NORTHERN ARAB (Yorks) HORSE CLASS ‘C’ SHOW Wetherby Racecourse 17 June

pure bred in hand (males- M Gamlin, females – C Roebuck) y’ling filly1 & jun. fem. ch. K Gore’s Mistik Amber; 2, A Hallworth’s AJA Nareyna; 3, Pyrah & Hunt’s Judals Iana. do 2-y-o1 & res. Judal Arabians Judals Sweetest Kiss; 2, S Holland’s GE Fenike; 3, Pyrah & Hunt’s Judals Allure. do 3-y-o 1 , V Mann-Wernsten’s IS Warena; 2, Pyrah & Hunt’s Judals Tiffany. y’ling colt1& SUP in hand P Crick’s LTF Emminence C; 2, D Ranson’s Danni California; 3, A Hallworth’s AJA Valentino. 2-y-o colt1 & res. jun. male Judal Arabians Amir Al Sahra; 2, A Hallworth’s AJA Estravagance; 3, P Crick’s LTF Nigier C. 3-y-o colt 1,W Dean’s De Marrenzo; 2, Tonge & McKenzie’s Psynerman; 3, J Greenwood’s SH Taboo. geldings 2/3-y-o1 & ch. Woodwood’s HT Orinoco; 2, R McEvoy’s Shah Al Gasaar; 3, P Stafford’s AJA Caasius. do 4 & over1 & res. Pyrah & Hunt’s Judals Magnum Gold; 2, Astrologer; 3, P Collins’s HT Navarrostallion 4 & over1, D Hartley’s HB Bastille; 2, McGregor & Lewthwaite’s Imahni; 3,E Downes’s VA Mitraz. barren mare 1& sen fem res. Ing & Given’s Amour Etoile; 2, Woodwood’s HT Orillia; 3,R Fox’s Vanilla R. mare with foal 1 & res. sup purebred K Gore’s EA Amellia; 2, P Crick’s LTF Naina. foals 1, K Gore’s colt; 2, P Crick’s Athenna C. do veteran1, J Fox’s Johar. Crabbet Arabian (E Morley)1, C Lees’s Sambuka; 2, Ing & Given’s Astrologer; 3, E Grange’s Kasra. classic head1, A Mann’s Dior; 2, Astrolgerdo male. amateur handler1, P Collins’s HT Nafeesa. amateur rider 1, Kasraanglo & part-bred in hand 2/3-y-o filly/geld1 & res. sup. L Tait’s Downies Mystic Melody; 2 & male ch. M Fraser’s Sameon Sun Dance. do mare/gelding 4yrs. & over under 14.2, 1, & res. sen male L Johnson’s Trellech Countryman. do over 14.21 & res. sup. Anglo & pb J Wright’s Jurgen; 2, L Stainburn’s Fairlyn First Edition; 3, N Grogan’s Magic Footsteps. ridden novice (V Ayling. C Evans) pure bred mare 1 & ch. M Wragg’s Muzidora; 2, R Nelson’s Judals Shallima. do gelding1 , H Shannon’s Kartier; 2, H Appleby’s Marakazim. do stallion 1,M Pridmore’s Crystal Shard of Brooklynne. young rider1, S Hazeldine’s Shannons Dream; 2, E Peel’s Taragun. amateur rider1, J Bond’s Salazeer; 2, Low & Mylius’s Falxmans Sid. open ridden ( K Brown) pure bred stallion/mare/geld1, Duncan & Stuart’s Wind Wizard; 2, Marakazim. HOYS mares1 & res. Rhodes & Starkie’s Silver Tiffany; 2, S Holland’s Tukki Amira; 3, J Brand’s Shamila Amira. do geld.A1 , Salazeer; 2, J Lees Al Johara; 3, L Rankin’s Ras Al Jadi. do geld. B1 & SUP ridden ch. A Embleton’s Aybac; 2, E Harrison’s Azure Bay; 3, L Coates’s TFA Sanam. do stallion1, N Grogan’s Amir Mostafa; 2, S Nunn’s Indian Golden Silk; 3,G Rees’s Valletta Hunters Moondo Anglo & Part-bred nov. ridden1, & res. sup ridden J Wright’s Jurgen; 2, Magic Footsteps. do open small1 & res. Trellech Countryman; 2, Shannons Dream. do exc. 153cms1, Fairlyn First Edition.