Midlands in-hand National show 28 June ’03


RH y’stk (A Hawkins): sml y’ling1, Bassett & Eagles’s Springtime; 2, B Marsland’s Gucci II; 3, L Crowden’s Woodlander Flash Harry. lge1, J Wheatley’s Double Take; 2, R Penn’s Frekletons Maximas Mandolin; 3, Upham & Davey’s Gemini Beach. 2-y-o sml1, A Roper-Caldbeck’s Holtess Veni Vici; 2, Bedford & Harding’s Stemar Imaginaire. 3-y-o1, C Imrie’s Tea Dance; 2, G Chamberlain’s Indigo Animation; 3, B Marsland’s Krystal Clear. 2-y-o lge 1, E Kirby’s Donna Maria; 2, A Pilgrim’s Devil Gone Walkabout; 3, J Mason’s Burlyns Good as Gold. 3-y-o1 & ch, A Roper-Caldbeck’s Holtess Highfalutin; 2, N Elstow’s Millyn Mayhem; 3, J Hunton’s Wheatland. mare with foal1 & res, Upham & Davey’s Irish Breeze; 2, Wood & Boyles’s Woodlander Ilena; 3, J Taylor’s Sunset Skye. Sport horse (R Jones): y’ling1, Frekletons Maximas Mandolin; 2, D Williams’s Warmington Breeze; 3, P Atkinson’s Footloose. 2-y-o1 & res, L Crowden’s Woodlander Savannah; 2, G Buckingham-Bawden’s Clinton; 3, G Merton’s Standen Secret Agent. 3y-o1, J Allard’s Well Pict; 2, P Hobbs’s Queens Music; 3, L Crowden’s Woodlander Wild Flower. 4 & over1 & ch, C Cowley’s Coriana; 2, L Crowden’s Woodlander First Lady; 3, C Rycroft’s Romany Queen II. Cleveland Bay (A Burrington): 3 & under1 & res, B Campbell’s Pembridge Musician; 2, S Cutt’s Folds Jewel; 3, N Edward’s Flash Rainman. 4 & over1 & ch, Folds Veronica; 2, K Wylie’s Beamish Cheeky Charlie. palomino (A Bigley): y’ling1, S Norris’s Bordersley Golden Sparkle. 2/3 y-o1, D May’s Anyzk Kinska; 2, D Stokes’s Blaencanaid Indiana; 3, J Duke’s Meillion Golden Mist. 4 & over1 & ch, M Edward’s Roundhills Dazzling Gold; 2 & res. M Edward’s Shulay Silver’n’Gold; 3, S Cousin’s Krysto Easter Surprise. Arab (K Murray): pure y’ling1 & res, V Willcock’s Diamonte. 2/3-y-o filly1, J Scudamore’s Seahara Gem. mare/geld 1, K Carr’s Shareem; 2, K Carr’s Sharilla; 3, A Gay’s Najmanetta. stallion1 & ch, J Parfitt’s Oryon’s Prince; 2, J Lees’s Sahara Rasheed; 3, M Bint’s Distinkt. Anglo/pb y’ling: 14.2hh1 & res, Eccles & Sandison’s Bankswood Imagination; 2, S Cunningham’s Howetown Melody; 3, Woodlander Flash Harry. over 14.2hh1, T Jones’s Blaenlain Doodleba; 2, B Burt’s Universal Senator. 2/3-y-o 14.2hh1, Sandison & Eccles’s Bankswood Camelia; 2, K Phipps-Hewlett’s Hurstwood Doctor Bombay. over 14.2hh1, Sandison & Eccles’s Bankswood Scandal; 2, Harding & Bedford’s Stemar Imaginaire; 3, R Davies’s Litton Twilight Rose. mare/geld1, S Fisher’s Weirton Dauphine; 2, R Sampson’s Trelawn Samsara; 3, A Roper-Caldbeck’s Greenacres Floribunda. stallion1 & ch, A Watkin’s Breinton Royal Pageant; 2, A Pritchard-Simmon’s Cupidhill Grand Marnier; 3, H Hoy’s Comberton Cadet. Hack breeding (A Hawkins): y’ling sml1 & res, S Pitt’s Whalton High Point; 2, Blaenllain Doodleba. l’ge1, Universal Senator; 2, L Lidbury’s Raven Minstrel; 3, R McKenzie’s Shortwood Pale Rider. 