North-West Championship show 30 May ’05

  • NORTH-WEST CHAMPIONSHIPS Myerscough Agricultural College, 30 May

    HP Breeding (Mrs J Seymour) b’mare 1 & ch, P Hincks’ Night Warrior; 2, G Fitzpatrick’s Ballintogher Zoe; 3, J Fox’s Ben Neagh Miss Primrose. y’ling 1 & res, V Allen’s Millpond Look So Cheeky; 2, P Hincks’ Jumlar Playmate; 3, DO Williams’ Hwylfa Nemo. 2/3-y-o 1, H Moss’ Stychlands Sweet Breila; 2, Y Selby’s Crabfield Battlver Hook; 3, J Walker’s Bunbury Sabre. RP breeding (Ms K Pollard) b’mare 1 & ch, Y Selby’s Archwood Groovy Chic; 2, D Hinde’s Becca Royal Engagement; 3, S Roberts’ Royalview Cosmopolitan. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, M Wrighton’s Moorgate First Edition; 2, Mes Robertson & Brown’s Rotherwood Pavarotti; 3, S Roberts’ Royalview Caprice. 4-y-o & over 1, RJ Houghton’s Courtland JP Fairystory. part-bred Welsh b’mare 1 & res, Ben Neagh Miss Primrose; 2, C Harrison’s Salopian Elegance. y’ling 1, Royalview Cosmopolitan; 2, Hwylfa Nemo. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Royalview Caprice; 2, Crabfield Battlver Hook; 3, J Borek & K Wilding’s Barkway Daisy Chain. competition horse/pony (Miss J Connolly) 4-y-o & over 1 & res, K Hollingworth’s Mr Marmalade; 2, G Fitzpatrick’s Ballintogher Zoe; 3, Salopian Elegance. y’stk 1 & ch, Millpond Look So Cheeky; 2, Stychlands Sweet Breila; 3, L Eyton-Jones’ Principal Boy II. NPS home-produced (Ms K Pollard) y’ling 1, Royalview Cosmopolitan. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Moorgate First Edition; 2 & res, Royalview Caprice; 3, Roodelbats Sunny D. part-bred/Anglo Arab (Miss J Connolly) 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, N & SC Helliwell’s BH Dominon; 2, H Evans’ Pencefn Reprint. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, J Shirt’s Poppyfields Pirouette; 2, Ms Robertson & Brown’s Rotherwood Pavarotti; 3, J & A Singleton’s Barleith Deep Red. y’ling 1, Royalview Cosmopolitan; 2, M Morgan’s Centyfield Sensation. Cherif (J Connolly, N Franks) 148cm 1 & res, J Horsfall’s Deaconwood Gold Print; 2, R Walker’s Burfordly Water Nymph. exc 148cm 1 & ch, J Barton’s Sirrocco’s Gemini Star; 2, S Tyson’s Winneydene Bucks Fizz; 3, H Evans’ Pencefn Reprint. M&M in-hand (Mrs J Little) sec A/B y’stk 1 & ch, J Mansfield’s Newtonhill Prince Bertie; 2, S Fitzgerald’s Laithehill Czar; 3, I Gawith’s Kerrishill Miss Tiggywinkle. 4-y-o & over 1, J Crane’s Nantydwyll Pwyll; 2, Fouroaks Stud’s Fouroaks Carmen; 3, J Mansfield’s Skellorn Choirbiy. sec C/D y’stk 1 & res, G Holt’s Glynwyn Tarengo. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, A Hibbert’s Neuaddparc Welsh Doll; 2, E Quine’s Ross Rhodri; 3, S Brown’s Sigian Lloyd George. New Forest, Connemara y’stk 1 & res, J Sehne’s Ridgeway Silver Trinket; 2, G Sawyer & C Harrison’s Applewitch Lunar Lad. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, D Clayton’s Carra Cashel; 2, Y Siddall’s Garryhinch Flachra Of Rosscan; 3, K Vines’ Knockmore Merrel Prince. Fell, Dales, Highland 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, J Crane’s Rackwood Robin; 2, S Peters & E Nicholson’s Hedgethorpe Blackthorn; 3, T Walker & S McGregor’s Josethdene. Shetland, Exmoor y’stk 1 & res, S Ashworth’s Jubilee Joe; 2, J McGuiness’ Glendowlin. