Pearly King crowned Royal International hack champion

  • Simon Charlesworth took the first championship of the day at the Royal International Horse Show as Sarah Carey’s much admired Pearly King II clinched the hack title with a lovely display of manners and elegance in the international arena.

    This lovely five-year-old is another rising star by Kilvington Scoundrel. He went beautifully to win his large division in the outer showing ring before taking the championship to remain unbeaten in his first two seasons under saddle.

    Standing reserve was Classic Top Totty, who finished second in the large class for Helen Baker. Also coming forward to the championship were the top two contenders from the small class Classic Chauvanist (Edward Young) and Royal Engagement (Robert Walker).

    Elegance was the key word on Saturday morning as the ladies classical side-saddle championship followed the hacks into the international arena. Hazel Allin topped the line-up riding Angela Hunt’s Krisinski 17-year-old Romany King.

    All three Pretty Polly (home-produced) classes had both quality and quantity forward, and Georgia Renshaw-Smith took the title riding Chinook Morning Light from the mixed height show pony section. The Twylands Prose-sired pony was the 2008 supreme champion here for Jessica Nevin. The reserve went to the small SHP winners Abigail Dymond riding Annandale Darcy.

    Leon King and Pearl Underwood’s Royal Agent won a small hunter class brimming with quality. The Irish-bred six-year-old is in his first season, and he also contests working hunter classes.

    As expected, the maxi cob line-up stretched from end to end of the ring. Nina Armstrong’s upstanding Tank Top remained at the top of the line for Ian Smeeth.

    While on a much smaller scale, Carol Lindsey’s Apollos Little Rose claimed the miniature title for handler Julian Quiney. The charming little filly battled serious illness as a foal, a liver complaint causing temporary blindness, but she happily recovered and won here as a yearling.

    Don’t miss next week’s H&H for further reports and analysis on all the showing action at the Royal International Horse Show 2011

    Saturday showing results
    Garrick Engineering Shelters Ltd hack (Mrs R Abba, Mrs J Cooper) sml. – 1, L Kelbie’s Classic Chauvanist; 2, L Smith-Crallan’s Royal Engagement; 3, E Butterworth’s Fleetwater Xecutive. lge. – 1 & ch, S Carey’s Pearly King; 2 & res, K Hounsom’s Classic Top Totty; 3, W Edgar’s Stanley Grange Night-Ride. Ian & Sheila Darcy small hunter (Mr P Scott, Miss M Hennessy). – 1, P Underwood’s Royal Agent; 2, I Kobbe’s Jemoon Star Catcher; 3, J Day’s Goldern Tassett. Leeman maxi cob (Mr J Van Praagh, Mrs J Jenkin). – 1, N Armstrong’s Tank Top; 2, Boden & Clay’s Hallmark IX; 3, Baileys Horse Feed’s Deimos. Betty Skelton side saddle (Mrs C Sturrock). – 1, A Hunt’s Romany King; 2, E Rostron’s Penstrumbly Our Abram; 3, P Pickard’s Natterjack Toad. BSPS Pretty Polly (Mrs G Burgess, Mr P Hilton) mixed ht Sp. – 1 & ch & 2, K Gillot’s Chinook Morning Light & Chagford Picture Perfect; 3, H Forrest’s Milford Grand Marnier. do sml SHP. – 1 & res, Lobb & Dymond’s Annandale Darcy; 2, J Armson’s Hanmere Showman; 3, H Coy’s Thistledown Royal Cadet. do lge SHP. – 1, A Curry’s Noble Star; 2, J Glover’s Recap Zilla; 3, K Marfleet’s Valentino III. BSPS Pretty Polly mini (Mrs G Burgess, Mr P Hilton) LR. – 1, Lobb & Dymond’s Barkway Tiara; 2, M Pendlebury’s Brynoffa Maytime; 3, N Smith’s Fofsway Ganymede. FR. – 1 & ch, C Marshall’s Copybush Moonsprite; 2 & res, N Smith’s Fofsway Dominic; 3, B Garner’s Basford Playboy. Harrison Civil Engineering Anglo & Part bred Arab (Mrs E Souster, The Hon D Gooch) sml. – 1 & res, K Smith’s Hollowmarsh Oliver; 2, V Windsor-Phillips’s Nook School For Scandal; 3, S Dennison’s Archwood Romeo Gigle. lge. – 1 & ch, R Lucas’s Lyncombe Legend; 2, H Broom’s Paschal High Flyer; 3, Thomas & White’s Pendley Majestic. Stretcholt Equestrian Centre BMHS (Mrs J Bryer) colts/stallions. – 1, B Budge’s Royaloaks Obsessed To Impress; 2, P Armitage’s LTDS Wildcard; 3, M Foulkes’s Hailstone Ready To Rumble. fillies/mares/geldings. – 1 & ch, C Lindsey’s Apollos Little Rose; 2 & res, Sir T & Lady Lang’s Scott Creek My Key To Fashion; 3, B Moss’s Ujenik Bantams Little Princess. 2-y-o. – 1, Allstars International’s Aeathetes Black Ice; 2, P Armitage’s Scott Creek Monarch Sumkinawiz. y’ling. – 1, B Moss’s Scott Creek Monarch Man In Black; 2, J Hands’s Shadowplay Beyond The Pale; 3, W Edgar’s Spotlights Money Penny. sml. – 1, Mr & Mrs Hillyer’s Aesthete Playboys Ego; 2, A Kemp’s Aesthete Lavender Blue; 3, M Foulkes’s Hailstone Ready To Rumble. veteran. – 1, J Domhill’s Toyhorse Prince Dillon; 2, P Armitage’s Mostly Minnies Key West; 3, C Leonard’s Blacketor UK Quickstep King Dragon.

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