2/3 y-o sml1, M&J Enterprises Coppelia; 2, Litton Twilight Rose. lge1, J Carter’s Millcroft Promise; 2, M Skinner’s Grand Cru. b’ mare1 & ch, H Hoy’s Fairlyn Finesse; 2, S Morris’s Take a Gamble. foal1, H Hoy. stallion1, H Hoys Comberton Cadet. American breeds (A Farman): 3 & under1 & res, J Shakespear’s Dynamic Edition; 2, N Morrice’s Braveheart; 3, D Hasty’s Meridian Xtra Pizzazz. 4 & over1 & ch, A Heath’s Myriad Tribal Dance; 2, D Delves’s El Pampero; 3, J Duke’s Dukes Touch of Fun. Haflinger: 3 & under 1, H Blair’s Oxnead Windsor; 2, J Critchlow’s Oxnead Waterlord; 3, A Mogridge’s Chalvedon Arion. 4 &over1 & ch, J Hallet’s Oxnead Helena; 2 & res, J Critchlow’s Oxnead Anthem; 3, H Blair’s Chevin Aramis. coloured (S Hore): foal/y’ling 1 & res, S Morris’s Mistress Gamble; 2, B Davies Moonstone Romany; 3, K Dean’s Spook-I-Lee. 2/3-y-o1, S Mynard’s Badgers Luna; 2, B Twining’s Pinglewood Puzzle; 3, K Burrows’s Hunters Pride’n’Joy. 4 & over 14.2hh1, W Edward’s Pattaya Flight; 2, D David’s Preselli Blue Sky; 3, F Gardner’s Aethete Apollo. over 14.2hh1 & ch, Upham & Davey’s Lostock Huntsman; 2, K Deans Eeerie Indiana; 3, E Worrall’s Crackerjack. SHP breeding (H Thomas): y’ling 133cm1, S Pears’s Kynton Sweet William; 2, A Tilt’s AbercippynBumble. 153cm1, Byrd & Hobbs’s Comberton Carina; 2, W Thomas’s Golden Gunner; 3, Bankswood Imagination. 2/3-y-o 133cm1, J Mabbett’s Highmead Forever Free; 2, H Barton’s West Leake Playboy. 153cm1 & res, Bankswood Scandal; 2, P Pickford’s Comerton Cashmere; 3, L Caldwell’s Peaceriver Tristar. mare 133cm1 & sup ch, S Lane’s Northlands Main Event; 2, Cupidhill Mystic Maid of Martell; 3, J Buckley’s Waltza Perfect Day. foal1, S Lane’s Northlands Main Lane; 2, J Buckley’s Walzta Perfect Moment. stallion1, M Beeston’s Stychlands Noble Heir; 2, G Wyatt’s Spotalot Rocky. pb Welsh (A Bigley): y’ling1, Blaenllain Doodleba; 2, P Smith’s Rotherwood Pennyless; 3, Bankswood Sweet Cicily. 2/3 y-o1 & ch, P Gillfallan’s Deanhills Keepsake; 2, B Smith’s Fenwick Heaven Sent; 3, D Robert’s Romany River Twinkle. mare/geld1, B Smith’s Fenwick Lucy Glitters. foal1, Holiday & Baker’s Colouiann March Jewel; 2, J Weedon’s Jipson Jenny Wren; 3, B Smith’s Fenwick Lucy Lockett. RP breeding (J McNaught): y’ling 122cm1 & ch, P Greenleaf’s Bradmore Catalena; 2, Rotherwood Pennyless; 3, West Leake Jubilation. 128cm1, D Clarke’s Rivenhall Height of Fashion; 2, Bankswood Sweet Cecily; 3, J Weedon’s Jipson Avocet. 138 cm1, B Skeet’s Devon Touch of Class; 2, A Pritchard-Simmon’s Cupidhill Charisma; 3, G Newall’s Woodvean Wonderland. 148cm1, Howetown Melody. 2/3-y-o 122cm1, A Clemett’s Hollybush Trump Card; 2, M Smallman’s Crinllys Robin; 3, Romany River Twinkle. 128cm1, L Fry-Lockier’s Bradmore Lalique; 2, West Leake Playboy. 138cm1, F Kennedy’s Spinningdale Tomasina; 2, Bankswood Camelia. 