New dope testing rule unveiled

  • In a bid to combat foul play, the Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain (SHB(GB)), has introduced a new rule on dope testing horses at competitions.

    Any horse present on the showground and entered for a Sport Horse Breeding (GB) class, whether exhibited or not, will now be liable to a dope testing.

    “No matter how discreet we are the as soon as we arrive at a competition to carry out dope testing word spreads like wildfire. This rule has been introduced to stop anyone who brings a horse to a competition, then decides not to put the horse forward into its class because they have heard that dope testing is being carried out,” says general secretary for SHB(GB) Kim Hall.

    “We have thought quite seriously about this new rule and although it has never been a big problem in the past, we want people to realise that we simply won’t tolerate this behaviour.”

    Random testing is carried out at shows around the country by an official appointed by the SHB(GB), the decision to test particular horses is known only by them and there is no set number to be tested at a show or in a year.

    For more information on the rules laid down by the SHB(GB) visit: www.sporthorsegb.co.uk

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