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, R MacKenzie’s Cnog An Sithean Dubh; 2, J Pope’s Church View Molly. do Dartmoor (Mr C Furness) y’ling 1, WV Dunn’s Rekcilf Rejoice; 2, Treworgan Serenade; 3, D Hinde’s Pumphill Clarion. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Rossall & Wright’s Vean Tatyana; 2, S Leatherbarrow’s Doolittle Tittums; 3, N Middlemas’ Dkyes Diplomead. b’mare 1, SE Hide’s Shilstone Rocks Atlantic Swell. foal 1, SE Hide’s Huttons Ambo Atlanta. stallion/colt 1 & res, N Tyler’s Springwater Intermezzo; 2, L Ennett’s Whinberry Twilight; 3, WV Dunn’s Rekclif Jump Jet. 4-y-o & over 1, WV Dunn & M Staley’s Rekclif Fairground Diplomacy; 2, E Jobes’ Seedhill Swansong; 3, L Brown’s Wendel Lynton. NPS home-produced M&M (Mr C Furness) sml brd 1 & res, L Ennett’s Whinberry Twilight; 2, R MacKenzie’s Cnog An Sithean Dubh; 3, Murphys’ Springtimes Jackpot. lge 1 & ch, M Stanford’s Torrin Of Croila; 2, M & P Eminson’s Waterside Joanne; 3, R Leech’s Inspector Of Whitefield. NPS novice M&M (Miss B Miller) LR 1 & res, Tullibardine Carol; 2, C Brown’s Waxwing Pastille; 3, D Warman’s Pantycoed Widgeon. FR 1, C Brown’s Waxwing Paint Box; 2, J Flood’s Shilstone Rocks Sea Lord; 3, L Stevens’ Brynoffa Orian. NPS Micor LR 1, J Stevens’ Wian Top Of the Pops; 2, Fitzpatrick & Smith’s Lickfolds Lion Heart; 3, T Whittle’s Vean Eclipse. do FR 1 & ch, L Phoenix’s Greenferns Tern; 2, H Turner’s Sunwillow Georgina; 3, EL Conway’s Colliyers Pearl Bracelet. P(UK) confined nov (Mr J Bradley) LR 1, Mrs Metcalfe’s Maxwelltown Meric; 2, Lickfolds Lion Heart; 3, C Maskell-Mosseley’s Treworgan Windstorm. FR 1, GA Genders’ Springers Bold As Brass; 2, Shilstone Rocks Sea Lord; 3, A McCluskey’s Llwyfd Llwelyn. P(UK) Lobster Pot LR 1 & ch, L Walker’s Rookery Souffle; 2, Wian Top Of The Pops; 3, C Maskell-Mosseley’s Treworgan Windstorm. P(UK) Brineton FR 1, Greenferns Tern; 2, Colliyers Pearl Bracelet; 3, Sunwillow Georgina. NPS Picton novice (Miss B Miller) sml 1, A Partington’s Cholderton Halloween. sec B/C 1 & res, J Mansfield’s Skellorn Choirboy; 2, J Smith’s Aberkenfig Cracker; 3, L Struszczak’s Linksbury Celebrity. New Forest, Connemara 1, JC Tomlinson’s Fly to the Stars; 2, K Goodyear’s Furzley Merry Maid; 3, K Bagshaw’s Knockmore Merrel Prince. lge 1 & ch, M Walker’s Lambrigg Solo; 2, J Rowe’s Broughton Mae West; 3, SL Craven’s Brumburgh Emma. NPS Ffrethi (Mr D Hinde) sec B/C 1, G Whetter & S Henderson’s Lindisfarne Guardsman; 2, Colliyers Pearl Bracelet; 3, KS Wheway’s Peasedown Mr Muddle. New Forest/Connemara 1, JC Cooper’s Bellindene Rock Legend. brd 1 & ch, AJ Kitchen’s Yswain Joshua; 2 & res, Broughton Mae West; 3, C Donnelly’s Bainecroft Tonypandy. Dalkeith jnr M&M sml 1, D Wormald’s Duntarvie Raindance; 2, G Eastwood’s Townbent Emerald; 3, M Brown’s Brynoffa Dancer. lge 1, C Singh’s Rainbow’s End; 2, M Nicoll’s Edindurno Glenfiddich; 3, N Green’s Cwmcaydan Oscar. NPS jnr M&M (Mrs S Lee) sml 1, V Harvie’s