148cm1 & res sup, B Smith’s Fenwick Heaven Sent; 2, Comberton Charisma. colt/stallion1, Cupidhill Grand Marnier; 2, Spolato Rocky. b’mare 128cm1, A Monihan’s Thornsett Love Story; 2, J Weedon’s Deanhills Kittiwake; 3, Holliday & Baker’s Nantcol Lucy. foal1, A Monihan; 2, Colouiann March Jewel; 3, Jipson Jenny Wren. b’mare 148cm1, Fenwick Lucy Glitters; 2, Waltza Perfect Day. foal1, Fenwick Lucy Lockett; 2, Waltza Perfect Moment. Hunter (T Wiggett): sml y’ling1, N Brown’s Military Crisis; 2, J Bray’s Definitive Gin. do, 2/3 y-o1, G Merton’s Standen Secret Agent; 2, V Scouliere’s Bonheur; 3, Tea Dance. y’ling colt/geld1, G Merton’s Masterful; 2, M Skinner’s Mines a Double; 3, M James’s High Command. filly1, Freckletons Maximas Mandolin; 2, J Wheatley’s Double Take; 3, S Mynard’s Dexters Dream. 2-y-o geld1, P McGirr’s Tyrone Ballyglen; 2, Todd & Bassett’s Trenawin Luganis; 3, B Marsland’s Giorgio II. filly1, R Davies’s Hot Spice; 2, A Pilgrim’s Devil Gone Walkabout; 3, M Marshall’s Tout Maybe. 3-y-o geld1 & ch, Jethro Enterprises Ardochs Devils Button; 2 & res, R Oliver’s Grasslands Harry; 3, S Pitt’s Fred Willey. filly 1,Boyles & Wood’s Broadstone After Hours; 2, F Wigley’s Tinahely; 3, S Mill’s Pencader Miss Ramexico. sml b’ mare with foal1, Wood & Boyles Woodlander Ilena; 2, M Burn’s Millenium; 3, Dodgson & Scott’s Philadelphia. foal 1, Dodgson & Scott’s Brendon Hill Liberty; 2, M Burns; 3, N Elstow’s. l’wt mare1, Wood & Boyles’s Baryshea; 2, L William’s Cudlic Candyfloss; 3, J Taylor’s Woodlander First Lady. foal1, Wood & Byles’s Prime Time; 2, J Taylor; 3, L Francis. h’wt mare1, P Edward’s Deli Landgirl. foal1, DeliHero. warmblood (S Biddlecombe): y’ling1 & ch, E Kirkby’s Rebecca; 2, Freckletons Maximas Mandolin. 2/3 y-o1, Woodlander Wizzard; 2, Donna Maria; 3, Woodlander Wid Flower. b’mare1 & res, Woodlander First Lady; 2, Romany QueenII; 3, Deli Landgirl. foal1, Deli Hero; 2, Prime Time; 3, L France. Shetland (D Tindale): y’ling1, P Sellar’s Dryknowl Vexing Plum; 2, S Gibson’s Coppice Daisy Belle; 3, C Leake’s Staplow Cotton. 2/3 y-o1, M Pearce’s BrinleyView Glitter; 2, T Thomas’s Brockville Merrry Meg; 3, R Gwilliam’s Earlswood Joy. mare/geld1 & ch, C Leake’s Staplow Lulu; 2, S Penfold’s Highhouse Polly; 3, S Gibson’s Coppice Dolly Diana. foal1, S Penfold’s Ringkay Mustique; 2, C Leake’s Staplow Luke; 3, M Odone’s Smallworld Piccolo. stallion1, Miller & Smith’s Snelsmore Calipso; 2, R Gwilliam’s Southfieldgate Valient; 3, Glenfall Tiger Moon. mini y’stock1, B Twining’s Pinglewood Puzzle; 2, B Joyner’s Kentstone Rhea; 3, R Watton’s Destiny Amazing Grace. 4 & over1, Snelsmore Calipso; 2, B Twining’s Courmile Special K; 3, S Penfold’s Highhouse Polly. Dartmoor (P Tindale)1 & ch, M Jeffrey’s Treworgan Implacable. Connemara (H Thomas): y’ling1, A Jupp’s Spinway Flare; 2, F Tyler’s Riverdale Morning Rainbow. 2/3-y-o1 & res, M Pearce’s Just Briar. 4 & over1 & ch, J Pearce’s Spinway Celebration; 2, B Hall’s Kindesella Pearls Star; 3, F Nash’s Carlingford Nocturne. Highland (P Tindale): 3 & under1, S Morel’s Nashend Dalwhinnie. 4 & over1 & ch, A Griffith’s Nash End Chiff-Chaff; 2 & res, C Gilbert’s Oak Croft Dunvegan; 3, A Ward’s Oak Neward Arran. New Forest: 3 & under1 & res, R Day’s Sprattsdown Saylum; 2, A Key’s Kauri Enterprise; 3, C Green’s Priory Hooray Henry. 