Perfecting your individual show

  • Expert advice on the perfect individual show from top pony producer Julie Templeton

    The individual show is your chance to show the judge your pony’s strengths. You have the judge’s undivided attention so make the most of this time. A good show can make the difference between being placed and standing down the line.

    Julie Templeton’s top tips

    • Always do exactly as the judge asks. If you’re not sure what he means, ask for the instructions to be repeated or explained
    • Too long a show can be boring – keep it good and keep it short!
    • Practising the show too much at home or in the collecting ring before the class will result in the pony anticipating. This is a very hard fault to correct
    • If you are first to do your show, tread carefully. If you have been pulled in 10th, go for it, there’s nothing to lose
    • A sparkly browband will not make up for a bad show. Sometimes people spend more time choosing fancy browbands than they do training their children and ponies
    • A well-trained, well-ridden, relaxed and happy pony will make the best picture for a judge to watch
    • Don’t lose concentration while the class is going on – you must be aware of what it happening if you are going to prepare your pony
    • Do your homework at home, not in the ring. The class is your shop window – not a schooling arena
    • Don’t forget to practise standing in front of the judge. You must present your pony correctly to make the judge think you are worth watching

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