Northern Grange Park Show 27 June ’04

NORTHERN Grange Park, Wetherby, 27 June

In-hand M&M (M Taylor) stallion lge 1, J Pennell’s Lowhouses Black Magic; 2, D Dale’s Ralfland Reynard. sml 1, J Moore’s Oaktree Starstorm. mare/geld lge 1, Countess Of Swinton’s Callum Of Dykes; 2, Mr & Mrs Lowestaff’s Lowhouses Rebecca; 3, M Thompson’s Hilton B George. foal 1, J & K Wainwright. y’ling lge 1, J Pennell’s Nipna Ballota Nigra. 2/3-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs Longstaff’s Lowhouses Monarch; 2, M Cubbin’s Hamishdene; 3, L Pennell’s Lowhouses Sonny. over 4-y-o sml 1, Mr & Mrs Dorman’s Scotgate Sweetheart; 2, A Partington’s Cholderton Halloween; 3, Mr & Mrs Broadbent’s Cayberrry Chilli Pepper. foal 1, Mr & Mrs Broadbent; 2, Mr & Mrs Dorman. y’ling 1 & res, E Carpenter’s Pumphill Cascart. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, J Moore’s Torfields Cranmere Pool; 2, Mr & Mrs Broadbent’s Micklehill Anastasia; 3, J & A Broadbent’s Micklehill Apsara. New Forest in-hand (E Rennie) mare/geld 1, D & P Adwen’s Highfox Forever; 2, K Baxter’s Wayland Lion Heart; 3, J Grantham’s Ladybrook Ammeretti. 2/3-y-o 1, D & P Hadwen’s Highfox Evensong; 2, E Kaye’s Highfox Figaro; 3, K Baxter’s Marley Denes Gold Harrier. ridden 1, Highfox Forever; 2, Ladybrook Ammeretti; 3, Bakeburn Matador. working 1, Ladybrook Ammeretti; 2, R Launder’s Burley Gossip; 3, Bakeburn Matador. Shetland (C Collinssplatt) stallion 1 & ch, J Walker’s Kirkside Mortimer; 2, J Watson’s Willowbry Winter Special. mare/geld 1 & res, Barughs’ Fendale Mist; 2, J Stansfield’s Champlers Rosdarc; 3, D Sandham’s Lotus Rose. foal 1, Mr & Mrs Gibson’s Coltonford Charcoal; 2, D Sandham’s Sandham Cuddles; 3, J Watson’s Blackwall Mayday. y’ling 1, J Walker’s Oxendale Benjie; 2, J Watson’s Blackwall Juliet. 2/3-y-o 1, E Kind’s Shirrford Houdini; 2, E Barnes’s Crank Cappucino; 3, J Watson’s Willowbry Simply Stunning. miniature 1, B Mileson’s Trapp Miramar; 2, E Kind’s Shirrford Houdini. coloured 1, Mr & Mrs Gibson’s Trish Of Hutton; 2, Barughs’ Birchmoor Aristocrat; 3, Shirrford Houdini. NPS M&M (D Addison) sml 1, E Carpenter’s Pumphill Cascart; 2, A Partington’s Cholderton Halloween; 3, J & A Broadbent’s Micklehill Anastasia. lge 1, V Johnson’s Craignant Valmai; 2, L Wolfenden’s Castle Hill Heather; 3, E Allen’s Tireve Whats Wanted. Welsh (P Owens) sec C, 2-y-o 1 & ch, R McNeal’s Erdyl Daniel Owen; 2, A Hubbert’s Kirkhamgate Mr Cool; 3, K Ellis’s Henfynyw Braint. mare/geld 1 & res, D Heys’ Torview Boneddiges; 2, E Allen’s Tireve What’s Wanted; 3, B Barton’s Wernderris Lollipop. foal 1, D Heys; 2, B Barton. y’ling 1, L Ramsden’s Brohedydd Moli Ann. sec D (P Owens) 2-y-o 1, S Bennett’s Malnor Forest King; 2, S McNeal’s Menai Firework. mare/geld 1, R McNeal’s Erw Fforch Anne; 2, A Fawcett’s Pantanamlwg Free Gift; 3, J Bennett’s Penstrumbly Sparkling Model. foal 1, A Fawcett’s Trefforest Mabon Mal; 2, Mr & Mrs Hopkins’s Lidgett Serena. y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs Hart’s Mycathlly Beaudecia; 2, Breeze & Gant’s Northwick Nobility; 3, A Fawcett’s Trefforest Welsh Model. 