New Forest Breed Show 24-26 August

  • NEW FOREST BREEDING New Park, Brockenhurst, 24-26 August

    Forest Stallions (Mr M Saunders) 135cms 1, T Marshall’s Woody Blue Mist; 2, C Lovell’s Warren Play-Away; 3, D Stephens’s Furzey Lodge Bruno. exc 135cms 1 & ch, R & J Stride’s Knightsway Billy Boy; 2, J Gerrelli’s Bransgrove Sovereign II; 3, The Forest Stallion Syndicate’s Obershade Highland Fling. Colts (Mr J Young) 1 & res, R & J Stride’s Rushmoor Playwright; 2, D Stephens’s Furzey Lodge Charlie; 3, Mr & Mrs R Maton’s Mallards Wood Gigolo. Stud Stallions (Mr A Morland) 1 & ch, N Williams’s Peronne Palaver; 2, Misses L Booth’s Woodrow Portman; 3, Mr & Mrs Andree-Parsons’s Sabinas Bright Spark. 2/3 yrs colts 1 & y’stck res, C Ellis’s Tiptoe Sundance; 2, T Marshall’s Woody Gold Label; 3, Mr & Mrs S Young’s Farriers Blueprint. y’lng 1, y’stck ch & res , G Wright’s Burley Showman; 2, S Andree-Parsons’s Sabinas Monte-Carlo; 3, A Adams’s Maytree Cranborne. Ridden Stallions (Mrs L Sims) Forest Stallion 1, J Tillyer’s Blackwell Romany; 2, Mr & Mrs P Pidgley’s Smiler Of Sheepwash; 3, R & J Stride’s Faircross Oscar. open 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs S Young’s Farriers Field Of Dreams; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs C Large’s Willoway Minstral; 3, Mr & Mrs Andree-Parsons’s Sabinas Gold Sovereign. Best Novice ch, Woodrow Portman. Colt Hunter (Mrs K Nunn) 1, Z Lodwidge’s Bakeburn Romeo; 2, Blackwell Romany. Nov WH 1, F Biddle’s Green Cottage Ambassador; 2, Peronne Palaver; 3, J Adams’s Burley Branston. open WH 1, Sabinas Gold Sovereign; 2, Peronne Palver; 3, Green Cottage Ambassador. Utility Pony 1, G Meaker’s Hilltop Blaze; 2, M Garnet’s Limekiln Wildeye; 3, L Booth’s Farriers New Flame. Childs WHP: 138cms 1, C Douglas’s Woody Warm Welcome; 2, R Launder’s Burley Gossip; 3, S Andrew’s Farriers Flight. exc 138cms 1, K Martin’s Trenley Pacific Adventure; 2, D Thompson’s Howen Desmond John; 3, C Wilkins’s Canterton Beau. Adult: nov 1, M Linnegar’s Wayland Moonsannah; 2, C Gooch’s Burley Dundrum; 3, Mr & Mrs S Young’s Farriers Firelight. open 1 & res, C Higgins’s Merrie Magdalene; 2, L Murray’s Royal Oak Little Flute; 3, Stokes & Thomas’s Brockenhurst Bay Mischief. NPS M&M Intermediate WHP (Miss D Macnair) 122cms 1, Royal Oak Little Flute. 138cms 1, Farriers Flight; 2, Woody Warm Welcome; 3, J Young’s Peveril Petersfield. exc 138cms 1 & ch, Sabinas Gold Sovereign; 2, S Douglas’s Sunnydale Marmiduke; 3, Green Cottage Ambassador. ridden (Mrs L Sims) 138cms nov 1, J Whitham’s Woodrow Delights Double; 2, J Hoadley’s Brookshill Bob II; 3, Mr & Mrs Hadwen’s Highfox Forever. ditto. exc 138cms (split) 1 & novice ch, S Walker’s Wootton Superman; 2, W Cobden’s Meonbury Marcus; 3, Gray & Went’s Picket Post Mayfly. (B) 1 & res, S Wiggins’s Sharpham Quaver; 2, F Biddle’s Fijal Floral Dance; 3, G Wright’s Burley Dunlin. 