Performance awards 2001


    awards 1, 1,039 points, owner/child of owner ridden, most versatile, best WHP & best dressage, J Naughton’s Farriers Full Cry; 2, 549pt & best novice, Mrs L & Miss L Booth’s Burley Moonlight; 3, 458pt, 2nd novice & best bred by owner, Mr & Mrs S Young’s Farriers Field Of Dreams; 4, 435pt, 3rd novice & best showing, Miss P Rennie’s Lomonside Emperor 5, 385pt & best junior, Mrs E Jack’s Fijal Gemstone; 6, 373pt & best jumping, Miss H Black’s Broganslade Ballistaire. best driven, Miss G Brownrigg’s Gosden Sparkle.


    awards 1, D Megson’s Bletchenden Fanfare; 2, N Gurdon’s Oakendwood Dionysus; 3, E Beckett’s Shipton Morning Mist. overall part-breds 1, W Morrissey’s Midsummer; 2, J Funnell’s Lauren; 3, J Harvey & J Webb’s Hungry Hall Portia. breeder of most ponies gaining points 1, P S Harrison & A Harries’ Hayselden Bacchus; 2, E Beckett’s Shipton Morning Mist. breeder of overall winner 1, S Ide; 2, J Betell-Higgins. living stallion with highest progeny points Hayselden Bacchus; 2, Nyton Village Master. living mare with highest progeny points 1, Bulcamp Luck Penny; 2, Lenarevagh Silver. best stallion competing 1, V Compton’s Castle Comet; 2, S Thompson’ Lishmar Rebel. best not exc 138cm 1, Shipton Morning Mist; 2, R Davenport & D O’Brien’s Grayswood Sea Spray; 3, T Paver’s Mundon Mugwort. silver snow trophy 1, Oakenwood Dionysus; 2, Shipton Morning Mist; 3, K Wilde’s First Spotted. best mare 1, Shipton Morning Mist; 2, S Gee’s Corellian Asset; 3, V Davey’s Nyton Miss Georgina. ODE 1, Nyton Miss Georgina: 2, Bletchenden Fanfare; 3, Oakenwood Dionysus.dressage 1, Corellian Asset: 2, G Hasberry’s St Flannans Fergal; 3, Shipton Morning Mist. SJ 1, Bletchenden Fanfare; 2, K Wilde’s First Spotted; L Brunton’s Smokey Sue. WHP 1, M Littlewood’s Peniarth Jackpot; 2, R Squire’s Eudene Limbara; 3, Shipton Morning Mist. family/utility 1, S Cheyne’s Heather’s Dancer; 2, Grayswood Sea Spray; 3, Nyton Miss Georgina. oldest pony 1, C Heald’s Grange Saga Lass; 2, D Le Croissette’s Pilgrims Spellbound. versatility1, M Hall’s Oaklands Seventh Heaven; 2, Shipton Morning Mist; 3, Nyton Miss Georgina. rider/driver 21-39yr 1, N Gurdon; 2, S Gee; 3, J Spacey Woods. adult owner rider/driver not to have won trophy previously 1, S Gee; 2, J Beverley-Jones. young rider’s trophy, 17-20yr 1, A Kelly; 2, J Cragie; 3, C Moon. riders over 40yr 1, J Beverley-Jones; 2, A Howard-Chappel; 3, J Kirkham. jnr rider, 16yr & under 1, D Megson; 2, K Wilde: 3, R Littlewood. part-bred specials: SJ P Watts’ Nyton Nobody’s Fool. dressage W Morrissey’s Midsummer. CT: midsummer, cross-country Hon D A Eustace’s Ballymore Miss Chief. handy hunter M Lee’s Twin Charm. versatility J Funnell’s Lauren.

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