2/3-y-o 1, J Studd’s Llanmore Flash Dancer. sec A, stallion/colt 1 & ch, J Russell’s Gartconnel Shooting Star; 2, A Murray’s Miny-Y-Don Merlyn; 3, Mr & Mrs Waddington’s Abbey Bells Father Coyne. mare/geld 1, B Thompson’s Randan Bellisimo; 2, S Greenwood’s Pentyrch Charm; 3, J Howard’s Tallares Temptation. b’mare 1 & res, A Pygott’s Pengaston Mystic; 2, Mr & Mrs Degnan’s Eppynt Silhouette; 3, C Stopford’s Wingardwood Coral. foal 1, A Pygott’s Willowdale Barney Magrue; 2, A Murray’s Min-Y-Don Madonna; 3, Stopford & Smith’s Lingards Wood Diamond Girl. y’ling 1, A Tilley’s Tiffwyl Mimosa; 2, S Scott’s Tamevalley Sahara; 3, A & B Dobinson’s Brierdene Night Hawk. 2/3-y-o 1, A & B Dobinson’s Saethydd Smartie; 2, Stopford & Smith’s Lingards Wood Amber. sec B (S White) stallion/colt 1, E Tamplin’s Griashall Kiwi; 2, Horsequest UK’s Rotherwood Spycatcher; 3, D Williams’s Moelgarnedd Calipso. barren mare 1, J Barr’s Eyarth Roanna; 2, D Howard’s Boston Bees Knees; 3, J Jones’s Outrigg Diva. b’mare 1, Mr & Mrs Cheetham’s Isley Walton Athena; 2, G Hensby’s Laithehill Mazurka. foal 1, G Hensby; 2, Mr & Mrs Cheetham’s Carrwood Talisman. y’ling 1, R Hoeke’s Hoekhorst Imperial; 2, M Randall’s Llandar Regal Empress; 3, D Howard’s Boston Burberry. 2/3-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs Cheetham’s Sianwood Bayleaf; 2, J Blackburn’s Westaire Saffron Lace; 3, G Hensby’s Laithehill Magnolia. part-bred Welsh (S White) over 4-y-o 1 & res, B Smith’s Fenwick Lucy Glitters; 2, K Walker’s Robeen Royal Hone; 3, P Porley’s Calamoor Thumberlena. foal 1, B Smith; 2, M Pickles’s Crabfield Gyn Zinfandel. y’ling 1 & ch, J Laffey’s Deanhills Sweet Rhapsody; 2, N Charlesworth’s Centurion Showtime; 3, G Berrisford’s Falconhurst Sweet Sanata. 2/3-y-o 1, B Smith’s Fenwick Heaven Sent; 2, Robertson & Brown’s Rotherwood Precocious; 3, A Lindley-Harden’s Bardwell Special Edition. RP breeding (J Holder) b’mare 1, P Greenleaf’s Bradmore Catkin; 2, M Pickles’ Barnside Honey Buzzard. foal 1, P Greenleaf’s Bradmore Highwayman; 2, M Pickles’s Crabfield Gyn Zinfandel. b’mare 1, B Smith’s Fenwick Lucy Glitters. foal 1, B Smith. b’mare exc 138cm 1, Bassitt & Armstong’s Tamarind Fantasia. foal 1, Bassitt & Armstrong’s Baxton House Jazz. y’ling male 1, N Charlesworth’s Centurion Showtime; 2, D Clarke’s Langtree Half Moon Bay; 3, Lee & Potter’s Chagford Lewis. do 1, ndango Kiss; 2, C Gaunt’s Fleetsmoor Maid Of Honour. y’ling 1, M & T Carswell’s Paddocklow Divine. 