NPS Area 24 Show 3 July ’05

  • NPS Area 24 Brockenhurst, Hants, 3 July

    NPS/Rocking Horse NS 1, Parkinson & Reid’s Stourton Buddy; 2, DWard’s Powys Jack Flash. NPS/Sealskinz nov WHP, 122cm 1, Powys Jack Flash. 138cm 1 & ch, Mrs K Walters’ Shipton Charisma; 2, D Ward’s Peasedown Pinging Popcorn; 3, Mrs S Buckley’s Horton Tyson. exc 138cm 1 & res, Mrs M Bryant’s Wayland Loganberry; 2, D Boylan’s Troubadour; 3, V Palmer’s Farriers Fair Impression. NPS Follywood int WHP, exc 138cm 1 & res, Troubadour; 2, S Holroyd’s Penddolfawr Thomas; 3, D Stokes’ Shatterford Masterpiece. 138cm 1 & ch, Mrs S Roberts’ Muskerry Blue Danube; 2, Peasedown Pinging Popcorn; 3, Shipton Charisma. 122cm 1, Stourton Buddy; 2, Powys Jack Flash. ridden RP/HP 1, Mrs L Redfern’s Ferramor Diplomat; 2, K Clayton’s Wytch Hattie Carol. ridden Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Welsh sec A/B 1 & res, M Tarrant’s Lippens Nightjar; 2, Mrs J Smith’s Wynswood Brilliant Gem; 3, Mrs L Stewart’s Waitwith Connie. New Forest 1 & ch, Mrs M Bryant’s Wayland Luckington La-La; 2, Mr & Mrs S Young’s Combe Tom Tom; 3, S Green’s Knightwood Goldeneye. Dales, Fell, Highland, sec C/D 1, T Lovell’s Altwalis Victory; 2, Mrs C Isaac’s Botleymill Magic Spark; 3, K Hughes’ Ashgrove Rebecca. NPS Picton nov, Fell, Highland, Dales, sec D 1 & res, Mrs C Isaac’s Felinmore Triple Crown; 2, T Walker’s Pentrepiod The Judge; 3, Mrs Godfrey-Faucett’s Nashend Kingfisher. New Forest, Connemara 1, D Allen’s Willoway Emily; 2, E Wassell’s Park Farm Falcon; 3, C Manning’s Farriers True Print. sec B/C 1 & ch, Mrs L Mitrano’s Holyoake Harmony; 2, M Hoare’s Popsters Debonair; 3, C Thrower’s Fontmell Bold As Brass. Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, sec A 1, K Knock’s Drakesleet; 2, Mr & Mrs M Sheen’s Ovington Nemsis; 3, Miss J Cobley’s Ulverscroft Sir Hescott. M&M LR 1 & res, G Thompson’s Brwnston Sylvester; 2, Mrs S Martin’s Gramblin Willows End; 3, K Harris’ Oakfell Sarah Lee. FR 1 & ch, D Barr’s Southley Red Ember; 2, Lippens Nightjar; 3, Waitwith Connie. NPS/Baileys M&M Olympia qual, sec D 1, Pentrepiod The Judge; 2, K Harris’ Rhydypandy Taran; 3, D Pickering’s Naiad Welsh Dragon. Dales, Fell, Highland 1 & res, Mrs F McWilliam’s Mountain Rowan Of Craigielock; 2, The Queen’s Balmoral Jingle; 3, N Snelling’s Tamarvale Barnabus. New Forest, Connemara 1, Mr & Mrs S Young’s Farriers Foxglove; 2, Miss A McGrath’s Vernons Valeta; 3, Mrs N Shorey’s Willoway Pipers Paragon. sec B/C 1, C Gibbs’ Rhyd-Ddy-Glyndwr; 2, Muskerry Blue Danube; 3, J Smith’s Barkla Royal Heir. Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, sec A 1 & ch, Mrs F Harrison’s Shilstone Rocks Snowfox; 2, Mrs F Harrison’s Shilstone Rocks North Countryman; 3, Parkinson & Reid’s Denburydown Democrat. RP breeding, 4-y-o & over 148cm 1, L Gamlin’s Amesbury Millionaire; 2, Wytch Hattie Carol; 3, Mrs L Powell’s Twylands Pin Up. b’mare 1 & ch, Mrs J Buckley’s Treos Guest Of Honour; 2, Mrs C Gray’s Rillaton Two Two; 3, Miss G Page’s Gleneagles Poppy. foal 1, Miss G Page’s Phiman Phelicitation; 2, Mrs C Gray’s. y’ling, 128cm 1, Mrs S Mosse & Miss A Bast’s Rivenwood Sequin; 2, Mrs L Powell’s Sharlen Little Gem; 3, Miss A Mackley’s Westacre Windfall. do 148cm 1, Rivenwood Sequin. 