138cms open 1 & owner breeder ch, Mr & Mrs S Young’s Farriers Drummer Boy; 2, Mr & Mrs C Large’s Willoway Pipers Paradise; 3, Farriers Firelight. exc 138cms 1, ch & Olympia qual, F Biddle’s Sabinas Silver Shadows; 2, Williams & Nash’s Fritham Topper; 3, M Fry’s Bedeslea Globe Daisy. FR (Mrs S Kittermaster) 1, Peveril Petersfield; 2, J Tuxworth’s Samsons Sir William; 3, S Kempe’s Fleetwater Flame. LR 1, G Wright’s Longslade Moon Daisy; 2, V Palmer’s Purkiss Summer Breeze; 3, J Young’s Barnie II. Family Pony 1, Sharpham Quaver; 2, M Hyde’s Golden Coronet; 3, M Meaker’s Willoway Golden Lad. Weight Carrying 1, M Markham’s Rowdown Rooster; 2, Young & Nineham’s T’acre Kiss Me Kate; 3, Mr & Mrs P Pidgley’s Black Baron. Junior 1, S Wherry’s Willoway Thistle; 2, P Robertson’s Bakeburn Starrman; 3, Woody Warm Welcome. Forest Bred (Mrs B Stiles) ridden 1 & Forest Bred Rosette ch, J Hoadley’s Brookshill Bob II; 2, V Hall’s Obershade Minstrel; 3, Rowdown Rooster. Child Handler (MrsS Roberts) 11yrs 1, Lavender Gaye; 2, Anna Moses; 3, Simon Halliday. 12/16yrs 1, Charlotte Razay; 2, Gemma Elford; 3, Reanne Cash. Potential LR 1, J Tillyer’s Rowdown Miniature; 2, Mrs P Green’s Park Farm Nightingale. Driving (Mrs C Broom) Forest Bred 1 res & owner/breeder res, P Black’s Sturtmoor Jester. Private Driving/Marathon 1, Mr & Mrs M Honeybourne’s Wainsford Why-O-Why; 2, Mr & Mrs T Newman’s Wayland Hamlet; 3, J Gallop’s Beaulieu Bandaide. Dressage: Prelim Test 7 Adult 1, Merrie Magdalene; 2, Green Cottage Ambassador; 3, Mrs J Walton’s Chester II. ditto: Junior 1, J Steele’s Wayland Barberry Gay; 2, Wellhouse Jester; 3, R Launder’s Burley Gossip. Nov Test 21 1, Obershade Minstrel; 2, H Black’s Broganslade Balistaire; 3, Wayland Moonsannah. Elem Test 44 1, Broganslade Balistaire; 2, J Steele’s Knightwood Grandee; 3, Wayland Moonsannah. Combined .1, Broganslade Balistaire; 2, Green Cottage Ambassador; 3, Farriers New Flame. Geld (Mrs M Carter) 1/2 yrs 1, Mr & Mrs G Jeffries’s Empire Top Notch; 2, Mr & Mrs G Ellis’s Canford Cavalier; 3, R Harris’s Champers Royal Dream. 3 yrs 1 & res, A McGrath’s Vernons Te Deum; 2, P Gill’s Tantany Toast;3, Williams’s Peveril Peter Pan II. 4 yrs: 138cms 1, Farriers Drummer Boy; 2, J Haynes’s Cameron Sky; 3, Williams & Nash’s Howen Beechnut. do exc 138cms 1 & ch, L Sims’s Frankium. Fillies (Mrs J Little) 3yrs: 138cms 1, A Gordon’s Whipstaff Chilli Pepper; 2, J Harvey’s Brock Bright Heather; 3, Mr & Mrs A Bailey’s Applewitch Clairvoyant. do exc 138cms 1, A McGrath’s Vernons Valeta; 2, V Thompkins’s Brock Baccardi; 3, J Lowth’s Burley Holly. 