2/3-y-o 1, J Laffey’s Rowanberry; 2, B Kersey’s Littlebriars Told You So. do to exc 133cm 1 & ch, J Chamberlain’s Rotherwood Miss Muffet; 2, Mrs Clark’s Leesmoor Catch Of The Day; 3, L Lawson’s Silent Whisper. colt 1 & res, W Turner’s Stychlands Charlemagne; 2, A Lindley-Hardern’s Bardwell Peter Pan. SP (D Williams) nov 128cm 1, C Starr’s Pearson Rosetta; 2, J Gill’s Secret Charm; 3, Mr & Mrs Georgakis’s Westhill Forget Me Not. 138cm 1, E Wheldon’s Moorbank Jasmine; 2, R Rees’s Smalland Daybreak; 3, N Readman’s Jorvyk Royal Cameo. 148cm 1, T Huytson’s Treflan Chocolate Button; 2, J Cotton’s Ben Kazan. HOYS 148cm 1, C Twiston Davies’s Whalton Highlight; 2, Mr & Mrs Jackson’s Halvanna Masterpiece; 3, M Thompson’s Ellenbrook Sophistication. 138cm 1, G Genders’ Sudden Truprint; 2, L White’s Starlyte Bright Emerald; 3, J Cox’s Ryllandell Spring Breeze. 128cm 1, D McDonald’s Hopevale Francheschini; 2, C Walker’s Spinningdale Araminta; 3, K Slight’s Bardene Colcivita. HOYS mini (J Bourne) LR 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Few’s Princess Fiji; 2, T Nowankowski’s Cosford Pernickity; 3, K Frear’s Okewood Delightful. FR 1 & res, J Judge’s Abbeyvale Titania; 2, S Dent’s Chinook Chanelle; 3, L Fitzgerald’s Harver Relativity. SHP (D Kellow) LR 1, M Baybutt’s Stoak Grace; 2, P Prickett’s Linsey’s Future Star; 3, M Bassit’s Royalswood Miss Muffett. nov 1, A Brayshaw’s Rowan Oak Next Generation; 2, A Brayshaw’s Bonnemount First Edition; 3, N Gill’s Helsington Miuta. 122cm 1, D Bosomworth’s Glengaile Shadow; 2, C Crawford’s dilwyn; 3, Stoak Grace. 133cm 1, L Goodyear’s Highmead Politician; 2, S Tootle’s Whalton Scandal; 3, A Green’s Knowle Sprucewood. 143cm 1 & res, P Coster’s Marshbrook Limited Edition; 2, N Gill’s Helsington Milita; 3, Lady Tyrrell’s Blainslie Wedding Breakfast. 153cm 1, S Curtis’s Starswood Bradley; 2, J Blundell’s Quantro Bay; 3, J Wright’s CB Esquire. int 1, M Ludlow’s Farmer’s Girl; 2, H Binks’s Montana; 3, C Richardson’s Comberton Carlos. WHP (D Kellow & S Jull) CS 1, Dilwyn; 2, J Hammond’s Maxwelltown Morse; 3, J Gillam’s Mosscarr Legend. NS 1, J Gillam’s Dun Know; 2, A Newsham’s Oldcourt Amadeus; 3, H Wormald’s Silverdale Romulus. 133cm 1, Dun Know; 2, B Butterworth’s Celtic Caprice; 3, P Potter’s Splash Of Light. 143cm 1 & res, Blainslie Wedding Breakfast; 2, J Cooper’s Janem Rosen Cavalier; 3, G Thompson’s Breamish Gypsy’s Moon. 153cm 1, A Yaqub’s Cadre Noir Z; 2, J Smith’s Brigadoon; 3, J Cooper’s Tynefield Fair Deal. int 1 & ch, Comberton Carlos; 2, Cadre Noir Z; 3, Brigadoon. NPS riding/hunter ponies (J Holder) 128cm 1, J Blundell’s Greenlinks San Moritz; 2, J Gill’s Secret Charm. 153cm 1 & res, T Greenwood’s Valantinos Royal Touch; 2, J Hugill’s Basford Sandalwood; 3, Mr & Mrs Jackson’s Halvanna Masterpiece. NPS Elegance National Novice (J Holder) mixed ht 1, Halvanna Masterpiece. mini LR 1, Stoak Grace. 