2/3-y-o 148cm 1 & res, Miss V Tarr & Miss D Hayward’s Fofsway Winsome; 2, Mrs F Kennedy’s Anton Crystal Rose; 3, A Macey’s Heavenly Surprise. home-produced y’ling, 148cm 1, Mrs l Powell’s Sharlen Little Gem; 2, Miss L Barrow’s Perriland Paprika; 3, S Peters’ Sundrop. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, Heavenly Surprise; 2, Aston Crystal Rose; 3, Mrs S Pollett’s Polborne Raindance. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Treos Guest Of Honour; 2, Rillaton Two Two; 3, Amesbury Millionaire. NPS/Eqvalan RP LR 1, Mrs B Davis’ Hammonds Audacious; 2, K Knock’s Rosslayne Panache. FR 1 & ch, Miss A Mackley’s Audene Amariage; 2, Mrs J Edwards’ Rosedale Elixir; 3, Mrs A Jewell’s Rocktels Marino. nov ridden RP/HP 1 & res, Mrs H Stonehouse’s Clonageera Party Piece; 2, Mrs L Mitrano’s Locksbit Purple Eclipse; 3, Mrs J Wilcox’s Shirina Chocolate Liqueur. NPS/BHF RP/HP 128cm 1, C, Grisdale’s Meadowrose Skylark. 138cm 1, Mrs A Hewittson’s Rillaton Ringleader; 2, Mrs L Dixey’s Fairholme Rasputin; 3, Shirina Chocolate Liqueur. 153cm 1, K Knock’s Royalyn Saxon; 2, Mrs S Prior’s Treveglos Small Talk; 3, J Lodwidge’s Cadnam Catnap. in-hand Anglo/part-bred Arab 1 & ch, Mrs S Mosse & Miss Bast’s Moscombe Galaxy; 2, Anton Crystal Rose; 3, Mrs S Small’s Fernedge Charismatic. part-bred Arab 1, Miss S Denton’s Hekmat. 4-y-o & over 1 & res, Mrs J Buckley’s Ridgeway Perfect Waltz; 2, Mrs K Ionascu’s Curdridge Pink Gin. Arab 1, Mr J Phillips’ Elkana Elysiah Dream; 2, Mrs D Monckton’s Pristina; 3, Miss S Denton’s Gold Deliah. do ridden 1, D Bellows’ Jeliila; 2, The Hon Finn Guinness’ Belessa; 3, C Lowe’s Alahn. Anglo/part-bred ridden 148cm 1, Mrs Laing’s Tryjulus Marshall Monty; 2, Mrs L Dixey’s Fairholme Rasputin; 3, Mrs A Jewell’s What A Perfect Moment. exc 148cm 1 & ch, Miss K Small’s Lenmar Shades Of Mink; 2 & res, Mrs R Creed Miles’ Fascinator; 3, Curdridge Pink Gin. HP breeding, stallion/barren mare/geld 4-y-o & over 1, Fairholme Rasputin; 2, K Eynott’s Sabinas Crackerjack. b’mare 1 & res, Miss J Lane’s Northlands Main Event; 2, Ridgeway Perfect Waltz. y’ling 1, Perriland Paprika; 2, Westacre Windfall. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Miss J Lane’s Northlands Main Lane; 2, Mr Ayling’s Maenen Arianne; 3, Mrs A Allen’s Welltree Rollo. in-hand owner-bred M&M, y’stk 1 & res, Mr & Mrs S Andree-Parsons’ Sabinas Gold Nugget; 2, N Snelling’s Tambrook Trick Me Twice; 3, C Gibbs’ Peasedown Teddy. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs S Andree-Parsons’ Sabinas Gold Sovereign; 2, Mrs R Smith & Mrs B Dalton’s Covdale Jazz. RP/HP y’stk 1, Polborne Raindance; 2, Mrs R Smith & Mrs B Dalton’s Covdale Contradiction; 3, Westacre Windfall. 