; 2, Z Tilson’s Rotherwood Songdance; 3, C Hogan’s Tilleul Saucy Secret. 4yrs & over 1 & ch. S Burwood’s Dickenson Bay; 2, T Newman’s Classic Birichen; 3 M Pook’s Toy Story. ridden – (J Conifey) Pure bred 1 & res A Palmer’s Rajol Ibn Rusleem; 2, E Bodmar’s Ibn El Nefous; 3, J Johanson-Massey’s Azuli. nov. pure/anglo/part bred 1, S Ross’s Shayna Maydel; 2, Mr & Mrs A Higgins’s Johara Khan; 3, J Johanson-Massey’s El Kiaora . Cherif 153cms & under 1 & ch A Ray’s Woodwind New Moon; 2, R Gudge’s Blaircourt Celtic Rose; 3, M Pook’s Toy Story. Over 153cms 1, R Gooden-Dear’s Ottoman; 2, P Lovell’s Mister Perkins; 3, J Green’s Aster Mistral. Ponies (UK) (D McDonald-Bassett) Cedarwood Pony 1, J Laughton’s Millfields Tristan; 2, V Gardner’s Valiant Prince of Distinction; 3, J Dixon’s Tyan Texas Lady. Horse 1, J Harris’s Broadway Flyer; 2, H Pottle’s Daylight Robbery; 3, V Archer’s Craftwork Der Prinz. (J Ripley) Bobby Dazzler 1, V Gardner’s Valiant Prince of Distinction; 2, ; 3, J Laughton’s Millfields Tristan. Sir Lancelot 1, G Claughton’s Larchwood Flowing Free; 2, J Laughton’s Millfields Tristan; 3, C Lazell’s Ballingaddy Boy. Pollyanna 1, V Gardner’s Valiant Prince of Distinction; 2, M Payne’s Waxing Dreams Royal; 3, P Gussin’s Renmark Master Mason. Glyn Greenwood M&M (J Oliver) lge 1, A Thomas’s Navestock Welsh Flyer; 2, G Curtis’s Shardels Remo; 3, A Thomas’s Broughton Mastermind. sml 1, K Fidgeon’s Mayphillic McHarne; 2, J Johansson-Massey’s Randan Charmer; 3, A Riggs’s Templedruid Drama. Kingsford Ridden M & M lge 1, G Curtis’s Shardels Remo; 2, J Griffiths’s Vaynor Twts; 3, G Macefield’s Mitcheltroy Master. Sml 1, J Brockbank’s Forlan Blueprint; 2, M Springett’s Ibornden Comet; 3, S Sulsh’s Tynecae Meadow Pipit. Lobster Pot1 1, M Parker’s Monarchill Sea Nymph; 2, J Head’s Rowfantina Peter Pan; 3, J Payne’s Lacy Anwen. Brineton M & M First Ridden 1, J Brockbank’s Forlan Blueprint; 2, S Sulsh’s White Willows Mystery; 3, Mrs Newton’s Colliyers Mollycoddle. Dalkeith Junior M & M lge 1, C Miles’s Vaynor Twts. sml 1, M Springett’s Ibornden Comet; 2, Mrs Newton’s Bronllyd Diamond Lil; 3, G Martin’s Brynvale Cracker. Kempley Ridden Cob (D McDonald-Bassett 1, N Fuller’s Ross; 2, L Benningfield’s Mallen; 3, C Grimes’s Irish Dream V. Hunters (G Claughton) small 1, S Burwood’s Roddy Doyle; 2, S Ball’s Grey Cloud. novice 1 & res J Stephenson’s Poppy; 2, C Humberston’s Mohill Lad; 3, S Edmond’s Macauley. open 1 & ch, P Rouse’s Mister Picnic ; 2, K Boswell’s Meepswood Amedeus. Riding Horse (L Mulvie & S Taylor) nov sml 1 & res, G Martin’s Suttonwoods Blue Reflection; 2, C Williams’s Tiptoe Moon Legend; 3, P Firman’s Air of Justice. lge 1 & ch; D Crossley’s Drama Queen 2, K Boswell’s Meepswood Amedeus V ; 3, V Archer’s Craftwork Der Prinz. Open 1, K Boswell’s Meepswood Amedeus; 2, V Archer’s Craftwork Der Prinz. Wh (D McDonald-Bassett) 1, V McRae’s Rocking Robin; 2, C Clarke’s Ace of Base; 3, S Gardner’s Emdale Extrovert. whp 1, V Milano’s Simply Sweep; 2, J Courtney’s Kilafan Boy; 3, L Moore’s Navestock Wendy. In hand – (J George) Paints spots etc 1, P Ryder’s Spot Check; 2, S Mountain’s Patches; 3, D Djemal’s Black Jack. Veterans – over 15yrs 1, M Payne’s Waxing Dream Royal; 2, V Edmonds’s Macauley; 3, S Lane’s Driftway Harris. Ridden (J George) – Ridden Veterans 15-20yr 1, C Lazell’s Ballingaddy Boy ; 2, S Edonds’s Macauley; 3, Y Lewis’s Marbon Mastermind. Over 20yrs 1, A Dennis’s Maple Flyer; 2, B Lazell’s Seal Wynd; 3, M Hunt’s Silver Carouselle. Youngstock (D Aylmer-Aylmore) y’ling any breed 1 & ch G Drury’s Hilltopps Magic Sprite; 2, J Aldis’s Jons Avril; 3, K Fidgeon’s Startan Eros. 2/3-y-o 1 J Welton’s Weltons May Queen; 2 G Drury’s Rhoden Master Frederick; 3 & res, G Drury’s Powys Song & Dance. Hunter Yearling 1, K Douglas’s Pokey’s Moll. 2/3-y-o 1, B Crabb’s Romantic Affair. Pony Ring (L Spencer) Leading Rein 1, M D’Agati’s Romany River Lace; 2, K Sone’s Cosford Chanel; 3, S C Alder’s Tinkerbell Treasure. Young Handlers 1, M D’Agati’s RomanyRiver Lace; 2, S Mountain’s Patches; 3, Mrs Newton’s Colliyers Mollycoddle. Ridden Hunter Pony 1, K Fidgeon’s Mayphillic Henry; 2, A Ray’s Woodwind New Moon; 3, K Fidgeon’s Firkleby Calypso. First Ridden 1, C Quinlan’s Barkway Bo-Peep; 2, A Turpin’s Queensmere Birthday Girl; 3, M D’Agati’s Romany River Lace. Novice Riding 1, A Turpin’s Queensmere Birthday Girl ; 2, S Mountain’s Patches; 3, P Rouse’s Just Joop. Lily Memorial A Turpin’s Queensmere Birthday Girl. Open Ridden Paints Spots etc. (D McDonald-Bassett) 1, Mrs Newton’s Bronllyd Diamond Lil; 2, M Drew’s Soldier; 3, T Wright’s Mallen. Supreme Ridden Amateur Champ of Show D Crossley’s Suttonwoods Blue Reflection.

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