122cm 1, M Mackay’s Haighend Chardonnay; 2, P Middlebrook’s Rillaton Sweet Talk; 3, K Walmsley’s Maisie Jayne. M&M WHP (M Sharpley) 128cm 1, Mr & Mrs Hart’s Glynwyn Personality; 2, R Leavesley’s Gwynisle Masterpiece; 3, E Pye’s Bryndefaid Diafol Coch. HOYS WHP (M Sharpley & E Rennie) 122cm 1 & res, L White’s Springbourne Camelot; 2, Gwynisle Masterpiece; 3, G Stoddart’s Panycoed Robin. 138cm 1, C Calvert’s Falcams Marcus; 2, L Windsor’s Duntarvie Jasmin; 3, L Craven’s Oakmill Wizard. exc 138cm 1 & ch, B Vaughan’s Cathael Bay Girl; 2, G Dunn’s Drydun Charlie Boy; 3, R Hellis’s Foxglen Domino. Shearwater M&M WHP (E Mackechnie) 122cm 1, J Owens’ Blackamore Timothy. 138 1 & res, A Yaqub’s Cloigen Corky; 2, L Scott’s Brilyn Buccaneer; 3, S Grantham’s Ladybrook Ammeretti. 148 1 & ch, M Smith’s Llansantffraed Charmer; 2, S Adamson’s Tranmoor Musicman. NPS Sealskinz M&M novice (R Provan & M Furness) 122cm 1, E Pye’s Bryndefaid Diafol Coch; 2, G Whitaker’s Cargen Quaver; 3, T Gribben’s Denholme Guiding Light. 138cm 1, J Waterhouse’s Northlight Galliano; 2, J Burns’s Scottsway King Of Siam; 3, V Hodgett’s Heatley Coch-Y-Bhondu. exc 138cm 1, G Dunn’s Drydun Charlie Boy; 2, J Hanger’s Llanveynoe Bandit; 3, H Porritt’s Marl Bronze King. NPS Uppacott native breeds WHP (M Furness) sec A 1, J Howard’s Vinedale Vixen; 2, J Hammond’s Maxwelltown Morse; 3, J Faddy’s Ceulan Linda. sec B 1, L Windsor’s Duntarvie Jasmin; 2, Jones & Williams’s Bunbury Czar; 3, Heatley Coch-Y-Bondhu. sec C 1, B Ward’s Isgoed Comet; 2, L Scott’s Brilyn Buccaneer; 3, S Craven’s Oakmill Wizard. sec D 1, Foxglen Domino; 2, T Walker’s Cascob Past Times; 3, Llansantffraed Charmer. Ponies (UK) Kingsford M&M (E Mackechnie) sml 1 & res, W Ellis’s Mynach Hornblower; 2, C Cawkwell’s Cnapaton Mr Chips; 3, Mr & Mrs Rushton’s Pinina Sandpiper. lge 1 & ch, D Chadwick’s Severndale Hector. Lobster Pot (M Taylor) LR 1, Team Hollings’ Sunwillow Georgina; 2, K Gibson’s Dukeshill Madonna; 3, D Walker’s Drumphin Confetti. Brineton FR 1, D Smith’s Braymill Bee Gee; 2, T Measure’s Talachddu Celebrity Son; 3, J Oates’s Lingymoor Blueboy. NPS M&M jnr (E Rennie) sml 1, L Steven’s Senruf Gin Fizz; 2, Cnapaton Mr Chips; 3, S Stead’s Moleview Little Owl. lge 1, S Bowling’s Martindale Monty; 2, Mr & Mrs Hart’s Clynwyn Personality; 3, D Chadwick’s Hedgethorpe Blackthorn. NPS Micor Demolition (P Rennie) LR 1, Sunwillow Georgina; 2, Mr & Mrs Bertram’s Phildon Bounce; 3, J Clayton’s Terworgen Wind Storm . NPS Welle Manor M&M LR 1, Phildon Bounce; 2, Terworgen Wind Storm; 3, C Smith’s Ruthley Wild Secret. FR 1, L Atkinson’s Glenwood Dancing Queen; 2, A Metcalfe’s Boston Buds Of Spring; 3, J Dean’s Langfield Night Cap. nov M&M FR 1, Glenwood Dancing Queen; 2, Sunwillow Georgina; 3, M Ryding’s Pumlon Gladiator. NPS Picton (D Addison) sml 1, J Moore’s Holyrood Dark Desire; 2, A Partington’s Cholderton Halloween; 3, J Faddy’s Ceulan Linda. Welsh sec B/C 1, J Blackburn’s Eyarth Drummer Boy; 2, Cnapaton