North Western Arab Horse Class ‘C’ Show, 27 May

  • NORTH WESTERN ARAB HORSE CLASS ‘C’ SHOW Osbaldeston Hall, 27 May

    pure bred in hand (F Scanzi -Italy).) y’ling colt 1 & res jun. male A Hallworth’s AJA Valentino; 2, E Mercer’s Benareko; 3, A Mitchell’s Shazarni. do filly1, A Hallworth’s AJA Nareyna; 2, N Stephen’s Velocitee; 3, K Gore’s Mistik Amber. 2-y-o colt 1,G Aleen’s Zaak; 2, A Hallworth’s AJA Estravagance; 3, C Moore’s Maruk. do filly1& res. jun. fem. C Blythe’s Psafeena; 2, J Anderson’s MH Maarni Moon; 3, Cooper & Etchell’s ZK Serenity. 3-y-o colt 1 & jun. male ch. J Howell’s Ibn Kayaya; 2, A Abott’s Addaya; 3, J Greenwood’s SH Taboo. do filly 1 & res. sup in hand B Gamlin & the Bey Cartel’s Johrhemar Danjah Bey; 2, H Scott’s Maradhara. barren mare1 & sen. fem. Ch. Roberts & Jones’s LTF Wings of Joy ;2 & res. Woodward’s HT Orillia; 3, B Cooper’s Jola. mare with foal 1 S Thomas’s Nataal; 2, Woddward’s HT Ormuz. foals 1 & ch. Wodward’s HT Oriel; 2 & res. S Thomas’s Nabeel. stallion 1 & SUP. In hand ch. R Jones’s Master Design; 2 & res. J & J Greenwood’s Camargue Too; 3, K Gore’s EA Azniah El Shaklan. amateur handler (J Bridges) colt/mare/geld 1/2/3-y-o 1, S Mellor’s Zayvenka; 2, L William’s Celtic Amira; 3, P Collins’s HT Nafeesa. do 4 & over1, J Ainley’s HT Orient; 2, L Williams’ Fifi Dances with Dreams; 3, C Eaves’s Alakazam. classic head junior 1, Celtic Amira; 2, Zayvenka. do senior 1, HT Orient. geldings 2/3-y-o1 & res geld. Woodward’s HT Orinocco; 2, P Stafford’s AJA Caasius; 3, A Meadow’s HT White Nyle. do 4 & over1 & geld. ch. A Mitchell’s HT Ala Shan; 2, P Collins’s HT Navarro. HOYS open ridden (A Leaver) pure bred stallion1 & SUP ridden E Maxwell’s Adawy;2, E Hedley’s Madrid Ibn Maximo. do mares1 K Brown’s Marzookah; 2, S Rawsthorn’s Silver Andromeda; 3, J Brand’s Shamila Amira. do geld1 & res. pure bred C Trigg’s Elustarius; 2, A Embleton’s Aybac; 3, D Atkin’s Silver Ffate. ridden novice (L Lidbury) pure bred stallion 1, M Lewis’s CAS Rhapsody in Black; 2, A Hallworth’s AJA Vespasian; 3, K Gore’s EA Azniah El Shaklan. do mare 1 & res. sup. Ch. M Wragg’s Muzidora; 2, R Hughes’s Destiny’s Diamond; 3, E Gee’s Akarem. do geld 1 & res. nov. M Waring’s Petron; 2, N Armstrong’s NPA Hazan; 3, J Miller’s Azif. anglo & part-bred in hand (L Lidbury) 1/2/3-y-o filly/geld1 & res. M Atkinson’s Whittakers Earl; 2,Y Selby’s Archwood Groovy Chic. do mare 4 & over 1 & ch. L Heery’s Gordons Ginny; 2, T Buckley’s Strinesdale Silver Star; 3, D Lightbrown’s Patlan River Dancer. do stallion/geld 4 & over 1, G Houghton’s Strinesdale Peter Pan. do Anglo & Part-bred open ridden large 1, D Bailey’s Cwyrtai Remeldo; 2, P Gula-Walker’s Apres Nous. do small1 & ch. M Boundy’s Silver Tail Mamora; 2, Patlan River Dancer. anglo & part-bred nov1 & res. J Bird’s Glanhayl Panachem. leading sire of the show award 1, EH & I Woodward’s Shaikh Al Kuran.

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