2 yrs: 135cms 1 & y’stck ch, J White’s Wheely Down Sonnet; 2, A McGrath’s Vernons Toccata; 3, N Williams’s Peronne Posh. do exc 135cms 1, Mr & Mrs S Young’s Farriers Trueprint; 2, W Cobden’s Meonbury Mrs McGregor; 3, Mr & Mrs C Large’s Willoway Spellbound. y’ling: 130cms 1, A Darnton’s Rodlease May Delight; 2, Messrs Sibley’s Merrie Marionette; 3, P Green’s Park Farm Nightingale. do exc 130cms 1 & y’stck res, Knowles & Josey’s Buttslawn Gemini; 2, S Kilford’s Furzley Serenaide; 3, S Peters’sWilloway Moonlight. Forest Bred Fillies (Ms G Wright) 3 yrs 1, Mr & Mrs J Pound’s Moorcorner Minstrell II; 2, Mr & Mrs B Ingram’s Flight II; 3, E Dovey’s Yewtree Lumley. 2yrs 1, Young & Nineham’s Brock Bohemia; 2, J Cromar-Evans’s Buckland Jeeves; 3, K Early’s Chocolate Chip Cookie. y’ling colt/filly/geld 1, L Coombes’s Lucky Lane Sonnet; 2, Mr & Mrs B Ingram’s Deerleap Princess; 3, C Peregrine’s Falconers Dream Lady. mare/geld 138cms 1, Young & Nineham’s Brock Brocade; 2, Mr D Stephens’s Furzey Lodge Anthea; 3, Cameron Sky. do exc 138cms 1, Rowdown Rooster; 2, W Chatley’s Moonrakers Mr Bunter; 3, V Thompkins’s Brock Bewitched. Forest Run 1/3 yrs 1, Flight II; 2 & 3, Mr & Mrs B Ingram’s Deerleap Princess & Deerleap Bracken. New Forest Mares (Mrs L Impey) nov 138cms 1, Brock Brocade; 2, L Sims’s Knightwood Zola Budd; 3, Humble & Dovey’s Yewtree On High. do exc 138cms 1, J Stainer’s Silverlea Sundora; 2, Mr & Mrs D Stainer’s Matley Nutkin; 3, Mrs S Kilford’s Furzley Harmony. open 138cms 1 & ch, B Wilson’s Bakeburn Cindy; 2, Furzey Lodge Anthea; 3, J White’s Vernons Temptation. do exc 138cms 1, Hawke & Twitchell’s Wootton Cherry; 2, Silverlea Sundora; 3, D Vear’s Kilncopse Midnight. Filly foal 1 & res, A Darnton’s Rodlease Jubilation; 2, D Stephens’s Furzey Lodge Connie; 3, J White’s Wheely Down Cloverleaf. Colt foal 1 & ch, Messrs Sibley’s Merrie Maple Gold; 2, D Vear’s Kilncopse Talisman; 3, S Andree-Parsons’s Sabinas Gold Nugget. Commoners (Miss D Collinson) mare/foal 1, Mrs B Wilson’s Bakeburn Penelope; 2, Brock Bianca; 3, R & J Stride’s Coxhill Super Sal. Veteran mare 1, S Kilford’s Sophia; 2, Kilncopse Midnight; 3, S Andree-Parsons’s Silverlea Danuta. Part-Bred/First Cross: foal 1, L Sims’s Harroway Catkin. 1/3 yrs 1, Humble & Dovey’s Perriland After Eight; 2, Morton’s Shakira II; 3, P Mundy’s Bramble Way. 4yrs 1, E Sevier’s Rrizla; 2,C Chester’s Crabbswood Foxglove; 3, C Lovell’s Warren Quantock. Yeld Mare (Miss J Edwards) 138cms 1, Woodrow Delights Double; 2, Mr & Mrs Hadwen’s Highfox Forever; 3, Farriers Firelight. do exc 138cms 1 & res, Sabinas Silver Shadows; 2, E Haycock’s Peveril Pure Magic; 3, F Biddle’s Fijal Floral Dance. Progeny 1, Luckington Sportaide; 2, Peveril Peterborough; 3, Marydore Apple. Supreme (Mrs N De Quincey) Forest Bred Youngstock ch & ch overall Rushmoor Playwright; res, Moorcorner Minstrel II. overall Forest Bred 4 yrs & over ch & res overall, Sophia; res, Rowdown Rooster. overall owner/breeder ch, supreme & NPS Silver medal, Sabinas Gold Sovereign; res & res supreme, Bakeburn Cindy.

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