Mr Chips; 3, Heatley Coch-Y-Bondhu. med 1, K Bagshaw’s Landslow’s Lord Derby; 2, S Kaye’s Blue Day Trooper; 3, S Burton’s Lintavon Moon River. lge 1, R Hudson’s Hillgarth Aramis; 2, J Hanger’s Llanveynoe Bandit; 3, M Walker’s Lambrigg Solo. NPS Baileys M&M (R Provan) sml 1, L Steven’s Senruf Gin Fizz; 2, A Brook’s Spring Bank Antares; 3, Barughs’ Birchmoor Amadeus. sec B/C 1 & ch, Northlight Galliano; 2, Glynwyn Personality; 3, D Laffey’s MillcrOft Ftse. Connemara, New Forest 1, J Morgan’s Village Favourite; 2, S Burton’s Lintavon Ciro; 3, J Somevail’s Rockmor Sable. Dales, Fell, Highland 1, S Craven’s Ben Macdhui Of Gorstan; 2, R Penny’s Hesket Willow; 3, G Evans’s Townend Midnight. sec D 1 & res, K Hall’s Penstrumbly Sax-Mad Johnny. NPS Ffrethi int (M Taylor) sml 1, Birchmoor Amadeus. sec B/C 1 & res, S Wilstrop’s Rhosgaer Black Diamond; 2, J & K Wainwright’s Skellorn Precious Doll; 3, T Whittle’s Kalusta Topsy Turvy. Connemara, New Forest 1, K Burkin’s The Banjo; 2, K Jones’s Oaklands Lord Of the Rings. lge 1 & ch, A Mitchell’s Dunedin May Rose; 2, C Thompson’s Glynceiriog Warrior Prince. side-saddle (Mrs J Holderness-Roddam) equitation 1, J Forster’s Cinderella’s Mischief; 2, J Blundell’s Quantro Bay; 3, D Swash’s Chiddock Champagne. RC 1, L Lane’s Cwmcrychan Meredith; 2, Cinderella’s Mischief; 3, E Jones’s Solus Of Marisland. working hunter 1, J Forster’s Bridgefield Lord Snooty. pony 1, L Gray’s Fiora Eagles Law. ridden Arab (A Mitchell) over 4-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs Banks’s Cas Golden Azaria; 2, S Leach’s Soffistication; 3, S Gillott’s Cas Phoenix Bruka. Anglo/part-bred 1 & ch, D Froggatt’s Thorneybank Katriana; 2 & res, T Greenwood’s Valantinos Royal Touch; 3, C Mills’s Strinesdale Emerald. in-hand (E Morley) stallion 1, R Holland’s Rio Bey; 2, S Brown’s Ellectron; 3, Keen Spirit. in-hand 1, Pulsford & Garbutt’s Nalysha; 2, S Leach’s Soffistication; 3, A & M Davies’s Amento Tamara. 153cm 1, T Towler’s Palmias Gold. 2/3-y-o 1, Pulsford & Garbutt’s Psyches Vallantino; 2, R Holland’s RH Rococo; 3, S Brown’s Sulan Snow Queen. Anglo/part-bred stallion 1, Stychlands Royal Secret. over 4-y-o 1, Bradmore Catkin; 2, J CrOft’s Il Sharika; 3, Mrs Clark’s Wynyate De Ja Vu. y’ling 1, A Millington’s Barrdene Night Fever; 2, L Bishop-Milnes’ Wayfaring Last Song; 3, S Grimshaw’s Moluccas Dark Ginger. 2/3-y-o 1, Kitty Kelley; 2, P Sowerby’s Millwoodgrange Penelope; 3, Rotherwood Precocious. CHAPS (UK) coloured (C Hyde & J Bourne) non-native 1, Pattersons Horseboxes Copybush Chuckles; 2, G Leaver’s Murphy; 3, S Rose’s Mr Crosbie. trad 1, P Eatough’s Elizabethan Rose; 2, K Astalton’s Bobby Dazzler; 3, UlvescrOft Stud’s UlvescrOft Sir George. horse 1, S Ambler’s Endeavour; 2, E Hughes’s Haxey Warpaint; 3, B Seymour’s Amigo. CHAPS qual 1, C Barratt’s Scotch Mist; 2, E Stanworth’s Hidden