4-y-o & over 1, Northlands Main Event; 2, Covdale Jazz. jnr ridden sml breeds 1, Holyoake Harmony; 2, K Knock’s Stourton Platinum; 3, Lippens Nightjar. lge breeds 1, Floreat Angie; 2, Willoway Pipers Paragon; 3, K Knock’s Holmdown Cascade. in-hand part-bred M&M 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Amesbury Millionaire; 2, Rillaton Ring Leader; 3, S Dyer’s Gwynisle Masquerade. y’stk 1 & res, Miss V Tarr & Miss D Hayward’s Fofsway Winsome; 2, L James’ Morland Cottage Arabesque; 3, Westacre Windfall. in-hand, Shetland, Dartmoor, Exmoor y’stk 1, Mrs M Taylor’s Ministeed Serendipity; 2, J Reeves’ Kiers Picket Surprise. sec A do 1, Mr & Mrs T Capon’s Dukeshill Pipsqueak; 2, Mrs S Hansford’s Bridgetown Gabriella; 3, C Barnes’ Brightlands Bacardi. sec B do 1, K Ponsford’s Durleyhall Giovanni; 2, Mr & Mrs Capon’s Jananda Miss-U-Much; 3, Mr K Poulter’s Akadame Garbo. sec C/D do 1, ch & sup, Mrs P Middleton’s Erddreiniog Josephine; 2, Tambrook Trick-Me-Twice; 3, Peasedown Teddy. New Forest, y’stk 1 & res, Mrs J Whitham’s Woodrow Romsey; 2, S Peters’ Sundrop; 3, Miss A Darnton’s Rodlease Dawn Magic. 2/3-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs A Humble’s Burley Hallmark; 2, Miss A Darnton’s Rodlease Jubilation; 3, Sabinas Gold Nugget. Connemara, Fell, Dales, Highland 1, Mr & Mrs A Humble’s Kingstown Barney; 2, Mr J Morgan’s Kilmazing Red Kite. Shetland, Dartmoor, Exmoor, 4-y-o & over 1, J Reeves’ Firsedge Rhapsody; 2, Mrs J Payne’s Tawbitts Golden Fudge; 3, Stourton Platinum. sec A 1, ch & res sup, B White’s Windleway Rosa; 2, H Aburrow’s Castlemead Quail. sec B 1, Mr & Mrs G Cooper’s Mynach Pinafore; 2, K Ponsford’s Skellorn Silver Coin; 3, C Grisdale’s Lemonshill Firebird. sec C/D 1, Mrs Plumtree’s Coedeneririn Gwendoline; 2, Mrs C Fall’s Danaway Peaches; 3, K Hughes’ Willoway Sarason. New Forest, stallion 1, Sabinas Crackerjack. New Forest, mare/geld 1 & res, R Maton’s Mallards Wood Goddess; 2, K Edwards’ Park Farm Falcon; 3, Mrs J Whitham’s Woodrow Honey’s Dynasty. Connemara, Fell, Highland, Dales 1, Tamarvale Barnabus; 2, J Cooper’s Townend Ruth VI. sport pony 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Vernons Valeta; 2 & res, Shatterford Masterpiece; 3, Sabinas Crackerjack. y’stk 1, Kilmazing Red Kite; 2, Mrs J White’sWheelydown Cloverleaf; 3, Miss V Tarr & Miss D Hayward’s Fofsway Jonny Wilko. BSPS SP, LR 1, C Nokes’ Cavilly Toy Soldier; 2, K Knock’s Rosslayne Panache. FR 1 & ch, Rosedale Elixir; 2 & res, Audene Amariage; 3, D Ward’s Rosslayne Partytime. nov 1 & res, Clonageera Party Piece; 2, A Wimbourne’s Oakpark Diplomacy. mixed height open SP 1 & ch, J Knight’s Barkway Tiger Eye; 2, Royalyn Saxon; 3, Rillaton Ring Leader. BSPS LR SHT 1, Cavilly Toy Soldier; 2, B Davis’ Rillaton Bobtail; 3, Meadowrose Skylark. BSPS nov SHP 1, Rosslayne Partytime. mixed ht open SHP 1 & ch, Fairholme Rasputin; 2, J Knight’s Bradmore Possum; 3, Lenmar Shades of Mink. NPS/Universal Packaging ch Sabinas Gold Sovereign; res, Vernons Valeta. sup ch Vernons Valeta; res, Sabinas Gold Nugget.

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