Northumberland County Show 31 May ’04


    hunter breeding (R Charlton) y’ling 1, W & J Moran’s Waverley Park; 2, G Reed’s Bumble Bee; 3, D Jackson’s Bailey. 2-y-o 1 & res, Y Gibson’s Cogs Collene; 2, W & J Moran’s Lavender Hill; 3, B Wilson’s Broadstone Ladies Night. 3-y-o 1 & ch, W & J Moran’s Lawdale Mayfair; 2, W & J Moran’s Port Patrick; 3, D Folley’s Desert Phoenix. ridden hunters (Mrs C Ridley) sml 1, G Brown’s More Majestic; 2, S Pittendrigh’s Earl Of March. 12st & under 1 & res, A Younger’s Waterbury; 2, D Hutchison’s Maisey Flower; 3, K Humble’s S-Tel. over 12st 1 & ch, R Claydon’s Jack Of Diamonds; 2, M Surtees’s Atlas. side-saddle (Mrs S Errington) SSAEQ open 1, V Hogg’s Millwalk Havana; 2, J Forster’s Bridgefield Lord Snooty; 3, K Henderson’s Punch. SSRC horse/pony open 1, K Henderson’s Punch; 2, G Brown’s More Majestic. concours d’elegance 1 & ch, Bridgefield Lord Snooty; 2 & res, G Brown’s More Majestic. RIHS show ponies (Mrs J Dorman) LR 1 & mini res, K Angus’s Byron’s Poetic Dream; 2, G Massey’s Owlhead Muscet; 3, M Graham’s Rosslayne Royal Harmony. FR 1, F Walmsley’s Maisie Jayne; 2, P Starkie’s Abba Royal Commett; 3, S McBain’s Cuvilly Toy Soldier. 128cm 1 & res, P Starkie’s Farnley Superstar; 2, K Brown’s Ballyloughan Highland Fling; 3, E Joslin’s Westhill Panache. 138cm 1, ch & o’all light horse ch, S Dixon’s Warrendene Twilight Rose; 2, Mesdames Robertson & Brown’s Rotherwood Peep Toes; 3, J Cox’s Rhyllandell Spring Breeze. 148cm 1, J Hugill’s Basford Sandalwood; 2, C Flather’s Lemington Moondance; 3, Lady Benton-Jones’ Daldorn Spring Whisper. mixed height int SRT 1, C Flather’s Lemington Moondance; 2, A Webb’s Rotherwood Tomcat; 3, D Miller’s Champlers Rochester. WHP (Mrs M Hunter) CS 1 & mini ch, Duke of Roxburghe’s Abbottsdale Caramac; 2, J Dun’s Buddy; 3, R Claydon’s Rhydefelin Solten. NS 1, D Crozier’s Foxy; 2, Z Snow’s Glenny Boy; 3, Duke of Roxburghe’s Abbottsdale Caramac. 133cm 1, A Bowring’s Penny. 143cm 1 & res, L Gray’s Fidra Eagles Law; 2, J Thompson’s Carnsdale Casper; 3, F Galbraith’s Smartie. 153cm 1 & ch, J Thompson’s Carnsdale Bridget; 2, A Dalton’s Red October; 3, J Lumley’s Quayside Candy. BSPS open int WH 158cm 1, H Metcalf’s Dock Star; 2, S Cloy; 3, M Craig’s Amber Silk. exc 148cm 1, G Fiori’s Langley Jigsaw; 2, H Metcalf; 3, M Craig’s Amber Silk. BSPS mixed height nov 1, L Metcalf’s Affairs Of State; 2, Abbottsdale Caramac; 3, G Clifford-Graham’s Smart Move. BSPS Heritage M&M open WHP (D Blair) 122cm 1 & res, Abbottsdale Caramac; 2, S Jackson’s Bijou Bernie Baru; 3, L Gray’s Holyroods Dark Desire. 138cm 1, J Dun’s Greenacres Robin; 2, L Gray’s Hopelaws Woodpecker Too; 3, Mr & Mrs R Charlton’s Linnel Pearl. exc 138cm 1 & ch, K Kerby’s Mosshill Clifton; 2, D Crozier’s Black Magic; 3, J Thompson’s Carnsdale Casper. open SHP (Mrs P Barfield) BSPS open int SHT 1, Amber Silk; 2, J Winn’s Autumn Embers. RIHS 153cm 1 & res, A Webb’s Rotherwood Tomcat; 2, I Brown’s Towan Valley Nicholas Nickleby; 3, G Clifford-Graham’s Oliver XII. 143cm 1, B Mathie’s Deyncourt Aristocrat; 2, T Britton’s Jarik First Edition; 3, D Pittendrigh’s Catchphrase II. 133cm 1, M Pickles’ Crabfield Rhapsody Owl; 2, K Brown’s Stanley Grange Stormdancer; 3, A Dawson-Coates’ Moelview Alan Werin, 122cm 1, ch & o’all light horse res, K Slight’s Linksbury Jester. BSPS Heritage M&M open ridden (D Blair) sml 1 & ch, S Dowdeswell’s Raphael; 2, S Jackson’s Bijou Bernie Baru; 3, Mr & Mrs M Bell’s Rekcuf Lucky Tansy. Welsh sec B/C 1, J Shiels’ Tranwell Symphony; 3, T Britton’s Milford Fantasy. lge 1 & res, K Kerby’s Mosshill Clifton; 2, A Webb’s Fourways Merlin; 3, C Mouat’s Rudgeway Silver Rebel. private driving (Ms M Carter) open 1 & ch, K & L Wilson’s High Society; 2, W Judson’s Murton Blue Smarty; 3, D Steanson’s Goldie. tradesman’s turnout 1 & res, D Miller’s Boby; 2, B & C Verity’s Hillgarth Moonstriker. exercise vehicle/pleasure driving 1, W Judson’s Murton Blue Smarty; 2, J Owens’ Casey; 3, K & L Wilson’s Montana.

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