Idyllic Oh Carol; 2, E Crate’s Blainslie Valentine; 3, J Pope’s Monalaw Oprah. lge 1 & ch, C Morland’s Lunesdale Evening Star; 2 & res, S Bowling’s Loacchan of Kingennie; 3, C Atkinson’s Drogheda Black Knight. P(UK) Kingsford conf nov sml 1 & ch, L Stevens’ Senruf Gin Fizz; 2, G Homfray-Jones’ Anri Love In The Mist; 3, Duntarvie Raindance lge 1 & res, C Abosetta’s Llanfyllin Eloise; 2, D Benn’s Canal Heather; 3, J Laneake & J Woolley’s Lunesdale Prince Albert. P(UK) Kingsford (Mr P Glover) sml 1, A Brook’s Springbank Antarea; 2, F Barltrop’s Littlestones Button Moon; 3, Senruf Gin Fizz. lge 1 & ch, Cwmcaydan Oscar; 2 & res, S Bowling’s Menai Magic Christal; 3, J Ford’s Rebels Ghost. NPS Olympia (Mrs J MacInnes) sml 1, K Lloyd’s Mynyddtarren The Maverick; 2, S Bowling’s Cranpaddocks Cragganmore; 3, Senruf Gin Fizz. sec B/C 1, D Bright’s Waxwing Rheel; 2, R MacKenzie’s Waxwing Keavil; 3, Menai Magic Christal. New Forest, Connemara 1, C Richardson’s Sydserff Oliver; 2, D Bright’s Village Favourite; 3, E Milner’s Captain Mac. lge 1 & ch, WR Ireland’s Village Defender; 2, M Nicoll’s Edindurno Glenfiddich; 3, S Peters & E Nicholson’s Hedgethorpe Blackthorn. sec D 1 & res, J Murphy’s Ffoslas Ceredig; 2, Cwmcaydan Oscar; 3, C Richardson’s Drumacre Lloer Solo. SHP (Mrs S Jull, Mrs C Whiteley) nov 1, J Dodson’s Ringcourt Touch Of The Bkues; 2, J Cook’s Trendstepper; 3, B Houghton’s Lyndeth Love Story. 122cm 1, L Bowker’s Superted II; 2, J Maycock’s Rodham Sir Thomas; 3, Thompson & Kapadia’s Stoak Glamour Girl. 133cm 1, L Stevens’ Colbeach Autumn Song; 2, L Goodyear’s Highmead Politician; 3, T McKay’s Crimson Night Light. 143cm 1 & res, G Kapadia’s Rotherwood Maybe; 2, Pattersons Horseboxes’ Roseberry Spanish Conquest; 3, M Comer’s Tyn-y-Cae Goldkite. 153cm 1 & ch, J Kobbe’s Double Dutch III; 2, J Findlow’s Fielding Tom Sawyer; 3, J Ellison’s Party Time III. int SHT 1 & res, CM Foster’s Isolight; 2, HG Leslie’s Comet Welsh Flyer; 3, C McGoldrick’s Celinyea Raparea. int SRT (Mr J Buckley) sml 1 & ch, L Card’s Downies Donatello. lge 1, K Harris’ Starlyte Page Boy. SP 148cm 1, J Walsh’s Thirkleby Master Gold; 2, K Brice’s Litton Debonaire; 3, PJ Ahearn’s Whalton High Jinks. 138cm 1 & ch, S Murphy’s Hideaway Zaccaria; 2, B Hatton-Ritchie’s Littlesprings Miss Muffet; 3, RJ Houghton’s Courtland JP Fairystory. 128cm 1, SJ Crane’s Sycamore Viscount; 2, M Nicoll’s Bracon Toytown; 3, AJ Nielson’s Tountmara Persephone. nov 1, T McKay’s Seamoor Flashdance; 2, L Phoenix’s Woodview Querella; 3, SJ Crane’s Fleetcroft Contradiction. LR 1 & res, G Ellis’ Colne Heiress; 2, Mrs Chownowski’s Nantcol Sylphide; 3, J Kitson’s Barkway Queen Bee. FR 1 & ch, S Cornforth’s Cosford Pirella; 2, W Merryweather’s Megland Caress; 3, H Waterhouse’s Farnley Questionnaire. NPS RP/HP (Mr A Robertson) nov 1, Seamorr Flashdance; 2, R Walker’s Burfordly Water Nymph. 138cm 1 & res, Colbeach Autumn Song. 153cm 1 & res, L Stevens’ Yealand Presbytery; 2, SL Timperley’s classic Charisma; Thirkleby Master Gold. NPS nov M&M WHP (Mrs M Taylor, Mr D Lee) 122cm 1, A Partington’s Cholderton Halloween; 2, G Whetter’s Blairhill Toffee. 