NPS Area 25 show results 25 March ’05

  • NPS AREA 25/NPA Badgworth, Somerset, 25 March

    NPS home-produced M&M sml breeds 1, Mrs E House’s Bincombe Endora; 2, Misses Williams & Nash’s Waltersgay Grasshopper; 3, T Parker’s Wyedean Deodar. do lge 1, T Good’s Underwood Icarus; 2, Mr & Mrs McNamara’s Lydvale Jacob; 3, Miss S & Mrs J Pound’s Cocum Fairy Tale. M&M y’stk sml breeds 1, Mrs A Banks’ Underhill Hamish; 2, Mrs E House’s Bincombe Pearliqueen; 3, Mr & Mrs L Partridge’s Rosedale Fairy Gold. do 4-y-o & over 1 & res, Bincombe Endora; 2, N Budd’s Kalevan Amarillo; 3, Wyedean Deodar. lge breeds y’stk 1, Lydvale Jacob; 2, H Lomas’ Maesyfelin Pride; 3, Mrs J Field’s Eastlands Camelia. do 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Underwood Icarus; 2, Mr T Capstick’s Castle Hill Prince II; 3, J Pring’s Ashgrove Rosemary. HP in-hand, y’stk 1, Mrs Phillips’ Master Polaero; 2, M Hillyer’s South Hill Applause. RP do 1, L Goodall’s Baybrook Toyboy; 2, Mrs K Allen’s Hightopps Crown Jewel; 3, Master Polaero. HP in-hand 4-y-o & over 1, Kalevan Amarillo; 2, A Cooke’s Cwmstar Flicka. RP do 1, Mrs H Crowley’s Coombedown Amelia; 2, M Thomas’ Jackets Sunbird. NPS/Universal Packaging ch Kalevan Amarillo; res, Bincombe Endora. NPS mixed height nov RP/HP 1, Mrs F Pond’s Haynevalley Sovereign; 2, M Thomas’ Westleake Playboy; 3, C Pollett’s Cwmderw Galilao. NPS/BHF RP/HP 128cm 1, A Harris’ Elwell Master Periwinkle; 2, W Harvey’s Chaseford Chanel. do 138cm 1, Jackets Sunbird; 2, S Platts’ Cardells Maximillion; 3, L Hall’s Ravens Roost Star Attraction. do 153cm 1, C Williams’ Westhill Chatterbox; 2, J Joules’ Radway Chat Show. NPS/Welle Manor nov M&M LR 1, Mrs E House’s Bincombe Penelope; 2, R Hobbs’ Llafar Llewelyn; 3, P Gough’s Uffington Seranade. do FR 1 & mini res, A Mackley & L Stewart’s Fenylin Calypso; 2, Llafar Llewelyn; 3, J Lonsdale’s Rough Forester of Dryknowl. NPS/Templeton/O’Neill M&M open ridden sml breeds 1, J Lonsdale & S Grange’s Waterside Genesis; 2, Mr M James’ Mildmay Campeche; 3, L Stewart’s Waitwith Connie. do lge 1, Popsters Stud’s Popsters Loaded Weapon; 2, S Page’s Floreat Angie; 3, R Reading’s Yarty Royal Bonus. NPS/Picton nov M&M ridden Dartmoor/Exmoor/ Shetland/sec A 1, C Bodily’s Glebedale Amelia; 2, T Parker’s Peps Ebeneezer; 3, M Barbery’s Waitwith Flash Harry. sec B/C 1, Mrs C Latter’s Yarty Telynores; 2, Mr M James’ Twywood Georgie Boy; 3, Mrs J Pitman’s Blueberry Bacardi Breezer. New Forest, Connemara 1, J Averis’ Oaklands Donatello; 2, S Carpenter’s Willoway Lord Of The Rings. Fell, Highland, Dales, sec D 1, S Carpenter’s Willoway Calendar Girl; 2, E Briant’s Harrisdene; 3, Mrs K Merretts’ Nantconwy Anamal. NPS/Micor Dem M&M LR 1, Mrs S Horton’s Lawnslot Nerwyn; 2, Mr & Mrs Wilson’s Ceffyl-llwyd Snowdrop; 3, Bincombe Penelope. do FR 1 & mini ch, Waterside Genesis; 2, Waitwith Flash Harry; 3, J Edwards’ Glenwood Llinos. NPS/RHR Dem M&M jnr ridden sml breeds 1, S Grange’s Flydon Rhew; 2, Glenwood Llinos; 3, B Okley’s Llangeitho Rascal. do lge 1, B Giles’ Fritham Topper; 2, Willoway Calendar Girl; 3, Yarty Telenores. best rider, 138cm & under 1, J Edwards’ Rosedale Elixir; 2, Llangeitho Rascal; 3, Cuckolds Jemima. do exc 138cm 1, Fritham Topper; 2, T Symes’ Hollyvale Calibra; 3, F Gould’s Tamarvale Countess. jnr handler, 12 & under 1, H Harris; 2, J Edwards; 3, L Dawson. do 13-18yr 1, Cuckolds Jemima; 2, F Parkington; 3, T Priestley. ridden pairs 1, Knightoncombe Goldfinch & Knightoncombe Eridanus; 2, Harvey & Friarly Fireball; 3, Monkshorn Maybe & Tamarvale Countess. M&M LR 1, Ceffyl-llwyd Snowdrop; 2, Miss Williams & Nash’s Waltersgay Meadowsweet; 3, Mrs E Astbury’s Wildways Blue Chip. do FR 1, K Beacham’s Horningglow Jubilee; 2, Waltersgay Meadowsweet; 3, Glenwood Llinos. SHP LR 1, Mrs S Horton’s Pendock Cactus; 2, A Rees’ Treowen Rag Doll; 3, N Brooks’ Wizzy. do FR 1, Rosedale Elixir. HP ridden 153cm 1, Ravens Roost Star Attraction; 2, Hollyvale Calibra; 3, J Perry’s Mini Moo. nov ridden 1, Monkshorn Maybe; 2, Miss T Snelling’s Berry Brittania; 3, T Symes’ Guinness. nov ridden M&M sml breeds 1, Mrs Thomas’ Brynpark Bowman; 2, Friarly Fireball; 3, Cuckolds Jemima. do lge breeds 1 & ch, Willoway Lord Of The Rings; 2, T & K Hodges’ Cascob Firecracker; 3, S Ireland’s Yorkin Red Flyer. open ridden M&M sml breeds 1, Waltersgay Grasshopper; 2, Knightoncombe Goldfinch; 3, Waltersgay Meadowsweet. do lge 1 & res, S Carpenter’s Woodrow Prince Harry; 2, J Pring’s Penstacan Amos; 3, Tamarvale Countess.

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