4 & over1 & ch, K Wickham’s Buttondown Windystar; 2, A Welsh’s Merrie Maple Leaf; 3, M Gibson’s Kauri Stormy Weather. Exmoor (S Hore): 3 & under1 & res, M Burnett’s Blackthorn Petal; 2, K Burnett’s Stowbrook Wizard; 3, H Crawford’s Cowbridge Millstream. 4 & over1 & ch, D Thomas’s Yarrow; 2, H Crawford’s Dunkery Titmouse. Fell/Dales: 3 & under1, T Capstick’s Murthwaite Mollie May. 4 & over1& M&M ch, T Capstick’s Heltondale Misty IV; 2 & res, M Smallman’s Murthwaite Bracken; 3, G Feakin’s Wellbrow Raider. sec A (E French): y’ling1, G Oldroyd’s Rosegarth Pollyanna; 2, K Jones’s Frongoch Carwyn; 3, D Powell’s Trehwfa Joshua. 2/3 y-o1 & res, K Panayiotou’s Tiffwyl Tia; 2, G Killey’s Treynyns Isabella; 3, M Pritchard’s Bryntowy Vicky. mare/geld1, R Howard’s Prolific Little Lush; 2, L Cauldwell’s Lippens Nightingale; 3, L Warner’s Swingbridge Hallmark. b’mare1, Papplewick Stud’s Lippens Pretty Polly; 2,Nictor Trinket; 3, V Parson’s Quinton Moon Delight. foal1, Papplewick April Mist; 2, V Parson’s Quinton Starlight; 3, K Hibbert’s Kelroy Firecracker. stallion1 & res sup M&M, I Stansfield’s Rosegarth Pioneer; 2, E Garside’s Forestgate Ces Aro; 3, I Hall’s Vimpenny Lance. sec B y`ling1 & ch, Gay & Sleeman’s Lemonshill Top Note; 2, J Hawkin’s Stockham Nicholai; 3, W Gwilliam’s Perrington Amythest. 2/3-y-o1, J Johnson’sStoak Tabitha; 2, T Fillingham’s Stockham Melody. mare/geld1 & res, J Carter’s Millcroft Citrine; 2, P Wilding-Davies Fair Correna; 3, T Fillingham’s Stockham Contessa. foal1, P Wilding-Davies’s Fair Carenza; 2, T Fillingham’s Stockham Count Gold; 3, J Carter’s Millcroft Lotus. stallion1, A Symon’s Thornberry Ptarmigan; 2, Drfye Stud’s Knockala Silver Sprite. sec C (D Jones): y’ling1 & res, L Palmer’s Blaidd Replay; 2, A Tilt’s Abercycippyn Bumble. 2/3-y-o1, D Wood’s Crossfields Ceridwen. mare/geld1 & ch, G Archer’s Saethydd Ruby; 2, R Howard’s Bockmere Glory Bee. foal1, G Archer. stallion1, D Wood’s Crossfields Glory. sec D y’ling1, D Boot’s Penniment Stepping Patrick. 2/3y-o1 & res, W Obrey’s Haylers Hugo Boss; 2, E Garside’s Jesters Patricia; 3, J Brown’s Rangehill Meteor. mare/geld1, J Phelpstead’s Marchpylffa Milly; 2, J Dawson’s Danaway Destiny; 3, J Brown’s Rangehill Meteor. other breed (A Farman)3 & under1 & ch, M Marshall’s Toux Maybe. 4 & over1 & res, H Bowker’s Tockington Tarka; 2, M Hobson’s Cousane Lara. spotted pony (J Nash): 3 & under 14.2hh1 & ch, M Beeston’s Pixel Trick of Light; 2, S Brooks’s Broomells Desert Monarch; 3, R Jennings’s Weatheroak Manor Valentino. 4 & over1 & res, Spotalot Rocky; 2, R Jenning’s Weatheroak Manor Solomon; 3, Aesthets Tom Thumb. do, over 14.2hh1 & ch, A Heath’s Myriad Tribal Dance; 2 & res, J Shakespeare’s Flaebe; 3, A Smith’s Buckshot. miniature 3 & under1 & res, S Cross’s Longcot Jack; 2, Miller & Smith’s Apache Raindance; 3, Pinglewood Puzzle. 4 & over1 & ch, Aesthete Tom Thumb; 2, El Pampero; 3, W Semmens’s Daisy Sunshine.

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