138cm 1 & ch, KS Wheway’s Peasedown Mr Muddle; 2 & res, RK Leavsley’s Valentine Cadence; 3, V Hodgett’s Heatley Coch-y-Bindhu. exc 138cm 1, C Jowett’s Quarryhouse Jasper; 2, S Allen’s Turin Hill Melrose; 3, E Cowell’s Hillgarth Red Ray. NPS jnr M&M WHP (Mr A Robertson, Mrs M Furness) NS 1, Shilstone Rocks Sea Lord; 2, K Smith’s Pantycoed Robin; 3, Townbent Sirius. 138cm 1, JA Howard’s Friars Welsh Punch; 2, T Brooks’ Soudley Merlyn; 3, KJ Farrar-Fry’s Tatton Meganwy. exc 138cm 1, S Love’s Acton Humbug; 2, Bellindene Rock Legend. BSPS WHP (Miss L Lyons, Mrs H Park-Johnson) int 1, L Watson’s Meathe Busy Body. 153cm 1, G Stockill’s Murphys Irish Clover; 2, R Gredley’s Boycott Tonic; 3, S Tyson’s Winneydene Bucks Fizz. 143cm 1 & ch, CC Heginbotham’s Whineray Beach Boy; 2, K Ramsey’s Greenfields Bits & Pieces; 3, KJ Farrar-Fry’s Parcside Harper. 133cm 1 & res, A Scott’s Purple Ronnie; 2, H Sloan’s Alandale Fair Cameo; 3, G Gardner’s Kiltinane avalier II. NS 1 & ch, RK Leavesley’s Gwynisle Masterpiece; 2, S Nicklin’s Ponsbourne Pirate; 3, C McGoldrick’s Just Dino II. CS 1 & res, Ponsbourne Pirate; 2, Just Dino II; 3, J Gillam’s Mosscarr Legend. nov 1, Meath Busy Body; 2, H Sloan’s Tino; 3, A Brown’s Glenariff. P(UK) M&M (Mr J Bradley, Miss J Connolly) beginners 1, Pantycoed Robin. 122cm 1, M Brown’s Dolau Cola; 2, D Jones’ Bunbury Czar; 3, Townbent Sirius. 138cm 1, J Cook’s Synod Rosser; 2, V Hodgett’s Heatley Coch-y-Bindhu; 3, RE Launder’s Burley Gossip. exc 138cm 1 & res, Bellindene Rock Legend; 2, J Houlker’s Bonny Bobby Shaftoe. NPS int WHP (Mr D Lee, Mrs J Seymour) 122cm 1, G Whittaker’s Cargen Quaver; 2, Cholderton Halloween; 3, G Stones’ Joleon Tosca. 138cm 1 & ch, P Keepe’s Brynmeillon Lloyd George; 2, J Woodhead’s Skellorn Imperial Consort; 3, RK Leavesley’s Valentine Cadence. exc 138cm 1 & res, P Burnie’s Nirvana Tywysog; 2, EA Haigh’s Drydun Charlie Boy; 3, J Bailey’s Lockdale Jasmin. HOYS M&M WHP (Mrs J Seymour, Mrs M Taylor) 122cm 1 & res, D Jones’ Bunbury Czar; 2, J Trevatt’s Shilstone Euro; 3, A Gresty’s Homeshill Mallard. 138cm 1, Valentine Cadence; 2, Skellorn Imperial Consort; 3, V Procter’s Hobcroft Adam. exc 138cm 1 & ch, Bellindene Rock Legend; 2, P Cox’s Burnmoor Caradog; 3, EA Haigh’s Drydun Charlie Boy. HOYS coloured (Mr J Buckley, Ms C Hyde) exc 153cm 1, S Bennett’s Puzzled Bride; 2, S Turner’s Razzmatazz; 3, A Robinson’s Riverdance. 153cm 1 & ch, R SLinn’s Jenny’s Jigsaw; 2 & res, G Genders’ Michaelangelo; 3, Pattersons Horseboxes’ Copybush Chuckles. CHAPS in-hand y’stk 1, M Morgan’s Limehurst Descant; 2, F Murray’s Hotspurs Royal Flush; 3, M Morgan’s Centyfield Sensation. native 4-y-o & over 1, G Chippendale’s Tigermoth; 2, E Stanworth’s Hidden Secret; 3, GA Genders’ Mary Ann. do non-native 1, M Pickford & S Towers’ Tidkin Tipee; 2, M Hamilton’s Toronto; 3, M Hamilton’s Tara O’Hara. CHAPS ridden exc 148cm 1, RL Ahearn’s Jasper Bailey; 2, L Molyneux’s Lord Kilkenny; 3, E Stanworth’s Hidden Secret. 148cm 1, Tigermoth; 2, V Prescott’s Maggie May; 3, G Kapadia’s Partial Eclipse II.

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