Secret; 3, C Pickersgill’s Minted. non-native 1, C Rooke’s Thomas Of Linthwaite; 2, C May’s Hollyland Chirico; 3, G Leaver’s Murphy. pony 1, P Eatough’s Elizabethan Rose; 2, C Merrigan’s Merrigan’s Midget Gem; 3, J Bond’s Dragorn Raphael. non-native 1, P Holt’s Bugsy Malone; 2, Haxey Warpaint. in-hand native 1, Scotch Mist; 2, Hidden Secret; 3, R Roden’s Inspector Hector. y’stk 1, F Murray’s Hotspurs Dazzler; 2, R Hudson’s Cappacino Alice Rose; 3, C Merrigan’s Brookfarm Heaven Sent. performance 1, A Dawson’s This’N’That; 2, P Porley’s Monivea Magic Rainbow; 3, B Butterworth’s Hocus Pocus. palomino (R Ramsay) ridden 1, H Porritt’s Marl Bronze King. in-hand 1, I & N Thompson’s Trojan; 2, Marl Bronze King; 3, T Neal’s Dryfe Golden Charmer. spotted (S White) ridden 1 & ch, J Chard’s Eba Free Spirit. in-hand 1, EBA Free Spirit; 2 & res, P Havercroft’s Winmill Farm Anthea; 3, S Wilkinson’s Toyhorse Primo Dominie. dun horse & pony (C Hyde) ridden 1, J Horsfall’s Deaconwood Gold Print; 2, J Redpath’s Brockwood Wild Poppy; 3, J Mansfield’s Rincourt Sinatra. y’ling 1, J Mansfield’s Skellorn Choirboy. over 4-y-o 1, J Redpath’s Brockwood Wild Poppy; 2, Rincourt Sinatra; 3, G Henderson’s Duntarvie Osprey. Carr & Day & Martin Total Horse Care (D Williams) 1, C Gaunt’s Fleetsmoor Maid Of Honour. Irish Draught (J Newborough) grade 1 mare 1 & ch, D & C Rudd’s Ladys Castle Moyle. b’mare 1, J Appleton’s Highlane Rosy Glow; 2, J Marsden & M Roebuck’s Uptons Leander. foal 1 & res, J Marsden & M Roebuck’s Ruby Sunset; 2, J Appleton’s Highlane Finnigan. y’l 1, Mr & Mrs Bowman’s Moonstruck Melody. 2/3-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs Bowman’s Bramhope Black Velvet. y’ling 1, J Leighton’s Lawdale Maverick. sport horse, 2-y-o 1 & ch, Moran & Haswell’s Lawdale Mayfair. ridden (J Newborough & C Collinssplatt) 1, Ladys Castle Moyle; 2, V Morris’s Askwith Midnight Mosaic; 3, K Beaumont’s Killossery Kipper. sport horse 1, M Chambers’ Ferroch; 2, Mr Alpin’s Lowmoor Amnesty. hunter breeding (C Colllinsplatt) y’ling 1, A Vos’s Mountain Firework; 2, J Leighton’s Lawdale Maverick; 3, L Jackson’s Classic Countess. 2-y-o 1, K Newton’s Classic Diplomat; 2, P Taylor’s Monte Moonshine. 3-y-o 1, A Vos’s Mountain Firecrest; 2, J Leighton’s Kobe; 3, W & J Moran’s Lawdale Mayfair. ridden hunter (M Ramsay & J Holderness-Roddam) sml 1 & ch, J Bartle’s State Policy; 2, H Binks’ Montana; 3, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s After All. lwt 1 & res, T & C Fairburn’s Stateside. mwt 1, A Vos’s Mountain Legacy; 2, R Lord’s Treiddon Silver Knight. hwt 1, Ferroch; 2, V Fleming’s Portman Square; 3, C Standring’s Moorland Major. HOYS working hunter 1, S Lears’s Woodfield Cross; 2, Mr & Mrs Heseltine’s Kozee; 3, J Roberts’s Master Duke. in-hand sport horse (D Kellow) y’ling 1, Mountain Firework; 2, L Jackson’s Connor Fox; 3, J Houseman’s Dona Tiger. 2-y-o 1 & ch, G Gutterly’s Keens Envy; 2, K Newton’s Classic Diplomat; 3, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor Jubilee. 3-y-o 1 & res, Mountain Firecrest; 2, Moran & Haswell’s Smart Thinking; 3, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor St George. green working hunter 1, C Wainwright’s Sarina; 2, S Fenwick’s Baydale Copper Coin; 3, M Robinson’s Miss Repertoire. Cleveland Bay (Mr K Horner) over 4-y-o 1, K Hall’s Knaresborough Rite On; 2, J Firth’s Pembridge Juno. foal 1, J Firth. y’ling 1 & 2, D Welch’s Knaresborough Promise & Fusion. part-bred stallion 1, J Horton’s Summer Breeze. y’ling 1 & 2, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor St George & Jubilee; 3, S Ramsden’s Lady Of The Moor. ridden 1, J Horton’s Summer Breeze; 2, N Mellor’s The Busker; 3, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor Dixidale. cob (A Hooley & M Ramsay) lwt 1, S McKenzie’s Highlander; 2, A Wildsmith’s Casanova; 3, I Darcy’s Doctor Bob. hwt 1, G Connor’s Hamilton; 2, H Erner’s Macateer; 3, S Mackenzie’s Mackmillan. riding horse (M Ramsay & B Noach) sml 1, H Whiteley-John’s Midday Phlight; 2, J Ferguson’s First Commission; 3, Dell Park Stud’s Gosh. lge 1, V Ramm’s Sirius; 2, P Ireland’s Dolphin Aristocrat; 3, The Busker. hack (B Noach & E Morley) sml 1, C Fagan’s Colbeach Starlight Express; 2, D Hesketh’s First Storey; 3, B Blissitt’s Lord Of The Dance. lge 1 & Top Spec sup, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Royal Trooper; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs Jerram’s City Lights; 3, K Hewetson’s Morning Music. in-hand hack & riding horse breeding (E Morley) hack y’ling 1 & res, A Millington’s Barrdene Night Fever. RH y’ling 1, J Houseman’s Dona Tiger. hack 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Parkin’s Catwalk; 2, S Tootle’s Harbour Lights; 3, S Mathews’s Grianagh Blythe Spirit. RH do 1 & ch, K Hill’s Hillocks Rustic Gold; 2 & res, K Newton’s Classic Diplomat; 3, A Fisher’s Dominik. British miniature (S Jull) y’ling 1, Ujenik International’s Ujenik Extasys Elle; 2, R Johnson’s Midget Gem Lord Charles; 3, Sheridan & Williams’s Toy Horse Gissakis. 2/3-y-o 1, C Smittem-Minson’s Chywoon Tantrum; 2, Sheridan & Williams’s Toyhorse Miss Dior; 3, N Valentine’s Spotlights Moccasin. over 4-y-o 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Johnson’s Scott Creek Mystical Magnum; 2, Ujenick International’s Count Bustino; 3, Mr & Mrs Foulkes’s Looking Glass Fabuella. nov 1, N Valentine’s Spotlights Royal Windsor; 2, Ujenik International’s Ujenik Extasys Stand Grand; 3, G Henderson’s Midget Gem Lucinda Storm. newcomers 1, HavercrOft & Morice’s Aesthete Sleeping Beauty; 2, Midget Gem Lucinda Storm. condition & turnout 1, Looking Glass Fabuella; 2, Count Bustino.

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